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  1. What episodes of DAYS did Scott McKinsey directed that won DAYS the directing award?
  2. I haven't watched GH, DAYS, and Y&R since Feb./March (I only tuned in to GH to watch Tracy's last episode) I only read online that Lane's kids have been SORAS'd to teenagers now (WTF?!?!?! CK/Lily is TOO YOUNG to have teenage kids!), Steve Burton is returning to GH (as Jason or another character?), and that SA has retired from GH, and so has SSM and KA from Y&R, GR/Kevin was fired, and now rehired on Y&R, and RC is now the HW of DAYS, and AZ/Nicole is leaving that show! Can someone recap what's been happening on these shows for me, please? The reason why I stopped watching this past spring was because I fell into a depression for a couple of months☹ (I'm better now), and I recently got hooked watching Youtube videos and watching livestreams on the Younow app! I'll try to catch up watching GH scenes on youtube and dailymotion!
  3. CK/Lily is too young to have her kids SORAS'd into teenagers!
  4. Why were this year's Daytime Emmy Awards not on TV, but online again this year?
  5. Saidah Ekulona (who was the first actress to play Mayor Janice Lomax on GH, before the role was later recast with Shari Belafonte) has been cast in the untitled Marc Cherry (the creator of "Desperate Housewives" and "Devious Maids") drama pilot opposite Reba McEntire!: Saidah Ekulona Joins Marc Cherry Pilot
  6. Why is Lily (a woman) modeling for the men's line for B&S, instead of having a male character modeling for the men's line like Billy or Cane? IRL, cosmetics companies hire male models for their men's line of fragrances!
  7. An episode of AMC from January 16, 1970 featuring Richard Hatch as Phillp Brent!:
  8. Terrell Tilford (ex-David, GL, ex-Bob, DAYS, ex-Greg, OLTL, & ex-Barton, Y&R) made a guest appearance on this week's episode of "Supergirl" playing an evil alien!
  9. Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne, B&B) has been cast in the ABC comedy pilot "Jalen vs. Everybody!": http://deadline.com/2017/02/jalen-vs-everybody-anna-maria-horsford-marla-gibbs-cast-abc-jalen-rose-pilot-1201903559/
  10. Susan Seaforth Hayes Is Still in the Game—After 5 Decades on 'Days of our Lives'
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