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Passions Red, Chapter 16

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This was last week's episode:

Chapter 16

While walking through Harmony, the mystery woman comes across a younger girl, who's in the middle of a distressing phone call. The younger woman tearfully insists she canít go through with the caller's orders. The mystery woman approaches the girl and offers some advice, warning her not to jeopardize true love. The girl admits she already lost her true love and secretly pulls out a picture of Noah! As the mystery woman moves off, the girl asks who she is, and the woman ominously responds, "I'm a dead woman."

Anyone else see it?

I wonder who that woman is, the one Noah was in love with, and I guess the woman who is STILL in love with him... I doubt its someone we know (the other Crane daughter perhaps)...

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I know who Passions Red is. I know the actress portraying her.

Let's just say Al knows her. Quite well.

Yeah we already know too-it is discussed in the other Passions spolier thread about New Year's. As for the woman who knows Noah, she is his ex-girlfriend who shows up in mid January. She was casted like a month ago and I think she may be brought to town by Alistair to break up Noah and Fancy although I am not sure.

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