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  1. Jill was written to fill Kay's shoes from the first day she walked into the Chancellor estate back in 1973. It's a crying shame that current, and latest crop of writers, ignore that viewers have had 3 decades of excellent writing setting that up. And Jess Walton could be so amazing at it. Instead we get Kevin and Chloe sponging off Esther in the Chancellor mansion.
  2. MCE has been the lead Y&R female the minute she returned. If you average the annual totals, and adjust for how many months they have been on canvas, you can see who JG wants to use. I'm guessing it will be similar to what next year will look like if it's up to him.... 1.) 11. Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) : 113/6.5= 17.38 episodes per month 2) 1. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) : 171/12= 14.25 3) 16. Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) : 83/6= 13.83 4) 17. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) : 78/6.5= 12 5) 2. Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) : 139/12=
  3. Is it possible to get each actors total episodes on the show from whenever they started?
  4. I guess you never know. But Y&R can't just hire actors with certain political views, or just liberals. You can't do that. If someone is spewing hate or making their personal life a problem for the network that's a different story. I guess it doesn't matter to me as much because I don't follow the actors, and I never have. I am into the characters only. I love Jill, but I know very little about Jess Walton, even though I love her as Jill. I prefer not to know her personal life. Until the social media I didn't even know most of the actors names, I knew them by character name on
  5. Amanda/Chance would make sense age wise ,and story wise. Devon & Chance represent each side of the Chancellor clan, they should have a rivalry over a woman. I have a hard some believing the actor would have a problem with it, or is racist because of that one tweet. He seems to adore his black/mixed race nephew who he proudly posted over his Instagram when he first set it up. I took a look at his social media. I was expecting a monster, fearing a whole feed of hate and MAGA stuff, but the worst of it is on the previous page. By far, the majority of his content is ab
  6. Oh no! I don't want to know things I don't like, about the actor who plays nuChance. I've been wanting a Chance return ever since the last one left. I am so happy they finally did it. Chance is supposed to be the good guy, I hope the actor's life isn't so bad he ruins the character for me. I'm thinking of good things like....Y&R Chancellor history woven into current stories. More Chancellor mansion set. Nina and/or Jill being used in stories, like we are seeing Traci over at the Abbotts. Another handsome guy in the dating pool so the women aren't so desper
  7. Wouldn't Billy be Kyle's long term rival at Jabot? Theo still isn't an Abbott. Although I could see Dina leaving him all the money she made from Devon from the sale of Mergeron. She knows all the Abbott's heirs are well taken care of. I hope Chance is still coming.
  8. I think Jill has to be in this story if this is Cane's exit story. My theory is Colin & Cane are pulling the scam. Colin because he's out of money since Jill divorced him, and Cane to get back at Devon for putting Lilly in jail. She's going to have a rude awakening when she finds out Cane scammed her again. Perfect time for Chance ( and/or Phillip III) to appear. It's time Jill had a relationship with her real son/grandson instead of a fake one. Not to mention there should be actual Chancellors in Genoa City! Jill needs one of them to take over at CI for her since the
  9. I'm hoping Cane is replaced with Chance. Cane has no reason to be in GC without Lily. Both Philip III, and Chance are actual Chancellors, it's time at least one of them come home. I'd rather see Jill have a relationship with her real son, or grandson, than a fake one.
  10. I just hope all this praising, and gushing, over how fabulous Lola is ends ASAP! It always throws me out of story since the characters don't usually act like that. Most of the characters care about themselves first, so it's just weird for them to be so interested, & invested, in every aspect of this new girls life. Ditto for all the Rosales references. It seems like they try and squeeze one in on the days Lola & Rey aren't on. The other day Abby brought seafood empanadas to the Ranch for Victor. It's like.... come on, seriously?!! Since when do we mention types of food?
  11. Yeah, and now Katherine's will. Isn't he the one who wrote Katherine's funeral, and will? Or was he just on the credits? I remember hearing rumors he had walked off long before it was official. Or maybe he didn't get his way with JFP at the time, so what he put out, was not what he wanted? I'm guessing their was some turmoil at the time, because they didn't name who was getting Chancellor Industries until two weeks after the will reading episode. And Jill's music box story-line was just dropped. Sally picked it up & finished it in 2017.
  12. Not to mention Devon has another fortune coming when Tucker McCall dies. He doesn't have to split that one with anyone, since he's the only heir. The Tucker that left GC was willing to do anything for Devon, he would probably wire him any amount of money he lost in the meantime. I can't see Chance contesting the will. They are going to have to explain a major personality change to me if it's him. Just last year he seemed to be happy climbing mountains with his father. Brock, Mac, Phillip 3,Chance & Nina did split a 1/4 of Katherine's estate evenly, so he did get som
  13. Yes, CBS ( Angelica Rosas McDaniel). Lola, and the Rosales, are her project, and I think she's as emotionally invested in them, especially Lola, the same way fans are invested in their faves. She can't be even handed. That's why Kyle & Lola are written like fan fiction. With Lola being some type of modern day Cinderella, (any one who meets her loves her), and Kyle the handsome prince completely enchanted with her. This story may be interesting to her toddler daughters, but it's not soap material. And it negatively affect lots of other character and the other story lines I thin
  14. Why? Devon's biodaddy Tucker is worth billions, and can replace it that money in a nano second. Devon only got a portion of Katherine's estate because she had a lifetime of families to distribute it to. Devon is the only heir of Tucker. He's going to really be filthy rich when he dies. What's to worry about?
  15. Do we know Jess Walton doesn't want to work? I'm not so sure. She was happy to work as much as Sally & Pratt wanted her to. I don't think Mal, or JG has asked her. It's the show that's been cutting back the air-time on the long time vets. And we haven't had anyone interested in writing for a successful, powerful, corporate woman in decades.
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