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I wonder did Steven warn the latin guy about the FBI arresting Eddie.

I swear I hate them 3 females. I'm glad Kelly going through hell. & I can't wait until the test results say Lucien. I can wait for Eese (ms) get hers.

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Kelly is so dumb. Why didnt she grab the knife and either cut Travis' dick off or stab him?

Marcie confirms that Randall is the father. This is some f-cked up timeline bc she hasnt had sex with Randall since she found out he was cheating on her in season 1. Alex went through a whole pregnancy, yet here we are 3-5 seasons later (depending on how you count them) and he's the father? Tyler bye

Esperanza expects Kelly to call her every 2 hours? Its late at night...she dont think the bitch went to sleep? She's been up all day

Justus said he was going to call the police but he didnt...did Kelly tell him not to? The cops only came after Natalie called. Also Natalie said that Justus was at her house. Huh? There are no adults there. So you mean to tell me they took him from Kelly's home and put him in a house with little kids alone with crazy Travis on the loose?

Kelly so embarassed...you should be you big ass dummy. Why wasnt she more freaked out that ALL of her money was gone? How could she go and have a get together with the girls instead of going down to the bank, calling up her credit card company, report fraud and theft?

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Oh that Marcie! She was spilling ALL the tea. Gave me life with her messy ass

Thank god Eddie's ass  is going down

I knew one of those kids was going to get shot by that gun. Kelly's ass should have negligence added to her arrest charges

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So yesterday was the series finale and I watched this show till the bitter end. With that said, the finale was awful! It would have been fine as a season finale but the last episode of the series adn Tyla couldnt bother to close this stuff out


Randall's dead. Eddie's dead. Ian's dead. Larry's dead. Mika's dead. The way he just killed so many characters was so lazy. Like we really not gonna resolve any of that?


The one chuckle i got was Marcie and Brad framing Alex for murder. Speaking of which, we still dont know who the father of her baby is. She spent the entire season drunk and slutty. People thought she may have DID, but nope, no explanation for her change in character.


There are so many stories that got dropped and were never touched on again.  WHAT  a WASTE

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