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  1. Lol Venus cracked me up with her “Uhhh, there’s nobody here.”
  2. Gotta admit: as much as I know it’s unsustainable, I kinda don’t want live fans back in tennis. Much prefer this as a viewing experience.
  3. Poor Yoshi. So many chances he didn’t take in that match.
  4. Lordy. I wonder how much players know about the rules.
  5. Definitely there’s the curiosity factor, which was somewhat short-lived, especially for GH and B&B. I was just thinking there was a lot more discussion about Nikki’s wig than anything story-related, whereas every time you looked there was a new interesting discovery in the Y&R archive being dissected. The content on the current shows (with the exception of maybe DAYS, which is still showing eps shot before the new protocols) is just not engaging. It’s an ongoing trend that certainly preceded COVID. But these shows feel even more lifeless and sterile with everyone standing or sitting miles apart in odd geometric patterns. There’s no intimacy.
  6. Who said Isner was Nadal’s biggest threat at Roland Garros because they had that five-setter waaay back in 2011? It was hilarious.
  7. Good guesses. It’s easy to take titles so literally (when in reality people often don’t).
  8. Opelka and Isner both out in R1, to Goffin and Steve Johnson, respectively.
  9. I guess we won’t know, of course, unless someone spills the tea. Certainly could have been another producer, but I’m not that familiar about who was crew on AMC in that era. (Just saw Casey Childs was also a producer then, as was Ginger Smith.) Probably would end up being some pencil-pusher whose name we’ll never know.
  10. Could it have been Brian Frons? Chadwick also mentions a female exec, and Jean Dadario Burke looks to have been the EP around January 2003. Gordon Rayfield was HW, so could have been him as well?
  11. In relative terms, huge ratings for the commercial-free Black Panther airing on ABC Sunday night. Scored a 1.4 18-49 demo rating, making it the highest-rated telecast of the past week, and the tribute special got a 1.1, the second highest-rated telecast this past week (tied with Wednesday’s Big Brother). And both were up against the MTV VMAs last night.
  12. Some close-by places like Bermuda and a lot of Caribbean nations are now open for U.S. travelers, but not sure about the restrictions. Also not sure if they’d be the most popular places to go during hurricane season.
  13. That’s funny with JT going in on GH for their big Elizabeth Taylor cameo. Very smart, well-spoken guy.
  14. Candiace must have felt great with Wendy taking the heat from the ladies off of her for once. I don’t think I’ve laughed harder, or rewound a scene as many times, as T’Challa attacking Wendy, with the other ladies cowering together in a corner (and Candiace frozen with a fork in hand for self-defense). They are really milking the anticipation for the Michael Darby revelations. They were shown in the previews last week and again this week. (I suppose they’ll actually air next week.)
  15. Ryan Coogler (director of Black Panther) has penned a tribute. He says he didn’t know Chadwick was ill. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/black-panther-director-ryan-coogler-pens-emotional-beautiful-tribute-to-chadwick-boseman
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