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Y&R: Another Casting Call

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Damn! Does sound like Sophia! JFP came in and saw her size and knew she Julia had to go. That's how Jill is.

And if so, it's not as if Jill's wrong. Sophia's a horrendous character and Julia isn't exciting to watch.


those of you enjoying my optimism for long-term success with Y&R...let's all roll around in the warm gooey goodness of positivity

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It has to be Sophia. MAB wanted to get rid of Lily, then Cane, but Sony wouldn't let her.

It would make sense to me if last casting call was for a Devon re-cast and this one for Sophia so they can pair them. Sophia was #2 at McCall Unlimited and Devon is heir to the throne. There will be lots of conflict for Neil with his adopted son if Devon/Sophia become an couple since Sophia is his son's mother. If they kill off Tucker there will be plenty for those three to battle over, and a black family will finally own multi-national corporation instead of just work for one. It's just possible that they are making good moves.

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