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October 3-7, 2005


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I am quite disappointed in DAYS ratings, the show is so much better right now but it seems no matter what the show just cant bring viewers like it usually could in the past. However, if the show keeps up what they are doing now I am confident they still can bring back old viewers. I just hope TPTB dont try and change the show again because a lack of a ratings gain, because I will take DAYS being lower in the ratings as long as the show continues to be this good.

I dont think Donald Trump being on DAYS will do anything for the show(I think he is fake as hell) and TRS video might increase at the most .1 in the HH numbers. I just hope DAYS doesnt go any lower than 2.5. It seems though each week since the soaps are so close in viewership now that DAYS could be back at #3 in one week or any soap #3-#7 can reclaim the 3rd spot in viewers, its just that close these days. So hopefully with CC returning DAYS can get back in 3rd once again.

Good to see GL gain so much, because I hope that show can somehow hang on!

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