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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'


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I'm way early with this post but I've wanted to make it since the cast was announced back in June....

You can view that with the below link...


We'll be seeing daytime alum Aiden Turner and two of my favorites Zulay Henao (from Love Thy Neighbor) & Heather Hemmens (LOVED her on CWs Hellcats)...

I hope you HAHN posters watch because that's definitely one of my top threads to watch simply for the posts.

They just released the teaser for the series yesterday... I believe it aired during HAHN,


What's your early thoughts? September is too far away.

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Could be and hear you.... I know those were definitely used in For Better Or Worse and in some ways on House of Payne.

It was formerly known as Single Mom's Club, modeled after the film I guess. But I haven't watched which I hope helps when I watch this show. I don't really plan on watching that movie unless it comes to Netflix or if I get it from the library.

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I can see where you're drawing that comparison.

According to the fan Twitter for the show, Jasmine Guy will guest in a few episodes. If this becomes official then I am even more sold since I absolutely love her... also I would love to see Victoria Rowell on here... I can see her doing good and giving her all with something like this.

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Too bad OWN will be polluted with Tyler Perry's garbage sad.pngsad.png

Now you know O don't mind (at least probably in parts) seeing as how bad OWN was doing until these shows showed up as the new kids on the block and brought much needed eyeballs. Although, not sure if people stick around to watch other shows.

I'm still curious if Tyler will still be doing his own network since he said before he was looking into that but all his new developments wind up here.

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Seriously tho, have you seen the credits for HAHN?

No, but I've seen them for For Better Or Worse and he appeared a lot. It always made me chuckle and think are there any other black people who do X, Y, Z that could be hired?

We just recently got OWN and then I forgot all the time in the past to DL HAHN, but I really liked reading the thread and seeing Cheap's gifs.

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