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Big Brother Spoiler Thread


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Josh and Sharon are alone in the bedroom now. Sharon's bitching about Jen. She says that Jen promised her day one that they would watch each other's backs until the end, and she's pissed that she evicted her in less than 72 hours. She's going after Jen hardcore.

Josh tells her that he needs her to play both sides for him...

Sharon says that she can see people in a mirror trying to spy on their conversation or something. Josh says it's disgusting, all the spying that goes on in this house. She's going to keep her eye out as they talk...



Sharon wants to get rid of Ryan and Allison, then let Jen/Parker stay so that Jen can suffer. She says that she can get Parker to work on their side for a while until they send him and Jen out the door. She says that Ryan and Allison have NOTHING to offer them. Parker does, so he and Jen should stay.

Joshuah says that they HAVE to win POV to keep nominations the same. Sharon agrees.

Josh says that she can't make any secret deals behind his back. He says that he's the one who brought her back to be his partner, so she owes him her allegiance. She promises.


Sharon says, "I want Jen to SUFFER."

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So Dusty is now sulking in a dark corner of the room because he asked Ryan and Kenny if people get HIV from kissing and if they knew that the black guy is a TMZ photographer.....and Ryan gave him a sarcastic glare and then they continue talking like he wasn't even there.

Grrr.... <_<

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Josh says that he thinks they might be couples 'til the end. He thinks there will only be a month left of the show, because they're doing another season in the summer and CBS wants space between. That's why this was a short season, he says. Sharon is like, "Ohhhhh...." because she didnt realize they were doing a summer season.

Sharon says that she and Jacob were in sequester. That makes Josh thing that they might be bringing a couple back... otherwise why sequester them?

Josh says the writers strike might over and for all they know, other shows are already back in production.

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Awww, Josh had to excuse himself from the table. Tears streaming down his cheeks. He got up to leave, everyone was upset and sad for him. He grabbed his plate of food and now he's eating on the floor of the sauna with Chelsia.


Parker just came in to make sure he's alright. He's still crying.




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Wait 'til you guys see Josh crying at the dinner table as he gets up. It was seriously the saddest thing I've ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE, LoL. It wasn't just wet eyes, either. There were full on crocodile tears streaming!

Josh is telling Chelsia that he DOES NOT TRUST Sharon.

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