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Favorite Soap Voices

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I was watching Y&R the other night, thinking to myself, "I could sit and listen to Jess Walton talk all day." Which soap actors, of the past or present, possess your favorite voices in daytime? Feel free to add your least favorites if you're so inclined.

I'll start with some names in no particular order...

-Jess Walton

-Marj Dusay

-Beverlee McKinsey

-Anne Meacham

-Jeanne Cooper (her '80s voice... like Bea Arthur, she seems to have quit smoking at some point and her voice healed)

-Norma Donaldson

-Erika Slezak (may fall more under the category of speech, I adore her diction)

-Douglass Watson

-Eric Braeden (like Slezak, perhaps more speech-related, the accent has a lot to do with it)

-Phil Carey

-James Mitchell

-Louis Edmonds

-Michael Nader

-David Canary

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Cornelius Smith Jr.
Michael Easton
Debbi Morgan
Taylor Miller
Grant Alexander
Walt Willey
Tonya Pinkins
Jill Larson (Her real voice. Not Opal)

And I'm gonna say it even though it will get me flamed...

Eric Braeden

So much "hell yeah" to these two. Of course this makes me add Michael Zaslow to the list. He was such a great voice actor. He could convey anything Roger Thorpe was thinking with just the tone of his voice. That's why it seemed especially cruel to me that the ALS silenced him.

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