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  1. Since you can't be a man about it and actually say my name I will go ahead and assume you are talking about me, big surprise. First off if anyone talks about my friends I speak up, its simple as that and thats why it does concern me. There are some things I have been told by not just one particular person about you but people I actually trust. Why can't you just admit you lied, is it that hard to admit you were actually in the wrong? Who hasn't messed up in their life, just be a man and admit you lied. If I am an [[email protected]#$%^&*] for taking up for someone I consider a friend, then so be it.
  2. What kind of car is it Lee? Congrats!
  3. Tishy that is what I am going to do, after going to 2 classes from 9:15-1:15 with only a 15 minute break in between, donating plasma, and playing a few pick up games of basketball I am in need of a nap of about an hour or so. I am going out tonight to celebrate someone's 21st so I also need to rest up for some of the drinking I will be doing. Like Tishy I am hoping everyone is having a good day.
  4. That's the main reason why I haven't tried it Rick, I haven't really trusted anyone enough.
  5. I have never messed around with those, but I try almost everything at least once. Plus I do enjoy a good spanking.
  6. How is everyone doing? I am just in a great mood and wanted to share the good vibes. And I just noticed I quoted your post Shawn, not sure why lol
  7. Tishy, that sounds so good. Potatoes are my weakness, no matter how they are made.
  8. If you weren't such a ho
  9. Definitely has me intrigued, and here I thought you never said a bad word about anyone. I am sure they will get what they deserve.....
  10. I moved back to Knoxville for summer school, so I am busy with school and looking for a job. All in all I am doing good, just low on funds.
  11. Ooh ooh do tell? whats up Lee, hope you are doing better today.
  12. Kenny, I will give you that. Travis and I have almost exactly the same lips and mouth.
  13. Well Kenny thinks I look like Travis Shuldt(however you spell it) who first played Ethan on PSNS, so maybe you don't look like Rider King. Not hatin' on ya Kenny!
  14. Glad you got the job you wanted Shawn! I hate looking for jobs, but I need to go find one pronto now that I am back in K Town for summer school.
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