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This is still fing hilarious!!!


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I'm so conflicted on her. Her personality is so amazing, just a totally over-ambitious bitch on wheels who always gets what she wants and puts her career over the welfare of the soap she's producing. That's very appealing; she would be a [[email protected]#$%^&*] amazing Big Brother contestant, stopping at nothing to get her way <3 .

And I feel she is a ballsy soap producer, she has done a lot of [[email protected]#$%^&*] other producers would be way too scared to do.

But a lot of it sucked too.

I dunno, I love her and hate her at the same time. Wish she had been given a crack at ATWT but she was apparently blacklisted by P&G so that was never gonna happen.

I think he got pissed that Aretha called him, "Victor Newman."

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It's probably because of what she did with AW but frankly, I rather enjoyed her tenure there. She used Vicky Wyndham A LOT- albeit in an OTT storyline with Justine. I do think the OTT stuff was mandated by NBC because of the success of DAYS at the time BUT JFP could have used any actress or character to carry that type of story. She didn't- she instead chose Wyndham.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the return of John Aprea as Alex (? I think that was his name), his rivalry with Carl, the ensuing tension between Rachel & Felicia, and Felicia's fall through the glass ceiling of Tops. She brought on RKK (YES!) as Bobby Reno......er Dr. Shane Roberts (nevermind.....sorta......long story.....lol), used Jake & Vicky together, put Bobby with Vicky and created a triangle with Jake, and I believe she was there when Lila was brought on, therefore making her at least partially responsible for LIsa Peluso's greatest daytime role EVER!

Her only major misstep is the only thing that fans truly remember her for- the brutal and unnecessary murder of Frankie Frame Winthrop. Honestly, as much as I didn't think Frankie deserved to be killed off, I remember watching that episode and being on the edge of my seat, still hoping Frankie would get away from the killer or kill him herself, even though I KNEW that Alice Barrett was leaving and Frankie was going to die. Now that takes skill and an extremely talented EP! The only thing that would have made that episode better is if it did actually turn out that way and Frankie was actually the one to win out over the serial killer and reveal him. Some would argue that Michael's death caused by Donna was another mistake but frankly, I liked that storyline and gave Anna Stuart some meaty and complex material to act out. Anna and Donna being my all-time favorite on AW, I'm always all for that.

Her stint on GL is well-regarded and though I'm in the minority, I freakin LOVED her over at OLTL. She hooked me all over again and I never thought that would happen after they lost me (all in one episode!!!!) in 1996. And of course, I pretty much enjoyed her run on 'Santa Barbara.' Thank GOD she was there when the Dobsons got locked out because she actually 'got' the show and retained much of its quality during her run. Too bad I can't say the same about the gentlemen that came after her.

As for her take on GH, I've never been a fan of that show so I can't speak much to that. But whenever I sporadically tune in, it's always lavishly produced and looks to be the most expensive soap on daytime, ESPECIALLY since Y&R has been in the gutter (LML, MAB). I also enjoy the hell out of her special event stories, like the Metro Court episodes, the train wreck, and Franco's runs, especially his initial one.

Overall, I think she's an extremely talented producer who doesn't get the credit she deserves because she's also extremely controversial and has made some of the most shocking & unpopular choices in daytime history (killing off Mo & Frankie for starters). But I, for one, LOVE her and she is the only EP that I have ever followed from soap to soap. Yup, I enjoy her that much.

Well thank you for immortalizing it for all of us! My youtube claims to fame are SB's First Emmy Win in 1988 (dispelling the myth that Bridget Dobson raced onstage ahead of JFP so she could grab the Emmy and give the speech) and the "C" Sign Falling on Mary Duvall (Santa Barbara). BOTH of those clips still get comments and I get private YT emails about them. The first I think is due to all the controversy and rumors over the years and the latter in part because it was spoofed on "Family Guy." That, and it was and still is the most unusual death circumstance in daytime history.

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This is a little bit subtle, so watch carefully:


At 2:18, there is a woman behind Linda Dano who is doing an EPIC facepalm. It had been awhile since I'd seen this, so I could have SWORN it was a random shot of JFP, making for delicious irony given that she came after Riche. Alas, I was wrong. Someone in the YT comments joked that it might have been a disgruntled AW producer. Either way, it's kind of a funny moment.

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Oh my god I used to roll the floor laughing at this Susan/Susan emmy moment.

It is pure comedy- and its NOT just Susan Lucci- It is all of it!

1)That idiot Adrienne Frantz and that doofus who played Rick- their completely unprofessional "announcement of the winner". And we wonder why daytime gets no respect?

2) Susan Lucci "ME?" "ME????"- You can actually see a -deadly- serious side of Susan (that I have always felt exists) I wouldn't throw down with her in an alley. Truly campy/funny/scary. Supposely Rosie O"Donnell was the one prodding her, thinking that she won!

3) And then our dear, dear Susan Flannery (whom I still feel is one of daytime's top 5 actresses ever) her quite um, masculine-like barreling of the stage like a freight train, she then lifts idiot Adrienne in the air like she's a china doll (and this combined with Susan F's kind of intense almost growling/laughing thing she is doing... again- campy/funny/scary

4) The brilliant timing of Susan L's slow walk onto the stage, you see the spotlight just hit her, then BAM the camera stops shooting her...

I remember sitting at home SPELLBOUND at this spectacle!

I truly think it is one of the funniest 2 minutes in the history of television.

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    • Admittedly, I have never seen the Sleepy Hollow television series, though I am a fan of Nicole Beharie (if that Doris Payne biopic ever comes to fruition, Beharie is the only actress that truly makes sense for the role, no offense to Tessa Thompson). From the little that I have read about the BTS machinations, it sounds like the word toxic is an understatement as a descriptor of the environment.
    • So, this is totally just supposition based on reading Zimmer's memoir and Pam Long interviews.  It seems like Long felt some ownership over the character of Reva, which eventually caused some friction between the two women.  Zimmer writes of a lunch with Long and a CBS executive that devolved into a screaming match, resulting in the executive wanting to hide under the table.  And in her exit interview with SOD, Long talked about scuttled plans to bring back Reva in a dream for Christmas.  Thus, what I would imagine occurred is that Zimmer wanted to leave, but Long held out hope for her to return.  The resolution was an exit that needed to be semi-permanent enough to please both women. 
    • Does this mean Us Weekly won't be able to do any more cover stories hinting that she's pregnant? 
    • I remember people making jokes of "Pam's dream" on late night shows. Also Newhart did the "It was all a dream" joke for it's series finale as a jab at Dallas. Victoria also expressed in interviews that she wanted to leave the show after season 5 because of the decline in writing. The dream season really drove home her point on that.   Victoria's relationship with the cast was kind of "She felt like an outsider". When the cast discusses her they walk on eggshells when she is brought up. She rarely participates in interviews with the rest of the cast. At times Patrick will praise her and other times he will subtly throw shade at her. John Beck (who played Mark) said in an interview that he preferred working with Linda Gray than Victoria.  There have been rumors of Victoria being a difficult or to herself behind the scenes. She was the closest to Jim Davis till his death. 
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