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  1. Alex is a DICK. I can't believe no one' said it yet. When he ratted out George as being a repeat I wanted him to, in the next episode, die as died Dr. Drake Romore on "Days of Our Lives" on "Friends." (The elevator shaft). And was there ANY reason for it?! DICK.
  2. THanks for pointing that out ^ NBC really DOES suck balls!
  3. I agree, Jack. What hack wrote this? The season finale was PHENOMENAL. And on this next point I may be in thee minority, but I LOVE when history repeats itself on shows. Shepherd falling for another Grey intern is just the next logical step in this soap opera-like story.
  4. I agree it was a phenomenal episode. But I can't understand why some of you didn't actually 'get' the controversial Yang "I'm free!" scene. (If me and the other person who commented on this did, lol, but I think we did). OBVIOUSLY, she thought she could never commit, which is why she chose the words "I'm free..." It was her older self talkling about the situation. But she broke down and was having a FIT in her wedding dress and choker becauase they reminded her of what she had lost. That she finally DID want to go there. That much was clear -- that she loved Burke and wanted to spend the rest
  5. You're such a crazy cool cat :)

  6. Wow, count me in for a MAJOR disagreement with those who didn't enjoy the episode. "Grey's," last night, proved to me why people don't need drugs. They have "Grey's." I mean, NO show has been more emotional, funny, heartbreaking and poignant in JUST ONE HOUR than last night's show. And to those who weren't affected by Meredith's mommy dying, think again. It's powerful and devastating because EVERYONE knows they weren't on good terms, and finally, mother and daughter have found closure. The line, "You are ANYTHING but ordinary" gave me [[email protected]#$%^&*] CHILLS, people! I died at that mome
  7. I'll have you yet, JSF! Hehehe

  8. babe lover! ewwww! you'll come to the dark side w/ me one day haha! it's all good. u good peeps. i wouldn't mess w/ u if i didn't think u were cool

  9. "Hard Studies" - it was cute in parts but disgusting in others. Also, some of the roles were miscast with less-than-attractive people.
  10. Well, I agree with you in that they're just ghosts or hallucinations -- if she's not dead. But perhaps the doctors are wrong; Meredith really did die, but they just didn't 'catch' it -- or call it. So then that would make them afterlife people. It could go either way in this kind of scenario.
  11. I see what the others are driving at, actually. Ghosts are only ghosts to those who are LIVING. If in fact Meredith is dead, then she's not a ghost, a "vision" to Denny and Pink mist guy (I love how we call him that ). No, they're after-life people. They're angels. They're...SOMETHING. But they're not ghosts.
  12. EXCELLENT point about Den-Den and Pink Mist guy, Pest Spray. They weren't ghosts!!!
  13. I can't believe I read that!! I'm a [[email protected]#$%^&*] IDIOT!!! I hate myself for reading that spoiler that is in light font!! Oh my GOD, I ruined it, forever!!! I ruined it all!!!
  14. Actually, she will. There's no way she can survive this, and ABC already prepared viewers to endure this HORRIBLE plot twist by promoting next week as a "devastating" episode. They didn't say "miraculous." they said "devastating." Meredith is TOAST!!! :(
  15. More like SHOCKING!!! who in GOD'S NAME saw Kyle Chandler coming to ABC? I'm still FLOORED BY THAT, more than anything else. And I'm sorry to tell you Toups, but Shonda is TOTALLY killing off Meredith. It's sad but true. I'm so pissed off about it too!!!
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