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    Episode#380: The Battle Begins

    -Its a brand new day in Salem!

    -At the park, Jan is sitting with baby Josh and Bentley in this nice sunny Salem morning....she tells them both how much she loves them, and how soon all three of them and Lucas will be one big happy family, it may just take a little time....she tells Josh that he's her ace though, her key to keeping Daddy...she says she loves Lucas anyway, but he....helps...thats the whole reason why she even went along with the switch, aside from the fact that she's fallen in love with his beautiful face....she hears someone greet her, and looks up to see none other than her father: Tony!

    -Laura walks into the living room of Maggie's house....and is stunned to see...Bo and Hope asleep on the couch together! Laura lightly smiles, and slowly wakes them up, asking if they have finally worked out their problems....Bo and Hope are both stunned as they realize they spent the night together!

    -On the outskirts of Salem, near the woods....there is a huge truck there...Destiny and Dorian are still knocked out, and Dorian is off her bed and machines but stable, as Crystal puts them both in a huge moving truck....she thinks to herself that this may seem odd, but its one of the few things she can do to make SURE that they die, she may have killed Peter but even when Marlena appeared to have died the good ole fashion way it didn't work, and two classic attempts on Dorian's life didn't kill her, so she has a new style....she makes sure there are NO vents in the truck whatsoever...and finally, grabs a HUGE tank of poisonous gas!

    -At the courthouse, Lucas, Sami, Will, Benard, Ji'Min, Will's lawyer Lisa Ray(special guest star Lisa Raye), Maggie, Julie, Kate, and Eugenia are all down at the courthouse...Lucas and Sami are with their son and Lisa at his table, as he stares at Benard...Sami promises Will that they'll wipe the floor with Benard and Crystal, and Lucas says that his mother's right...Will slowly and nervously nods, as Benard gives him smug looks, and Lisa assures Will that his father didn't pay for her to come all the way from Pasadena for nothing...she won't lie, the odds are tipped a bit against him, but the Galore's aren't perfect either, so they are going to fight like none of them have ever fought before...Will thanks her, and says that this is the day that will decide everything in one fell swoop....who his precious little baby, that he hasn't seen in MONTHS, will go to...he wonders where Destiny is, saying that he hasn't seen her since yesterday...and she was supposed to have something critical on Crystal...Maggie tells him that she's sure Destiny is fine, just a bit late...Kate watches the situation, as she thinks that Destiny and Dorian are probably being put to death as they speak....she thinks that she has to stop this...she can't let her grandson lose his daughter, and can't let her great-granddaughter go into the hands of those vultures!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Benard is with Ji'Min, as Ji'Min tells Benard that he's glad they hired him as their lawyer...he says that Will is an underage teenager and has a few crimes on his record, and has already briefly been in jail, and its all recent...despite Crystal's mistakes years ago, it will be easy as pie to get Arianna into their hands! Benard says excellent, he knew that fool wouldn't be able to take his granddaughter from him...but he wonders where Crystal is....she told him she'd be late but he didn't think she'd be this late!

    -Jan slowly greets Tony....saying she's shocked to see him here...Tony says at times he just likes to walk through Salem, especially the park...its a very peaceful and serene place...Jan agrees, and says thats why she and the boys are here...Tony says that his grandchildren are beautiful....Jan thanks him, and Tony tells her that he's sorry that things have been so rough for her...and that he hasn't been able to be there...Jan tells him its alright, all she needs is Lucas....Tony shakes his head, and says that she needs a parent at least....Jan says that she never needed parents when she had two evil ones, and she doesn't need a father now.

    -Bo and Hope are stunned as they realize that they both slept on the couch together, over night...Laura says that Julie and Maggie both were hoping that you two would work everything out....Hope is in disarray as she asks Laura if she'll please excuse them, and Laura obliges..after she leaves, Hope closes all the doors and asks Bo what the HELL happened last night!

    -Crystal says that she is really sorry that it has to end this way....she didn't even know Dorian and she could be a nice woman, but she knows too much about her...she says that she never liked Destiny that much, but she was her daughter's best friend....but now, its her time to die, too.....she sighs and says that you gotta do what you gotta do as she RELASES the gas! The poisonous air fills the back of the huge truck as Crystal closes and secures the back hatch, and takes a drink of a swig of alcohol as she declares that she will get Arianna back today, before heading for the courthouse....

    -Will and his parents discuss their strategy with Lisa, as Kate and Maggie both stand by and watch....Lisa tells Will that one big advantage they have over the Galore's is Crystal's porn star past, her time in prison, and her nearly killing Marlena...all of those things are very big, and will be useful....she says that Benard doesn't seem to have as much of a sketchy past, but Crystal's makes up for that...she warns Will that she thinks that Ji'Min will use the fact that he is underage, kidnapped Arianna and got thrown in jail for a few days against him....Lucas says that they can easily deflect that, as Kate continues to think about how if the judge knew Crystal killed Peter this trial would be so simple, and Lisa says that there is another problem....Will asks what, and says that she listed all his crimes, and Lisa then goes on to say:

    Lisa:Yes, I did, but Will....the Spears Mansion household may be one thing that will hurt our case.

    -Destiny and Dorian are both in the truck filled with poisonous gas....slowly, the original drugs wear off of Destiny and she wakes up and begins to cough....she wonders whats going on as she looks around and see Dorian.....Destiny continues to cough and as soon as standing up, she collapses!
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    Episode#378: Crystal's New Plan

    -At Maggie's House, Julie hears a knock on the door....she goes to open it, and sees none other than Bo there! Bo tells her that he's sorry if this seems unexpected, and she may not want him here, but....he needs to speak to Hope. Julie smiles and gently tells Bo to come on in....Bo enters and tells Julie he's surprised she'll even speak to him...Julie assures Bo that she believes in Bo and Hope's love, and understands how they both feel...she tells Bo that Hope is in the living room with Pamela and Addie, and Bo heads to the living room as Maggie comes down the stairs, and Julie explains that Bo's here, and says that with this huge mess everywhere else in the family, maybe ONE Horton in Salem can have happiness!

    -Sami promises Will that they'll fight the Galore's until the end, especially with her back....she is still shocked she even has a granddaughter, but she's not going to let her get away from them...Will says that she's been with child protective services for MONTHS...he wonders if she even remembers him! Sami tells him that she's just an infant, he still has plenty of time ahead with her....Will thanks his mother for her support as she leaves the Spears Mansion, and she is very glad to be re-building her relationship with her son....as she walks around Salem, she bumps into none other than Vivian!

    -Victor blasts Suga for not BOTHERING to even CONTACT him in the past day...even if Dorian WAS responsible for Celeste's coma, Suga should have called him! Suga tells Victor that she didn't want to disturb his royal heiness, and she just wanted to get the job done....she did exactly what he said, none of this is her damn fault! Victor ignores this and continues to call Suga an idiot, as Suga says that he's the moron for jumping to conclusions....and if Dorian is dead, HE'S the one responsible for her death! Someone exclaims "WHAT?!" and both look to see Celeste!!!

    -Destiny walks in to see Dorian, who is resting...she sits at her bedside and sighs, thanking her for giving her this information....she just hopes its not because of her that she got shot AND an air bubble injected into her IV....she says that she'll be forever grateful to Dorian, though, because once she gives this to Will and the authorities...he'll get Arianna back for sure, and Crystal will get tossed in jail....

    -Kate asks if Crystal is OUT OF HER MIND, and she can't kill two more people...especially not in a hospital...hell, she could be accused of trying to kill Dorian those two other times, if she didn't! Crystal shakes her head and says she doesn't know who was behind that, but they had the right idea...Kate says that Destiny is Will's friend, and not to mention she doesn't like the whole idea of this now that she knows Crystal and her husband are the ones trying to take Arianna....Crystal snorts and says that Will is just some dirty teenager, he took advantage of her own daughter...and she tells Kate that she doesn't care if she helps her or not, but she IS killing Dorian and Destiny before that trial!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Bo walks into the living room, where Hope is with their toddler daughters....Pamela and Addie both run to greet Bo as he grins and hugs them, and Hope frowns when she sees him....she asks what he's doing here, and he says he's come to talk about their relationship....Hope says that there's NOTHING to talk about....and Bo tells her that he's NOT giving up, he still wants to salvage their marriage, and he's NOT signing those divorce papers!

    -Vivian simply smirks at Sami and says that its good to see her running around town again....Sami tells her yes, despite what she and everyone else said, she finally proved that she DIDN'T kill Marlena! Vivian says that she knows now, and congratulates her....she says its just too bad that she is a murderor anyway...Sami snaps to Vivian that she didn't kill Stefano, and VIVIAN was behind that anyway! Vivian tells Sami to calm down, and remember who made it possible for her to find the whore that proved her innocent! Sami sighs and says yes, she knows...she just didn't like what she had to do to get there...Vivian says that it was months ago, now, and Stefano is dead....so they should just leave the past in the past, and move on. Sami agrees as she and Vivian both shake hands...however, unknown to them both, Valentine is watching!

    -Victor asks Celeste what she's doing out of her room, and Celeste says that now that the drugs are fully out of her system and she has been checked up on by Alexandra, she is free to leave...but she did not like what she just heard! Victor tries to tell her its a misunderstanding...but Suga tells her no, its not! Suga tells Celeste that Victor hired her to kill Dorian Lord after he thought Dorian drugged Celeste into that coma....Celeste is stunned, as she looks at Victor, and says:

    Celeste:Dahling.....I...can't believe this...how could you?

    -Will thinks to himself that he hopes Destiny found something good on Crystal from that Dorian Lord woman....

    - Kate asks Crystal how she's going to do this....and Crystal says that it may seem crazy, but she has a plan....she's going to drug both Destiny and Dorian, take them out in a large truck to the outskirts of Salem...and put poisonous gas in that truck until they die! Kate looks at Crystal, stunned at how she suddenly concocted this crazy plan, and calls her a lunatic! Crystal just groans and says the time is now as she runs off....Kate wonders what to do as she's crossed between exposing herself for murdering someone, or saving two people's lives and helping her family....
  3. daysfan
    Episode#377: Destiny Puts the Pieces Together

    -Will confusedly asks Sami how she knew about that...and Sami sighs and says thats the thing...she was there when it happened! She explains that was the night of the prison riot, and the night she escaped...she found him and Destiny in the car, and called Lucas, and he and Eugenia came down there and helped her get them out and get them safe...but afterwards, she told them not to tell him about her being involved because at the time he thought she murdered his grandma....Will tries to take yet ANOTHER shock in, saying he can't believe this...he looks to his mother, and tells her he has a question....he asks her....if it was just pure coincidence that she, Stefano DiMera, and him and Destiny were ALL on the same road that night!

    -Faye and Nicole both stare at each other for a moment, stunned to see one another again...Nicole slowly tells Faye that she would have thought she would have vanished or run off by now, she can't believe she stuck around Salem after she vanished and Brandon left...Faye shakes her head and says no, she stuck around...for one, she was worried about her daughter...after lying about who her parents were and being shot she suddenly vanished...it didn't seem right. Nicole asks Faye why she didn't ever bother to LOOK for her, and Faye says that she couldn't exactly figure out that a psycho was holding her captive underneath a mansion! Nicole says whatever, she doesn't care now, and Nicole tries to leave but Faye grabs her and says:

    Faye:Oh no you don't, missy, you and I still have alot to talk about....specifically, why you didn't even seem to care that when you pretended to be Tony and Marlena's daughter, you had no problem forgetting about me.

    -Kate arrives down at the hospital, and sees Crystal in the waiting room, and asks what was so important that she had to get down here NOW...she doesn't want any contact with her, especially not after seeing her at the wedding and learning that she's the one who wants custody of Arianna...she says she still can't believe she worked with a woman as vile as her! Crystal ignores Kate's comments and tells her that someone KNOWS....someone knows all about them being behind Peter's death!

    -Suga runs throughout the hospital, thinking that Dorian had better die, and that girl had better not be able to identify her as the one who put an air bubble in her IV...but she had a mask on the whole time...as Suga runs, she suddenly bumps right into Victor! He exclaims that its about DAMN time he found her!

    -Destiny watches as Mike and his staff try to save Dorian....she wonders what the hell's going on...why is someone constantly trying to kill Dorian...she thinks that that nurse is also the one who shot her! She continues to wonder if the Galore's could be behind it...Destiny continues to be shocked at all of this, wondering why death is ALWAYS occurring in Salem, and also she remembers how Dorian told her that Crystal tried to KILL Tony DiMera for Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts...she also remembers how Stefano is the guy that died after going off a cliff in that car accident with her and Will, and Kate is Will's GRANDMA! She tries to think back and recall if she heard ANYTHING about an attempted murder involving Tony....Destiny's eyes widen as she remembers hearing something on the news, and she says:

    Destiny:Crystal killed Peter Blake!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Sami flashes back to chasing Stefano around Salem to kill him for Vivian....however she snaps out of it, and thinks to herself that she hates lying to her son, but tells Will that yes...it was all coincidence. Will slowly nods and says its just weird...but he has more important things to focus on, like his daughter...Sami tells Will that he has to tell her ALL about her very first grandchild, she still can't believe he, at 16, has one...Will explains the situation with the Galore's, and Sami promises Will that they are going to get Arianna back...Will says he hopes so as he says that the custody trial is just in a few days, and he still doesn't know if he's prepared for what they could throw at him!

    -Nicole groans and tells Faye that was a long time ago....but anyway, for one, she didn't care about Tony and Marlena themselves, she only wanted the money...Faye says that that doesn't make it any better, and she still had no problem leaving her true mother behind! Nicole looks at Faye with disgust and asks if she can blame her, and tells Faye that she was an AWFUL mother...she tells Faye that she just let Brandon and her get tortured for YEARS and YEARS by Paul...and even when Paul died, Faye still thought he was a good man no matter how much he abused her....and then its revealed she and Abe Carver had an affair, and she just took off from Salem...so don't get on her pedastal and start preaching to Nicole! Nicole stomps off as tears run down Faye's cheek as she remembers all the years she and her children were tortured by Paul Mendez....

    -Destiny's eyes are wide with shock as she realizes that CRYSTAL killed Peter that night on the pier, it was all over the news.....she was going to kill Tony for Stefano and Kate but shot Peter instead, probably on accident...but still, she intended to kill SOMEONE....she thinks that she can't let her get ahold of Arianna, she just can't...she says that she has to tell someone, but she can't just leave Dorian here! Mike comes out and tells Destiny that he has news on Dorian!

    -Kate asks Crystal who knows and HOW, and angrily asks if she TOLD someone as she clenches her fists....Crystal whispers NO, she has no CLUE how this woman knows, but she knows....her name is Dorian Lord....Kate says that was the woman who got shot at the Spears Mansion last night, and Crystal says that somehow she knows everything! Kate thinks back...vaguely remembering letting Dorian into the Kiriakis Mansion once or twice...but suddenly, both of them are distracted when they hear Mike say he has news on Dorian!

    -Suga tells Victor that the job is finally done, she shot Dorian and then injected an air bubble into her IV....Victor calls her an IDIOT, and tells her that he's been trying to find her for a day now....Suga says that she did what he asked, and he tells her that he found out Dorian didn't do what he thought she did.....she's been KILLED for nothing! Suga is stunned!

    -Mike tells Destiny that Dorian is alive, an air bubble was injected into her IV but they managed to save her just in the nick of time....he says that she can see her, but Dorian's asleep right now, and she needs to be careful...the woman is probably in a fragile state after TWO attempts on her life...Crystal, in the background, is shocked that someone tried to kill Dorian again and wonder what the hell's going on! Destiny tells Mike what little she knows about the nurse that injected that air bubble...Mike nods and says they'll try to find her...before Destiny can tell Mike about what Dorian told her, he gets an emergency call and walks off....Destiny goes inside Dorian's hospital room again....

    -Crystal looks at Kate and tells her that Dorian is still alive and Destiny probably knows what they did now....she says that this is putting her ENTIRE life and that custody battle on the line....Kate says that maybe thats for the best, not that she wants to be exposed, but she would NEVER EVER have associated herself with Crystal if she had known what she was trying to do to HER family...Crystal tells Kate that they BOTH could go to death row! Kate says that if it means her grandson gets his daughter back, so be it...but then she realizes that it would put her budding friendship, or whatever she has with Tony on the line as well...but because of Anna, that might be best....Crystal says to Kate that there's only one option left: Kill Dorian AND Destiny!
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    Episode#376: Greta's Vow

    -Brandon shrugs and tells Carrie thats just fine...he says now the time is to just move on from EVERYTHING thats happened over the past year...Carrie agrees and says its a chance for a new start for her, him, Sami, so many others...Carrie tells Brandon she has something to ask him....she asks Brandon if he'll move in with her!

    -Lucas tells Sami to not talk about them like that...he loves Jan and Eugenia. Sami bursts out laughing and says that he's insane if he does...and not to mention, he can't just have two fiancee's and live in the same household like everything's just dandy and happy! Jan promises Sami that it won't be like that for long...Eugenia and her bony ass will be out the door soon...Eugenia agrees, but says that Lucas will be coming with her! Lucas exclaims thats ENOUGH or he may just leave altogether...Sami again laughs and says she's just here to see her son, and pulls Will into the kitchen as Lucas sighs at the two women in his life...

    -Nicole asks what the hell that means, and Greta just shrugs, and Nicole tells her that her track record with men may not be the best but she loves Travis! Greta tells her she loved Eric...then she loved Lucas...then she loved Victor...then she loved Brady...then she loved Austin...then she loved Eric again...and now there's this Travis guy! Nicole tells her that at least she gets more than her, causing Greta to scowl....Nicole tells Greta that she won't have to deal with her much longer...because she made sure that Greta is being transferred to another mental home outside of Salem!

    -Dorian gasps for air as Suga injects an air bubble into her IV...she thinks to herself that she'll be dead soon! Destiny asks Dorian what's happening, and looks to Suga and asks what the hell's going on! Suga says that there must be a problem and Destiny goes to yell for Mike, but Suga suddenly grabs her, and Destiny asks what she's doing and she needs to find Mike! Suga SHOVES Destiny back, into the wall, and takes off running, as Destiny gets up and screams:


    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Brandon is surprised at Carrie's request, and asks if she's serious.....Carrie nods, and she says that they've just gotten so close since Marlena's death and through the whole Sami ordeal....and with the recession, it'd be hard for him to find an apartment and pay for it....she just thought maybe they could just share this one. Brandon slowly nods and says he'd like that....so sure, he'll move in with her! Carrie is joyous at this and even hugs Brandon, the two happy to have a home!

    -Sami and Will are in the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, and Sami tells Will that the real reason she came to this horrible place is to talk to him...she says that they need to re-establish their relationship...him running away and then her getting accused of murder didn't help things between them....Will agrees and sincerely apologizes for not believing her...he says its just weird....it was like she acted all horrible to him and then killed his grandma, then she said she didn't like usual....she was sent to jail but then escaped and went on the run...and now out of the blue, Nicole Walker comes back and proves to everyone that it really was this Stan guy...Sami understands and tells him its been a whirlwind, but now they can get through it...however first...she has something to tell him about the night he and that girl Destiny got into a car accident!

    -Greta calls Nicole a liar, saying that no way in hell would a piece of trash like Nicole would be able to arrange something that big...everyone hates her....so Greta is staying right here in Salem, mental home or not! Nicole sighs and tells Greta that she doesn't want all these secrets anymore...so she found Steve and Kayla's number and called Steve...and told him everything! Greta's eyes go wide, and Nicole smirks and asks if she forgot about her dear old hidden daddy...but now he knows...he took it well enough, but was very shocked that Britta and him had a kid...they would've come back to Salem but couldn't because of some thing that happened over a month ago...so now, with Mike's permission already taken care of, they are transferring Greta to a mental institution out of state, near them....its a good place...Greta calls Nicole a little BITCH....saying that she never wanted that revealed! Nicole tells Greta that it was time...and now, she's telling Greta goodbye....and it makes her so, SO glad that she never has to see her face again....Greta snaps to Nicole that she started ALL of this...their rivalry, and Nicole says she knows, but she never did what Greta did....Greta tortured her...and the fact that she's not anywhere near Salem, near her home, will make her feel so good....she can wake up everyday with someone who loves her, and can be free to go wherever she pleases, and not take part in crazy baby switches or getting shot trying to escape...she's free now, free from her, free from Jan, free from her past....Greta snorts and says how lovely, but then goes on to say:

    Greta:You may think its all behind you now, Nicole...but its not...something is out there that will catch up to you....or maybe even that baby switch will, because I know you don't plan on exposing good ole Jan's secret! You just keep your rose-colored glasses on, thinking your life with this new Travis guy will just be happy and dandy all the time. But know this, Nicole Walker: Just when you think you're safe, just when you think no one is out to get you, just when you think that you can be comfortable, just when you think you're out of the woods....I'll be there. Just when you think you don't have to turn around every two seconds, I'll be there. If you think this is the last time you'll see me, you really are stupid.....don't think you've seen the last of me, Nicole Walker, not for one second. I'll return stronger than ever....I'm Greta Von Amberg, and I. WILL. BE. BACK. So remember that when you have your fantasies of happiness.

    Nicole slowly looks at her psychotic rival....a woman originally kind, but they hated each other instantly as they fought over a man, the woman she blackmailed out of town with her patenity secret, the woman that was turned into a psycho after being infected with rabies, a woman who held her and another woman in a Secret Room, switched two babies, put Celeste in a coma, and stabbed another woman....Nicole finally simply says "Goodbye, Greta." before leaving....

    Nicole walks out into the hospital, shuddering at her final confrontation with Greta...Greta continues to sit locked up in her room, and looks around, saying:

    Greta:Oh yes, Salem has definitely not seen the last of Greta Von Amberg...and when I'm back...heads will roll....

    -Nicole continues walking through the hospital, trying to leave it entirely, as she tries to re-assure herself that she's never going to see crazy Greta again and can just leave her behind, she never even has to think about her again....but suddenly she bumps into someone....and its revealed to be.....FAYE!!! Nicole looks at her shock....seeing her mother for the first time since she was in the hospital a year ago!

    -Destiny screams for someone to help her as Mike runs in with some nurses at his side, and she says that a nurse was just in here injecting something into Dorian's IV, and suddenly she couldn't breathe...and the nurse just took off running! Mike nods and says he has to get to work, and as the nurses force Destiny to step outside, she says that Dorian can't die!
  5. daysfan
    Some general casting updates have been announced as the ins and outs continue!


    Lisa Ray, who plays lawyer Lisa Raye on SONOP soap "STEAM", shall crossover to LIS for a special guest stint starting this week when the trial for little Arianna Roberts is held. "I am so glad that ML(former Co-EP/Co-HW of LIS, EP/HW of STEAM) let me bring Lisa over for some episodes....my DEEP appreciation goes out to him! And it will be fun having Lisa here for several episodes...she's definitely a lawyer who brings it to the table!" Tara Smith says


    Julianne Morris(Greta Von Amberg) will last air this week! The recurring player, who's been off/on with LIS since 2006, shall end her run on Monday after one last confrontation with Nicole before she's shipped off to a sanitarium out of state. "Greta has played such a big role on LIS since her return on its spin-off....she went from a rather dull heroine to a crazy psycho, and has pulled off so many schemes....stabbing people, holding people captive in secret rooms, switching babies, drugging people into coma's....finally she's been knocked off her high horse and locked up in a nice padded room....she needs a rest. However, lets just say we haven't seen the last of Miss Von Amberg....not by a long shot!" Tara tells fans

    Janet Zarish(Lea Zaslow) last aired on May 26th after Jan paid her to get out of town. "Lea was always a minor character...just intended to be a player in the Secret Room/Baby Switch...and now that the SR storyline is over, she really didn't have a point...but one thing we played on was Lea didn't really like all these schemes, and she knows about the switch....so we could see her again someday."
  6. daysfan
    Episode#375: Air Bubble

    -Brandon and Carrie are seen walking into a place....a place thats revealed to be....the old apartment complex that Alan Harris burned down almost three years ago! Its entirely rebuilt, and Carrie walks into the apartment where she and Lucas lived when it went up in flames....she says wow, its been so long...she looks around, and Brandon says that he heard about how that Harris guy burned it all down....Carrie nods, and says she's excited to be living here again....it just brings back memories of when she had a miscarriage, and was with Lucas!

    -At the Spears Mansion, Will is outside after trying to unsuccessfully stop Jan and Eugenia's arguing, and Lucas arrives with baby Josh...Will tells him that he's so glad he's here, and tells him all about Jan and Eugenia's fight! Lucas sighs and rushes inside, where Jan and Eugenia continue to argue over Lucas...Lucas tells the screaming women that thats ENOUGH, and Jan tells Lucas that she's just trying to convince Eugenia that SHE is Lucas's soulmate, and Eugenia says she's just trying to stop Jan from slinging out all these insults and declarations! Lucas asks what part of "getting along" don't they understand, but then a voice in the doorway says:

    Sami:Well, Lucas, it looks like the only thing thats changed in my time away is that you now have two crazy fiancee's instead of one!

    Will, Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia turn to see Sami standing in the doorway!

    -At the psychtriactic ward in the hospital, Greta continues to sit in her straitjacket, with her head down as she thinks about everything...Eric, Jan, the Secret Room, the baby switch, and...Nicole. She wonders how on Earth Nicole could have survived that gunshot...and suddenly she hears "Hello Greta." and looks up to see...NICOLE!

    -Destiny thanks Dorian and says she just needs this information badly, for her friend and a little baby's sake...Crystal listens at the doorway after Mike leaves so they can talk...and Crystal thinks to herself that this old bitch better not know about her killing Peter...Dorian looks at Destiny and says:

    Dorian:Your friend....Miss Crystal Galore...is a murderor.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Brandon tells Carrie he's so sorry...and she doesn't have to live here if she doesn't want to...Carrie says no, its fine, that was years ago and anywhere is great in this economy...its just she was engaged to Lucas at the time, but had feelings for Austin and a child in her womb...then she lost it after that crazy fire, and grew close to Austin again...Lucas broke up with her and she and Austin married, and left town...but then he cheated on her. Brandon then says:

    Brandon:You know...you've told me about that, but have never talked really in-depth about it....are you sure you don't wanna talk about it?
    Carrie:No, I'm fine, its just....Austin and I were so in love, you know? Married for about a year...having so much fun in another country...we even wanted to start a family, but then suddenly he started sleeping with that Class A skank for pretty much all of last year...
    Brandon:Did you know the woman?
    Carrie:Yes...little bitch.
    Brandon:Would you mind telling me her name?
    Carrie:I...don't think thats a good idea...she's a worthless bitch and I've tried my damndest to never even get in contact with her again...and it'd probably ruin too many lives if I told anyone her name....

    -Eugenia groans and says this is just great, ANOTHER ex-fiancee of Lucas's back! Sami smiles and tells Eugenia that she can talk about Jan that way but not her...they go way back, even back to when she was with Brandon! Eugenia puts on a fake smile right back and says she remembers very clearly. Jan asks Sami what the hell she's doing here, and Sami says she's coming to visit Lucas and her son now that the charges against her have been dropped...Will and Lucas both say thats great as Will hugs her and again apologizes for not believing her for so long, as Jan sarcastically says that this day is just getting better and better...now the woman who murdered her mother is free as a bird! Eugenia says that Jan didn't even KNOW Marlena, and Jan says that Eugenia doesn't even KNOW that situation at all! Sami laughs and looks at Lucas and tells him that she can tell he's going to have a wonderful time with these two bimbo's...

    -Greta asks Nicole what she's doing here, and she doesn't want porno filth like her in her room....Nicole says thats ironic, because she never wanted princess filth like HER in that hell hole she called her room for months....Nicole tells Greta that she came to see her one last time, in all her glory at her new home...Greta laughs and tells Nicole she should have died when she shot her...Nicole tells Greta that thanks to Travis, she's alive and well....Greta raises an eyebrow and says:

    Greta:Well....I'm sure that your new little lover won't last long...one way or another.

    -Destiny's eyes widen and asks Dorian if she's serious...but then tells her that if she means the "murder" of Marlena Evans about five years ago, she turned up alive later on....she says she wouldn't be surprised if Crystal is a murderor, but still...Dorian shakes her head and says not that...this is as recent as the beginning of the year...Destiny says that Benard and Crystal were well settled in Salem by then, and asks Dorian WHO she killed! Outside, Crystal is beginning to get anxious and breathing heavily, and whispers that she has to call Kate...she walks off as Suga approaches Dorian's room and says the time is now....while Mike's not around...she has to kill her, even if that girl is in there! Suga is still in a nurses outfit and looks at her syringe, and says that she can just inject an air bubble into Dorian's IV and be done with it. Back inside the room, Dorian says:

    Dorian:Well, you see...Stefano DiMera and Ka-
    Suga(walking in):Excuse me, Mrs.Lord, I need to perform some simple check ups...so the girl will have to leave.
    Destiny:No! We're talking about something VERY important here!
    Suga:I'm sorry, miss lady, but you'll have to leave....
    Dorian:She needs to stay...this is a matter of life and death.
    Suga:Oh, fine!
    Dorian:Anyway, now...Stefano DiMera, I'm sure you know of the man, and Kate Roberts...the ex-wife of Victor Kiriakis....hired Crystal to kill Tony DiMera...
    Destiny:WHAT?! But...Tony didn't die, right? I mean...I don't know the guy but I think Will and I saw him about a month ago...
    Dorian:Oh no, he's alive...but she did kill a man, and that man is-

    Suga stands by her IV, ignoring the conversation, and...injects the air bubble into her IV! As Dorian is talking, suddenly she's interrupted and her hand goes to her neck as she mutters out that she can't breathe...Dorian falls back as she gasps for breathe and both Suga and Destiny watch!!!
  7. daysfan
    Episode#374: Nicole's Advice

    -Laura tells Anna that she really is fine...Anna snorts and tells Laura that she's been like that and has seen many others like that...something's on Laura's mind...and she says that if she doesn't mind, she'd like to know what...Laura slowly explains to Anna all about Robin...and says that she wants to take the fight to Robin, but she's not sure how!

    -At the hospital, Destiny arrives and approaches Mike, and asks him how Dorian is doing...he tells her that in the past hour or two, she has finally started coming to...Suga, disguised in a nurse outfit, watches and says not for long...as Crystal also arrives at the hospital and eavesdrops!

    -Jan returns to the Spears Mansion, and runs into Eugenia...she coldly asks her where her son and fiancee are, and Eugenia says that HER fiancee is out with his son...Jan says thats excellent, doing some bonding...because soon he, Josh, Bentley, and Jan will all be a family...Eugenia groans and tells Jan to just shut her mouth if she's going to talk like that, and Jan says its true, and Eugenia can soon get her bony ass out of her house and out of Salem for good...Eugenia tells Jan that Lucas loves HER too, and an argument breaks out between the two...but Will finally comes in, gets between them both, and yells:

    Will:Okay, thats ENOUGH DAMNIT!

    -Lucas is a bit startled at Nicole and asks if she really just said that...Nicole tells him that he heard her! Lucas says that he thought she would've acted a bit different, knowing Jan so well since Jan's rape in 2001, then getting her to "kill" Victor, and not to mention everything else and being locked up in a Secret Room with her for months...Nicole tells Lucas that Jan is...sort of a friend, sort of an enemy of hers...and while she likes her...she thinks it would be best if Lucas used his brain and scooped Eugenia up in his arms, and that baby, and just took off RUNNING! Lucas says that he loves Jan and also can't just do that to the mother of his child, he couldn't even do that to Sami, and can't do it to Jan...Nicole blurts:

    Nicole:Okay, Lucas, if thats why you aren't carrying on your...thing with Eugenia, then I think you need to know that baby Josh is NOT yours!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Anna laughs and tells Laura that taking down people is easy...she's done it herself, to MANY people....she tells Laura to just try to slowly find out Robin's weaknesses and prey on them....she has to outsmart that bitch before Robin pulls another fast one on her! Laura says she just doesn't know WHAT Robin's weaknesses are...its like the ONLY thing she cares about in this world is Jeremy! Anna laughs and tells Laura that she doesn't know Robin Jacobs, but from what she just learned...Robin's weakness may be none other than Mike himself...she tells Laura to think about that before leaving...

    -Mike takes Destiny into Dorian's hospital room...Dorian looks around, and Destiny asks how she's feeling...Dorian responds that she's feeling well enough....Destiny says that she knows she just got shot, but she really needs to talk to her about Crystal Galore...there isn't much time left before the custody battle...Dorian thinks to herself that she KNOWS it was Victor who tried to kill her...so now she can get rid of him...so she tells Destiny fine, she'll tell her everything right now!

    -Jan tells Will to stay out of his, its none of his business! Will says that two of his almost-step mom's are fighting like hell in his own home...its damn well his business! Jan says that if he wants this to remain his home he'll BACK OFF, and Eugenia orders Jan not to talk to Will like that...he's going through enough himself! Jan says that this is *HER* home and she'll talk to anyone however she wants to...she never even wanted Will here anyway, she doesn't want Sami Brady's spawn in her house! Eugenia says:

    Eugenia:I hate Sami too, for the record, but Will is your nephew and was going to be your step-son!
    Jan:Sadly, he IS going to be my step-son...I AM going to have Lucas, no matter what! And as for this brat over here, well, lets just say that the minute Lucas and I get back together...him, his whore, and his own screaming devil child will be OUT of this mansion...right out on the street with you!
    Will:You will NOT, and I mean NOT, speak of Destiny and Arianna like that! Arianna is my baby girl who I've been fighting for almost a year to get back, she's just a little infant...you don't see me spewing things about Bentley!
    Jan:Because Bentley is a wonderful little boy from two soulmates: Shawn Brady and me!
    Eugenia:So even when he's dead, you have this weird fascination with Shawn, but also claim to have this undying love for Lucas!
    Jan:You can love more than one person at a time! Shawn IS my soulmate, but Lucas....I love Lucas with every inch of my heart!
    Will:You all are hopeless...I'm so sick of living in this crazy mansion!

    Jan and Eugenia continue to argue as Will stomps off....

    -Lucas raises an eyebrow and asks Nicole what she means by THAT....Nicole suddenly realizes that she slipped up, and thinks to herself that she could reveal this all now, she has nothing to lose....but she won't. She tells Lucas that she just meant that she knows Jan...and they should both know that she's still a psycho...and for all they know, she may still have Shawn's sperm safely stowed away somewhere and impregnated herself with his baby again! Lucas laughs and tells her thats ridiculous...Jan would never go that far, especially since she has Bentley...Nicole tells him she still feels that he should just take Eugenia and run, because Eugenia is the saner out of the two women....Lucas says that he sorta feels like that....but he also just can't stop loving Jan, there's something about her....he'll just have to figure it out himself. He takes baby Josh and thanks Nicole for the advice....and he soon leaves, as Nicole sighs and says:

    Nicole:I don't know what to do...I can't keep anymore crazy secrets like this...meeting Travis has made me want to be a new person....but then again, I don't even want to get involved with that Jan Spears ever again....I should just stay out of it, and I pray that Jan never gets me involved in any of her schemes again, or that she doesn't carry on this baby switch for too long....

    Nicole sighs as she shuts the door....
  8. daysfan
    Episode#373: Jan Visits Greta

    -Laura is at the Java Cafe...she thinks about all thats transpired within the past month...Robin accusing her of trying to kill her...Lucas's failed wedding...she is so lost in thought that she bumps into someone...and it happens to be none other than Anna DiMera!

    -Will looks on at Destiny in shock and asks if she had any idea what Dorian knew about Crystal...Destiny says no, she doesn't, but Dorian really made a big deal about it....she wanted Destiny to do something for her in return but she's not sure what...but then all this happened....Will tells Destiny that they have to go down to the hospital and see if Dorian is awake...and if she is, they have to talk to her right now!

    -At the Salem Inn, Nicole is back in her old room with Travis...she says that now that she's finally cleared Sami's name entirely and Greta is locked up, she can move on with her life...Travis tells her that if they are going to be staying in Salem, they do need to discuss some things, like jobs...but there is a knock on the door, and Nicole answers it to see....LUCAS! Lucas is holding Josh and tells her he needs her help!

    -Greta sits inside her padded room, and thinks about how it isn't over....everyone who's hurt her, specifically Nicole and Jan, will pay....and she'll just see what happens between her and Eric once she gets out of this place....she then looks up to see Jan being let in by a nurse! Greta asks what she wants....and Jan says she just came to see a psycho finally where she belongs...but she also came for something else...Jan then asks:

    Jan:I want to know why you didn't tell Lucas that you took baby Josh from Eugenia...

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Laura tells Anna she's so sorry, and Anna tells her its fine but says that she thinks she recognizes her from somewhere...Laura tells Anna that she's Laura Horton, she thinks she saw her at Marlena's funeral last year...Anna says thats right, and asks how she is...Laura says she's fine, but Anna says that she doesn't look fine!

    -Destiny agrees and says that she has been planning to do that, she just has been trying to recooperate from everything...Will says he understands, he says that this place is in even more chaos than before now...his dad's crazy ex-fiancee is back, his mom DIDN'T kill his grandma and everything's back to normal with her, he has a brother, a psycho was holding two women captive underneath him for months...its all so weird...Destiny nods, and tells Will that incase Dorian DOESN'T have anything on Crystal like she said...she doesn't want to bring him into this...so she wants to go down to the hospital alone!

    -Nicole slowly asks Lucas what he's doing here...and she says this is quite a surprise...Lucas tells her that as crazy as this may seem, he needs her advice....Nicole says that he wants advice from his ex-wife who was paid to marry him and turned him back into an alcoholic...Lucas says it really is crazy, but he really needs to talk to her...its about Jan and Eugenia. Nicole then groans and says:

    Nicole:Oh LORD...why the hell does everything in my life have something to do with Jan Spears? But fine, come in.

    -Greta looks up at Jan and bursts out laughing, saying that Jan really shouldn't be pursuing it, she's lucky Greta DIDN'T tell Lucas about Jan's budding scheme...Jan snaps that it was Greta's idea, and Greta tells her that if she really wants to know...she never thought Jan would get out of the Secret Room...but incase she did, she pulled this so she'd have a back up plan to make Jan's life miserable...Jan says that her life is getting better and better, she has a SON and soon will have Lucas back...Greta continues to smugly laugh and she then says:

    Greta:Oh, for now, things are great....but you see Jan, I'm going to let you live out your little fantasy life now...with little baby Josh as your son, Eugenia thinking her son is dead, and you and Lucas can have all the happiness in the world...but just when you think your safe, just when you think that this won't creep up and haunt you, just when you think I am out of the picture....I'll come back and blow you right out of the water....I'll tell Lucas and Eugenia EVERYTHING about how I switched Bradley and Josh, and about how you are passing off Josh as your own son...

    Jan is silent for a moment, and Greta just grins, telling Jan that even locked up...she holds all the cards...Jan tells Greta that she had better not ever mess with her again, or she'll regret it even more than she is now...she says that even if she DID blab about the whole baby switch, no one would believe someone in a padded room! Greta tells Jan that she has Lea, and not to mention Nicole...Jan tells her that she took care of Lea, much to Greta's surprise, and that Nicole will only say what Jan wants her to say...Jan tells Greta that she has NO power, her reign of terror is over...she tauntingly waves to Greta, wishing her a happy life in the crazy house, before leaving....

    -Will tells Destiny no, Arianna is HIS daughter and he's going to do whatever it takes to get her back and get rid of Crystal AND Benard...and Destiny says that JUST incase this doesn't turn out like they hope, then she needs to do it alone...Destiny and Will argue, but finally Will obliges, as Destiny heads for the hospital...

    -Lucas walks in and sits baby Josh down, and he tells Nicole that since she knows Jan better than most people...thats why he came to her...he explains that he's really caught between Jan and Eugenia...and he doesn't know what to do now that the whole thing with Greta and the Secret Room came out...he loves Jan and Eugenia both so much...and now he has this new son with Jan...he just doesn't have a clue what to do...Nicole looks at Josh and flashes back to the baby switch and Jan's real baby dying in childbirth..she looks at Lucas and says:

    Nicole:Okay, Lucas, in all honesty...you need to take that baby, take Eugenia, take Will, and whoever the hell else and get as FAR away from that looney tune Jan as fast as you can!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#372: Lea Zaslow

    -Its a brand new day in Salem!

    -At the psychtriactic ward in the hospital...Greta is seen in locked up in a padded room....she sits in the room, staring at the wall, with deep anger and hatred in her eyes at both Nicole and Jan being alive and free now....and her entire scheme failing....however, she looks up when she sees...ERIC!

    -Destiny sits outside the Spears Mansion as the sun rises....she looks to the courtyard, which is now a crime scene....she sighs.....and turns around as Will walks out and asks her how she is....she says she's fine, and he asks her why she was with that Dorian Lord woman yesterday when she got shot!

    -Sami comes out of the police station, and Brandon stands there, and asks her how it went...she grins and says Nicole told her Uncle Bo EVERYTHING....and all the charges against her have been dropped...for her supposedly murdering Marlena and escaping from prison! Brandon instinctively scoops Sami up into his arms!

    -At the Spears Mansion, Lucas is holding baby Josh....he says that he can't believe he has a new son of all things now....he never even thought that Jan would have been pregnant....but he's glad to have a new son, and tells Josh that he has a great family....two brothers, and a great mother...as Eugenia walks down the stairs and watches Lucas bond with Josh, Lucas says he just wishes he knew what to do about having two fiancee's....

    -Lea is seen at a small house, her house....she sips on a cup of coffee, but hears her doorbell ring...she goes to answer it to see....JAN on her doorstep...Lea nearly faints!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta slowly asks Eric what he's doing here...and Eric tells her that he knows all about her crazy schemes now, its ALL over the news, and he learned that the justice system already decided she was too insane to go to prison at all, so she may be here for the rest of her life....Greta laughs and says she doubts that, she'll be back...Eric then goes on to ask if locking Nicole up in the Secret Room was because of him...and if stabbing Alexis Kefer was because of him, too!

    -Destiny wonders if she should tell Will about what Dorian told her....she sighs and thinks to herself maybe she should....she looks at Will and says she has to tell him something....he asks her what....and she slowly says that before Dorian got shot....she was gonna tell her something about Crystal....something that could affect the custody trial!

    -Sami and Brandon share a hug at learning that the charges have been dropped....Carrie slowly approaches, seeing the hug, and is silent for a brief moment before Sami pulls back and then hugs Carrie...telling her all about how the charges have been dropped! Carrie is overjoyed and says she knew they could get to this, and Sami says she could have never done it without her and Brandon....she tells them both now she can move on to a new chapter in her life, and put this mess behind her...

    -Lucas says that its weird...he's never had a situation like this before...and he loves both Eugenia and Jan deeply...so he just doesn't know what to do....Eugenia listens, and sheds a tear as she thinks about it all...she looks at Josh, and flashes back to when that nurse told her her baby died...she whispers that Jan is lucky to have such a child....Lucas still doesn't see Eugenia there, and tells "his" son that maybe its time to go to someone for advice...he takes Josh and leaves, as Eugenia sighs...

    -Lea's face goes VERY pale at seeing Jan right on her doorstep....she asks Jan how she's here...Jan laughs and asks if she hasn't heard the news yet....she escaped the Secret Room, stopped Lucas and Eugenia's wedding, and exposed that crazy Greta for the psycho bitch she is....Lea slowly says that can't be.....Jan tells her its true....and tells Lea that now, it may be time for her to go to the slammer as well!

    -Greta slowly says yes....it all goes back to him...she and Nicole feuded for quite some time, but Nicole forced her out of town, and thats why she went after her and Jan...she says that as for Alexis....yes, it was because she slept with him...and NO ONE should sleep with him! Eric tells her he's confused...he thought they ended whatever they had YEARS ago! Greta says they did, but still....she wouldn't dare let any such trash sleep with such a great man like him! Eric stares at his ex....from top to bottom, seeing just how psychotic she is....and asks what happened to her....she says that she started seeing things alot more clearly...she sees that she had to take drastic measures to rid the world of Nicole Walker and Jan Spears...and she also sees that...maybe...he was the right one for her! Eric tells her that two years ago, he would've been so happy to hear that....but now.....just no....he tells Greta he's over her, and she should be over him...its ridiculous that ALL of this happened because of their relationship! A tear slowly runs down Greta's cheek and she tells them maybe there can still be a chance for them...Eric slowly approaches Greta...remembering the happy times they had together, and the sad times...when they broke up...but when they ran into each other again in 2006 and almost got back together but he also grew close to Nicole again before leaving town after he and Greta severed their links to each other once again....he slowly leans in...and he and Greta share a kiss....but he pulls back, as she asks him why he did that...and he looks at his insane ex-girlfriend once again and says:

    Eric:Goodbye, Greta....I'm sorry, but goodbye.

    Eric leaves.....as Greta watches one of the very few men she has ever loved walk out on her....

    -Jan tells Lea that she wants her to PAY for letting her baby die...Lea tells her there was nothing she could do when it comes to that! Jan says that she could have taken proper care of her, and Lea says she DID, and she even helped Greta give her that other baby...which she assumes that Jan is passing off as her own now! Jan grins and nods....she tells Lea she hates her so much and blames her for not getting her out of that Secret Room and not saving her son...and Lea tells her that she could always tell everyone who's baby that really is! Jan shrugs and says thats why she's willing to let her off the hook....Jan then goes on to say:

    Jan:I will pay you $5,000 dollars if you get out of Salem and never come back.
    Lea:W-W-wait....really? Are you being serious?
    Jan:Yes....I am....
    Lea:I-I don't know...I still don't feel right about this whole baby switch fiasco...
    Jan:Okay let me put it this way: You take the money...or else I won't hesitate to kill you in the most gruesome way possible.

    Lea's eyes widen...and she closes her eyes as she reluctantly says fine...Jan says excellent as she takes out a check, and gives it to Lea...Lea says she'll be out of town by the end of the day....Jan says good....she lets out a very devilish laugh as she turns, walking away...and Lea shakes her head at all of this, and Jan knows that now no one can expose Josh as Eugenia's son....
  10. daysfan
    Episode#371: The Nightmare Begins

    -Victor is down at the hospital, as Mike operates on Dorian...he constantly curses and says he can't believe this, and wonders where the HELL Suga is....he says that he may be cold, but he may be killing someone, even if he hates Dorian, for something they didn't do....he decides to go see Celeste...

    -Suga is at the hospital as well....she is in the nurses station and slowly puts a nurse outfit on...she says that if Dorian doesn't die from that gunshot, she'll just have to finish her off here!

    -At the Spears Mansion, mostly everyone is gone now....Eugenia slowly walks into the living room....she is still in her wedding dress, and tears begin running down her face....as Lucas and Jan walk in....Eugenia turns to Lucas, and says she guesses its time to pack her bags!

    -Back at the hospital, Destiny is out in the waiting room in the ER and watches Mike operate on Dorian as he tries to save her life....she heavily sighs and thinks that Dorian can't die....not only because she has information on Crystal, but because no one deserves to DIE...she wonders who on Earth would shoot Dorian at the Spears Mansion of all places, even though the entire town was there because of the chaos with Jan....Crystal watches in the background, wondering what Dorian knows, and if she'll live to tell....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Victor walks into Celeste's hospital, and can't help but grin as he sees a woman that he loves awake and conscious after a month of being in a drug induced coma...Lexie is there, and Celeste tells Victor that Alexandra just finished telling her all that happened at the wedding, and she is glad to know it was stopped...the spirits told her of the danger that those people had fallen into thanks to Greta...Victor tells her that Greta is going to be in a padded room for a long long time as he leans down and kisses her, and she holds his hand...Lexie smiles and tells her mother that the drugs have pretty much worn off now, so she will be fine...and all is well now!

    -Jan grins and tells her yes...she can get her ass out of her mansion! Lucas tells Jan to wait and asks Eugenia what she's talking about...he doesn't want her to leave! Eugenia and Jan both gape at Lucas, as Eugenia says that his fiancee, who he LOVED, just came back and it was revealed that ALL of this happened because of some psycho's scheme....so now, he and Jan are free to be together...Lucas tells Eugenia no...he still loves her, and no one needs to be making rash decisions...he says this day has been crazy, and he has to have time to THINK about all of this....he then goes on to say that due to that weird shooting of Dorian Lord earlier, the police have reccomended that no one leaves the Spears Mansion...so she's staying!

    -Destiny paces, waiting for news on Dorian....however, she sees Chris approaching her, and he introduces himself....he tells Destiny that he needs to question her on what happened when Dorian was shot...Destiny tells him that they were just talking and this gunshot just came out of nowhere, and no shooter could ever be found...but alot of people in Salem were there because of Lucas and Eugenia's wedding...Chris nods and tells her he's going to escort her back to the Spears Mansion incase this was an attempt on her life or somehow a target at the residents of the mansion themselves....but Mike comes out, saying he has news on Dorian!

    -Jan looks at Lucas and asks him what the hell he's thinking...she says that this dirty WHORE needs to get out of her house right now...and she and Lucas need to be starting their family with Bentley and Josh and getting THEIR engagement back on track! Eugenia screams for Jan to NEVER call her that as the two women get into a fight...and Lucas tells everyone to just SHUT UP....he says that for now, until they get this all straightened out, they have to live together! He looks at Jan and says that he loves Eugenia....she helped him and he helped her for months, and they fell in love....he looks at Eugenia and tells her that he loves Jan...she was the one who helped him get past the trouble with Sami/EJ/Alexis, and he helped her through her pregnancy and recovered from all the schemes she pulled, and Jan is now the mother of his child...he has to think about what HE's going to do! Jan and Eugenia both look at each other, and Jan finally says in disgust she's just going upstairs to see baby Josh and reunite with Bentley, as Eugenia tells Lucas she's going to go change out of this ridiculous wedding dress...she tells him they should be on their honeymoon right now, making love....but they're not...and they are never going to! Eugenia walks off as well, in tears, as Lucas thinks about this huge delimma....

    -Destiny anxiously asks what, as both Crystal and Chris listen....Mike tells her that Dorian made it out...and if all goes well, should be awake soon...but not tonight...he advises Destiny to go home, get some rest....they'll be able to know alot more tomorrow...Chris agrees, and Destiny is just glad Dorian's alive...Suga slowly watches from a distance as well, and thinks to herself that she'll just have to kill Dorian here in the hospital then...Chris takes Destiny away as Mike shakes his head at all thats happened today....

    -There is an ending montage as everyone is seen....Victor is with Celeste and Lexie in Celeste's hospital room as the two happily reunite, but Victor continuing to think about Dorian and how he may have killed her for something she didn't do, and how he needs to get to Suga....Suga is in a nurse's outfit, and peeks inside Dorian's hospital room, deciding to wait it out until she makes another attempt on her life...Crystal leaves the hospital, but vows to find out what Dorian knows....Chris takes Destiny back to the Spears Mansion as she says that for Arianna's sake, she has to speak to Dorian....at the Spears Mansion itself, Eugenia stands in a guest room, still in her wedding dress....she continues to cry and finally breaks down in tears as she stares at herself in the mirror, as she tosses her bouquet of flowers at the mirror....she slowly crawls into bed, still crying her eyes out....Jan is in the nursery with both her sons, and is overjoyed to be with her firstborn at long last....she constantly kisses him on the forehead, and she also looks at baby Josh and says that she loves him too...and he's going to be the wonderful thing that will bring Lucas back to her...Lucas is down in the living room, and thinks about Jan, Eugenia, and "his" new son....and how all of it is too insane, and wonders what the hell he is going to do now....
  11. daysfan
    Episode#370: Sami's Innocence

    -Lucas tells Jan that she was telling the truth all along....and apologizes....and Jan tells him its alright, as Eugenia watches....and she says this changes everything....she tells Lucas she'll have her bags packed and will leave Salem by tomorrow...but Lucas tells her NO, this doesn't change much of anything...much to Jan's shock! However, Sami comes forward and says:

    Sami:You all can sort this out later...because now I have something to announce...or I should say, Nicole does!

    -Everyone above in the Spears Mansion hears a gunshot...as Victor curses and realizes he's too late!

    -Dorian falls to the ground after being shot, and blood splatters everywhere as she SCREAMS....Suga says that the deed is done and takes off running, as Crystal continues to look on in astonishment, and many of the guests run outside....Cassie screams for someone to call 911, and Jeremy pulls out his phone as Mike comes out and says this doesn't look good!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Will tells his mother he didn't even notice she was here...and she shouldn't be here...she should be in jail, and most of the people in the room agree...Nicole slowly says she doesn't think so....and reveals to them all everything about what happened at the fashion show.....and everyone in the room is once again shocked!!

    -Destiny tells Mike that Dorian has to live as Victor comes out and sees a bloody Dorian...he once again curses and goes to find Suga as Mike says that Dorian doesn't have a heartbeat OR pulse.....he tells everyone he's going to have to try CPR, and begins pressing down on Dorian's chest as Jeremy tells the 911 operators whats going on...

    -Carrie and Brandon tell everyone that what Nicole is saying is true....Sami is INNOCENT....and Nicole tells everyone about how she pulled off Stan's wig and it certainly was a man's head of hair....Will asks if this is true...Sami slowly says it is....as every single person in the room realizes they've been judging Sami wrongly this whole time!

    -Mike luckily manages to bring Dorian back from the brink of death as the ambulance arrives, and carries her off with Mike following....before he leaves, Destiny asks if she'll make it...Mike says he doesn't know, but he has to operate on her quickly!

    -Will says he can't believe this....Nicole tells everyone that she's sure that Sami didn't kill Marlena....Will walks up to his mother, very slowly....they both look deep into each other's eyes....and they embrace each other! Everyone very slowly realizes that this all is true as they apologize to Sami for thinking she killed Marlena....Sami has tears of joy pouring down her face as she says that finally....she's proved that she's innocent! Carrie and Brandon hold each other as they look on, knowing that their mission is complete....everyone embraces Sami before getting news of Dorian's shooting and slowly leaving the Spears Mansion in the aftermath of all this craziness....Sami walks outside and looks to the sky, with her family and friends at her side, as she says:

    Sami:You can finally rest in peace, mom....
  12. daysfan
    Episode#369: Greta's Downfall

    -Dr.Stansville is still in Celeste's hospital room...and tell the nurses to try to call Lexie or Victor Kiriakis AGAIN!

    -Suga stalks Dorian around the Spears Mansion....Destiny comes up from where the Secret Room, and asks her if they can talk now.....she needs to get away from that craziness down there...Dorian says of course and Destiny takes her outside, and Suga quickly follows....Alexis also decides to go down into the Secret Room...

    -Greta mutters that Nicole's supposed to be dead.....she shot her....she was DEAD! Nicole laughs and tells Greta she would have been....if it wasn't for Travis here...he saved her and helped her recover....Greta stares at Nicole, as she says no.....she is supposed to be D-E-A-D....Greta says that she was supposed to win this time....Nicole tells Greta that she'll never win....like she said, she's just a pathetic psycho....everyone looks at Greta in shock, as Kate points out that Nicole could be lying...she and Jan WERE once accomplices...Nicole would do anything for a check! Travis tells Kate to not talk about Nicole like that...but suddenly Alexis comes down the stairs and squeezes through the crowds....she sees Greta, and her eyes go as wide as dinnerplates when she points at her and screams:


    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Mike looks at Alexis, now stunned himself, as he says "THIS is the woman who stabbed you that night?" and Lucas asks what Alexis is talking about...Alexis says that some woman randomly came along and stabbed her one night back in Janurary.....Greta is still pale, thinking about how there is no way to salvage herself now....Alexis angrily asks Greta WHY she stabbed her....Greta is silent....as Lucas looks at Bo and says he thinks that he has more than enough evidence to arrest this psychotic witch!

    -Suga watches Dorian and Destiny in the courtyard of the Spears Mansion....Destiny asks Dorian what she wants in exchange for that valuable information....Dorian tells her that she needs a bit of help with someone named....Victor Kiriakis. Suga hears the mention of Victor, and wonders if Dorian is planning something!

    -Victor leaves the craziness in the Secret Room, thinking about how that is all too nuts for him....he decides to turn his phone back on so people can get ahold of him...

    -Celeste begins to calm down....saying how she feels that the wedding may have been stopped....but that evil Greta Von Amberg must be brought down.....Dr.Stansville tells the nurses to just try calling Victor or Lexie one last time! Celeste explains to Dr.Stansville that Greta has locked Jan Spears and Nicole Walker up in the Secret Room, as the cards told her...and when she found out, Greta assaulted her and must have put her in this coma!

    -Abe agrees and tells Bo if he was still on the police force, he'd arrest her right here and right now....Bo also agrees, as Greta finally screams that its all TRUE....everything Jan, Nicole, and Alexis said is true....but everything she did was well-warranted! She says that Nicole and Jan FORCED her out of town in late 2007 because of Nicole and her's feud over Eric....and then Jan threw a raccoon in her face....and after that was when she decided to get rid of them by locking them in this Secret Room and torturing them...by showing them, specifically Jan, what their friends and family, or fiancee's like Lucas were up to....and when Nicole tried to escape, she shot her! She tells Alexis she stabbed her because she SLEPT with Eric Brady...who is rightfully her's!!! Alexis gasps in shock as she recalls sleeping with Eric around the time of New Years Eve....Mike looks at Alexis, also stunned, as Greta is handcuffed....she looks at Jan and then slowly says:

    Greta:Oh so I also see you showed them...your baby?

    -Dorian tells Destiny that she wants to....get revenge on Victor...because he wronged her in the past...Destiny raises her eyebrows and asks what exactly she means.....Dorian says she'll just see....but if Destiny can do her part and help her in this, she'll get that valuable information on Crystal Galore...Crystal is walking around the grounds of the Spears Mansion and happens to overhear this..as Suga watches Dorian and thinks to herself that if Dorian wants to get some type of revenge on Victor...maybe she SHOULD kill her now!

    -Victor gets a call from the hospital...and answers it! A nurse tells him its about Celeste Perrault, and they bring the phone to Dr.Stansville...and she tells Victor thank goodness she FINALLY got ahold of him, and tells him Celeste is awake!

    -Crystal wonders what Dorian could possibly have on her as she and Destiny talk...Destiny asks if this information is REALLY worth it, and Dorian replies that oh it is...it will ruin Crystal's entire life!

    -Jan slowly nods and says yes....she showed them all HER baby with Lucas....that she gave birth to, luckily, in this hell hole....Greta smirks and gives Jan a mischeivous look before she simply says "How nice...", and Jan is silently relieved that Greta didn't expose the fact that Josh is really Eugenia's baby....Nicole glances at baby Josh, and thinks about how Jan is of course opening a whole new can of worms by passing that baby off as her own...Greta looks at them all, and before she is led away, she says:

    Greta:Just remember ONE thing....and this goes for every single one of you....for the past six months, I have played all of you like puppets on a stick....and it was so easy....I kept Jan and Nicole locked in this room....I tricked Lucas and Eugenia and others for so long...I stabbed Alexis....so you all just remember that you aren't as smart and powerful as you all think.....and at ANYTIME, I could be there...planning my next move.

    -Victor is OVERJOYED to hear that Celeste is awake...and Dr.Stansville says that the drugs have apparently worn off and she is awake and talking...but was talking about stopping some wedding, and also has been constantly claiming that Greta Von Amberg drugged her into that coma because she figured out two people named Jan Spears and Nicole Walker were locked in a Secret Room....Victor nearly drops his cell phone as he sees Greta being taken away by Bo...this also makes him realize that Dorian DIDN'T do it like he thought she did!

    -Dorian and Destiny continue to talk about Victor and the information on Crystal, as Crystal and Suga both seperately eavesdrop and watch....

    -Victor runs after Greta and Bo, telling his son to stop, as he is still on the phone with Dr.Stansville...he tells her that he'll be at the hospital immediately, he just has to take care of some hings first...and also tells Dr.Stansville to tell Celeste that the wedding has been stopped and Greta has been taken care of...he hangs up, and approaches Bo and Greta...he pulls Greta aside and asks if SHE was the one who drugged Celeste and sent her into a coma....Greta grins and says it seems he's figured THAT out too...she tells him all about how Celeste somehow figured her scheme out, so she took care of her...Bo simply says thats another charge to add to her list...as he then proceeds to take Greta away, and Victor says that he has to stop Suga!

    -Dorian promises Destiny that IF she helps her get revenge on Victor Kiriakis, she'll get that information...she just has to take care of Victor....Destiny says that as long as it won't do any HARM to him....Suga then decides that enough is enough, she's going to kill Dorian NOW! She takes out her gun and aims it at Dorian and....FIRES! The bullet hits Dorian RIGHT in the chest, and she falls to the ground and blood SPLATTERS everywhere, especially on Destiny...as both Destiny and Crystal look on...horrified!
  13. daysfan
    Episode#368: Greta's Lie

    -At long last, the car that Sami and everyone else is in....pulls into Salem! Sami looks around at her home, as Nicole also does for the first time in months, and Sami tells Brandon to go STRAIGHT to the Spears Mansion, as everyone knows that Sami may finally be proved innocent....

    -Suga watches Dorian in the living room of the Spears Mansion, as Alexis, Jeremy, Cassie, the Galore's, Valentine, and some others walk around....she wonders if now may be the perfect time to kill Dorian!

    -Jan asks WHAT the HELL she's talking about...Greta tells everyone that Jan locked her down here, as everyone in the room gets even more confused....Lucas tells Greta he saw her several months back, in December...and Greta says that it wasn't TOO long ago but feels like such a long time ago....she explains that Jan came back in town about a month ago, and when Greta saw her watching Lucas and Eugenia once....she kidnapped her and locked her down here and tormented her...Lucas's eyes widen as Jan screams that THATS a lie!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta tells them all that Jan's an obsessive psycho...she's now obsessed with Lucas JUST like she was obsessed with Shawn Brady....and she held Shawn captive once...now she was holding Greta captive! Eugenia looks around, stunned and not sure what to think....as Jan tells Lucas and everyone else that they CAN'T believe her...she's a liar...Lucas looks from Greta to Jan....as Kate slowly says that sadly....Greta has a better track record than Jan!

    -Suga continues contemplates killing Dorian...but decides that it may be best just to wait a little while longer...

    -Eugenia says that Kate makes a good point, but she's still just STUNNED that all of this could even happen, and it explodes on her wedding day! Jan tells Eugenia and Kate to just be QUIET...and she tells Lucas that he KNOWS her, he has to believe her....Lucas says that at this point, after years of going through hell with Sami and then now all this chaos....he doesn't know what to believe....

    -The car goes rushing towards the Spears Mansion!

    -Greta tells everyone that her story is true.....Mike asks Greta why she randomly vanished from the hospital, and what happened to the rabies threat....Greta slowly says that she simply felt better and she probably didn't have rabies after all...Lexie points out that Greta looks worn and almost like she may HAVE rabies...Greta yells thats what happens when you are locked up in a Secret Room! She then apologizes, saying this just has all frusterated her....Jan however continues to say that this is all a LIE....and asks Lucas if he really would believe Greta! Lucas then says:

    Lucas:Jan....I...I just don't know...on one hand...I know you.....but then this happened and I feel like I may not...and Greta has a better track record...but then again....I do know you, I know you well....
    Eugenia:And you also know ME, Lucas, and I think Jan Spears is lying through her teeth!

    -Brandon tells everyone that the car is about to pull into the Spears Mansion...but everyone is stunned when they see many cars ALREADY there, as Nicole wonders what the hell is going on...as they get out, Sami says this is probably for the better....more people she can tell that she's innocent!

    -Lucas tells Eugenia that he just doesn't KNOW, he can't just up and accuse a woman he loved into locking people in Secret Room's...while he may not believe Jan's story about being locked in a Secret Room...this is just too crazy...Greta tells him that its true, and Jan begs Lucas to believe her....but Greta continues to claim that Jan tortured her for so long!

    -Sami, Nicole, Brandon, Carrie, and Travis all rush into the Spears Mansion, and just brush past the people who are already inside....they soon see the open wall in the kitchen, as Nicole realizes that leads them to the Secret Room, and tells them to follow her!

    -Lucas tells them all he's just so confused....but the evidence does add up against Jan...however he also knows that things aren't always like they seem....but he just doesn't know....Jan tells Lucas that crazy things have happened in Salem SO many times before, and Kate asks someone to just shut Jan up...Greta looks at Bo and tells him to arrest Jan right here and right now, but suddenly they all hear:

    Nicole:Oh don't get on your high horse, Greta.

    Greta is TERRIFIED to see Nicole alive....and her face goes pale.....as Nicole says she heard alot as she came down here....and she can tell them all that Jan's story is TRUE.....Greta locked her and Jan up in the Secret Room for months....she shot Nicole and left her for dead....its all...true. Lucas, Eugenia, and everyone else looks on in SHOCK as Jan inwardly rejoices...
  14. daysfan
    Episode#367: Baby Josh

    -The car that Sami and co. are in gets even closer to Salem.....

    -At St.Luke's, Eugenia tells Jan NO....it is time for her and Lucas, who love each other DEEPLY, to get married! Kate agrees, and Lucas says they're right...he can't play this game....Jan tells him NO, she has to show him...he has to believe her...and she won't take no for an answer!

    -At the hospital, the nurse tells Dr.Stansville they can't find much on Greta Von Amberg....not anything recent, anyway....Dr.Stansville curses, and says they have to find SOMETHING.

    -Lucas tells Jan that he CAN'T do this...and tells her to just go....Jan says NO, she is taking back everything....her fiancee, her mansion, her LIFE....Julie tells Jan to just give it up....Jan says that she WON'T....Lucas continues looking at Jan....and sees baby Josh in her arms...and slowly asks:

    Lucas:Wait...wait...who's baby is that?
    Jan:It....its....yours....I was pregnant while I was locked up....and I had the baby early....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Everyone in the Church is STUNNED when Jan announces that baby Josh is Lucas's....she tells Lucas that she got pregnant with his baby shortly before she was kidnapped, but didn't figure out she was pregnant until later, and Greta got the pregnancy test a little later than she should have last Winter....Alexis flashes back to meeting a woman getting a pregnancy test last Winter shortly before getting stabbed, but tells herself no...thats impossible. Lucas says that so in the Secret Room....she gave birth to HIS son...Jan smiles and says yes, his name is Josh...Josh Spears...Eugenia is stunned, saying this is all too much....and Kate says that Jan STILL could be lying...she could have just bought that baby, it probably isn't hers at all!

    -Brandon asks Sami where exactly she wanst them to GO when they get to Salem....Sami says she's not entirely sure but first off she wants to see her son and prove to HIM that she's innocent....so...the Spears Mansion....Nicole says that then she can get Jan out of the Secret Room, and that should be a joy to explain....

    -Jan asks Kate if she could stop being such a BITCH and stay out of this....Lucas tells Jan that he still doesn't believe her, but maybe...they should go to the Spears Mansion and see this so called Secret Room, because Abby did tell him about it recently...Eugenia tells him no, this is their WEDDING...they don't have time for this! Lucas says that if anything it'll only prove Jan wrong...Jan tells them all to come on, then, as Eugenia shouts that this can't be happening, but she'll go along, JUST to get rid of Jan....and then the entire Church heads out and to the Spears Mansion.....

    -As everyone is leaving, Suga approaches Victor and asks what she should do if their all going to that mansion...Victor sighs and says he doesn't want to do this, but just play along...Destiny walks over to Dorian and tells her to follow them to the Spears Mansion, they can speak after this is straightened out...Dorian agrees, and Suga continues to follow Dorian....

    -Brandon tells everyone in the car that they are getting even closer to Salem!

    -Not long after everyone leaves the Church, they all arrive at the Spears Mansion....everyone who was attending the wedding has now followed Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia to the Spears Mansion....Will tells Destiny he can't believe Jan decided to ruin his dad's big day like this...Destiny assures him that good news may be coming soon, as Maggie also vents to Hope about how this happened, and others simply watch....everyone walks inside the Spears Mansion, and Eugenia tells Jan that here they are...and tells her to show them this Secret Room and Greta!

    -Dr.Stansville continues to desperately try to get ahold of Victor or Lexie but still can't, as Celeste continues to talk about stopping the wedding....

    -Jan tells everyone to just follow her...she leads them all into the kitchen, where they are stunned to see the open wall....however, Eugenia points out that this doesn't mean anything....Abby told them about the Secret Room awhile back, they'll just have to see if Greta is really INSIDE....Belle wonders outloud if she was onto something and there is some truth to Jan's story, and Kate says there's not....Jan tells them all that they'll all be proven wrong as she leads them to the door, and down into the room leading to the actual Secret Room....

    -Some people are still back above inside the various rooms of the Spears Mansion...Suga watches Dorian, and whispers to herself that maybe she should just kill her now...its the perfect chance!

    -Jan takes them right to the door inside the Secret Room, still holding Josh, as she tells them to be ready....she then unlocks the door with the keys, and a deranged Greta then RUNS out....but is HORRIFIED to see the entire community of Salem standing before her! Lucas, Eugenia, and EVERYONE else down there are SHOCKED....Lucas wonders if Jan's telling the truth after all...and Greta tries to think up something fast, so she then says:

    Greta:Thank the LORD you all came!
    Jan:Uh, WHAT do you mean? We're here to throw your insane ass where it belongs!
    Greta:DON'T listen to her...she's insane....she locked me down here!!!!! I've been stuck in this room for so long now!
  15. daysfan
    Episode#366: The Crashed Wedding

    -At the hospital, Celeste continues to randomly say to stop the wedding before its too late, and how everything is not all that it seems and how Greta Von Amberg is behind this...Dr.Stansville tries to ask her what she's talking about as a nurse says they STILL can't get ahold of anyone, and Dr.Stansville tries to get Celeste to explain what she means....

    -Brandon tells Sami, Carrie, Nicole, and Travis that they are coming upon Salem...they'll be there within the hour or two! Sami eagerly says that this is it!

    -Everyone in the Church stands up in shock when JAN BURSTS IN to the Church, screaming for the wedding to be stopped....Lucas looks at Jan in PURE and TOTAL shock...after six months of not seeing her, suddenly she's here....he is FROZEN, as Eugenia drops her flowers....Jan runs up to Lucas as everyone else looks on in shock, and Jan, with baby Josh still in her arms, says:

    Jan:Lucas, PLEASE tell me I got here in time...this wedding has to be STOPPED...I didn't leave you like you have thought for ALL this time...nothing has been like you think! I've been locked up in a Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion by that crazy Greta Von Amberg...you CAN'T marry Eugenia!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Maggie stands up and asks what the HELL is going on...how can this be....how and why would Jan decide to come back TODAY of all days! Jan snaps that if she could have she would have come back MONTHS ago...Lucas continues just staring at Jan....as he says no, this is impossible.....this has to be a nightmare, and Jan tells him its a dream come true...Eugenia looks around and then slowly says:

    Eugenia:So.....you're....J-J-Jan Spears....Lucas's ex-fiancee who ran off....but now....you just crashed my wedding.
    Jan:DAMN right, you bitch!

    -Dr.Stansville slowly tells Celeste that she doesn't know what she's talking about, and she needs to explain if she can...she tries to bring Celese back into reality as she asks what happened to make her like this, if she remembers ANYTHING before now....and Celeste then says:

    Celeste:G-Greta Von Amberg...attacked me, and injected me with....a syringe full of drugs....
    Dr.Stansville:Greta Von Amberg? Are you SURE you have your story straight?
    Celeste:Yes, darling, YES! Now stop that wedding...the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens must be stopped!

    Dr.Stansville turns to the nurse and says that she doesn't know what Celeste is talking about when it comes to a wedding, though she did hear of a wedding today...but she seems to remember what happened to her, and tells the nurse to try to find this Greta Von Amberg!

    -As the car continues to go along the road on its journey back to Salem, Nicole says that when she gets back....she can also expose that crazy bitch Greta for all she's done, and get Jan, though they were never best friends, out of that room beneath the Spears Mansion...Carrie tells Nicole she still doesn't quite understand that....and Nicole says that Greta is a rabies-infected psycho now days...and back in the Fall, kidnapped her and Jan and threw them in the Secret Room...until she shot Nicole when they tried to escape...and thats when she ended up with Travis, even though she's glad she did....Sami growls as she says that when she first looked for Nicole, she was under her nose the WHOLE damn time....Carrie comments that Greta must have really gone insane if she is locking people in rooms....

    -Kate rushes up to Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia and tells Jan that SHE is the one who ran off for months, leaving Lucas and her own SON hanging.....yet now, today of all days, she shows up to ruin this wedding...Kate tells her she won't have that! Jan screams that she didn't RUN OFF, Greta locked her in that damn Secret Room! Julie sarcastically says yeah right....she's sure Jan's just been stuck right underneath Lucas all these months! Jan says its TRUE...Victor walks up and says that Jan's a lying, murdering bitch...they can't trust her...Eugenia slowly says they all may have a point....Jan sounds like some pathetic lying idiot...she turns to Lucas and asks her if she really believes this bogus story!

    -In the back of the Church, Suga watches the situation and thinks to herself that this is ridiculous....she needs to kill Dorian! She continues to watch Dorian, who is watching the unravelling chaos along with everyone else!

    -Eugenia says that she knows Jan may have been his fiancee but even she thinks this is ridiculous....she says that NOTHING can ruin their wedding day....Jan screams that she is NOT lying...she can prove it....she can take them all to the Secret Room....thats where Greta IS...she says she locked both her AND Nicole Walker down there, but Greta eventually killed Nicole....Kate says thats ridiculous, as Lexie says that she never knew Greta well but she always seemed very sane....Jan says that she WAS until she got infected with rabies...Lucas flashes back to finding Greta out on the doorstep of the Spears Mansion, but her seeming fine later....however, suddenly, TONY comes to the front and says:

    Tony:You will all stop speaking to my DAUGHTER like that right now!

    -Cassie steps aside from all the chaos....Jeremy walks over to her and asks if she's okay...she tells him she's fine, and says this is all just too crazy....Jeremy says it really is, and this was supposed to be a happy day...now some liar ruined it....he says that he hates women like that, he kind of went through it with Alexis...Cassie remembers framing Mimi for pushing her out the window of the loft, as Alexis looks at her, thinking that this has somehow made her nervous....

    -Tony tells everyone that while he may not know Jan very well...she is his daughter, and Anna laughs and snaps for him to not start the father act NOW! Tony tells her to just stay out of this, as Jan continues to tell everyone that what she's saying is TRUE...and Mike comes forward and says that while he may not be sure about Jan's story...that night that Greta was checked into the hospital, rabies was a possibility, and both Greta and Nicole also randomly vanished, without being checked out, at the same time..Eugenia says that still, Jan is probably just making this up...she says she just can't believe that she'd be HEARTLESS enough to ruin her wedding day....Lucas finally tells everyone to SHUT UP, he needs to THINK about this...Jan looks at Lucas, on the verge of tears....and asks if he at least believes her....Lucas slowly says:

    Lucas:No, Jan....I'm sorry, but I just don't....I loved you, I LOVE you...but I've been through this one too many times with Sami, and your story sounds ridiculous.....I know you took off...and thats that.
    Jan:Well then you know what....fine...I'll just have to show you it ALL myself!
  16. daysfan
    Episode#365: STOP THIS WEDDING!

    -Jeremy says he's not...he just thinks its inappropriate for Alexis to be here, number one because of her short but odd past with Lucas...number two because of her history with the Horton's in general! Alexis tells him whatever as she goes to sit down, and Jeremy sighs as he walks off....

    -Kate gets up and walks over to Crystal, pulling her aside and away from Benard....Crystal is STUNNED to see Kate and Benard asks who this is...Crystal asks him to excuse them and he does so...Kate and Crystal both ask each other what the HELL they are doing here...Kate quietly but harshly tells her that she's the GROOM's mother...Crystal is even more stunned...and asks if that means...she's the grandmother of Will Roberts....Kate says YES....Crystal tells her she's suing for custody of that BASTARD'S daughter....Kate is shocked as she asks if SHE'S the one doing that....she says this is too crazy as she realizes that she worked with the woman trying to steal her great-granddaughter....she hears that the ceremony is about to start, and before going to go sit back down, tells her that they'll discuss this later!

    -Tony tries to plea with Anna to talk to him about all this, but she strictly tells him NO and to go away...Tony sighs and reluctantly obliges as he goes back and sits back down beside Vivian and Victor, and Vivian assures Tony it will all turn out alright....however she quiets when she sees Kate walking away from Crystal, and smirks as she says that it seems the entire town gathered for this wedding...Victor looks to Dorian, and then Suga in the background....

    -Bo and Hope quietly argue as Bo tells her that she can't just up and give up on their marriage, their love like this.....Hope says well she is, and he'll just have to deal with it...both of them see Kristen go and sit down, who glances at them with a sigh, and Hope tells him to go to her....Bo stands up and goes to sit beside Kristen as Hope just shakes her head....Suga is still watching Dorian, but she glances at Hope, and thinks she looks familiar, but just shrugs it off....

    -Eugenia finally is fully ready, and Lexie tells her its time...Eugenia chuckles and says she's so nervous but so happy...most of the women then leave the bridal room....

    -Sami, Travis, Carrie, Nicole, and Brandon are all in a car on the way back to Salem, Sami relishing in the fact that finally this craziness will end soon....

    -Jan and Greta furiously fight in the Secret Room as Jan continues her escape....Greta continues to vow that Jan WON'T escape and its time for her to die as she puts all her energy into fighting Jan, but Jan does just the same...as both of them grab ahold of each other's hands as they resist slaps from each other, Jan says:

    Jan:You know, Nicole was right...you are so pathetic to be so obsessive over all this.....she must be laughing at you, in hell or wherever she is.....because you are nothing but some washed up princess clinging to a stupid vendetta since you have nothing else going for you in life....
    Greta:DAMN YOU! You are so ungrateful, after I fed you for so many months, kept you updated on your ex-fiancee's life....and most of all, gave you that BABY....

    Greta finally breaks free from Jan's hold and literally jumps ON TOP of Jan....but Jan thinks to herself not this time as she uses her inner strength to TOSS Greta back, causing Greta's move to backfire as she goes flying across the room and crumbles to the ground....Jan rushes to baby Josh, and says its time to leave this crazy place at long last...she runs out of the Secret Room as Greta lies there...and using the keys she got off Greta...she locks GRETA in the Secret Room!!!!! Jan whispers that this is just poetic justice, as she turns and runs towards the door, yelling:


    -Back at St.Luke's, Lucas stands up in front, smiling with his son at his side, as the marriage ceremony begins....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan rushes up the staircase to the doorway that she and Nicole tried to get open before Greta shot Nicole...Jan uses the keys to finally get it open, baby Josh in her arms....it finally OPENS, and she runs out of it...and soon she finds herself in an odd place between the Secret Room and the walls...she presses on the wall, telling it to please open...and it does! Jan rushes out into the Spears Mansion, and exclaims that she's finally OUT, she's finally ESCAPED...and now, to St.Luke's!

    -The ceremony begins as Jeremy escorts Cassie out first off....Jeremy soon goes to sit down as Cassie goes to stand in one of the brides maid spots....Alexis watching, vowing that she has to take Cassie down somehow...and if anyone can do it, Alexis Kefer can!

    -The car continues to drive towards Salem, as Sami constantly thinks about how she can see her son again, her siblings can trust her again....she can see her entire family again at last...she also thinks to herself that she hopes her mom is happy with her....because she stood strong and she fought everyone when they thought she killed Marlena...she briefly flashes to taking part in Stefano's death, but tells herself she can't think about that....

    -Jan runs out of the Spears Mansion, and soon runs off the grounds...she briefly thinks about how great it is to be out in the OPEN and to see her mansion in person again, and to be above ground, but she is also too distracted by the wedding....

    -At the Church, Nicholas walks Belle down the aisle, as everyone else eagerly watches....Nicholas sits down as Belle takes her place...

    -Suga brushes off Hope being familiar, thinking that she can't get distracted, she has to focus on killing Dorian after this thing is over....

    -Jan runs throughout Salem, Josh still in her arms, as she declares that she WILL stop that wedding....she will get Lucas back!

    -Bo sits next to Kristen, and Kristen asks, in a whisper, what was going on over there with Hope...Bo silently explains that Hope had him served divorce papers and is still giving him the cold shoulder...Kristen tells him he shouldn't even be sitting next to her if he wants his wife back, and he tells her no, its fine, they should just focus on the wedding....

    -Mike walks Lexie down the aisle as Lucas continues to wait for Eugenia...Lexie takes the matron of honor's place as Mike sits down....he happens to sit down next to Alexis, and Mike inwardly groans as he asks Alexis why she's here, and she says people need to stop asking her that...she's just here for Lucas, but she keeps looking back from Jeremy to Cassie....she also looks at Laura, who sits down next to Maggie, Abe, Julie, Kate, and Bentley....and tells Mike that she's going to bring down Robin AND Cassie, no matter what it takes....

    -Carrie puts her hand on her sister's shoulder inside the car...she tells her that they did it, they made it through this....and she knew the whole time she could do it, and Sami happily thanks Carrie....

    -Kate sits and smiles at her son....but she is a bit distracted by learning that Crystal is the one suing for custody of little Arianna....she wonders how she didn't know this before...but she was so distracted by wanting Tony dead at the time! She wonders if that could be what Stefano agreed to pay her in return....she thinks it may in fact be for the best that Tony didn't die! She glances back at Tony, and then to Anna....she sighs as she thinks that life is all too complicated....

    -Valentine stares at her sister, whispering that she soon will be poor once again....once she completely takes over the DiMera family...suddenly she gets a text message from Andre saying "Excellent work so far..." and Valentine evilly grins....

    -Eugenia nervously but very happily begins her walk down the aisle as the music plays....she stares deep into Lucas's eyes, who is as giddy as her, as she walks towards him, and the entire room watches her....Lucas thinks that finally, a wedding of his can go through perfectly....

    -Jan continues to dart through Salem, desperately trying to get to St.Luke's in time!

    -Greta sits inside the Secret Room as she looks around, not seeing Jan or Josh...she tries to open the door but can't get it open....she SCREAMS out as she realizes Jan has escaped and locked HER in the Secret Room...she also realizes that Jan must be on her way to St.Luke's....and everything she's worked so hard for may be ruined!

    -Eugenia finally gets to Lucas, and everyone watches as Father Jansen begins everything....he tells them that they've gathered here today to witness the joining of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens....Eugenia and Lucas both smile at each other as Father Jansen speaks...

    -Will thinks to himself that he's so happy for his dad....he glances at Destiny as he wishes that he had someone like that....

    -Jan runs throughout the town, she sees St.Luke's in the distance!

    -Father Jansen tells everyone that before they get to the I Do's...Lucas and Eugenia have a few things they'd like to say to each other first! Lucas continues to stare right at Eugenia as he begins:

    Lucas:You know, Eugenia, we've known each other for years...and dated once, but have never exactly been the best of friends...but then you came back earlier this Winter and moved in with me when you were pregnant....and we got engaged pretty quickly, but you helped me through such a tough time in my life...somehow, you were able to do that....and thats why I love you....and can't wait to make you my wife today....

    Eugenia sheds a tear as she begins what she has to say:

    Eugenia:Lucas....when I came back here, one reason why I was around you so much was not only coincidence...but I wanted to make up for my wrong doings in the past....getting pregnant, it changed my life forever, made me want to change myself....and I did....and then you offered me a home and we got close, we both helped each other....and then the night of our engagement...my baby, Blake, was stillborn...that has put me in so much pain, I still hurt about that today...but just your tender love, care, and comfort has helped me through it so much in the past month or so...and then you even set today, which was his due date, as our wedding...which was wonderful of you...and Lucas, there's just something about you that I only saw in one man before...but that faded...with you, it hasn't...not quite yet...there's just something that makes me love you and want to marry you....

    -Jan edges closer and closer to St.Luke's, running as fast as she can to stop Lucas from marrying Eugenia....

    -Greta desperately tries to break out of the Secret Room, the roles reversed for once, but can't...she scowls and goes into a psychotic rage, tossing EVERYTHING in the Secret Room around.....she says that Lucas had better marry Eugenia...thats the one last way she can make Jan's life hell now that she's escaped....

    -Everyone smiles at Lucas and Eugenia as Father Jansen asks Eugenia if she takes Lucas Roberts to be her lawfully wedded husband, for better or worse, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health....Eugenia nods and says:

    Eugenia:I do....

    -Jan finally gets on the grounds of St.Luke's, and she RACES towards the door into the Church, and quickly tries to open them....

    -Father Jansen looks to Lucas and asks if he takes Eugenia Willens to be his lawfully wedded wife, for better or worse, for richer or poor, in sickness and health....Lucas continues to smile at Eugenia and he touches her cheek slightly as he says:

    Lucas:I do....
    Father Jansen:Now, before I go on....is there anyone here who sees reason for these two to not be wed?

    The entire Church is silent....UNTIL suddenly....JAN BURSTS IN THE DOORS OF THE CHURCH, screaming:

    Jan:STOP THIS WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. daysfan
    Episode#364: Wedding Day Part 3

    -At St.Luke's, Tony and Victor try to calm Vivian down as they tell her Valentine's not worth it....Vivian says they may be right, but she HATES that bitch...Valentine grins and simply goes to sit down, as Vivian tells Tony and Victor they are both such good men...Tony is distracted as Anna walks in, but she only glares at Tony and goes to sit across the room...Tony glances to Kate, who also sees Anna and sighs, but unknown to her Dorian is keeping an eye on Kate, as Dorian thinks to herself that Kate and her little secret may just be the key to getting what she wants regarding Victor...Suga also watches Dorian, thinking to herself she hopes Dorian is enjoying her last moments on Earth....

    -Lucas and Eugenia continue to seperately prepare for their wedding....Lexie tells Eugenia that they are almost ready, and as Eugenia stands in her wedding dress, everyone says she looks absolutely beautiful!

    -A nurse tells Dr.Stansville that they can't get ahold of Lexie Carver OR Victor Kiriakis....both their cell phones are off! Dr.Stansville sighs as Celeste continues to say to stop that wedding before its too late!

    -Travis looks at Nicole, STUNNED...and asks if she really means that....Nicole says yes....Nicole says she's only known him a month, but she's helped him so much....and she really wants him to come back to Salem with her....Travis says he's not sure about love just yet, but maybe they can try something, she's not bad herself...and agrees to return to Salem with them!

    -Greta comes CHARGING at Jan....saying that she made a BIG mistake, and now she'll have the same fate as her good friend Nicole! Jan turns around as Greta comes at with her with the knife, and shields Josh as she grabs the blade, and she and Greta get into a struggle over it, but Jan KNOCKS it out of her hand, and screams that she won't be stopped this time! She and Greta continue their intense catfight as Jan promises that today will be her FINAL day in the Secret Room!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jeremy is walking around St.Luke's as Lucas and the others continue to get ready....and suddenly, he bumps into Alexis, who is just walking in! Jeremy asks Alexis what the HELL she's doing here...and Alexis tells him to calm down, she knows Lucas....so she decided to attend his wedding! Jeremy tells her she shouldn't be here, and asks if EJ Wells didn't HIRE her to romance Lucas way back...Alexis tells him thats in the past, and warns Jeremy not to bring his issues with all this craziness with his mother here!

    -Vivian asks Tony whats wrong with Anna...she thought he'd be sitting right next to her...Tony sighs and simply tells her that its nothing serious...he gets up and goes and sits down beside Anna, and asks her if they can at least talk about this like adults...Anna laughs and tells Tony that she has nothing to say to him, as both Kate and Vivian watch!

    -Hope is sitting down in one of the back rows in St.Luke's....she has Pamela and Addie with her...and Bo enters, and asks if he can sit there...Hope says she supposes....but tells him that this is a one time thing, ONLY for the wedding of Lucas and Eugenia...Bo slowly nods...and he says that he does have to ask...why she had Ji'Min give him divorce papers! Hope groans and tells Bo that if he's stupid enough not to know, then he should just go find Kristen!

    -Destiny is walking around the Church, and takes a side door into where everyone is sitting....however, she is stunned when she bumps into CRYSTAL AND BENARD! She asks them why on EARTH they are here....they shouldn't be here on this day of happiness for Lucas and Eugenia...they'll ruin everything! Benard laughs and says its a free country....they just want to give Arianna's other grandparents well wishes...Crystal says that they would like to see what kind of people they are exactly, even though they have met Lucas before....Destiny tells them that she SWEARS she will kill them if they touch Will or do anything to ruin this day! She walks over to Dorian, as Kate glances behind her...and her jaw DROPS when she sees Crystal!

    -Destiny sits down beside Dorian and tells her she's so glad she came...she points at the Galore's, and asks if she's sure she has something on those two people right there...Dorian assures her that she has something HUGE on Crystal Galore...Destiny says good, and she tells her they can talk more at the reception, before getting up to go check on Eugenia....Suga continues to watch Dorian, a gun secured perfectly in a hidden slot in her dress....

    -Eugenia thanks everyone, as she tells them she's just so excited to be marrying Lucas...Laura says that she's the perfect woman for him, they seem so happy...and Lexie and Cassie both agree....as Cassie thinks to herself that she's better than that crazy Jan, and Belle thinks to herself how she's happy for Eugenia and Lucas but still can't help but think that everything isn't what it seems with Jan's absence....

    -Jan and Greta fight intensely, as Greta shoves her back and wraps her hands around Jan's neck, telling her that she's NEVER going to leave this room unless she's in a body bag!!!! Jan says, in between breaths, not to count on that as she kicks Greta's shin, causing Greta to lose her grip, and then Jan SHOVES her down by her back....but Greta grabs Jan by the leg, pulling her down too!

    -Nicole is overjoyed that Travis has agreed to come back to Salem with her and try a relationship...Brandon smiles, thinking maybe Nicole has finally found someone of her own to love...Sami tells them all they need to hurry...she has to tell everyone about this as SOON as possible! Carrie agrees, and everyone gets in the car as it takes off for Salem!

    -Lucas is finally ready, and Will tells him its just about time.....the two go out into the main Church area as the other guys go to wait for the brides maids, as Lucas and Will stand up front....and Lucas says that the wedding will begin momentarily, once Eugenia is finished getting ready!

    -Jan tells Greta to get her hands OFF of her, and exclaims that this is ridiculous....Greta gets up, and she has another go at Jan as the two fight....all the while, at the Church, the wedding is about to start up....
  18. daysfan
    Episode#363: Wedding Day Part 2

    -Vivian and Victor both greet Tony, and Tony asks how they've been....Victor and Vivian both say they've been fine, though Vivian then tells Tony about Valentine being Andre's husband...and Tony is STUNNED and asks how that can be as Valentine approaches and says:

    Valentine:Did someone call my name?!

    -Lucas and Eugenia both seperately get ready for the wedding....Eugenia is with Lexie, Laura, Belle, Cassie, and various others as she puts on her dress, and Lexie tells her how beautiful Eugenia is in her wedding dress, and Eugenia thanks her, as Lucas tells Will once again about how he's FINALLY made it this far...and THIS wedding will go as planned!

    -A comatose Celeste is lying in the hospital....however, slowly she begins to open her eyes as the drugs finally wear off......suddenly, her monitor starts BUZZING as nurses rush in, and Celeste whispers:

    Celeste:Stop....stop the wedding......

    -Travis says he guesses it is...and Nicole sighs as she says that she's had such a blast this past month, in this wonderful place...he's such a wonderful man, for saving her life and spending all that time with her...Travis says it was easy, she's a wonderful woman...Nicole says its just been so much fun....she is silent for a moment before saying:

    Nicole:I want you to come back with us.

    -Greta snorts and tells Jan nice try...Josh is fine....she knows what she's trying to pull! Jan calls Greta an idiot and says he won't take his formula...he's not moving at all! Greta says she'll just call Lea then....Jan says no, she wouldn't get here fast enough...this baby has been down in this room since his birth, who knows whats happening...she needs her help now, or SOMETHING....Greta sighs and unlocks the door and walks into the Secret Room as Jan puts Josh down on one of the beds and Greta begins to look at him when suddenly.....Jan TACKLES her to the ground, and screams:

    Jan:Stupid bitch...its OVER!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Vivian asks Valentine why the hell she's here, she doesn't even know Lucas or Eugenia Willens! Valentine says that no wedding is complete without Valentine Heart...but now its already a bit soured with Vivian and her saggy boobs here! Vivian is about to slap Valentine but Tony and Victor manage to hold her back, both telling her that Valentine is not worth it!

    -Will tells Lucas that he wishes there could have been a day like this for him and Arianna...Lucas assures his son he'll find someone else someday as Will thinks of Destiny....Lucas and Eugenia continue preparing for the wedding...

    -Celeste hoarsely yells to stop the wedding...the nurses say to get Dr.Stansville in here....Dr.Stansville soon arrives as she says it appears she's coming out of her coma, as Celeste tells her to stop the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens before its too late....Dr.Stansville wonders what she means....

    -Travis asks what...and he tells Nicole that his home is HERE.....Nicole says that she....she doesn't know how to say it, but she wants him to come back with them...Brandon, Carrie, and Sami watch as Nicole takes a deep breathe and finally says:

    Nicole:I love you, Travis.

    -Greta snarls that she knew this was a trick, and a poor one at that as she throws Jan off of her and darts towards the door, but Jan screams that thats NOT going to work this time! She tackles Greta again and punches her several times in the FACE....telling her how this is for everything she's done...she literally begins to rip Greta apart, as she says:

    Jan:For six months....you've had me trapped down here....well now its time to PAY!

    Jan punches Greta HARD in the nose!

    Jan:Thats for my baby that died because of your STUPID idea of care!

    Jan then slaps Greta, once again hard, across the cheek!

    Jan:Thats for Nicole, who DIED because of you!

    Greta tells her this is RIDICULOUS and again throws Jan off of her and then grabs ahold of Jan's cheeks, clawing into them, causing Jan to yell out but Jan then grabs Greta's hand and literally THRUSTS it down as she punches Greta's JAW, smacking her mouth closed and causing Greta to cough up blood, as she tells her thats for Lucas and putting him through so much emotional hell, and ruining their engagement! She then grabs ahold of Greta and SHOVES her into the wall, head first, as she says:

    Jan:And thats for me!

    Jan grabs the keys to the Secret Room, and rushes to get Josh...but Greta slowly stands up, a bit bloody, but she takes out a knife and says this is the end of EVERYTHING before charging at Jan!
  19. daysfan
    Episode#362: Wedding Day Part 1

    -Its several days after Nicole decided to go back to Salem....and also the day of Lucas and Eugenia's wedding!

    -At St.Luke's Church, which is fully repaired after Elvis nearly blowing it up with a bomb last December, many are there for Lucas and Eugenia's wedding...as Eugenia prepares to get ready with Lexie and others at her side, Lucas gets ready with Will and others as some stand out in the main Church area....Dorian arrives as she thinks about how this must be the place where Destiny told her to go...however, Suga continues watching her!

    -In the small town where Nicole, Sami, Brandon, Carrie, and Travis have been....everyone is packing their things in Carrie's car, as Travis helps Nicole get what things she has in there.....Carrie tells Sami that this is the day...by the end of the day, she'll be a free woman, and everyone will know the truth....Sami tells Carrie that she has to thank her....despite ALL the fights between them over the years...she's really helped her these past six months.

    -Eugenia is outside St.Luke's, not entirely dressed yet, at Blake/Bradley's grave.....she tells him that mommy's getting married today...just not to daddy....though thats probably a good thing....she says that she wishes he could be here today, oh she wishes he could be here....but she knows he's watching her from Heaven, and is probably happy for her....because today is HER day.

    -Lucas is in one of the rooms in the Church, with Will, Mike, Jeremy, and others.....Mike congratulates Lucas on his big day and Lucas says he's just glad they all could be here...Will says that he really wishes that this could have happened with his mom...but he's glad Lucas is happy. Lucas thanks his son as he says that he's marrying the love of his life!

    -Down in the Secret Room, Jan is with baby Josh, whispering that today is daddy's wedding today...but its gonna be crashed....because its time to bust out of here...Greta enters and tells Jan that she was just at St.Luke's....everything is so beautiful and happy there for the wonderful couple....she tells Jan that nothing can ruin this day for them, and Jan thinks to herself not for long!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Maggie, Abe, Julie, and Kate both sit in the front row in the Church....Maggie says its really wonderful that Lucas has finally found someone to settle down with, even though he's tried numerous times before...Kate and Julie, who is holding Bentley, agree, but Kate says its just so odd considering Eugenia Willens was once her partner in crime and scheming...but she's better than Sami Brady or Jan Spears! Maggie says Sami's really a nice girl...but she has to agree about Jan!

    -Dorian sits down inside the Church....Suga continues watching her, and as Victor enters, he sees her! He pulls her aside and asks what she's doing here TODAY...he thought they agreed to not kill her at a WEDDING, not to mention his ex-step-son's! Suga tells him she's just watching her...and she's not going to kill her AT the wedding...but maybe shortly afterwards! Victor tells her just to not ruin this as he goes to sit down...and when he sits down, he happens to sit down next to Vivian!

    -Eugenia continues talking at "her" son's grave....Lexie however approaches her and tells her they need to get in there so she can get ready. Eugenia nods, but kisses Blake/Bradley's grave before she goes inside to the bridal room...

    -Lucas continues to think about today may just be the greatest day of his life....

    -Greta taunts Jan about the wedding.....humming the "Here Comes the Bride" theme....Jan tells her to just shut up, and Greta laughs, calling Jan pathetic....she gives Jan her breakfast and Josh's formula...

    -Carrie tells her its what sisters do, and this is how their relationship should have been LONG ago...Sami says hopefully it will continue to be, because she's not that scheming teenager she used to be....Carrie, Brandon, and Sami continue to put all their things in the car as Sami finally takes off her disguise...Nicole turns to Travis and says:

    Nicole:Well...I guess...this is goodbye.

    -Victor asks Vivian what she's doing here, and Vivian says she just decided to come, since it seems so many of her good friends are here....Victor and Vivian talk for a moment...until Tony sits down beside them!

    -Jan stares at Greta for a moment, and then slowly tries to feed Josh his formula...but she then screams that something's wrong with her baby!
  20. daysfan
    Episode#361: Back to Salem

    -Maggie says that she doesn't necessarily think that...it just seems odd. Faye tells Maggie that while she may seem like that type....she's not, she really isn't...Maggie sighs and apologizes, saying that she just had to put up with Bonnie Lockhart several years back trying to steal Mickey from her, then they had problems with Lexie when she first grew close to Abe...she just doesn't want another woman coming between her and the man she loves!

    -Jan tells Josh that they will escape this time, nothing will stop her...she has a nice plan in mind.....and THIS one won't fail!

    -Lucas is overjoyed that soon he and Eugenia will be wed, and this time just maybe everything will go successfully....he flashes back to when Belle speculated that everything might not be what it seems with Jan....but he brushes it off, thinking Jan is in the past....its his and Eugenia's time now!

    -Nicole tells Sami she's going to go back to Salem and tell everyone about what happened at the fashion show with Stan....Sami is silent for a moment in pure shock....Brandon grins as he thinks that Nicole's finally made the right decision....Carrie whispers that finally this can all end....Sami actually HUGS Nicole, as she says that at long last....everyone will KNOW she didn't kill her mother!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Faye tells Maggie she understands, she definitely does...she just wants to be Abe's friend...especially in this tough time...Maggie admits that he does need that, and Faye promises Maggie that nothing will happen between her and Abe!

    -Jan continues to tell Josh about how soon they'll be in their rightful home, not some disgusting room underneath it!

    -Eugenia thinks about how its so weird...she never thought she'd be here....she used to just be some nurse who hated Sami....then she got pregnant in one of the craziest ways ever and now she's marrying a man she's known for awhile but only recently fell in love with....and then she lost her son....she still misses him so much....but she knows now is time for some happiness....

    -Carrie rushes up to Nicole and thanks her, even though they've never been the best of friends....Travis asks when they are leaving....Brandon says they could anytime, but Nicole says she thinks it may be better to wait a few days so they can just get their bearings after all this....Sami nods and says as long as she comes back, and Nicole says to not worry, she will....

    -Jan is seen in the Secret Room as she vows to stop Lucas and Eugenia's wedding no matter what as she holds baby Josh...Lucas and Eugenia are seen thinking about how happy they are and soon they will be man and wife as they kiss...Sami, Brandon, Carrie, Nicole, and Travis are all seen as they discuss going back to Salem, and Sami's in pure joy as she thinks about how at long last everyone will know she's not an evil person, and Nicole stares oddly at Travis for a moment and thinking about how she's giving up this great place....there is a freeze frame on Jan, Lucas, Eugenia, Sami, and Nicole before the screen fades to black...
  21. daysfan
    This week, on LIS......the biggest week in months has arrived.........

    "Someone finally is able to prove their innocence to the world...."

    *clip of Sami, Carrie, Brandon, Travis, and Nicole all at the place where Sami is staying*

    Sami:At long last...everyone will KNOW I didn't kill my mom!

    "And a wedding finally arrives....."

    *clip of Eugenia and Lexie outside St.Luke's*

    Eugenia:I wish Blake could be here today, but I know he's watching from Heaven and is probably happy for me...because today is MY day!

    *clip of Lucas and Will inside St.Luke's

    Lucas:Today I'm marrying the love of my life....

    "But, another woman is determined to stop it...."

    *clip of Jan tackling Greta to the ground*

    Jan:Stupid bitch...its OVER!

    "However, will her efforts be in vain?"

    *clip of Lucas and Eugenia at the altar*

    Lucas:I do....
    Eugenia:I do....

    Only on Life in Salem!!!
  22. daysfan
    Episode#360: Nicole's Decision

    -Jan continues to think to herself about how she WILL escape this Secret Room by the time that wedding takes place.....she's not going to let Greta or Eugenia win...

    -Faye knocks on the door of Maggie's house, and thinks about how great its been speaking to Abe more lately...Maggie answers it and Faye asks if Abe is inside...Maggie says he is, but she wants to know something first....she tells Faye she wants to know why she's constantly hanging around Abe all the time now of a sudden!

    -Eugenia comes downstairs and Lucas says Belle left...giving them some more quality time together! Eugenia grins and the two continue to celebrate their love....

    -Nicole looks at Travis and asks if he's CRAZY, he knows good and well why she doesn't want to go back...she says she's not SCARED, but she just wants to be away from that crazy town! Travis says he definitely understands that...but he tells her that if she doesn't go back, this woman, Sami Brady...if what she's saying is true...she could be arrested and go to prison for this....OR she could go to death row! Travis tells Nicole she is basically signing an innocent woman's death certificate!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan tells baby Josh that soon they WILL be reunited with "daddy"....she says she's not going to lose him like she calls Shawn....Jan looks up above, and she asks Shawn to please help her escape this room...she tells him she loves Lucas but he's still the love of her life and always will be....she then looks at Josh and says once she does get out of here, she and Lucas will raise him...because he is THEIR son!

    -Travis tells Nicole that she can't just let someone suffer like that...because Sami genuinely seems like a nice woman, and he can hear the truth in her words......he tells Nicole that she needs to go back to Salem to clear Sami's name...Nicole sighs and tells Travis she's sorry but she just can't....Travis tells her he knows she CAN!

    -Faye tells Maggie that Abe is a friend and the father of her son....she asks if she can't talk to him once in awhile! Maggie says she doesn't mean that...she just finds it odd, thats all! Faye laughs and tells Maggie she sees what she's getting at...and she assures her that there's nothing going on between her and Abe!

    -Travis tells Nicole that he's known her for a little while now....he knows that she has it in her to go back to Salem and clear Sami's name...he says that if Sami came down into that Secret Room while she was under there...he KNOWS she'd want Sami to get her out! Nicole is silent as Travis says that she sees what he's saying...he begs her to go back to Salem...and Nicole finally says she's made a decision!

    -Lucas and Eugenia keep on spending time together as they both express that they can't WAIT for their wedding day!

    -Nicole and Travis are seen walking up to a hotel room...Nicole says that this was the address and hotel room number Brandon gave her....she knocks on the door, and Sami answers it and she sees Brandon and Carrie in the background....Sami asks Nicole what she's doing here, and Nicole slowly says:

    Nicole:Well...thanks to Travis here....I've decided...I'm going back to Salem to tell the police everything I know about Stan.
  23. daysfan
    Episode#359: Sami Loses Her Patience

    -Down in the Secret Room, Greta is there, as Jan eats and gives Josh his formula...Greta says that in just a matter of days, Lucas and Eugenia will be getting married....Jan laughs and says to not be so sure...anything can happen. Greta snorts and tells her she's dreaming if she thinks she's getting out of here before the wedding....Jan tells Greta that she doesn't mean anything like that....she's sure Lucas is going to remember his love for her and back out before it actually happens!

    -Lucas sighs and tells Belle that he knows Jan is her sister and all, hell she's Will's aunt and was almost his step-mother...but she's long gone...Belle says she's not trying to defend Jan, she hates her...its just....something just feels off...Lucas says that he spent months trying to find Jan, waiting for her...but now its the time to move on, because she's not coming back, the revelation of her being Tony and Marlena's daughter seemed to be too much for her to take....Belle then says:

    Belle:Okay, Lucas, I know Jan...she and I feuded over Shawn for YEARS....she is a crazy psycho, yes, but she would not just run off because of some revelation...thats just not Jan...I may sound crazy, but I think more is going on here than any of us know!

    -Eugenia is upstairs, playing with Bentley....the two spend time together, and Eugenia thinks to herself that as crazy as Jan sounds, she sure has a wonderful son, just learning to talk....Eugenia thinks about how she wishes her son was here, but says she CANNOT think about that, as she has so much happiness ahead with Lucas...and nothing will ruin that!

    -Sami tells Nicole that she's tried to play nice, which is a really big thing for her to do for Nicole considering she's pretty much hated her...she tells Nicole that she DOESN'T care about Greta Von Amberg or whoever locked her up in a Secret Room....she is GOING to go back to Salem and clear her name...she tells her that she is messing with SAMI BRADY, and if she won't go back...then she's got a war on her hands!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta laughs and calls Jan an idiot....she tells Jan that Lucas is madly in love with the soon-to-be Mrs. Roberts....there's no way he's suddenly going to remember his big love for Jan...she yells to Jan that he's MOVED ON...Jan thinks to herself that he won't once she escapes this Secret Room and returns to Lucas.....

    -Belle tells Lucas that while it may be a possibility that she ran off, its just NOT Jan.....she says that from what she's heard, Greta Von Amberg returned shortly before then...she asks if Lucas is sure she had nothing to do with it! Lucas says that he thought of that, and looked into it, but didn't come up with anything...Belle asks him if it doesn't seem the LEAST bit odd that Greta returns, is found injured and bitten by a raccoon outside the Spears Mansion, then in fact Jan AND Nicole dissappear....Lucas says that he doesn't KNOW, he just knows that he can't find Jan and has to move on...Belle apologizes, and Lucas says its alright, he knows she's just trying to think through it...but Jan's gone now, and Eugenia is his future...Belle slowly nods...

    -Nicole tells Sami to not threaten her, she can beat Sami anyday....Nicole turns away from Sami, but Sami grabs Nicole by the HAIR, and tells Nicole that she will NOT have htis....she tells her that she is LITERALLY the one hope she has...there is nothing and no one else to prove her innocence! Nicole shoves Sami back and orders her to never touch her again...she again asserts that she is NOT going back to Salem...Sami tells Nicole she's going to pay for this as she leaves....Travis sighs and turns to Nicole as Nicole apologizes for all this...and Travis says:

    Travis:You know, Nicole...maybe you should go back.
  24. daysfan
    Episode#358: Dorian's Information

    -Bo is at his house with Pamela and Addie, playing and spending time with his beloved daughters....however suddenly, there is a knock at the door...he opens it to see Ji'Min...who serves him with divorce papers!

    -Lucas and Eugenia continue to have a romantic time together, but the doorbell rings...Lucas answers it to see Belle! He happily greets her and she says she came to congratulate them on their marriage...they both thank her, and she then asks Lucas if they can speak privately!

    -Travis and Nicole are at Travis's house, and Travis apologizes for all the chaos going on with her, and she says its fine....not his fault, and at least she has him...suddenly, there's a knock on the door....and Nicole opens it to see Sami! Sami tells Nicole she's come one last time to beg her to come back to Salem!

    -Destiny asks Dorian what she means...Dorian laughs and says although the Galore's don't know it, she has some delicious info on the matriarch of the family...something that could ruin her entire life...Destiny tells Dorian she HAS to tell her, a young infant's life is on the line, but Dorian says she will...for a price!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Ji'Min tells Bo that Hope recently had these called up...Bo says she can't be serious, and Ji'Min tells him he's afraid she is...Ji'Min leaves as Bo looks at the divorce papers in devastation...he thinks to himself that she can't do this, but she is....she's really giving up on them....he and Hope may in fact be over....

    -Lucas says sure, and Eugenia says she'll just excuse them as she heads upstairs......Lucas asks what she needs to talk about, and Belle says that she knows its been almost six months since she supposedly left town....but she asks if he really wants to do this, when technically his engagement with Jan isn't officially over!

    -Nicole tells Sami to just GO AWAY, she already told her AND Brandon that she's not coming back...Travis tells Sami that she's not welcome in his house if Nicole doesn't want her there, but Sami finally SHOVES her way in and tells Nicole that she has been trying to prove her innocence for HALF A YEAR...for HALF A YEAR she's been accused of killing her OWN mother....so she is not going to let this oppurtunity slip through her fingers!

    -Destiny asks what the price is...she'll do ANYTHING....Dorian says she'll need her help with a personal matter, someone she may know of....however, Dorian suddenly gets a call and says that she has to take this, but maybe they can meet up sometime during the next few days...Destiny says she's going to be really busy because a close friend's dad is getting married...but maybe she can come to the wedding and they can talk in the reception...its the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens on May 15th, at St.Luke's Church! Dorian agrees, and Destiny runs off...thinking to herself that Will just may get his daughter back afterall...however unknown to them both, Suga was watching them, as she whispers to herself thats where she'll kill Dorian...at that wedding!
  25. daysfan
    Episode#357: Searching the Hotel

    -Kristen yells "WHAT??!?!" and Vivian tells her she couldn't believe it either...but its true! Valentine steps out of the limosine and greets everyone, calling them all her family...she tells them they are going to have so much FUN living together!

    -Lucas and Eugenia are spending time together at the Spears Mansion, kissing and being romantic....Lucas tells her that in a matter of days....they'll be married!

    -Benard leaves the hotel, and Crystal decides to take a shower....Destiny uses this chance to quietly break into the hotel and search for anything she can find on Crystal and Benard....

    -Jeremy asks what that has to do with anything...Alexis asks if he remembers that...saving her after some crazy psycho stabbed her, she asks if he really hates her that much...or really can move on to another woman...if he did that! Jeremy tells her that he's just not the type to leave anyone on the streets to die like that....and Alexis says:

    Alexis:Oh no...that may have been a few months back but I'm not letting you get out of it that easy...I know you rescued me and took me to the hospital yourself because you still have feelings for me...and this trashy whore is just a pathetic distraction!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Eugenia tells Lucas she can't wait...she tells him she misses her son, but she's going to focus on being happy with him, Will, Bentley, Destiny, and then once they get Arianna back it will be an even bigger family...and they can have their own family! Lucas agrees, and the two continue to be romantic...

    -Destiny searches the hotel Crystal and Benard are in, sighing and thinking to herself she can't find anything in this place...but she says she knows something is in here somewhere, Crystal is an ex-criminal...there must be SOMETHING...she knows it in her gut! She gasps when...she finds a gun!

    -Cassie screams to Alexis that she CANNOT talk about her like that, and tries to slap her, but Alexis grabs her wrist and says she's not Mimi Lockhart....she can't bully her! She says she knows people like Cassie...manipulative, scheming, trashy....she sees it now....and Cassie may even have a secret....Jeremy tells Alexis thats ENOUGH, and orders her out! Alexis says fine, she'll leave...but tells Cassie to watch her back, and tells Jeremy that she will talk to him soon about his framing mother....Alexis leaves, as Jeremy tells Cassie he's sorry about that...the two lean in, and kiss...as outside, Alexis vows to rid herself of Cassie AND Robin...for good!

    -Destiny wonders what this gun is for...she says people have guns for security but this looks like a powerful one...however, she drops it when she hears Crystal getting out of the shower...and she runs out of the hotel room through the regular exit, and darts through the halls...running right into Dorian Lord as she's walking out of HER hotel room! Dorian asks why she's in such a rush and says she sees Destiny was leaving the Galore's hotel room...and Destiny says:

    Destiny:Well....lets just say I didn't want them knowing I was there...
    Dorian:Oh really? Why not?
    Destiny:I don't think I can talk about it with a stranger, sorry...but lets just say I was looking for some info, thats all.
    Dorian:Oh, I have all the information you need on Crystal Galore....
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