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  1. Days rarely ever does a temp fill in- in fact the only times I can even think if a temp actor in days history is last year when Aiden's son connor was replaced for a few episodes and maybe Mimi back in 1999.. Can anyone else think of any other Days related ones? Passions on the other hand had temp recasts all the time! I think that every major character had at least one temp actor at some point during the shows run!
  2. Thanks Jason! I would just love to see an elegant 80 year old actress appear for 10-20 episodes to arrive in town, Marlena to find out she is dying, and she and Markena can make peace over old wounds before Marlena holds her mom's hand as she dies...... Just my wishful storytelling.
  3. Jason do you (of anyone else know) what storyline Frank and Martha had in storyline? I would love to see a classic short term storyline now where Marlena's parents arrive in Salem Because one of them is dying and wants to spend their final days with Marlena/Eric/ john... Could you imagine the quality performances Deidre could deliver with that story!
  4. This is only my opinion- but I sadly believe that Passions will be the last of our traditional soap genre to ever premiere.
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