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ATWT: Brian Gaskill Interview


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ATWT's Brian Gaskill: Mad by Day, Dad by Night

by Daniel R. Coleridge

Gaskill-ing me softly

He cavorted with sexy mannequins on Aaron Spelling's Models Inc. He was a teenage father on All My Children. Later he was a vampire-slaying angel on Port Charles. Then he mixed with more mannequins on The Bold and the Beautiful. After playing so many saintly cuties, Brian Gaskill, 35, is gladly settling into the moral ambiguity of As the World Turns' Oakdale. As the soap fan-fave will reveal exclusively here, his mysterious character, B.J. Greene, is about to take a very twisted turn. With this juicy new role and a newborn baby girl at home, life is looking up for Gaskill. But we'll let him tell it....

TVGuide.com: Congrats on the new baby!

Brian Gaskill: Thank you very much. It's been awesome. [being a husband and father is]a life that I've never had before. It's new to me. [Chuckles] It's something that I pretty much avoided for years! Although having a child is something I knew I always wanted, for some reason, I never pushed for it. But then I got into my thirties, met the right person, got married and had a baby.

TVGuide.com: So where did your daughter's name, Alabama Zoe Gaskill, come from?

Gaskill: It's a name I always thought was cool, going back to Patricia Arquette's character in True Romance. Plus, when my wife [actress-singer Tonya Watts] first came to New York, all her friends called her "Alabama" because she's from there.

TVGuide.com: So Alabama it was.

Gaskill: As far as we're concerned, the baby's name was Alabama before Tonya was even pregnant. It began as a running joke. We'd be driving in the car and pretending we had a kid and we'd say, "Alabama, you OK back there?" All during the pregnancy, we considered naming her something else, but then we decided that, even if we didn't name her Alabama, we'd end up calling her Alabama.

TVGuide.com: It's better than something "normal" like Jennifer or Michelle.

Gaskill: [Laughs] I don't think it's that weird! I told my mother, "Well, we could have named her 'Apple.'" I guess we actors have a reputation for coming up with strange names. If my daughter doesn't like it, she can call herself Zoe, her middle name.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of names, it's hard not to snicker when your ATWT character, Byron, insists on calling himself (tee-hee) B.J.

Gaskill: That's OK, we do it on the set everyday! Everyone who's in my scenes can't help but laugh. All of a sudden, we're all 15 years old again. It's clear to me quite often that the writers are having fun amongst themselves. There's so much innuendo that doesn't even seem intended for the audience. I guess they're not allowed to show sex anymore, so they have to put it in there in different ways.

TVGuide.com: Byron was once an overweight high-school nerd who made a fortune and got himself an extreme makeover. How flattering is it that you get to be his "after" picture?

Gaskill: I feel pretty geeky most of the time. I still can't watch myself on the show without being nervous all the time. Maybe I'm being a little rough on myself, but I'm looking at myself as the "after" picture and I'm going, "Eh. I ain't all that."

TVGuide.com: Your many fans would disagree.

Gaskill: Maybe. I like that this character has quirky attributes. He's not the sexy hero. I've been vying to be on ATWT for awhile. I really wanted to work with [executive producer] Chris Goutman. They let the characters be very gray and not so black-and-white. I appreciate the show for that.

TVGuide.com: So B.J. has designs on Katie and he's keeping the truth about their past acquaintance from her. Where is this all going?

Gaskill: B.J. buys [Lily's old mansion] Fairwinds, and he's throwing a Halloween party. The theme is "come as you were in high school," and the idea is that I'll reveal myself to Katie as the person she once knew. From that point on, everything goes crazy. It's November sweeps, after all. [Chuckles]

TVGuide.com: Is B.J. turning into a full-fledged villain?

Gaskill: Yeah. In the beginning I would say I was misunderstood, but now in the scripts, I'm pretty crazy. This guy needs serious mental work done in a hospital somewhere! What I like about this character is that he actually is completely crazy. I love the freedom of that.

TVGuide.com: Back to Fairwinds. Whenever a sketchy soap character buys a fancy new manse, there's always a secret room or dungeon. Are you going to be locking Katie up down there?

Gaskill: Hmm... Maybe not Katie...

TVGuide.com: Whoa! That was totally just a wild guess. But I've been watching soaps long enough to see a dungeon plot coming from a mile away.

Gaskill: Oh! I hate you. I never want to do a soap opera again! [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: So I'm right about someone getting imprisoned at Fairwinds, right?

Gaskill: Um, yeah, could be.... After the Halloween party, it's anyone's game. It's going to be fun. Wait 'till you see my henchmen!

TVGuide.com: Definitely sounds like a can't-miss spook story!

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I'm guessing that the person who gets imprisoned is Maddie since all the spoilers I'm reading keep saying that Maddie will regret ever laying out her cards on the table to B.J. and threatening to expose him. If it's not Maddie, then probably Mike.

I'm guessing Henry won't be a likely person to imprison because B.J. needs him to get through to Katie since the 3 of them have all known each other since high school.

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I've been loving BJ, but I don't know if I'll like evil BJ. I was thinking how great it is to see him smile and interact with everyone, I just wanted him to be an insecure, formerly geeky guy trying to impress an old crush.

Oh well, hopefully they pull it off.

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