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OLTL: Discussion for the week of May 16

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    • OMG. Indeed. It's so juicy, I love it. 

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    • Not only did Dallas screw it up, we got Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman to thank. Patrick insisted Bobby be killed off on camera. They asked him are you sure " Yes, I have no intention of ever coming back".....then Larry pissed and moaned that he didn't have his playmate he could cut up with and wanted things back to the boys club behind the scenes that he was accustomed to.  I wish they had told Patrick " Sorry, we have moved on and you should to. Good luck finding work".....I think Larry threatened to quit the show and that's why they catered to his demands. Victoria/Pam/the show became a laughing stock after that and she eventually walked away because of the decline of the writing and the show.   
    • I've seen several people on my social media that are members of the DGA that plan to vote against the deal, but I have no clue how representative that antidotal evidence is of DGA members as a whole.  Very nice to read how strong the strike vote was for SAG-AFTRA. They seem very motivated.   
    • This has probably already been discussed but SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike in case contract talks reach an impasse.
    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
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