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Big Brother Spoiler Thread


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THis was better than Jen and Dick. I don't see how they can even show this in Tuesday's show. Amanda is a lunatic, a cunning lunatic. I have a feeling she will come up smelling like a rose

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Neil is fine. (Posted a blog on Myspace) He's not coming back and thanks everyone for their concern and mentions his "replacement" Sharon. Says that he's heard rumors of his health being the cause of his exit, but it's not true.

Had the link, but accidentally posted it in the wrong forum and it got deleted.

Soooo..........that's that. ;)

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Have to give Kenny credit for this at the DR (trying to parapharse)

*Chelseia and James have been making out a couple times in the HOH room. First time while drunk, second time they were not drunk

* Alex/Amanda and Natalie/Matt were nominated.

* Alex was all pissy, Lord knows why, just about everyone gets nominated?

*Food comp so half the house is on slop

* Allison and Sheila, not so friendly anymore. They are both talking about each other behind each others back and Sheila just found out.

*Sharon and Josh were picked for POV, they also won it. They told Chelsia and James they will keep it the same.

* Been pretty drama free as of the last couple days.

Thanks to Kenny and the other posters at the DR

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Amanda has been complaining that she is hypoglegemic and has fallen and had a seizure. She was with Natalie at the time. Several of the guys came running and the emergency button was pushed. She has left the house via paramedics.

Allison has also left the house due to an allergic reaction or something. It may be that she ate a peanut and at a allergic reaction and may not have known that she was allergic to peanuts.

Matt, always gracious, asked the paramedics who the most popular houseguests are. Isn't he nice?

People are still strategizing and James is pissed.

This is from Kenny at the DR

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