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When was the last time we heard "The role of ...is being played by..." in a soap?

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I was actually really curious if Days was going to do this with the character of Will Horton last week between the Chandler Massey/Guy Wilson switch. They didn't, but I was curious to see if they would. This was a long time ago (circa 2001).. but I remember on Days (who hardly ever does "The role of... is now being played by...") they did the voiceover for the character of Susan ( part of the Last Blast teen group) when she was recasted, and I remember being kind of shocked, even then - since Susan was a pretty minor character. As for Days, I can't remember any recast being announced since that occurrence.

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I must have missed that. Carmen had been off for a while so I figured they'd skipped a VO given the time lapse. I remember the teasers with the unseen person cyber-bullying Shane, and AT was introduced shortly thereafter.

The last time I personally remember hearing one was Kale Brown for someone on GH.

I was going to ask if they did one for Will the other day. I assume they just started a scene with someone calling him by name.

It would be entertaining if they got super specific with it:

"Due to insufficient acting skill, the role of..."

"Due to ego and failed contract negotiations, the role of..."

"Due to a cocaine and alcohol induced rampage, the role of..."

"Due to back child support, the role of..."

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