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  1. This sh*t just got real. More work-related drama. Soaps don't have anything on that. LOL

    1. jfung79


      Aww, best of luck with the work drama.

    2. Scotty
  2. Nothing like some crazy work drama to spice up an otherwise quiet Sunday evening. LOL

    1. Scotty


      Damn lesbians. lol

    2. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      LMAO! What do you mean about the lesbians? What happened?

    3. Scotty


      LOL....I am dead serious though. Long story....haha

  3. It sucks to have a big crush on a girl who is married. *Sigh*

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    2. ChitHappens


      I had a crush for the longest time on a guy who was gay. I suspected but was in denial. I took an evening Spanish course to be near him as if the one in college was not difficult enough, and I bought a PDA cause he had just bought one, I thought he'd be impressed. Thinking of the money I spent? What an idiot!

    3. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      ^Aww, Andrea. I'm sorry your crush turned out to be gay. :(

    4. Scotty


      Well that sucks. Sorry. :(

      As for my situation, I may have to turn on the ole charm. lol

  4. Man all this car racing stuff is as boring as all get out...
  5. You can't see the picture? lol
  6. But he still looks better than this, lol....
  7. And man does he look old...
  8. This just cracks me up, LOL.... http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/02-05-13-06-52-tired-murder-cliffhanger-mars-idallasi-but-larry-hagman-still-gets-the-best-lines/
  9. Thinking about bringing the old column back soon, but am not for sure yet.

    1. Errol


      You know my opinion on the matter :)

    2. Scotty


      Oh that I shouldn't do it? lol just kidding. ;)

  10. Sometimes it's the small little things that you learn that are the most valuable. ;)

  11. Guess it's about time to dust off the old reporter hat and get back to my reporting duties again soon....never would have thought that a year ago.

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    2. Errol


      About time! LOL

    3. Errol


      BTW, your Twitter account appears to have been hacked. I got that annoying "someone's talking about you" DM from both my account and the site's twitter account.

    4. Scotty


      Yeah....I saw that and I got one of those two. First time I had been on that Twitter account in almost two years, lol.

      And well...I figured you would say that! LOL

  12. I so agree with Robin Strasser on this tweet she made earlier this afternoon.... robin strasser ‏@robinstrasser Ashley Judd May Run For US Senate Against Mitch McConnell http://on.fox2now.com/u7AvYuV DON'T JUDGE JUDD Visit her AWESOME website. She's very smart! A lot of us here in Kentucky hopes that she will run. It is well past time for McConnell to go....
  13. Yikes....could have done without image in my mind right before I go to sleep....LOL.
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