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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'


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Rewatching the show and Yooooooooooooooooooooooo. In tears, I missed the beginning.

Marcie told Randal that his mother would be wearing a black dress and watching her piss on his grave.

DEAD & BURIED!  I am loving the fire Heather gets to bring to this role now.

Bring on Alex's father -- and I'm sorry, I get that she is playing her but there's no way that Amanda Clayton truly believes that Alex can be redeemed. IN what way, shape or form?

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DEAD as hell at Brad. *Sends Text* Your move.  Boo wasn't with it! I love me some Brad... I just do and next week will be amazing as I think Alex's parents are in the house.

I'm glad Randal's mom is staying a lil longer... I was just hoping she could. LMAO at when he came home and was asking if they wanted cigars and singing the ABC song. Ramsey is good looking. I just can't with that body!

Joey needs to stop and Fawn/Faun's dad is so OTT like he's grown and that's like a lawsuit - you firing someone because your daughter wants the D.

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LOL! I kinda think this too. Like... WTF and talking that he might get a promotion and Pete's all cheesing. If he get got, poor Cheap and her fleeting eye candy.

I really hope the mother-in-law returns next season... LMAO at her say No sir! to Brad repeatedly.

Natalie is going to push Lu away and I wouldn't feel bad at all.

They're making Eddie go to the point of no return here... like I love the actor because he's hot as hell but what he just did.... just NO. All this because she talked to Esperanza? Like she isn't that stupid, even though her crazy ass keeps taking Eddie back.

I mean on the one hand I don't want to lose him because he is very funny and so ride or die for Brad and I love that but everything else..... I don't like it!

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Eh. I can see where Kelly came from... they did think the baby was Brad's until they saw him, and fir real how do you tell someone that the baby that you so desperately tried to give your husband, the whore next door beat you to it. Even though I hate how Kelly is more in Marcie's business and telling her not to do x, y and z as opposed to Alex.


Yasssssssssssssssssss little boy. Spill the tea!

I almost forgot this was ending at 10:30 p.

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So true. That's Tyler for you - the ghetto stuff he does on this and HAHN... I just don't get it. I really don't.

Poor dude though but seriously -- when he was riding he didn't see him make that turn? He wasn't that far ahead of him.

Ben needs to die too.

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