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OLTL: Discussion for the week of May 16

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Marty wanted discretion, but called herself Mrs. John McBain, which could definitely get her caught somehow.

“We managed to both fall for sisters.” What a clever double entendre, I'm sure that one just went way over everyone's head. The writers are really putting a lot of little racial bits in this story, Dani was neck rolling when she was explaining to Tea about Deanna.

Destiny not calling Matthew after the deed was the reverse of how things usually work, it's usually the guy that has the “it didn't mean anything” attitude. I was not expecting Shaun to overhear them, “YOU DID WHAT?!”

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    • This has probably already been discussed but SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike in case contract talks reach an impasse.
    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
    • Hahahaha! Biscuit sex. 

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        Damn, that's serious. I still don't like her though, lol! But, damn. Realness right there.
    • What I don't understand is that I hear this over and over and over from the Right.  Do they believe elections have always been rigged - but only when they lose???  Republicans have lost at the ballot box many many times - it was just the electoral college that saved them.  And it's the reason they fight tooth and nail against statehood for DC - because DC would then have 2 senators and at least 1 vote in the House.  And they know what side the city sways.  But Gore, Clinton (Hillary), Biden all WON in the number of votes/popular vote.  Only on the 3rd example did Democrats actually WIN the Presidency because of the electoral college.  People have blinders on and I don't know why - they don't understand that NO, every vote does NOT count under an electoral college system.  If every vote counted, then those are 3 different Presidents we would have had.  It's funny to me that they do NOT see the plain number of votes.
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