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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'


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A week later, the cops and ambulance are still on their way. SMH. Im glad Kelly put her foot down and didnt listen to Evelyn Lozada. For all she knows the attacker was still in the house ready to kill Kelly


Why is this bitch still on the phone with Kelly? As if there arent any other people that might need to call in. To Eddie: "You disgust me." Eddie goes: "Yet you keep coming back to me." Thank you! She can shut up with that mess


That phone call. Really Tyler? How is some inmate in jail allowed to make multiple calls in the middle of the night. He's on a prepaid card Terrell's mother wasted most of the minutes with her mouth. She was right about Kelly though not picking up


LOL at that phone call between Alex and her mama though. That mess was hilarious


WTF with that ending. I dont like this direction with Brad

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I love me some Eddie and it took the last lil bit of last season to get me to love Julius too. I'm in heaven with their merry-go-round scenes.

Kelly is a waste -- period. If Alex was asking her to go int here she'd drop everything and run. Crying at them calling Marcie to find Brad and Brad STILL not answering Alex's calls.

I hated the hospital scene because that is how it usually appears in a hospital.

I need Ramsey's fine a** back and Travis dead.

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Oh boy this is turning into the LONGEST night ever


The Brad/Marcie followup scene was awful. What bad writing


Too much focus on blithering Natalie


Stevens is gay?


Pete is awake. Its about time. Im sick of Tyler paying actors to sleep in bed for a whole season like he did with Benny and Wyatt on HAHN


Kelly: "Calm down or Im going to ask you to leave." Bitch, you are the one that told her to go into that house!


Lord have mercy Jesus, Travis is crazy. I cant believe Tyler made us suffer through 5 minutes of those phone calls with that bad acting. Wasnt necessary. Kelly's so dumb for not turning off her phone


I was DEAD at Brad hanging up the phone on Alex

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I really don't like Kelly, she always helping Alex.


Their conversation makes me want to pull out my hair.  


Did the other writer left the show? These conversation is killing me.  


If Marcy pregnant, I hope it's by Brad, the man she hit over the head. & later finds out he's innocent.

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Anyone notice that the recap showed Marcie at the neighborhood learning about Brad followed by her hitting him in her apartment. I dont know why they put that out of order


The writing on this episode was abysmal. That scene with Brad and Eddie was painful to watch


Esmeralda telling Kelly to file a police report is the first bit of good advice she's ever given. Kelly's dumb ass "Oh its not that serious. He'll calm down" Yeah after he chokes you out


Why Esmeralda acting like she gives a damn about Marcie? We know she gives two f--ks about her.


 "So you can raise that litle nappy ass headed little boy" LOL. Did anyone else want the Blacktress to make good on her threat to whip Kelly's ass?


Lord have mercy there was some MAJOR gay overtones with Julius and Ben. I think Ben is gay, Julius picked up on that and is using it to his advantage


Alex ass is too stupid for words. I felt like I was watching a Lifetime movie and she was ready to get herself kidnapped and locked in a basement

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 Tyler is back with these long ass scenes. That one with Stevens went on for way too long

Poor Marcie, stuck in a house with those two heffas. F-k "Esse" and Kelly

Natalie: "I dont lie, I dont steal. I dont cheat." But your son sure does

Ben and Julius....I ship them. Not even gonna lie. Crazy how he has more chemistry with Ben than Esperanza

Stevens and Brad....back to this sh-t

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Esme or whatever her name is finally the smartest person in the room.


 I hope Eddy help find the baby. Seeing that Esme was having an affair with Eddy while he was married. I see why she wouldn't tell Alex she was wrong.




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Kelly: "If he was innocent, he wouldnt need a lawyer." Oh SHUT UP, you DUMB BITCH! Im sick of this ho! That scene was awful and too long and not worth my time

SEVEN episodes in and its still the same damn night. WTF? Do these people not go to bed?

Tyler needs to stop with these fakeouts. Last episode ended with Brad shouting he killed the baby and it opens up with him saying he never said that?

When did Evelyn Lozada get a brain? She dumb as hell when it comes to her own life yet she cracking the case like a Colombian Nancy Drew. She tells Kelly she cant tell the cops and then turns around and tells the most corrupt one. Last episode she told Eddie to leave bc she dont f--k with him anymore and now show is asking him for help. Girl bye! 

Dumb butt Lucian blowing that man's FBI cover over the damn phone. SMH. Wasnt he trained better than this?

Hold up. Who is watching Natalie's kids?

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