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Awww, I'm gonna miss Holly, I kinda liked her, in spite of how awful the press was to her.

Oh, DISH! What do you mean the press was awful to her?

And why hasn't anyone commented on Monday's brand new episode ?

I will.

I was SHOCKED to see Holly removed from the credits. I knew something was different before coming into this thread.

and that girl (forget their names except for Lena and Richie, lol)...how her boyfriend found out she was STALKING HIM!!

I swear, this show always PUNCHES you with one helluva cliffhanger. Soaps should take a cue. This show is VERY dramatic for a sitcom. I could totally see them killing off Holly. Fern is an unusually unapologetic, mean character. Nothing, to me, really humanizes her. which may or may not be a good thing. Maybe she's just mean and not necessarily flat. Point beng, I think Holly WILL be murdered. This is the kind of sitcom that would pull that sort of thing off, unscathed. it's too much ofa o sap!

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^ I still like my idea of Fern and Holly running off together :lol:

btw The show once again scored it's highest numbers since the time switch in October.

Monday 2/5/07

Viewers: 9.7 million

18-49: 3.6/9

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I'm still sad about the demise of this show. It was enjoyable and interesting, yet the ratings didn't go as hoped for. Meanwhile, ABC would have killed to have such ratings for their comedy series (just take a look at ATJ). Every character was interesting and funny, with Kat being the most interesting character.

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