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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'


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Me neither I'm like Brad has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO chill mode!

She really did -- but maybe it's the hair -- it is so damn ... idk what is the best word to use.

Oh and Ramsey will be around for eps. to come as per IMDb. So he will be involved with Kelly & Travis seeing as they got rid of that girl from awhile back when Travis' mom wanted him to marry her. But that scene with his mom, him hugging Kelly and them not letting him in, him trying to get away -- it was a little off putting.

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Brad was hitting from the back, lol. Randal has a lot of nerve to look offended, so I can tell he's probably going to be hypocritical about this.

The ONLY thing I can think of, Is him being pissed that Marcie and Brad sullied the "beautiful memories" he and his beloved Pepa shared in that tawdry shed.

But I genuinely could NOT stop laughing when Marcie asked Randal and his mom, in the preview, did they never see the look of satisfaction before. And when Brad kisses Marcie after they're discovered.

Alex is going to be a hypocrite too. I hope she DOES come home and bring that baby with her. In tears at Brad wanting to call her racist daddy to town so he can meet his newest grandchild.

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IN LEGIT TEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! He was screaming and crying and flopping around like a baby. I am crying! Brad kicked his a** out to finish the job! I ain't mad at him. 

LMAO -- Kelly is such a moment killer. STOP IT CHELSEA! Man, isn't Justus in the home alone? Doesn't Travis need some? I need her to get her life and just leave Marcie and Brad alone. 

Heather is really killing it with this storyline, But I have absolutely NO clue where it could possibly be headed with them; I'm here for Brad and Marcie butttttttttt I just don't know at the end of the day.    Why would Marcie need to get pregnant by Eddie? They don't even have scenes together. That would be as random as them making Eddie and Alex cousins and we JUST found out about that weeks ago when he was talking to Esperanza. Which I stilll laugh about because he's so loyal to his Brad but not her and they're blood.

LMAO at Joey trying to tell Lu how Faun was coming onto him and that she's just enough to be his main chick... not his only chick but the main one. :rolleyes:

Travis needs to swerve.

Marcie & Louise's talk was nice, and it is absolutely sad and disgusting that someone would do to their wife, what their father did to their mother.  But maybe he idolized his dad.

Yooooooooooooo I love Brad because he has absolutely  chill! None whatsoever and he doesn't care and is about to embark on his Reign of Terror! I just need this kid to come home!

LMAO -- they treat Julius and Quan like red headed step-children... I legit forget about them until I see their Tweets on Twitter.

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Check out this punk ass bitch. Why is he crying?


OMG, Brad and Marcie got interrupted, locked the door and went BACK to f--king.  Damn, that sounded like some good sex. Go Marcie! Work that d--k. I love how she treats that hating ass mother in law of hers. LOL....she has me dying over here. 


OMG, she just slapped the old bitch! Where did Tyler Perry find this old lady? She was so overacting with the dramatics. "In my SON'S SHED!"



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 Kelly needed to shut up with her nosy ass. Buzzkill. Look at her about to have two guys. She needs to ditch the little boy and get with the man bc his body is the business


DEAD at Brad trying to get the racist father in law to come see his new black grandson.


I knew the mother's husband cheated on her. Im glad she comforted Marcie instead of taking up for Randall and blaming her. The actress playing Marcie did a good job in that scene.

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Happy as hell you're up in here now. I only live to see your replies following the show.

Cheap you kill me about these men's bodies -- first Pete and now Ramsey -- but you are in luck since he will be around for some time now,  I'm still mad that little boy tried to tell her let him come and find a man in HER house. Like what bills do you pay? Where is your name on the mortgage... hell even the checks that the bank cashes.

Brad ain't with it! I'm loving this version of Brad.

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Brad texting a picture of the shed to Alex was funny. I can't wait for her to find out what happened, Brad was showing her a video in the preview, rofl.

Natalie going off on Joey was too good. Those counters needed to be bleached, that was just nasty that they were doing it on the counter where the food goes.

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lol at Brad and the baby names. Bastard, Son of a bitch, Randall


Fawn has known Joey for like a week and is already in love with him?


Im glad Bitch Mama took up for Randall and called Alex a whore. Randall is such a bitchass. He could barely bring to admit he was wrong. Instead blaming Marcie instead of owning it. Now Bitch Mama says Marcie has an ally in her. DEAD. She just called Randall disgusting.


This dude's mom died and Kelly's trying to get a new man out of it. She sounded so THIRSTY.


Evelyn Lozada aint got no storyline this season. Heck she barely had one last season


Pete is so dumb. Why is he trying to watch the DVD at work? Does he not have a player at home? Between he and Ben, this department has some dumbass rookies

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