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Big Brother Spoiler Thread


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The DJ brought up the Mrs. Robinson Alliance from last season, and how Kale got screwed in the beginning. They are doing a good job of cutting to another scene before they reveal too much.

Btw, this already happened. Apparently my DVR was set based on last season, so it automatically recorded. I'm 11 minutes in.

Parker is an ass....<_<

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Here's a general rundown of what happened on the live feeds tonight.

- Amanda and Alex are Head of Household.

- Sharon and Jacob were already evicted from the house this weekend.

- Jen's partner, Parker, felt as if he was turning on her and the alliance that they had formed with other pairs. The result was a big argument which left Jen in tears. Jen's boyfriend, Ryan, nearly got into a physical altercation as a result of it all.

- Eventually, Parker made up with both Jen and Ryan.

- Amanda and Alex shared a rather sexy bath together in the Head of Household bathroom.

- Many of the houseguests got naked (or nearly naked!) as fun times were had in the hot tub.

- Parker is not happy to be paired with Jen and Allison is not happy to be paired with Ryan. They both feel like they're in uncomfortable situations since due to Jen/Ryan dating in real life.

- Natalie broke down into tears as she told the other houseguests about her mother, who is schizophrenic.

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There was somewhat of an alliance that seems to be over. It was made up of Parker, Jen, Amanda, Alex, Matt and Natalie. Nominations will be later today but it does look like Jen and Parker and Ryan and Allison will be put up. Does anyone know how Jen and Ryan's secret got out?

I feel we have an Amber! Her name is Natalie!

Adam and Sheila have been fighting constantly.

Sharon and Jacob are indeed gone, does anyone know how that came about? It looked like she and Jen were bonding.

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Shela is bitching to Amanda and Natalie in the sauna about her 'soulmate,' Adam. She says that she needs a man that she can relate to, a man that she can click with and have a conversation with. She hopes that Big Brother splits up all the couples. She comments how everybody thought she was crazy when she reacted the way she did to Adam.


Sheila asks Amanda if Alex has tried to make a move on her. Amanda says, "No, I think he knows it's not gonna..."

LoL! Amanda was practically throwing herself on top of him last night!

Matt is in the kitchen telling the guys that he heard his partner (Natalie) said that if he doesn't start getting "lovey dovey" with her, she's going to start throwing competitions. He says he's going to have a conversation with her in about ten minutes, after he eats.

Matt says that she's tried to put a hand on him virtually every night in bed. He says that he just rolls over. He says that he didn't come in the house for woman drama. "You can't force love."

Neil tells Matt that when he talks to Natalie, be gentle with her. She's a delicate flower. Matt says he's blunt.


Jen and Ryan have joined Natalie/Sheila/Amanda in the sauna. Ryan's laying on the massage table and Jen is straddling him on top. She's filing his nails down... or buffing them. Something.




Sheila, Amanda and Natalie are talking about global warming and the shortage of corks (???). Sheila says she's so happy for Al Gore and what he did for the global warming issue. Now there's talking about "The Butterfly Effect." Sheila says that movie seriously disturbed her.


Matt wants to talk to Natalie but she's busy chatting with the girls. Neil tells her he should just say, "I want to eat you out."

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Sheila's telling the girls that she stopped out of school in 8th grade to pursuit modeling.

Matt and James are in the bedroom. Matt really wants to talk to Natalie but she's busy having "high school" chit-chat with the other girls in the sauna. Matt says he's going to have to stop joking around sexually with her because she takes it literally and constantly offers to give him blowjobs, etc. He says it's bad.

Matt says, "She (Natalie) ain't going to throw [!@#$%^&*], buddy. I'll tell you that. There will be none of that!" He's joking, saying that they're going to sink faster than the Titanic.

He says that if he went to Match.com and typed in the type of girl he wants, she would be the exact opposite of what would come up. He says they put him with her to [!@#$%^&*] with him. He doesn't like big boobs. He thinks she's nice, but there's nothing there.

Oh, Parker's in the bedroom now, too.


Joshuah and Allison are in the bathroom. She's blow-drying her hair. She tells him she had to let loose last night. She's been so stressed for the past five days.

Parker says he's pissed that Julie Chen said they all came into this house looking for love, because he didn't. He just said that it would be the icing on the cake. Matt says, "Yup!"


Now it's FOTH.

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Matt says that he left his match to be on the show. Hopefully it works out. He says she's 22.

Parker/Matt are talking about how they didn't like or trust Neil when they first got there, but now their opinions have completely changed.

Parker's pissed because Big Brother just told him to get up and change his microphone. He doesn't want to get up, LoL.


James and Matt are talking about how they might have to split their money with their partners if they win. Matt says, "That's not happening! I signed a contract that stated $500,000. You know that. Oh, sorry... that slipped." They're not supposed to talk about the contracts they signed.

Parker has changed his mic, and now he's screwing with his hair in the mirror.

In the sauna, Sheila says that if they make a movie about her life, she wants "Lindsay Loham" to play her. Ryan says, "What?" She says, "Lindsay Loham. Isn't it Loham?" They correct her. She laughs. She thinks it's "Lohand" now. She says, "Lohand? Like... HAND?"

James is in the sauna giving Amanda a massage.


Amanda's trying to talk Matt out of talking to Natalie. He says he has to talk to her. She likes him too much and he doesn't like her. Amanda says, "Let me talk to her and ask her first if she really likes you that way." He still insists on talking to her himself.

Now Matt's in the sauna, standing beside Natalie. Amanda's in there too, whispering into her ear. I can't hear what she's saying, because Sheila's blabbing on and on. I think Matt's about to have his talk with her...

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