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10/26/2006: CBS has ordered 4 additional scripts

11/16/2006: CBS has ordered 4 additional episodes

12/11/2006: CBS has picked up The Class for a full season of 19 episodes.

12/18/2007: The Class will air new episodes with no repeats thru March 5, 2007

Episode 1.01

Airdate: September 18, 2006

Title: "Pilot"

10.6 million viewers

7.0/11 HH

3.6/11 18-49

Episode 1.02

Airdate: September 25, 2006

Title: The Class Visits A Hospital"

8.5 million viewers

5.7/9, HH

2.8/8 18-49

Episode 1.03

Airdate: October 2, 2006

Title: "The Class Learns About Hurricanes"

8.0 million viewers

6.0/9 HH

2.8/8 18-49

Time switch

Episode 1.04

Airdate: October 9, 2006

Title: "The Class Blows The Whistle"

10.1 million viewers

6.4/10 HH

3.7/10 18-49

Episode 1.05

Airdate: October 16, 2006

Title: "The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt"

8.7 million viewers

5.7/8 HH

3.1/8 18-49

Episode 1.06

Airdate: October 23, 2006

Title: "The Class Goes Trick-Or-Treating"

8.1 million viewers

5.5/8 HH

2.9/8 18-49

Episode 1.03 Repeat

Airdate: October 30, 2006

Title: "The Class Learns About Hurricanes"

7.2 million viewers

5.1/7 HH

2.5/6 18-49

Episode 1.07

Airdate: November 6, 2006

Title: "The Class Goes to a Bar"

7.7 million viewers

5.2/7 HH

2.9/7 18-49

Episode 1.08

Airdate: November 13, 2006

Title: "The Class Celebrates a Birthday"

8.5 million viewers

5.5/8 HH

3.0/8 18-49

Episode 1.09

Airdate: November 20, 2006

Title: "The Class Gives Thanks"

8.3 million viewers

5.6/8 HH

2.9/7 18-49

Episode 1.10

Airdate: November 27, 2006

Title: "The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store"

8.7 million viewers

5.6/8 HH

3.1/8 18-49

Episode 1.11

Airdate: December 11, 2006

Title: "The Class Celebrates An Anniversary"

8.7 million viewers

5.7/8 HH

3.1/8 18-49

Episode 1.12

Airdate: January 8, 2007

Title: "The Class Visits a Bad Neighborhood":

7.9 million viewers

5.4/8 HH

2.9/7 18-49

Episode 1.13 <---------------- Lowest Rated Episode to Date/Aired opposite The Golden Globes

Airdate: January 15, 2007

Title: "The Class Hits It"

7.1 million viewers

5.1/7 HH

2.7/6 18-49

Episode 1.14

Airdate: January 22, 2007

Title: "The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum"

9.0 million viewers

6.1/9 HH

3.2/8 18-49

Episode 1.15

Airdate: February 5, 2007

Title: "The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken"

9.7 million viewers

6.3/10 HH

3.6/9 18-49

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Anybody watching this show? I caught the first two episodes on Saturday & thought they were funny, at times even hilarious. I love the flow of the show- each installment is like watching a 1/2 hour play. I'm looking forward to watching my DVR'd episode tonight, but I was wondering if anybody has been watching it & what you think.

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I was hoping to like it because John Ritter's son is on the show. But I didn't like it. I think the show needs to be revamped with some characters off the canvas. There was only parts of the show I found funny. I only saw the premiere episode. I didnt watch last night.

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Last night's episode was hilarious. It took some time getting into, but I'm finally hooked. I love it, and it's become a keeper for on Monday nights.

I LOVED last night's episode- probably my favorite so far. Lovvvvvved Kyle's hispanic bf (name escapes me) saying "Go Hurricane" (rooting for the Hurricane over Holly, the annoying weathergirl ex of Kyle's). I think he's hysterical & totally underrated. The stop sign sight gag was laugh out loud funny as well (even though I knew something was coming from previews). I hope more people give it a chance- it deserves to succeed. Frankly, I blame CBS for the ratings- it's always a mistake to let a freshmen series lead off the night. "Old Christine" should be leading off IMO- that show built it's own audience last year & could easily kick the night off strong.

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A bit of good news for "The Class." Effective immediately, CBS will swap "The Class" timeslot with "How I Met Your Mother."

New schedule...

"How I Met Your Mother": 8:00

"The Class": 8:30

This was the original schedule chosen back at the May upfronts, but for some hare-brained reason, CBS second guessed themselves over the summer and chose to have a new show lead the night.

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I just saw the cliffhanger.

This is, bar none, the BEST primetime soapcom on the air righ tnow. JUST like this generation's answer to "Friends." It is PERFECT. Flawless. Loved it!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOVED it!!!







I'm SO shocked that Lena "knows" now. You guys, how are we going to deal with the fact that our favorite primetime couple is GOING to break up now ?I'm freaking out!!!

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WOO HOO!!!! I'm glad this show is getting the chance it deserves. I hope it catches on- seems like it's starting. I would think the word of mouth is pretty good. This show should be bringing back the days that "Friends" and "Seinfeld" were discussed around the water cooler, even "Ally McBeal." Glad CBS sees that too & is going with it.

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I think the show has really good potential, but there are a couple of things that bug me and I believe might factor in viewers not watching it.

1. There are too many characters. They need to drop the ones that aren't working or aren't as well developed. The most interesting characters are the budding couples: Kat & Ethan, Duncan & Nicole, Lina & Richie. Keep them and phase out some of the others.

2. You feel like your watching 4 different shows in 1. I understand that they are trying to make this show as far from a "Friends" clone as possible, but it's annoying how the characters from one storyline are merely acquaintances/former classmates with characters from other storylines and hardly interact with each other outside a few chance meetings. Maybe I would care more about characters like Holly and Kyle if they had relationships with characters I do like such as Kat and Ethan. Hopefully they're moving more towards that, with Richie working with Duncan as an example. But even then, their stories don't really intersect. The best way to get viewers to care about more of these characters is to have the characters we do love to actually care about the lives of the characters we don't really feel at the moment. And they're not doing that for some reason.

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