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When was the last time we heard "The role of ...is being played by..." in a soap?

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Yes, sometimes they did. When Brandom Beemer took over the role of Shawn from Jason Cook. When Abby was temporarily played by Emily Montague because Ashley Benson was sick (aka going on audtions).

SoapOperaSpectacular had that clip uploaded but his account has been suspended sad.png

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The first time I ever saw an announcement of a recast was December '95 when they had a message up in their usual yellow text (just like the ending credits) that the role of Jennifer Horton will now by played by Stephanie Cameron.

I don't see the point in announcing the recasts of Katie and Donna on B&B when their characters weren't around for years, especially Donna.

My favorite voiceover was the long-winded announcement that Katherine Kelly Lang was returning from maternity leave in 1997... "We are happy to announce that Katherine Kelly Lang has returned from maternity leave and will now resume the role of Brooke Chambers" (she was married to Grant at the time).

GL would always to voiceovers with their usual announcer who always said "this has been guiding light".

The day Joie Lenz took over from Rebecca Budig, Michelle and Drew were too busy clobbering Mick Santo(s) over the head with a rock. They announced the switch in her following scene. On the same episode, the announcer was used again to inform us that Amy Carlson playing the role of Harley Cooper (Beth Ehlers was having pregnancy problems).

DAYS usually doesn't acknowledge a recast. When Ali McIntire was recast with Lisa Linde, there was no mention of it. Ditto the Mimi's. Farah Fath was Mimi 3.0. I have the first one on VHS somewhere.

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Yeah the three Mimis

The first two are in the recasts forum somewhere (Video)

The first was short and had Curly brown hair

The second was a long hair blonde who looked like a playboy model

The third Mimi of course Farah

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