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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'


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Just another one of his creations, Tyler will [[email protected]#$%^&*] up. Too bad OWN will be polluted with Tyler Perry's garbage sad.pngsad.png

Let me guess. He'll be credited as headwriter, SCRIPT writer, director, and producer on every episode of this just like To Have and to Own. Well I guess we now know why he has no time for a *ahem* love life.

LMAO! Thanks Cheap! Ugh, there was one I have to find that made me laugh do hard as they were scrolling. Off to search.

Yeah that's what I was just posting about--before I saw it. I don't fully buy it, mind you, even with the poor quality of the work (I simply don't think any man has that many hours a day,) but it doesn't say much for quality, just his ego.

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Tyler Perry's If Loving you is wrong: It's because I was a well to do black woman in a great relationship who made the mistake of cheating and then died of AIDS.

Oh wait, he already did that story

I thought If Loving You Is Wrong was about single women with children.

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Yeah, I'll pass. After last season's HAHN, I am over Tyler Perry. I appreciate that he is opening doors for black entertainers and aspiring writers/producers/directors [such as myself], but he needs to hire a staff to help him breakdown, plot, and devise more efficient dialogue for these shows. All these out of work soap writers that are looking for work and he won't even consider reaching out to them [*coughs* Kay Alden *coughs*], but he's such a fan of soaps. :rolleyes:

I know teenagers that could devise better long-term projections that Tyler can. Tyler needs to quit being f*cking cheap and pay people to make these shows better, so they'll have longevity.

Like his other shows [Meet the Browns & House of Payne], they'll wear off on the audience and Oprah/Discovery will drop them. People will only accept their intelligence being challenged for so long before they find solace elsewhere.

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Yeah -- it was good. I think of all the series he has that was my favorite. I loved when Janine was a crackhead and the road she took to get clean and it had good comedic elements as well. It was very hit or moss like most of his series but I liked the ensemble.

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