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Big Brother Spoiler Thread


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Well, Matt and Amanda both left the sauna. Natalie still in there, painting her toenails. Guess the talk isn't happening yet, LoL. Sheila's talking about how she did nude shots at 18 and never intended to do nudes. She's telling Jen/Ryan/Natalie about how she got into Penthouse.


Allison, Matt, Amanda and some of the guys are in the kitchen. I can't tell Neil or Alex apart, but I think it's both of them in the kitchen, LoL. Just general chit-chat.

Everyone's moving about, can't really keep track of what anyone's doing. Nothing important, though. Joshuah is back and forth between the sauna and the kitchen. Alex (I think it's Alex) is in the kitchen cutting up what looks like a watermelon or something.

Josh moved to the kitchen counter to paint his nails. Chelsia and Neil are doing dishes.




Nothing too exciting at the moment...

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Just more general chit-chat in the kitchen with Matt, Allison, Chelsia, Joshuah, Neil and Alex. Too many people talking at once, I can't hear what any of them are talking about.


Jen/Ryan/Sheila/Natalie still in the sauna. Sheila's talking about how she wouldn't have done this show if her son was any younger.


Natalie says that her family found out she was a stripper because her uncle saw her pulling out of the parking lot. She would do homework in the back.

Amanda/Parker laying in bed together. She's doing something to his hair.


Josh just came in. He says he wants to go outside, and by the time they're allowed the sun will be down. Maybe they're on lockdown?


Josh says it doesn't feel like day six, it feels like week six.

Uh-oh. Screen in the living room says nominations today!



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I'm not sure why they're on lockdown. Possibly a food competition? Screen showed that nominations are today, as well. We'll probably get FOTH quite a bit later today during the competitions and the nomination ceremonies.

I don't know if they all know nominations are today. Nobody has come into the living room get to see the "Nominations Today" screen.

Amanda/Parker/Josh still chit-chatting in the living room. All four feeds on the three of them. Oh, apparently James is in there too. I just saw his head pop up... think he was napping. He got up and left though, along with Joshuah. Amanda/Parker are alone.

All four feeds on Amanda/Parker.

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Amanda's in the sauna now with Natalie/Sheila/Jen/Ryan. She's telling a story about a situation on the road a few months back. She was headed to the finals for Big Brother and a car drove up beside her and sideswiped her on purpose. She stopped the car, the guy and his girlfriend got out and started bashing in her car windows with a baseball bat, calling her a whore, etc. Everyone's like, "Whaaaaaat?!" She says that this happened last year when she was in the finals for BB8. She says that a car full of big bull dyke lesbians came to her rescue.



Now they're all talking about people who kill their families, etc. Amanda's talking about the guy who threw his kids over the bridge a few weeks back. Talking about the guy who stabbed his family and burned the house down. Not sure why she's talking about all of this, LoL.

Matt's laying in bed, talking to Parker who's fixing his hair.




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All 4 feeds on Matt/Parker. Parker says that "the thing with Jacob, that was just mashed potatoes. The stuff that happened last night... that was steamed broccoli. You haven't even seen the whole buffet yet."

Apparently Parker and Jacob had drama the other night, before Jacob was evicted.

Matt says that he hasn't even gotten really mad yet. He can't wait to flip out on someone on television.


Parker says that in the beginning, he and Jen made a deal that they were going to ally with Ryan/Allison, string them along until the end and then cut them loose after Final 4. Matt leaves.

Joshuah and Ryan are in the sauna, alone. Ryan's on the table, Josh is on the bed.



Ryan looks at his nails and says they're "so frickin' pretty, dude." Apparently one of the girls did his nails.

Ryan gets up to leave, then FOTH.

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Houseguests have seen the screen announcing that nominations are today. Alex says he's not going to let it ruin his day... he's gotta do what he's gotta do.

Everyone's converged together in the kitchen. Natalie tells Parker his hair looks great



Jen and Amanda are in HoH. They begin talking strategy, then FOTH.

Feeds are back. Amanda doesn't think that there will be a POV competition. She says that nominations would've happened by now if they were going to have a POV.


Amanda walks closer to her, and Jen tells her to get away because she just farted.


Jen says that if anyone else wins POV except for the two that are on the block, Amanda/Alex would have to tell the winners that they want then to leave the nominations the same, and if they decide to use the POV, they will be going up next week, regardless of who it is.

Jen says that if Ryan/Allison go on the block and they stay on the block, she would vote them out. She's in the game for herself. She says that if she watches Ryan walk out the door because she voted him out, she's going to need some serious TLC... but she doesn't want him to win it. She's competetive and wants to win it for herself.

Amanda's tidying up, making the bed.


Amanda says that Alex is messy and he lied to her when he told her that he was very clean. Jen spills something on herself. Amanda says, "Smoothe move, ex-lax." Jen says she says that all the time.

Amanda tells her to look around at all of Alex's mess. She tells her that yesterday, the shower had pubic hair everywhere. She can't stand it.

Whoa, I think Adam just came out of hiding! He's in the living room talking to Alex. God, he reminds me of a mix of Zach and Eric from BB8. He's all hyper/twitchy and weird.



Now Amanda's downstairs, but uh... I have no clue what the hell she's doing, LoL.


Amanda says that she slept great last night. Alex says he slept good too... didn't wake up once during the night.


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Amanda doesn't know whether or not to get dressed nice for the nominations, or to just dress like normal for the food competition incase it gets messy. She's not sure which comes first today. They're speculating about whether or not both parners in each couple will be on slop, or just one of each.

All 4 feds on Sheila/Jen/Parker in the boat room. Sheila says that there is no way in hell she will vote those two (Jen/Parker) out and she told Allison the same thing last night. She says Allison got angry with her when she told her that she would be willing to nominate her. It surprised and angered her.




Jen wants Sheila to give her a promise that she will vote to keep her and Parker in the game and vote out Ryan/Allison if it came down to that. Sheila promises. She says that Allison got so pissed off at her last night when she threw that scenario at her, like she was saying, "You would NOT [[email protected]#$%^&*] do that to me, would you?"


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Parker's going to get something to eat. Before he goes, Sheila looks at him and says, "Do you trust me, Parker?" and he says that he trusts her word. Of course, Sheila's partner Adam might want to vote a different way if it came down to a scenario of Ryan/Allison and Jen/Parker being nominated together.

Jen and Sheila hug. She tells Sheila that if she votes to keep them safe this week, they will take her far in the game. They have lots of respect for her now.

Jen/Parker/Sheila all leave the room. They walk past the nominations screen and Jen shouts "I hate that screen!"

All converge back in the kitchen again.

Apparently Natalie and Matt had their little talk. Everything is okay...

Sheila comes in and wants to talk to Natalie. Matt says that she can't talk to Natalie without him there, since they're partners. Sheila asks them if they will vote to keep Jen/Parker if they're nominated against Ryan/Allison. Matt is like, "What? That's news to my ears!" Sheila tells him to keep his voice down. Sheila tells him that she threw that scenario at Allison last night and she got furious with her. She says she got nuts. Natalie's like, "Ohhhhhh..."


Randomly, Sheila tells Matt that it would be stupid for anyone to vote her and Adam out of the house because they're the "weakest frickin' link here." Matt laughs.

Now they're discussing POV and the wrench it could throw into the scenario. Matt doesn't know if there will POV. Sheila says there will be one... they're going to stir [[email protected]#$%^&*] up as much as they can.

Sheila leaves. Matt and Natalie talk privately. She says, "Friends, okay?" Matt says, "Friends." She assures him that she doesn't need anything more from him. She's here to play the game. He says, "Okay, well please don't divulge any information to anyone without consulting me first." She agrees.


Now Jen and Ryan are in the sauna. Jen is talking about how she and Parker might be nominated as a pawn against Ryan/Allison. She says that it scares her to death. She's wanted this for way too long to go home this early. Now Joshuah's in there, too.



Jen says there's "no more alliance" and Ryan says yes there is... he doesn't care if she believes it or not. Joshuah just left, I think he was called to the Diary Room. Jen says that she doesn't think Alex/Amanda trust her and Parker anymore.

Sheila and Allison are upstairs by the chess set talking about the possibility of her (Allison) and Ryan going home. Allison says she isn't even nervous. Joshuah comes up and sees them whispering. Sheila assures him that they're just talking...




After Joshuah leaves, Allison tells Sheila, "do not let these little kids mess with you." Sheila smiles.

Jen and Ryan leave the sauna, join the rest of the houseguests in the kitchen.


Now Jen's headed up to talk to Amanda in her HoH room.

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Jen and Amanda are up in HoH. Oooh, Allison's gone inside too. Amanda, Jen and Allison are talking together.

Allison's saying that she's been hearing so many things from people. Jen tells Amanda that she likes her jeans.


Jen says it's weird that nominations are today. She wonders when POV will be. Amanda says that she doesn't think there will be a POV this season. Jen says there will be -- there's been one every season (except one).

Allison says she has to use the bathroom. She's leaving.

Jen and Amanda are now in the HoH bathroom together. Jen's saying that Ryan just told her (I think Ryan) that he can't promise her that he will have her back in the future. She questions why she should have his back then, too. She says he said, "Fine, vote me out then," and then walked out of the room. Amanda can't believe that. Jen says, "Why should I stick by them if you're not going to stick by me?" She says that Ryan just doesn't care anymore.



Amanda's heading down to get Alex so that they can discuss this together...

Oh Sheila! She's LYYYYYING. She's talking to Ryan right now, telling him that if he and Allison were put up against Jen/Parker, she would vote to keep him and Allison. She says it makes her stick to her stomach that Allison thinks she would vote her out like that. Just five minutes ago she was promising Jen/Parker that they had her word! What a lying ass bitch.

She says that Ryan/Allison will have the votes to stay if they're up against Jen/Parker.


Ryan says that he and Jen are on opposite sides. He has no choice. Ryan says that he would rather stay and Jen go. Sheila can't believe it. Ryan says that she wants to boot him off the show, too.

Ryan says he's not here for Jen. He's here for himself. He's a competitor.



Now Allison has joined them...

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For all the bitching about how hot that house is, why do they hang out in the sauna? Seriously, Jen and Ryan need to mingle more with other people. At least what from what I read, which is mostly from Kenny and TV Clubhouse, they are usually from each other. They shouldn't be a constant reminder that they are together.

Matt saying that he signed a contract for 500,000 strengthens my theory that sometime in the game, they will break the couples up. I highly doubt they will pay that much out for both partners. And there was no mention of a million dollars.

Ok, Allison reminds me of one of the Kids's Incorporated kids. Renee I think her name was. It was one of the originals and obviously not Fergie or Martika.

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Sheila is paranoid that people are listening to their conversation.



Sheila says that Jen and Parker are trying to manipulate her. Ryan says he wants to stay, no matter what. Now they're all three talking over each other, can't make anything out.

Sheila tells Allison to look her in the eye. Sheila promises that she will not lie to her and she will not vote against her. Allison says that she trusts her 100%.

Sheila's paranoid again that people are listening to their conversation. Ryan says that nobody can hear. Allison tells her that Joshuah told her that if Sheila votes against them, he will target her next week if he's HoH. Ooooh, and now Jushuah's in!

OOOOH!!!! Drama! Josh just walked in. He tells Sheila that she's FUCKED. Sheila says, "Don't threaten me like that! Hello!"

Josh tells her to shut up and walks away. She says, "DO NOT TELL ME TO SHUT UP!"

She tells him not to threaten her. He says [[email protected]#$%^&*] you, Sheila....




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Jen is cutting Alex's hair in the bathroom. Joshuah storms in, he's pissed. He tells them about his altercation that he just had with Sheila. He tells them that she's walking around cornering people in the house and trying to stir [[email protected]#$%^&*] up. He's so mad he's shaking.


Ryan's in the bathroom whispering to Joshuah. Josh says that Sheila cannot continue to do this psychotic thing. He says she needs to either be the cool kid, or the mom. She can't have it both ways. He doesn't want to talk about it. Ryan agrees.

Jen's still cutting Alex's hair...



Alex asks Josh how he and Neil are doing as far as agreeing on votes. Josh says that he and Neil are "totally 100% whatever." Josh says that there's no inner bickering between him and Neil. Next to Amanda/Alex, they're the closest pair in the house.

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James came into the bathroom and is cuddling with Joshuah on the chair.



Jen says that she wants to go to hair school now.

All feeds are now on Parker and Amanda in the boat room. Amanda says that she doesn't want Parker to go.

Amanda says that if she nominates him and Jen, it's only to show people that they're not in an alliance, even though they really are. James comes in, takes off his shoes and plops on the bed. He's really tired. Who would've thought that Crazy James would be the most quiet/sane one in the house? LoL

Parker says it's so boring when he sleeps.




Parker and Amanda leave the room so that James can sleep. They walk out to the red room where Natalie/Sheila/Allison are talking. Sheila says that she hates all the mind games that are going on at this very moment.


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Joshuah and James are whispering in the kitchen. I have no clue what they're saying.


Awwww, boo! Josh and Sheila just made up. They gave each other a hug. Now Allison, Sheila, Josh and Ryan are all plotting together, but they're talking so low I can barely hear anything.

Josh says that he and Sheila need to let people think they're still fighting. He jokingly calls her a bitch.


Josh and Neil just met up in the kitchen now. They're about to get all whispery and plotty, I can tell! Neil says, "We got drama going on?" Josh says, "Dramatics!" They head into the sauna and shut the door...

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Josh and Neil in the sauna. He says that he, Allison, Sheila and Ryan are fooling the others with the way the votes will go. Neil is filing his nails.


Chelsia, Matt and Jen in the bathroom...

Jen thinks that their competition today is going to be another power couple competition. If you win poewr couple, you are safe from being nominated this week. That's her prediction. She doesn't think it's a food competition. She thinks there's no more POV -- it's just "Power Couple" where one couple can be safe each week. Chelsia says that if she was home watching, she would be like, "What the [[email protected]#$%^&*] is that? I don't like that." Jen says that she likes it, but that's probably because of the position she's in... she's probably 100% sure she's going on the block. Matt says, "Is that 100%?" she says yes.

Jen says that she's not convinced anymore that the things Ryan promised her will still be promised. She doesn't think that he will have her back anymore after this point. Jen says that she told Ryan she should just boot him out right now. She says that she has enough pull with Amanda to make sure she's not nominated this week and then Amanda will nominate someone against Ryan/Allison to make sure that Ryan goes home this week. Jen says, "What am I doing bending over backwards for you?!"



Apparently Big Brother told Alex that he doesn't have time for a shower or something. I think that's what he said.

Natalie just joined Joshuah/Neil in the sauna, but the feeds cut away IMMEDIATELY.

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