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Justice League Movie

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I won't link as there would be spoilers, but Leslie Jones had a fun Twitter watchalong yesterday. The hashtag is #longassmovie.

3 hours ago, BetterForgotten said:

WarnerMedia Studios CEO, Ann Sarnoff, has said there are no plans to continue on with Snyder.


WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff on ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ and DC’s Future


He can be a little too self-indulgent sometimes, but he’s not without talent. Maybe he can pitch the Daredevil reboot he’s talked about recently in the press to Marvel/Feige and leave the mess over at WB behind. 


I had forgotten, or didn't take the time to look, at just how ugly the campaign was. (Snyder himself did not seem to have anything to do with that element). I'm not surprised they are reluctant to go back.



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I saw that and was sooooo tempted to clip. 


Leslie Jones gives awesome and hilarious tv commentary. 

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Not sure if this should go here or not, but not sure where else to put it, especially since the Snyder obsessives have been pushing more than ever about Darkseid, to the point where some were asking them to leave Ava DuVernay alone. This movie not going forward is a pretty clear message that they are moving on from Snyder (even though he was not involved in the film).




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