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    Episode#404: News

    -Mimi says that while she loves the sound of getting out of this hellhole and going back to Salem...she doesn't know if its possible...she says that Cassie was clever when she framed Mimi! Alexis tells Mimi that anything is possible....but even from a jail cell, she'll need Mimi's help...and finally asks if she'll give it to her!

    -Sami, Brandon, Carrie, Nicholas, and Belle all rush into the hospital...Belle walks over to Justin and says they all heard about what happened to Victor! Justin tells Belle that Lexie is about to give them an update on his condition...Sami says wow...Victor Kiriakis near death...its such a damn weird thought, and Brandon and Carrie agree!

    -Mike looks at his family...he informs them that Robin is alive...she's stable...and she should be awake soon! Jeremy practically collapses in relief...and Cassie tells him she knew it'd all be fine. Laura nervously thinks to herself that its good that Robin is alive...but now she'll probably tell everyone Laura tried to kill her AGAIN! Laura sees Chris watching her in the background...Mike begins to walk away, but Jeremy tells him to stop!

    -Lexie says to everyone she does have news...Justin walks forward and tells Lexie to please say it now...Lexie explains to them that...Victor is ALIVE! Dorian takes a deep breathe and says excellent...Suga watches and CURSES...everyone, even Celeste, is ready to rejoice...but Lexie sadly says not so fast...she tells them that...she and Dr.Stansville stabilized Victor...but he doesn't have long to live!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kate says to Lexie that she just said she stabilized him! Lexie says they did...but the thing is is...these wounds are so deep...he lost way too much blood and there are too many wounds...he has a very small chance of living...she says that Victor will probably wake up soon...so she reccommends that...everyone starts to say their goodbyes now!

    -Mimi is silent for a moment...she thinks about how great it would be to be out in the world again...to SEE the world...to see REX....she finally looks at Alexis and says...fine, she'll help her however she can! Alexis grins and says she won't regret this...she walks off, telling Mimi she'll be in touch!

    -Jeremy walks over to Mike...he says he's still...uncomfortable around him because of what happened with Alexis...but...he thanks him for saving Robin. Mike lightly smiles at his son...and says Robin hasn't exactly been kind to him since she returned...but it won't ever stop him from saving her life. He pats Jeremy on the back, before walking off...but then Eugenia tells him to wait...she needs to ask him something...about her baby, and Jan hears this!

    -Julie sees Laura in obvious distress...she walks over to her, and promises her that everything really will be alright...Chris approaches Laura and says that depends on what Robin says once she wakes up!

    -Justin looks at Lexie in shock...and asks if she's really sure...Lexie says she's so sorry but she is! Hope hugs Bo, telling him she's so so sorry....Celeste and Dorian are both in shock...Vivian then sneaks off to Victor's hospital room!

    -Carrie tells Brandon she can't believe this...Carrie was Austin's step-father once...and she knew him well...people are constantly dying...they only lost Marlena last year! Brandon hugs her and she says at least she has him now...this has been such a great but sad night at the same time...she is just again glad they got together. Nicole and Travis approach and Nicole asks in shock if Brandon and Carrie are an...item!

    -Vivian sees Dr.Stansville leave Victor's hospital room...she soon walks in...she sees Victor lying there, on the hospital bed...she whispers for him to wake up, thinking to herself that its time to kick her plans into high gear...Victor slowly opens his eyes to see Vivian!

    -Belle and Sami sit down together...Belle says that this....its just too much to handle! Nicholas walks over and tells him he got her some coffee...she thanks him, and Sami says that she has caused some problems for Victor over the years...but she never wanted this to happen to him! Belle says that she's worked for Victor for nearly two years now...he was always such a great man! Nicholas says that he and Victor were rivals once...but really...this is still...stunning and sad...he just hopes his aunt Vivian doesn't pull anything!

    -Victor slowly asks Vivian whats going on...where is he...Vivian tells him he's in the hospital...she explains whats going on, and Victor is stunned...he says no...he can't die! Vivian says, sadly she is...which is why its time. Victor asks what she means...and Vivian says she wants to marry him before he dies!!!!!
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    Episode#400: The Four-Hundreth Episode

    -Brandon tells Sami she's delusional...and Sami retorts that the last time everyone thought she was she turned out to be RIGHT about something! Brandon says that he and Carrie are just good friends, and roomates...Sami tells Brandon she knows him...and she says to just give it up and go after Carrie!

    -Destiny and Will kiss passionately...but Will suddenly pulls back, saying he's sorry....he shouldn't have done that...he's very sorry. Destiny slowly looks at Will...she sighs as she stares him up and down...and asks him why he said he was sorry!

    -Jan says to Lucas that Eugenia's outstayed her welcome, he needs to grow a damn backbone and throw her out on her ass! She says that oh they fell in love while she was gone...well she's back, so too bad for Eugenia! She yells that her baby died, oh how sad, but NONE of that gives Eugenia a valid reason to stay in her mansion and come between her and Lucas...she says to Lucas that everything can be happy and normal again if he'd just GET RID OF HER!

    -Alexis is seen entering a dark place...with all metal walls...slowly, a security guard walks up behind her...he tells her they're almost there, and she says good...she hasn't come all this way for nothing!

    -Laura snaps to Robin that she's so tired of her saying that...she's going to the mental house, she's going to the mental house, its ridiculous! Robin says that its true...Laura asks Robin WHY she hates her so much....WHY! Is it because she doesn't hate Mike like she does...because Mike's her son, and she knows that he and Alexis shouldn't have slept together and that he's made some mistakes in his life, but she can't hate him...and she's shocked Robin does! She tells Robin that she remembers hearing about how there was a time where Robin and Mike were pretty deep in love...yet she moves back to Salem, and she despises him! She asks Robin if thats what EVERYTHING has been about...she asks if even going back to her hating Alexis...is it because she slept with Mike and NOT because she cheated on Jeremy!

    -Jeremy, Cassie, Robin, Julie, Hope, Abe, and Maggie are all downstairs in Maggie's kitchen...as they all talk, Jeremy tells Cassie he should go check on his mom...Cassie stops him and tells him he's sure Robin is fine...and she would like just a few minutes without her around for once. Jeremy understands and kisses her...Hope hears a knock on the door, and answers it to see Bo!

    -Valentine taps her foot as Vivian drinks another drink...and says she's waiting! Vivian says fine, she'll tell her....Valentine can tell that Vivian is tipsy and probably wouldn't normally admit this to Valentine...Valentine wonders if this is what she overheard Vivian and Sami talking about! Vivian begins to say that she did something very awful...but she did it rightly for her revenge...she set a man up to die!

    -Celeste tells Eugenia thats quite alright...and asks how she's doing. Eugenia shrugs and says its hard...ever since Jan crashed the wedding, Lucas has had them all live together, and she knows he doesn't really want her...added to that, she lost her baby only a little over three months ago...Celeste raises an eyebrow and says:

    Celeste:Dahling, your baby is still alive.

    -Victor and Dorian make passionate love in Victor's bedroom at the Kiriakis Mansion...he thinks to himself he can't believe this....he tried to have Dorian killed and now he's having sex with her, and he loves Celeste...but he forges on...however, in the shadows...SUGA is seen hiding...KNIFE in hand!!! There is a flash of everyone's faces as the 400th episode of Life in Salem begins....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Brandon is silent as Sami tells him to go for Carrie...she says she KNOWS they like each other...its been obvious for months! Brandon whispers that he just doesn't want to make a fool out of himself...Sami yells that this isn't highschool, GO! Brandon slowly turns and goes to find Carrie!

    -Jill is seen in Dr.Stansville's section of the hospital, in the back....Dr.Stansville tells her that both babies are doing fine...but soon, they'll be able to find out the genders of the babies...and they're due in just a couple months...she's not sure how long she can keep up this lie to Megan for long!

    -Will looks at Destiny, confused, and says it just...wasn't right. Destiny sighs, and Will asks whats wrong...she says nothing...its just...maybe she kinda...liked that kiss....but she knows his heart belongs to Arianna, his dead girlfriend and HER best friend...Will stares at Destiny up and down and says...that doesn't mean he can't move on! Slowly...he and Destiny lean in and kiss again!!!

    -Lucas says he can't "just get rid of her"...Eugenia is a part of his life, and they were together for a few months! Jan says its what he has to do...if he wants Jan, he's got to just grow some balls and kick Eugenia out of his life! Jan yells that she goes through this every damn time with a man...Shawn couldn't ever get rid of Belle or Mimi, and Lucas can't rid of Eugenia! She says that a year ago, he proposed to her and wanted to marry her...its time for them to get married, its time for them to forget Eugenia Willens! Lucas then screams:

    Lucas:NO! I can't just forget the woman I love!

    -The security guard leads Alexis on through the mysterious place...she tells him to hurry up! He says right this way...

    -Robin says Laura how dare she...she doesn't give a DAMN about Mike! Laura says oh please, she wouldn't have rushed back to Salem if she didn't! Robin says she did because her SON was in pain, and asks why the hell thats so hard for anyone to get! Laura says because she may love Jeremy, but she knows its not because he was in pain...she says to Robin she thinks she puts on this angry exterior to everyone, including Mike, because she's jealous that it was ALEXIS that slept with Mike and not HER!

    -Hope asks Bo what he wants...Bo says he'd like to talk to her...privately. Hope is silent for a moment but lets him in...and they go into another room of the house. Bo sits her down and tells her he thinks its time for them to get back together! Hope says thats not really his decision to make! Bo says he knows...but he also knows she still loves him...he felt it the other day, and he feels it now....forget Kristen...he knows they belong together!

    -Valentine says oh really...thats interesting...tell her more! Vivian continues to drink her sorrows away, and says that like her, that man tried to take her down...Valentine raises an eyebrow and, thinking she's talking about Stefano, says she thought he tried to help her for quite a few months! Vivian says hell NO...and after one night of enjoyment...it all went downhill...so she had to get back at that man...she found out about a plan to kill another man...and made sure that her enemy was the one killed instead! Valentine listens in complete confusion now, wondering what the hell her sister is talking about!

    -Eugenia looks at Celeste like she's crazy and tells her that her baby died months ago...in fact, right before Greta put Celeste in that coma! She says that it was a premature birth, and her son, Blake, was stillborn...Celeste looks at Eugenia in confusion and informs Eugenia that right before she figured out Jan and Nicole were in the Secret Room...she had a vision of babies being born...one was crying...and Eugenia's baby was definitely crying upon birth!

    -Victor and Dorian continue to make passionate love...Dorian tells Victor she missed this...she direly missed this...and he could've had this...but he chose Viki over her! However, now...he can just forget about Celeste...they CAN put this behind them...and he can move on with her! Victor is silent as he kisses Dorian...kind of thinking about Celeste at the same time, but knowing its over...he whispers that it IS time to come on! Suga watches in disgust...muttering that this will all be over soon...she's NOT going back to prison...

    -Brandon runs into Carrie's room...she turns around and asks him whats going on...is everything okay! He says yes...but after a short talk with Sami...he's realized that he...loves her, or at least likes her, and wants to be with her! Carrie just stares at him...and he tells her that ever since he came back to town, he's been spending time with her...they got close when Sami was sent to prison for Marlena's murder, and then they went on the run to prove her innocence...now they're living together...and he knows she only divorced Austin about a year ago...but he just...there's something about her he can't resist! Carrie slowly says wow...she says she hasn't really thought about...love or relationships since Austin...she really believed he was the love of her life, but then he cheated on her...she says that ever since then...she has tried to get over that, and she put all her focus on Sami...but she really...has gotten close to Brandon and...maybe she feels something for him too...and is READY to move past her failed marriage to Austin! Brandon asks if she's sure...and she tells him yes, she's absolutely sure! She then pulls Brandon into a steamy kiss!

    -Jill tells Dr.Stansville that they'll just have to figure on which one is Megan's and which one is her own, and tell Megan the gender of HER baby with Bo...not Jill's baby with Bo! Dr.Stansville tells her thats not exactly possible...Jill snaps that this entire scheme isn't exactly possible, but they did it! Dr.Stansville narrows her eyes and says to Jill she's VERY lucky she's done all this for her AND Megan all these months...she's felt so dirty during all of it! Jill says its what they have to do for her own safety...Megan would kill her if she finds out about all this! Dr.Stansville asks how she can keep it up to her past the birth of these children...she says Megan's been so commanding and overbearing during alot of this, there's no way in HELL she'd miss the birth! Jill says somehow they'll have to distract Megan long enough for her to give birth to the babies and figure out who's is who's!

    -Jan looks at Lucas, stunned and offended...she calls him a bastard, and slaps him! She then KICKS Lucas in the crotch...and he falls to the ground with a scream!! Jan says she can't believe this...she has done so much...and THIS is how she's repaid...right after they MAKE LOVE...he claims Eugenia is "the" woman he loves! She screams that this is all useless...she has been UNDERSTANDING...she's let that BITCH live in HER house for over a month....she's given him so much time to give up Eugenia...but he just won't! Jan, going into a complete rage, runs over and grabs a gun out of her cabinet...she puts it to Lucas's head, who is still on the floor in complete pain! Jan exclaims that its time to end this!

    -Hope sighs and tells Bo that they've been apart for so long, and she's been in so much pain...it may be too late, despite what happened the other day...Bo holds her hands and tells her its NOT too late...their spark, their love...its there...buried deep down! He says they need to put what happened with Gina, what happened with Kristen in the PAST...Hope stares at Bo and asks if he can do that...can he really put having sex with Kristen in the past! She says even now, he's still talking to her so often...Bo promises that they are only friends, and he's just helping her with an investigation...its BUSINESS! He begs Hope...he says they aren't divorced yet, they can still save their marriage! He tells her they both are in much better states now than they were last Winter and even last Spring...Bo was still trying to get over her killing Gina, and thats why he turned to Kristen...and she was serving time in jail and then trying to adjust to living a normal life again! Hope bites her lip, looking at Bo...and tells him...fine...maybe it is time for them to reunite! Bo and Hope both have tears in their eyes, and Bo pulls her into his arms...kissing her...and Hope finally bursts out in tears, finally, her and her husband are back together!

    -The security guard leads Alexis to what looks like a cell...its revealed that Alexis is in sometime of prison! The security guard tells Alexis that here's who she wanted to see...Alexis says its about time...she travelled so fvar just to get to her! The prisoner looks up at her as Alexis walks up to the bars...she tells her that SHE'S the only one who can help her take down Cassie Brady...and its revealed Alexis is speaking to...MIMI LOCKHART(Farah Fath)!

    -Robin yells for Laura to shut up, JUST SHUT UP! Laura screams that she knows its true...Robin says that she HATES Mike, she can't see why she ever loved him...the only good thing that came out of it is Jeremy, who's she's in Salem for in the FIRST place! Laura shakes her head and exclaims she needs to STOP lying...be honest with everyone and admit she's not over Mike...and being back in Salem has only caused those feelings to re-surface even more! Robin growls at Laura and tells her she's just a crazy old bitch...constantly trying to avoid what she did! Laura YELLS that she did NOTHING...she never did a thing to Robin except hold her ground against her! Laura says to Robin that she's going to prove that to EVERYONE, and she's going to show them the bitter old bitch that Robin REALLY is!!!! Robin wheels over to the stairs, and turns to Laura...she promises her that she'll take her down...she's going to WIN and put Laura right where she belongs! Robin suddenly pulls a lever on her wheelchair, sending it in reverse...Laura slowly asks what she's doing...and Robin's wheelchair goes FLYING down the stairs, Robin screaming as she falls all over the staircase...and Laura screams:


    Laura rushes down as Robin tumbles to the ground and everyone rushes in!

    -Victor and Dorian continue to make love...Suga decides that its time to make her move...she slowly edges out of the shadows...

    -Vivian says to Valentine that she had to do it...she just had to...she wanted revenge so bad, and oh she doesn't regret what she did...but now that damn Kristen Blake and Bo Brady may figure it out...of course, everything about the original victim came out in some court thing, and Tony had to slip up to Kristen! Valentine confusedly asks what Tony has to do with this...and Vivian, still drinking, looks at Valentine and says:

    Vivian:Well...I set Peter up to die...when Tony was the victim!

    -Victor and Dorian say they can't stop as they constantly make love in the bed...Suga gets closer to Victor!!!

    -Eugenia tells Celeste she must be mistaken..Jan's baby, Josh, was born that night...and HE'S the only baby born that evening that lived...Blake was dead upon birth! Celeste shakes her head and says her visions aren't always clear...but she's sure that night...Eugenia gave birth...and the baby was crying like any normal, living baby would! Eugenia asks if she's REALLY serious...Celeste says she is, and her visions rarely lie...she was the first who figured out that Jan and Nicole were locked up, after all! Eugenia says that this means...her baby...her precious baby...it may be alive!!!!!

    -Suga stands above Victor and Dorian...they make love...but as Victor kisses her...Dorian opens her eyes and she sees Suga peering above them! Before she can say anything...Suga takes her knife and STABS Victor...repeatedly! Blood goes EVERYWHERE as Suga constantly stabs him...Dorian SCREAMS as Suga relentlessly stabs the great Victor Kiriakis!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -As the 400th episode of LIS comes to a close...there is an ending montage of everyone....

    Will and Destiny are seen kissing upstairs in the Spears Mansion....Destiny pulls back slightly...

    Destiny:Will...I really do think I love you....

    Brandon and Carrie are also seen kissing passionately, the two finally getting together...Sami stands in the doorway, smiling ever so slightly...

    Jan is seen holding a gun right to Lucas's head, who is in visible pain on the floor....

    Jan:Its time to end this once and for all!

    Bo and Hope are then seen, holding each other....

    Bo:I love you, Hope...I love you more than anything...

    Jill and Dr.Stansville are next seen...

    Jill:I can't let Megan find out that I am carrying both her baby with Bo's and my own baby with him....

    Alexis is seen inside that prison with Mimi Lockhart...

    Alexis:You can help me bring down Cassie Brady...

    Laura is seen with an unconscious Robin as many of the Horton's rush in...

    Laura:Robin...Robin...PLEASE! Don't die!!!! Wake up!!!

    Vivian and Valentine are seen at the DiMera Mansion....

    Vivian:I set up Peter Blake to die...when Crystal Galore was going to kill Tony...but I made sure that Peter died instead....and now Kristen and Bo may figure it out...

    Eugenia is seen with Celeste at St.Luke's...

    Eugenia:My baby...Blake could be alive...I mean...if your vision is true...my poor baby may be out there somewhere!

    And finally, Suga is seen stabbing Victor...and as Dorian continues to scream, blood flowing EVERYWHERE...Suga steps back....

    Suga:Its done....

    There is a flashes of ALL these faces as the screen fades to black!
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    Episode#403: Operation

    -Alexis says to Mimi that if she takes down Cassie...she's sure that she'll get Jeremy back...she explains that Jeremy and Cassie have been dating...and Jeremy hates her. Mimi says thats awful...she knows what its like to lose the man you love. Alexis says "Oh really?" and Mimi says that she was in love with Rex Brady before she went to prison!

    -Jan asks Eugenia what she means...her baby may be alive...its dead and buried! Eugenia explains Celeste's vision months ago to her...and Jan thinks to herself that this can't be happening...Eugenia can't figure everything out!

    -Celeste asks Vivian what the hell SHE'S doing here...she shouldn't be here! Vivian, kind of coming out of her drunk state after hearing about Victor, tells Celeste that her beloved ex-husband...Victor...has been stabbed...and she's here to support him!! However, someone pulls Vivian's arm, and she hears:

    Person:Get the hell out, you whore!

    Its revealed that the person is...KATE ROBERTS!

    -Mike continues to try to revive Robin...finally, he slowly stops...and says that everything's over now...

    -Lexie yells to the nurses to get Dr.Stansville in here...she can't do this alone! Lexie's hands are all out bloody...she says that she has one wound patched up....but there are just way too many others! Lexie begins to sob as she operates on Victor...saying ANOTHER man can't die under her hand...

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas looks at Kate and asks WHAT the hell she's doing out of jail...Kate tells her son that for the moment, she got her lawyers to allow her to have bail for the time being...Lucas clenches his fists, and Vivian tells her rival to get her hands off of her! She says that she is Victor's ex-wife...she has as much of a right to be here as Kate or Nicole do! Kate sighs and looks at Celeste and explains that she heard about this on the news just as she was leaving the police station...she asks if there's any update, and Celeste shakes her head...Justin rushes in, and Celeste runs over and hugs him...he asks if anyone has ANY idea who stabbed his uncle! Suga is seen...watching from a distance!

    -Destiny rushes in to the hospital...Jan sees her and asks what she's doing here...where are the kids! Destiny says they're at home with Will...but she knew Dorian knew Victor...she rushes up to Dorian and hugs her, and Dorian thanks her so much for coming...she says she needs a friend right now! Bo turns to Dorian and asks her what she was DOING at the Kiriakis Mansion anyway!

    -Alexis tells Mimi that Rex is Cassie's brother...she spoke to him awhile back...but he refused to tell her anything about Cassie...Mimi says that she and Rex used to have a relationship...but it ended in 2005 after she had an abortion...she says that she married Shawn Brady later on, but that cratered after Rex came back to town in 2006...she really does love him...and miss him. Alexis says that if they both work together...then they can BOTH have their men!

    -Celeste tells Justin that no one knows anything at this point...but they have to find out! Dr.Stansville is seen rushing through the waiting room, and Justin asks if she has any news...Dr.Stansville says she's sorry but no...she has to get to the ER!

    -Dr.Stansville rushes into Victor's room...Lexie breathes in relief and says thank goodness she's here...she says she needs her help...Victor's bleeding too much and they don't have much time left!

    -Dorian slowly gulps as she flashes back to her and Victor making love...Destiny asks Dorian if she's okay! Bo says to Dorian that he needs to know...for their invesitgation...Celeste walks towards Dorian and asks what she was doing there! Dorian finally admits that she and Victor were there...having sex!

    -Mike comes out and Jeremy jumps up when he sees him...Cassie, Julie, and Maggie all stand at his side...Jeremy asks Mike if he has any news...Laura looks at Mike, and Mike says he does!

    -Celeste gasps...and Dorian says that she and Victor were...enemies for a time, but they put it behind them and ended up having sex...thats when he was stabbed in the bed...but she couldn't get a good look at the stabber! Suga breathes a sigh of relief...and Celeste says she shouldn't be here...this is useless! She runs off, but Abe yells for her to stop!

    -Lexie enters the waiting room...everyone turns to see her...Celeste stops when Abe yells for her, and she then sees Lexie...she tells everyone that she has some news!
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    Episode#402: At the Hospital

    -Lucas promises Jan that he loves her...but he loves Eugenia too...he's still trying to figure this all out! Jan is about to argue with him more, but both turn when they hear on the TV that Victor Kiriakis has been stabbed and is being rushed to the hospital in critical condition!

    -Nicole and Travis are at the Salem Inn....the two kiss passionately, and Nicole says that this past month has been the best of her life...no Greta, no craziness...just being with him...she truly believes he's the love of her life. Travis smiles and agrees, kissing her again...but they also hear the announcement on TV about Victor!

    -Vivian pours herself another drink, after Valentine leaves...she says this is too crazy...she just...she has to figure out a way to stop those two morons...she can't fall after ALL this! She decides to relax and turn on the TV...but she drops her drink when she hears about Victor!

    -Alexis says she can do anything she puts her mind to...she can definitely expose Cassie as a framing bitch! Mimi says she must've really researched this if she believes that she's innocent...Alexis nods and tells her she read everything...Mimi says she has no clue who really pushed Cassie that night, she just knows SHE didn't!

    -Laura screams NO...she did nothing! Chris says that this is the SECOND time something like this has happened....Cassie interrupts and says third..not too long ago, Robin told her and Jeremy that Laura tried to strangle her...Julie says this is ridiculous, Laura is innocent! Bo tells Chris to just stop...they should wait to do anything before they learn of Robin's status...Chris says fine, and everyone rushes down to the hospital!

    -Eugenia and Celeste run in to the hospital...they see Mike...and Eugenia rushes up to him and tells him that she has some questions about something, and its urgent! Mike tells Eugenia he's sorry, but it will have to wait...he has a stabbing victim coming in! Eugenia and Celeste turn as Victor is pulled in by paramedics!

    -Victor is pulled in, and Mike says this doesn't look good....and orders them to get him to ER, stat!!! Celeste gasps...she sees Victor taken away, and looks at all the blood...Dorian rushes in, and Celeste's eyes flare with anger, and she darts over to her and screams:

    Celeste:You BITCH! What have you done?!

    Celeste then PUNCHES Dorian!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Dorian clutches her cheek and as she stands up, she snaps to Celeste that she did nothing...SOMEONE stabbed Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion! She says he's lost too much blood...Celeste says this can't be happening! However, then they turn when Robin is rushed into the hospital!!!!

    -Robin is pulled in on a stretcher...the Horton's and Chris all with them! Mike comes out to get something and sees Robin...he asks what the hell happened here! Maggie explains that she went tumbling down the stairs at her house...Mike sighs and says he has to handle this, and tells a nurse to call Lexie for Victor...he tells the paramedics to also get Robin to the ER!!! Jeremy says his mom can't die...not after nearly dying already, and Cassie comforts him as Julie says she's sure it'll all be alright!

    -Lexie enters the waiting room and Celeste rushes over to her...she tells her daughter she has to save Victor! Lexie tells her mother that the nurses told her everything and she's going to do her best but it doesn't look good...Lexie rushes off to the ER as Celeste and Dorian watch...Bo walks over and asks whats going on with them!

    -Lucas and Jan enter the hospital, both now fully clothed...they run into the waiting room, and Lucas sees Maggie and asks what she's doing here...she says she's here since Robin fell down the stairs...and asks what he's doing here! Jan explains that they heard about Victor's stabbing on the news, and Maggie gasps!

    -Mike has Robin in a hospital room now....he is with nurses, and says they have to keep her alive...he comments that she must have taken quite a fall...and then suddenly...Robin flatlines! Mike direly tries to revive her!!!

    -Lexie is also in a room with Victor...she looks at him and says this is even worse than she thought...she says he has multiple wounds all over his main body...she says they have to stop this bleeding, and they have to work FAST!

    -Nicole and Travis are the next ones to enter the hospital...Nicole yells that they heard about Victor...she walks over to Celeste, Dorian, and Bo...and Bo asks what happened to his father! Dorian tells him that Victor was suddenly STABBED at the Kiriakis Mansion...and he's in critical condition! Bo yells NO...he can't lose ANOTHER person, as Nicole looks around in shock!

    -Eugenia walks over to Lucas and Jan...and Jan rolls her eyes as Lucas asks what she's doing here...Eugenia tells him she was just walking in when all of THIS happened...Lucas then goes on to ask why she was here in the first place...and Eugenia tells him that her baby may be alive, and Jan's eyes go WIDE!

    -Mimi explains that one random night...Cassie was pushed out that window...and she just so happened to set it up that ALL the evidence pointed to her...and she went to jail! Mimi says that she got a 25 year sentence, and she's not even to a full 3 years yet...Alexis promises Mimi that she'll get her out of here and expose Cassie for the lying bitch that she is...because she's got something in this too: The man she wants, Jeremy Horton!

    -Mike desperately tries to revive Robin, yelling:

    Mike:Come on, Robin, don't die on me now!

    -Everyone in the waiting room is in shock at all thats going on with Robin AND Victor...Jeremy sits, worrying about his mother...Cassie kisses him and promises that Robin will survive this...Jeremy looks at Laura...he wonders if she really did do ALL of this to his mother...and Laura continues to worry about her, and Robin's, fate! Nicole says that this really is impossible...who the hell would stab Victor! Celeste snaps to Nicole that she tried to kill him herself once, hell she shouldn't even be here! Bo says that he just got his wife back...and now he may lose his biological father...everyone hears someone stumble in...and they all turn to see...VIVIAN!

    -Lexie constantly tries to save Victor...she tries to stop the bleeding, but she can't...she sighs and vows not to give up...she won't let Victor die now! She and the nurses continue to try to cut off all the bleeding and patch up the wounds...however, one of the nurses ask what chance that Victor has to survive...Lexie heavily sighs and says that at this point she'd say that chance is minimal!
  5. daysfan
    Episode#401: 911

    -Jan holds a gun to Lucas's head...saying its time for all of this to END!!!! Lucas finally gets the strength to jump up...he grabs the gun from Jan, and they enter a struggle! Lucas asks what the hell she's DOING...and Jan yells that she's so tired of this! She's tired of him and Eugenia...he's lucky neither of them are dead!!!! She screams that she's done SO much for HIM...she went to such lengths to keep Josh!!!!!

    -Bo and Hope hold each other....Hope saying how great this feels...him holding her, knowing they're together again...Bo kisses her and say they can all be a family again...them and the girls! He and Hope enter into a passionate kiss....

    -Alexis looks at MIMI LOCKHART(Farah Fath) and tells her she's the one who can help her bring down Cassie Brady...Mimi looks at Alexis, very confused...she asks who she is! Alexis says they don't know each other...but she's definitely heard of her...and her little problems with Cassie three years ago! Mimi stares at her, confused, and says she hasn't even heard anything about Cassie for years...Alexis says to Mimi she's here to prove her innocence for pushing Cassie out that window!

    -Laura tells Robin to please wake up...don't die!!!! Jeremy, Cassie, Maggie, Abe, and Julie all rush in...Jeremy yells "MOM!!!" and Cassie asks what the hell happened...Laura slowly says that Robin somehow sent herself falling down the stairs! Maggie says she'll call 911 and as Jeremy rushes to his mother's side!

    -Valentine asks Vivian in shock that she set PETER up to die...Vivian says yes...and it was grand...a grand scheme! But now...that bitch of a step-daughter is close to figuring it out! Valentine asks for the details....Vivian explains that she told Peter that Kristen wanted to meet him on the pier...she overheard Stefano talking about his and Kate's plot to kill Tony...Valentine puts EVERYTHING together now...and she says VIVIAN is the one ultimately responsible for Peter's death!

    -Celeste tells Eugenia she is positive that it was Eugenia's baby that was crying in that vision...Eugenia says that nurse...she told her it was stillborn...so she pretty much thought that meant he was dead upon birth! Celeste asks if she knows the nurse's name...she may have been tricked...Eugenia thinks, but then she realizes:

    Eugenia:No...no I don't!!!

    -Dorian SCREAMS as blood flows everywhere....Suga looks down coldly at Victor, saying now she can never go back to prison...Dorian looks at Suga, barely being able to see her in the darkness, and Suga quickly turns and runs! Dorian darts out of the bed, blood covering her hands, as she dials 911...the operator picks up, and she screams that Victor Kiriakis has been stabbed!!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Dorian gives the operator the information....saying they are at the Kiriakis Mansion, and gives her the address...she informs the operator that she's a doctor, so she'll try to help Victor as much as she can until the paramedic arrives....Dorian goes over to the unconscious Victor, beginning to try to keep him alive and keep him from losing blood, as she begs him to not die!

    -Lucas looks at Jan, confused, asking what the hell she's talking about...Jan slowly says she just means she went to such lengths to protect their son while they were locked up! She tells him she has his CHILD...his CHILD damnit! She goes on to rant that even with THAT...he can't forget about "the" love of his life...she says that she's tried to cope with all this, but she just CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE! She says that she tried to kill Belle at Titan once...he's fortunate she hasn't done that to Eugenia! She tells him she locked Shawn in a cage once to get his love...he's fortunate she hasn't done that to him!!!! Lucas promises Jan that he loves her, it was just a slip of the tongue...but she needs to calm down!! Jan asks how she can be calm when her fiancee, who she COMMITTED TO, is in love with another woman!

    -Dorian continues to try to keep Victor alive, and puts pressure on the wounds...but she says there are way too many....those paramedics have to get here fast!!!!!

    -Bo and Hope kiss passionately....but they hear all the yelling and chaos in the living room and foyer, and Hope says they should see whats going on! Bo agrees...and they rush out!

    -Suga rushes down the stairs in the Kiriakis Mansion....however, she is forced to hide from Henderson as he rushes up the stairs to see whats going on...Suga then gets downstairs finally, and is about to leave, but she sees ambulance lights and hears sirens! Suga then mutters:


    -Mimi asks how she even knows about that...and Alexis replies that she's read up about it...Mimi tells her its no use...Cassie framed her and sent her to jail years ago...Alexis says she thinks that with HER help, they can get Mimi out of here...she informs Mimi that Cassie stole her man, so she's bound and determined to finish her off...Mimi's interest is peaked and asks if she really thinks she can do this!

    -As the paramedics rush in, Suga quickly darts out the backdoor...escaping the Kiriakis Mansion!

    -Bo and Hope rush into the living room and the foyer...they ask what the hell happened, and Laura yells that Robin fell! Jeremy cradles his mother and says she has to live...he exclaims that she still has a pulse! Maggie says that the ambulance is almost here...Bo asks how this happened...and Laura explains that she and Robin were upstairs, arguing...and she just sent her wheelchair backwards and went flying down the stairs! Abe sighs, and he goes over to Bo...he whispers that he loves Laura, but this time he may be required to arrest her!

    -Vivian says to her sister that its all true...and now Kristen and Bo are trying to find out who did it...she has to stop them somehow! Valentine smirks and thanks her for speaking to her...she grins as she leaves the DiMera Mansion!

    -The paramedics arrive at Maggie's house...they quickly rush in, and tells Jeremy that Robin's alive but they have to get her to the hospital now! They carry Robin out on a stretcher...Chris then enters...and he sighs and asks what happened here. Bo yells for Chris to wait...but Chris says he can't! He looks at Laura and asks if she was involved in this...and Laura explains the situation to him...Chris goes on to say that she's under arrest!

    -Eugenia says thats odd...and although she didn't realize this then because she was too devastated...there was NO doctor around! Celeste tells Eugenia it seems something odd may have happened that evening...and Eugenia says they claimed she ended up unconscious...but it is odd that she can barely remember giving birth! Eugenia tells Celeste she needs to go to the hospital, and Celeste says she'll go with her, and the two leave St.Luke's!

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, Dorian, Henderson, and Victor are all now downstairs...the paramedics say to Dorian that Victor's alive but is in CRITICAL condition....she tells them she'll follow them to the hospital! Victor is taken away, and Dorian tells Henderson to stay here...the police are going to be investigating! Henderson nods, and Dorian then rushes out, following Victor, as she continues to hope and pray that he doesn't die!
  6. daysfan
    Episode#399: Proof?

    -Sami sees Brandon as he is trying to get his clothes on...and she says this is sure interesting...she looks at Carrie and asks if she's already bedded Brandon....Carrie laughs and shakes her head, telling her sister no Brandon just got out of the shower and she accidentally saw him like this! Sami says sure...and tells her to trust her, he IS good in bed!

    -Will and Destiny are upstairs at the Spears Mansion....they play with Arianna and Bentley, and Will introduces Arianna to Bentley as his niece...Will then goes on to tell Destiny how great it is to have his daughter back...and its all thanks to her. Destiny tells him no, it wasn't all because of her...he was strong throughout the whole thing and fought the Galore's...and they really couldn't have done it without Dorian. Will says that he still can't believe that his own grandma would do that...and hire the person trying to take his baby away from him! Destiny tells Will that when she rescued them...Kate seemed genuinely sweet, and like she didn't know at the time that Crystal was the one fighting him for Arianna...Will nods, but says still...however, now its time to focus on raising his daughter!

    -Lucas and Jan lay on the couch after making passionate love....Jan says that was great...they haven't done that in so long...and Lucas agrees, but still is distant...Jan tells him something seems wrong. Lucas lies and tells Jan that he loved it too....he really did...because he loves her. Jan asks if he's thinking about that bitch Eugenia again!

    -Eugenia is seen entering St.Luke's...she goes up to the candles, and lights one...she prays to God, asking Him to please tell her if she should really stick around....should she really stick around, waiting to see if Lucas will *REALLY* choose her over Jan! Meanwhile, Celeste also enters the Church, praying about...Victor.

    -At Maggie's house, Robin is upstairs, while everyone else is downstairs...except Laura. Laura soon runs into Robin, and Robin groans and tells Laura to get out of her way, but Laura stands her ground and asks Robin WHY she accused her of trying to kill her AGAIN!

    -Vivian is at the DiMera Mansion...sipping on a drink as she thinks about how Kristen and Bo are investigating who set Peter up to die...she says that they can't figure it out! They just can't....as she continues to drink, Valentine enters and asks what the hell she's talking about!

    -Dorian tells Victor that she knows there's something there...she just knows it...and she's going to prove it! She pulls Victor into a kiss....and as they kiss....they begin to slowly go upstairs, pulling their clothes off in the process!

    -Suga is seen in the kitchen at the Kiriakis Mansion...she says that she has a plan...she's NOT going to let Victor send her back to jail!!!

    -Bo asks if she's sure....Bo says that numerous reports have said that Stefano died in a car crash with Will and Destiny...Kristen says she knows, and at the time she was too busy grieving Peter AND her father and dealing with the situation with him and Hope but its just...too odd, too coincidental...she says she knows that it was a stormy night, but it doesn't even make sense that he somehow got into a simple car crash and went off that cliff...she says that nothing like that has happened before with her father! Bo points out what Andre told everyone back in 2002...Kristen tells him obviously that was a lie! She says that it just doesn't add up that Stefano died RIGHT after Peter's death and right after she wondered if someone was really out to kill Peter...Bo slowly nods and as he thinks about it, she may be on to something...Vivian may have set up both Peter AND Stefano to die!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Brandon smiles and tells Sami thats enough...there's nothing going on between him and Carrie...nothing at all! Sami says alright, she'll believe that...Carrie tells Brandon she needs to go get something from her room, and after she leaves, Sami approaches Brandon and says:

    Sami:Okay, cough it up...you want my sister, don't you?

    -Destiny agrees and tells Will that Arianna, her best friend, is proud of him up in Heaven right now...Will says he hopes so, and Destiny tells him that he's only had Arianna back several days and he's already become a good father again...far better than the Galore's could ever be! Will thanks her, and they continue to talk and bond, and slowly they lean in and....KISS!

    -Robin snaps to Laura that wasn't some accusation, its a fact! Laura wrapped her arms around Robin's neck...Laura says thats because she taunted her into it...she tells Robin that she's baiting her...but she won't let her take her down!! Robin tells Laura its only a matter of time...Laura'll be in the crazy house soon, and she'll make sure of it!

    -Kristen says yes...she's not sure but she really thinks thats the only possibility...Bo tells her right now, while they should keep the Stefano aspect in mind, they should focus on her setting Peter up to die...he says that Vivian has reason to...but how could they prove it! Kristen tells him there has to be some proof out there...Bo says no...she could've just somehow set him up and there could be no proof at all!

    -Eugenia continues to pray...she prays to God that she stayed in the Spears Mansion because of Lucas...because she loves him...and a part of her has really been hoping...that he'd dump Jan for her...but if he's off having sex to her...its just a fantasy...and maybe she should just leave the Spears Mansion and Salem in general! Celeste meanwhile continues to pray about her relationship with Victor, wondering what she should do...he tried to kill a woman...but she also still loves him!

    -Lucas asks Jan how can he not...he feels like he's practically cheating on Eugenia! Jan angrily gets up and tells Lucas that he had NO problem cheating on HER while she was in the Secret Room! Lucas says its DIFFERENT, he thought she left him...Jan tells Lucas she's tired of this...its time for him to wisen up and get rid of Eugenia!

    -Vivian turns to Valentine and tells her to get out as she downs another drink, and says she has enough on her plate, she doesn't need to deal with her right now...Valentine smiles and says they're sisters, she can tell her...Vivian continues to drink as Valentine prods her, and FINALLY, Vivian says:

    Vivian:Alright...I'll tell you.

    -Dorian and Victor lie in a bed upstairs in Victor's bedroom...the two make passionate love...however, downstairs, Suga says its about time to make sure Victor Kiriakis NEVER sends her back to prison for something she doesn't even remember going!

    -Bo tells Kristen that if she set up BOTH Stefano and Peter...then maybe there's something...but if its just Peter...she could have just sent Peter down there and no one may know it! Kristen curses as she realizes that Bo is right...even if Vivian did do it, she can't prove it!

    -Eugenia finishes praying, but still wonders what she should do about this mess with Lucas...she thinks that maybe it is time to give up another man she loves! Eugenia continues to think as she heads towards the exit of the Church...but she runs into Celeste! Eugenia greets Celeste and tells Celeste she's so sorry...Celeste's prayer is interrupted...she looks at Eugenia and then flashes back to when she had a vision of a woman giving birth and a baby crying!

    -Bo tells Kristen that there COULD be proof...but honestly...it doesn't look like there is! Kristen clenches her fists and tells Bo that she HAS to prove it somehow...if it IS Vivian like it seems...then she's damn well going to send her to prison right with Kate and Crystal! Bo nods and promises Kristen that somehow...they'll figure this out, but he is just warning her...Kristen nods and says she understands...Bo says he needs to go, but he'll definitely be in touch...this is his top case now! Kristen thanks him for all of this...he says anytime...he leaves the Brady Pub, and Kristen steps outside...she looks to the sky, and she promises Peter that she's going to find whoever set him up...and if it is Vivian...she's going to avenge his death and stop this woman once and for all...she'll END the reign of Vivian Alamain! Kristen walks away as her words echo into the night...

    And....don't forget to tune in TOMORROW...as "Life in Salem" turns 3 years old...and its 400th episode airs...and MANY lives of salem are changed drastically! Only on Life in Salem!
  7. daysfan
    Episode#398: Kristen Connects the Dots

    -Its hours later in Salem as nightfall approaches!

    -Carrie is at her apartment with Brandon...she's cooking dinner while Brandon is getting out of the shower...she goes to get something when she sees him shirtless!!!

    -Victor sits in the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion...Henderson comes in and tells him that he has a visitor...and Victor asks who, and right afterwards DORIAN walks in! Victor stands and asks what she's doing here...Dorian tells him that its time they talk about that kiss they shared!

    -Bo and Kristen are sitting in the Brady Pub...they discuss who could have set Peter up. Bo asks Kristen if there's anyone out there who hates Peter...Kristen thinks and says that there's of course someone like Jack who had issues with him way back...but while Jack has a criminal past, he's not really a murderor, especially not now, and he's not even in the country! She continues to think...and she says that there's only one other person she can think of...someone who'd be plausible. Bo asks who, and Kristen says:

    Kristen:Vivian Alamain.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Carrie tells Brandon she's so sorry....she didn't mean to walk up right as he was getting out! As Brandon puts some clothes on, he says no its fine...they're living together, he can see her like this....Carrie shrugs and tells him it still feels weird, but he tells her not to worry about it as Sami walks in!

    -Victor tells her there's nothing to talk about...it was just a small slip up on both of their parts! Dorian laughs and she says certainly not...and if they want to tie up this little vendetta...then they need to talk about the kiss...Victor tells her it wasn othing...he got caught up in old times...he loves Celeste Perrault! Dorian tells him that Celeste left him...now maybe its time for those old times...to return!

    -Bo raises an eyebrow at Kristen, and she tells Bo about Peter and Vivian's one night stand during that huge snowstorm in Winter 0f 08, and him exposing her at the fashion show...Kristen says that it was obvious Vivian hated him...but then again she's not sure. Bo tells her that Vivian could very well be a possibility...and Kristen says that her father would never allow that, and she doesn't know how the hell Vivian would know about his and Kate's scheme anyway.

    -Victor tells Dorian this is ridiculous...they need to bury the hatchet, but he and her are through...he and Viki are through! Dorian tells him it amazes her...he still throws her aside, when he never would have done that to Viki OR Nikki...Victor asks her if she is deaf, he just said he and Viki are through, and he never really loved Nikki...he tried his damdnest to get rid of her and he succeeded! Dorian says that he and Viki are over because Clint convinced her to leave Salem...hell he wouldn't give a damn about Celeste if Viki was still around! Victor says that he loves Celeste...and NOT Dorian! Dorian tells him she KNOWS he's lying...she can see it in his eyes!

    -Bo tells Kristen that she makes good points...but then at the same time, he's not sure who else would try to set up Peter according to what she told him...Kristen slowly nods, as she thinks about the prospect of Vivian setting up Peter...she thinks that Vivian did hate Peter...and he almost seemed afraid of her at times. She thinks that around that time....Vivian was getting revenge on ALL of her enemies by taking over Alamain...and right after that...Peter died...Kristen thinks back to how she suspected something like this happened back in the Winter, and told her father...and then...HE died! Kristen thinks that was an accident though...he just went flying off the cliff that rainy night...but even that was a little weird....Kristen's eyes widen as she finally puts everything together, and she looks at Bo and says:

    Kristen:Vivian....did set Peter up to die....it all makes sense now....and I think my father may have figured it out....and she may have caused his death too!!!!
  8. daysfan
    Episode#397: Hope Questions Vivian

    -Lucas and Jan lay on the couch, passionately making love as one by one, they lose more pieces of clothing....Lucas continues to protest that they shouldn't do this because of Eugenia, but Jan tells him that this is THEIR time...it has nothing to do with her! Jan and Lucas kiss and continue...as EUGENIA walks up to the doorway and sees it through the doorway!

    -Lexie tells Faye that this is RIDICULOUS...and quite frankly, none of her damn business! She says that Abe hasn't even bothered with the custody arrangements in month, and Faye says that he's in a wheelchair constantly having to go through intensive physical therapy to be able to function again! Lexie flashes back to Elvis bribing Judge Fitzpatrick to give her custody...but then she asks Faye if the only reason she is picking at straws is because she thinks this will get her Abe back!

    -Jeremy and Cassie are stunned to see Laura trying to strangle Robin, and Jeremy asks Laura what the hell she's doing as he rushes over and pulls her off of his mother...Cassie runs to Robin's side as she gasps for air and asks if she's alright, and Robin says that crazy whore tried to kill her AGAIN!

    -Vivian thinks to herself that she'll keep Bo and Kristen from finding out the truth....but really, they couldn't anyway...the only one who figured it out is Stefano...and he's dead, thanks to her and Sami! Vivian assures herself it will be alright...Hope walks back into Bo's office, and greets Vivian...after a moment of brief chatting, she says she seems nervous....and asks Vivian why she seems so nervous!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Eugenia sees Lucas and Jan making love inside the Spears Mansion....she watches in silence, and as the two continue to rip each other apart....her face gets grimmer and grimmer, and a tear runs down her face as she turns, and walks away....

    -Faye tells Lexie NO, thats not it at all...she just wants Abe to be reunited with Theo! Lexie shakes her head and tells Faye that she doesn't think she has ever even seen Theo...she says this is just for Abe...she says she saw it at the hospital a couple months ago...Faye definitely wants Abe back! Faye furiously argues with Lexie that she DOESN'T want Abe back...she knows he's happy with Maggie! Lexie says they'll just see about that, and Faye storms out....

    -Vivian looks at Hope and tells her she's not nervous...its just a shock...her own husband wanting his son dead, and then someone ELSE setting up her step-son to die! Hope tells Vivian that as far as she knew she never cared about Peter...and Vivian simply shrugs...Hope says she thinks she's hiding something else!

    -Laura screams, while Jeremy holds her back, that she didn't try to kill Robin....but yet again, Robin taunted her into something....she explains that they were talking about WHY Robin was FRAMING her, and an argument broke out...Robin says that Laura is lying through her damn teeth...Laura came in, told her she'd never send her to a mental home, and began choking her!!! Robin tells her son to call the police, and Jeremy says that they aren't calling anyone...they just need some time to cool down. He slowly lets Laura go as Robin grasps her neck, and the two enemies exchange a death glare....

    -Vivian says to Hope that this is prepostorous...she's fine, she isn't hiding anything and really should go, especially if Hope's going to give her the third degree like this! Vivian quickly rushes off, leaving Hope to wonder if, and what, Vivian is hiding!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#396: Vivian Discovers Kristen's Investigation

    -Jan tells Lucas that he's paranoid....there's nothing wrong, nothing off, nothing going on...she tells him to calm down and just come to his senses...remember his love for her! Jan puts Josh down and runs towards Lucas...and pulls him into a kiss! She says its time that they remember what they have...remember everything about what made them fall in love...Lucas doesn't say anything as the two begin to rip each others clothes off...

    -Lexie is in the living room with Theo at the DiMera Mansion....she suddenly hears someone banging at the door, and has Celeste come in with Theo while she goes to answer it...Lexie soon opens the door to see Faye! Lexie tells Faye this is a surprise...and Faye tells her that she's here to get Abe's son!

    -Robin is at Maggie's house...she sits alone in the living room, in her wheelchair....Laura walks in and asks where Jeremy is, and she says that he's out with Cassie getting them all something to eat....Laura says that she knows Hope is out, Maggie and Abe are at physical therapy, Julie's at the park with Pamela and Addie...Abby's out of the country visiting Jack and Jennifer, and Nick's at the hospital...so now they're all alone, and they can have a proper talk about why the hell Robin keeps telling everyone that Laura tried to kill her!

    -Hope slowly apologizes, and says she shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about that....Bo assures Hope its nothing....and they can talk later...but now, he really does need to help Kristen with this...its very serious and important. Hope nods in understanding, and steps out as Kristen thanks Bo...she says that she knows this is awkward and odd, and maybe she shouldn't even be going to him, but out of all the fools in the Salem PD...he's the smartest, and she knows that together they can figure out who set Peter up...she says she just has to do it...for her brother. Bo agrees...and promises her that they WILL figure out who set Peter up to die...just as VIVIAN walks in!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan and Lucas kiss passionately, slowly falling into the living room as they leave Josh in the kitchen...the two collapse onto the couch, kissing and continuing to rip their clothes off...Lucas tells her that they shouldn't be doing this, because of Eugenia...Jan tells him to forget about her, and continues to kiss him all over his body as he does the same to her!

    -Lexie says "Excuse me?", and Faye tells Lexie that its time Theo goes back to where he rightfully belongs: To his father! She tells Lexie that Abe is STILL trying to recover from a stroke that SHE caused...Lexie tells Faye that this is none of her business and she's beating a dead horse anyways....Theo is hers, and staying with her! Faye tells Lexie that there's no way in hell that the court would have given custody to Lexie after just being released for murder....Faye deduces that Lexie pulled something, and she's going to find out what!

    -Kristen and Bo both turn to see Vivian, and Kristen asks what she's doing here....Vivian says that she heard about the whole Crystal/Kate/Stefano debacle...and was here to visit her old "friend" Kate...but she slowly and nervously asks if she heard something about Peter being set up...Kristen explains what Tony told her, and how her and Bo are setting out to find out who set Peter up....Vivian is horrified!

    -Robin tells Laura she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about....Laura yells to Robin that there's NO ONE hear...no secret cameras or recorders....its time she gets a reason for why she's downright FRAMING her! Robin chuckles and says to Laura to give it up...soon she'll be in the crazy house for everything she did to her! Laura screams that she DID NOTHING, damnit, she DIDN'T DO A THING!! Robin says oh please...Laura hated her for months before she fell! Laura screams AH HA, she admits she fell! Robin realizes that she slipped up and says fine...they both know the truth...but no one will believe Laura, she's known for being crazy! She says that she should've stayed in that mental home...she's glad she didn't meet her back when she and Mike were together...she asks Laura if she remembers the cozy little rooms....then the other rooms with the white walls...just sitting there for years after losing it back in 1980....and taunts her constantly, telling her that soon those days will be back! Laura is overcome with emotion as she remembers her torrid mental past, and finally begins to STRANGLE Robin....just as Jeremy and Cassie walk in!!!!!

    -Vivian tries to talk Kristen and Bo out of this, saying Peter may have been mistaken...it doesn't mean anyone set him up! Kristen tells him there's no way Peter would mistake something like her calling him down to the pier...she KNOWS someone wanted him dead, she feels it in her gut..and she's going to find out who!! She and Bo walk off, determined to find some answers, as Vivian's heart drops...she flashes back to sending Peter down to the pier...and thinks to herself that she can't let anyone find out that she set Peter up...or else everything she's worked so hard to get BACK will be gone again and she'll be inside a jail cell....again! Vivian vows to make sure that Bo and Kristen never discover the truth!
  10. daysfan
    Episode#395: Kristen Seeks Bo

    -Lucas tells Jan that for the final time, she has to understand what he's going through...he had to help his son get his granddaughter back, and now he has a teenager and ANOTHER infant to take care of, and he loves both her and Eugenia deeply...he still needs time to process EVERYTHING thats happening in his family....his mother is in jail for goodness sakes! Jan tells Lucas that she knows, she heard this all before, and she's given him time! She says that HE has to understand how annoying it is living under one roof with the OTHER fiancee of the man she loves...she says that she knows he loves Eugenia and all that, but he ONLY loves her because she helped him while she was locked up...and she only loves him because he took care of her while she was pregnant...and now she's back and Eugenia's baby is dead, so there's no reason for them to stay together...Lucas and Eugenia were nothing but comforters for each other!

    -Faye tells Abe thats so sweet of him...and Abe says its true...and asks how Brandon is. Faye says that she talked to him just a little while ago...he's doing well and is living with Carrie Brady of all people! Abe says thats great....and asks if there could be anything between the two, and Faye smiles and says from how it sounded, she thinks it could be possible...Abe says thats excellent, and he knows what he did for Sami and thought it was so noble of him....Abe also expresses how much he wishes he could have relationships with his sons...and Faye asks about Theo...and Abe sadly admits that he hasn't seen his son since Lexie took him from Abe last year!

    -Suga tells Victor that he can't be serious, and Victor says he is...he says that it was wrong of him to get the court to drop ALL those charges....therefore, he's going to get them to put them back up, and Suga can go back to jail where she belongs! Suga says that he CAN'T do that to her! Victor says he can and he will...he says that he should have never hired her, and she's too much trouble for his own good...and again he just doesn't need her anymore! Suga looks at Victor, astounded, and reminds him that he did want Dorian dead and was behind TWO out of three attempts on her life...she tells him that if he sends her to jail, she's taking him with her!

    -Kristen walks into Bo's office at the police station...Bo looks up at her and happily greets her, and asks what she needs...Kristen tells Bo that she needs his help! Bo asks with what, and Kristen says that they need to figure out who set her brother up to die!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas tells Jan that he's sorry, but thats just not true...he says that yes, he and Eugenia comforted each other over various things that had happened...but through that, they did fall in love...Jan screams in frusteration, and asks Lucas what happened...what happened to the love that THEY shared! She asks what happened to the days where it was just them...where he only loved her...where they were happy and there was NO ONE else to interfere...the days of passion! She says that she expected to come back to that...not this CIRCUS! Lucas tells her that he misses those days too...but...there's Eugenia now and not to mention....Jan's been...different ever since she returned from the Secret Room! Jan asks him what the hell he's talking about, and Lucas explains:

    Lucas:I don't know what it is, but ever since you crashed the wedding, there's been something off about you...something different! I don't know how to put my finger on it...but I feel like something's wrong!
    Jan;Well Lucas, I was kept out of society with only three women and a baby around, in a room underneath a mansion...do you think I'd come back all jolly and like I was?! But, still, I don't know what you're talking about...I'm the same person I always have been, and the affects of the Secret Room have worn off...I'm just sick of Eugenia Willens!!!
    Lucas:No, Jan, believe me...there's something else. There's something else going on here.

    -Faye says thats terrible and tells him she never knew Lexie to be someone like...that, but Abe slowly says that things have really changed between him and Lexie while Faye was out of Salem...they broke up after he found her with Tek Kramer thanks to Larry Welch, and then Lexie ended up killing Tek...Stefano returned and they framed him for it, until Sami came along with the tape that proved him innocent...Lexie got locked up but Megan, her sister via Stefano, broke her out...then she got locked up again but got off for the murder, and thats when she took Theo from him....Faye tells him thats terrible, and comforts Abe over the loss of his son as Abe continues to talk about how much he misses Theo...Faye eventually leaves once Abe has physical therapy to go to, and as she walks away from Maggie's house she says maybe its time that Abe gets his son back!

    -Victor tells Suga that no one would believe her...and Suga says please...Dorian probably figured everything out by now and could easily back her story up to the police....Victor says to Suga to not make this difficult...and Suga yells that he is trying to throw her back in the slammer for no good reason...she says that he isn't even doing this because of some change of heart...he probably just is doing it to try to make his ex-girlfriend Celeste THINK that he's had a change of heart!

    -Bo asks Kristen what she's talking about...they know that Crystal shot Peter on accident...and Kristen says thats true...but she found out something that led her to thinking that someone else wanted Peter down there that night! Bo is intrigued, and Kristen explains what Tony told her at the DiMera Mansion and how she confronted Kate on it but it doesn't seem like she or Stefano wanted Peter down there...so someone else may have known about their plan, and intentionally sent Peter down there! Bo is shocked...and Kristen tells him that she HAS to find out who did this...and she needs his help! Bo and Kristen discuss this, but suddenly, Bo sees HOPE in the doorway, and she says:

    Hope:Well well well, whats going on here?

    -Victor snaps thats not true, and Suga says they both know it is! Suga tells him that he probably just wants her gone so Celeste will think all is well and they can have happiness...and Victor tells her to just focusing on getting locked up again! Suga and Victor continue to argue, ending with Victor walking away, and Suga vowing that he will NOT put her back in that prison for crimes she doesn't even REMEMBER doing!

    -Kristen sighs as Hope enters, and tells her to not worry...nothing's going on...she's just meeting with Bo about some business. Hope tells her she's sure of that...Kristen snaps that its true, and Bo says that Kristen's right...Hope calls herself a fool for actually believing what Bo told her a few days ago...he and Kristen are still hooked on each other! Kristen, after all of this craziness, finally YELLS:

    Kristen:Okay, listen, Miss Paranoid, I've had about enough of this....NO, Bo and I aren't discussing this love you THINK we have for each other...for the final damn time, you can have Bo! You can have him...I don't care...I have something more important on my mind! Like who set up my brother to die...thats why I'm here, Hope! Not to steal your husband...but to try to figure out who made sure that Peter was down at the pier the night he got shot by Crystal Galore...and for that, I need Bo's help! If you can't deal with THAT, then you can just walk out that door right now!

    Hope is silent for a moment, as is Bo...Kristen turns to him and asks him if he will...will he help her find out who wanted Peter dead! Hope looks at Bo, and Bo looks at Hope, but then he looks at Kristen and tells her...yes, he will!
  11. daysfan
    Episode#394: Kristen Breaksdown

    -The sun has risen as another day starts in Salem!

    -Jan is in the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, feeding Josh some formula....Lucas walks in and greets her, and she immediately goes over and kisses Lucas...he however ignores this, and asks how she is...she says she's fine, but just a bit irritated...and Lucas asks why...Jan explains that she got a message from Tony yesterday...telling her that he and that dumb bitch Anna had gotten back together and were leaving town after what happened at the courthouse yesterday...not even bothering to visit her personally to tell his own daughter goodbye! Lucas slowly tells Jan that maybe now she understands why he was so angry at her when he thought she had deserted him!

    -Abe is at Maggie's House, and Julie walks into the living room, telling Abe there is someone here to see him...Abe turns to see none other than Faye! As Julie goes into the kitchen, Abe and Faye happily greet each other...as Abe says its been awhile, and Faye nods and says she's been around town...just dealing with some issues with her children...Abe looks at Faye and tells her he knows the look on her face when she's lying...something else is going on! Faye sighs and tells Abe that she feels like....Maggie hasn't exactly been pleased with her hanging around him.

    -Suga walks down the stairs at the Kiriakis Mansion....she walks into the living room, and sees Victor....Victor is silent, flashing back to the kiss he and Dorian shared the other day before she scurried out of Titan...Suga greets him, causing him to snap out of it, and he tells her its good he found her...its time for them to talk about something very important!

    -Kristen is seen standing at a cliff....she watches the sun come up...its revealed to be the cliff that Stefano and his car went flying off of months ago! She says that this is supposedly the place...first time she's ever seen it...she looks down the cliff below, and says that her father is down there somewhere...she tells him that she's confronted Kate, she's confronted Crystal...but she has yet to confront him....and now she's left with a mystery....she says outloud that she wants to know who set her brother up to die!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kristen says, seemingly talking to Stefano on the cliff even though no one is there, that Kate and Crystal both claimed that Peter wasn't the intended victim....and they seemed honest when they said it....but it doesn't make sense...she says that Tony told her that Peter thought that SHE called him down to the pier...when she really didn't. She goes on to say that she really doesn't think that Stefano sent Peter down there...but it really is his fault, in the end...because yet again...one of his children has been caught in the cross fire of his petty wars and vendettas!

    -Jan asks what that has to do with this...and Lucas says nothing, and he understands how she feels, but Jan's seemed like she refused to accept why he was so angry and why he fell in love with Eugenia so easily...it was because he THOUGHT that Jan left him suddenly, like Tony just took off from town suddenly...Jan groans and says thats very different....Lucas says it is...he just wishes she could see why he loves Eugenia like he loves her! Jan looks at Lucas with disgust and says this is RIDICULOUS...Jan screams to Lucas that she should have tossed that bitch to the CURB by now...she was here first, he should've gone right back to her...she says that she's getting so sick of him trying to have two fiancee's!!

    -Abe laughs and asks Faye what she means...Maggie's not one to mind things like that! Faye says that she never said anything specific, its just...she spoke to her awhile back in May...and thats the vibe she got, so she's been staying away...Faye tells Abe she thinks its because of their past together, though she assured Maggie they're just friends...Abe assures Faye that Maggie's not like that....they have a son together...they have to talk sometimes, and he likes having Faye around! Faye asks if he really means that...and he says yes, he does!
    -Suga asks what...and Victor tells Suga that he's had a bit of a...change of heart....he says that so much has happened in the past month, its changed his outlook on things...Suga is confused, and asks what this has to do with her...Victor says that he no longer needs her services! Suga asks what he means...Victor tells her that now that the whole thing with Dorian is over...he is going to send Suga back to prison where she belongs! Suga is STUNNED!

    -Kristen says that both Renee and Megan were "dead" for years because of his crazy schemes...hell, she nearly got caught up in them several times...Tony of course was tortured by him, and thats what caused his crazy alternate personality to rape her! She goes on to say that both Elvis and Megan are totally screwed up for life because of him...Andre's dead...Benjy doesn't even want to know him! She also points out how EJ was right in the middle of the feud between Stefano and Helena...and low and behold, he's dead too! She says that poor Lexie...she's gone from being good, to being like him, then back to good, then back to being like him...the only reason she even has her son is because of Elvis's scheming! She says that Peter is ultimately dead too...because he wanted to kill his OTHER son...Tony! Kristen then goes on:

    Kristen:I know you were just doing it for me, Father....and I don't know if I have any place to talk, considering I tried to kill Tony back at the DiMera Mansion when I shot Anna....and I wanted him dead for so long...but...my brother's dead for no good reason...and damnit, ultimately, its YOUR fault! Yours and Kate's! You two...you constantly screw up your kids lives!!! WHY, damnit, WHY?! Why do you always have to have revenge?! Why did Peter have to die?! WHY FATHER, TELL ME WHY!

    Tears run down Kristen's cheeks, but then she says:

    Kristen:I guess not even the Phoenix knows...but now...now that I've confronted you, Kate, and Crystal...I'm going to find the person who set Peter up to die...I'm going to find the person that wanted him dead and got their wish! But so help me, if I somehow find out that you somehow caused him to be down there that night...I'll make sure you never rise from the ashes.

    Kristen then turns, and stomps off....
  12. daysfan
    Episode#393: Goodbye

    -Alexis tells Chris she just has a bit of researching to do, about something she heard about shortly after she came to Salem....she tells him that he probably wouldn't even remember it if he was around then, it wasn't anything huge for the entire town....as Alexis browses the computer, she finally yells "AH HA!" and says she found it...Chris takes a peak, and his eyes widen!

    -Victor tells Dorian that it would be unwise to drag the police into this....Dorian tells him that someone tried to kill her twice, she should have both people involved arrested and thrown in jail for life! Victor says to Dorian that they need to try to put this behind them...he found out she wasn't the one to put Celeste in her coma, so he will leave her alone...and she needs to leave her petty vendetta behind once and for all!

    -Kate is in a jail cell at the police station.....an officer approaches her and tells her that she has a visitor...Kate turns to see Kristen walking in! Kate sighs and asks if Kristen is here to blast her again...Kristen says she might be....but she has something she needs to know! Kate asks what that might be, and Kristen outright asks if Kate and Stefano set up PETER to die!

    -Brandon and Carrie are at their apartment....they are just finishing eating breakfast when they hear a knock on the door...Carrie answers it to see Anna! The two greet each other and hug, and Carrie asks her mother what she needs....Anna says that she's here to tell Carrie that she's leaving Salem!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Chris says WOW...thats an OLD case....he's not sure if he even remembers it! Alexis nods and says she just needs some information related to it...she clicks around a bit, and finally says she's found EXACTLY what she's looking for! Chris realizes what Alexis is doing and tells her she really shouldn't be doing this....it'd be foolish and just digging up some old, buried emotions and chaos....Alexis says to Chris that she has to do this....she has a feeling in her gut that she should pursue this!!! She gets up and leaves, thanking him for letting her on the computer....Chris sighs and says that woman is getting way too over her head....

    -Dorian asks why should she....Victor tells her that so they can move on with their lives! He says that he loved Viki, and he loved her...but during the past few years, the history with them both has haunted him too much...its time to move past this once and for all! Dorian is silent as Victor says to her that she needs to stop hating him, because he really DID love her...he felt something very deep for her....Dorian and him slowly lean in and.....KISS!

    -Carrie asks Anna WHAT...she says that she herself only JUST came back to Salem! Anna nods and says she knows, and she hates that she's leaving right after she returned...she says that she and Tony have gotten back together, but they've also discovered that Peter Blake's death awhile back...it was actually set up by Tony's own father and Kate....and TONY was the intended victim, and then Crystal Galore, the woman who was suing for custody of Will's little girl, was the woman who ended up shooting Peter on accident...Carrie is shocked and says thats terrible, but she's glad she and Tony have finally worked it out...Anna goes on to say that after both of them being so involved in that craziness, and the whole Kate thing....they both think it may be best to take a break from Salem....so this is goodbye!

    -Kate looks at Kristen, confused, and tells her that she thought that both she and Crystal made it QUITE clear that Peter wasn't supposed to be the victim, or even involved in that whole thing at all....Kristen tells Kate that Tony mentioned at the DiMera Mansion, when he was there to mend the fences between them before leaving town with Anna, that Peter said at the pier that SHE called him down there....when she didn't at all...so she's beginning to think that SOMEONE knew what was going to happen, and wanted Peter down there...Kate looks at Kristen in shock and says:

    Kate:Wait...Tony's....leaving town?

    -Carrie tells Anna that she can't believe this...its just....so shocking....but nonetheless, she....wishes her well and she loves her! Carrie and Anna hug again, having somewhat of an emotional goodbye after many years of a troubled relationship....Anna looks at Brandon, and she asks them both if they are....in some kind of relationship! Both immediately deny it, and Anna just smiles before leaving....after she leaves, Carrie says that now...the only mother she had besides Marlena is gone. Brandon tells her it'll be alright as he hugs her...Anna watches from a distance, thinking to herself that Carrie's falling in love all over again, and she turns and leaves the apartment complex...

    -Kristen tells Kate yes...he and Anna are back together, and leaving Salem today...Kate is shocked and hurt, knowing that she caused this and now her and Tony really ARE over for good...Kristen says that they need to get back to the topic at hand...Kate swears to Kristen that neither her nor Stefano wanted Peter dead...he was NOT supposed to be at the pier that night! Kristen is hesitant at first, but slowly believes Kate, and leaves, knowing now that someone ELSE knew about the plot to kill Tony and intentionally sent Peter down there....

    -Anna enters the airport....where Tony is revealed to be! Tony and Anna greet each other and share a passionate kiss, as Anna says she said goodbye to Carrie...Tony tells her that he's...made some kind of peace with Kristen, and couldn't find Jan but he left a message on her phone...he says he hates to do it that way but sadly, there was no other way...and it just represents the odd relationship he and Jan have...Anna slowly nods, and says that their goodbyes have been said....now its time to leave! Tony and Anna continue to kiss as they prepare to board their plane....they soon get on the plane and it takes off....the supercouple looks out at the town before them, their home....a tear falls from Anna's eye, but Tony just puts his arms around , her first husband who she fell in love with...she thinks of Andre and Stefano and Vince and how much they all tortured her and Tony....Tony also sits and looks out the window, he thinks of Marlena, and how to this day he still loves her...he also thinks of Renee, his first true love...he thinks os his father and the difficult relationship they had...he thinks of his mother and how close he was to her...he thinks of Jan, his hidden child that he didn't find out about until last year....he also thinks of Kristen, and the love they shared years ago, and then Vince raping her...he thinks of Vince and how much he haunted his life...and he also thinks of Kate....who he loved in a way, but discovered she wanted him dead...he thinks of Andre, who took over his life one too many times...he thinks to himself that he's had alot of pain in Salem...but also has had alot of love, laughs, and happiness...he looks at Anna, who looks at him....and the two think of each other...and how much they have always loved each other, and how much they belong together, despite the huge issues they've faced....the two lock lips one last time, celebrating their love, as the plane flies away from Salem....
  13. daysfan
    Episode#392: Tony and Kristen Have It Out

    -Eugenia asks Jan what she means, and Jan realizes the slip up she just made, and quickly covers herself by explaining to Eugenia that around 7 years ago...she lost her baby she had been carrying for months...her baby with Paul Mendez. She tells Eugenia about how thats when she fell in love with Shawn, but she fell down the stairs at Bo and Hope's house after an argument with Belle...but then told everyone Belle pushed her down the stairs....she carried that baby in her womb for so long...and then it died...so yes, she knows how it feels to lose a child! Eugenia nods and says that she heard about that....Eugenia finally says that this is such a grim subject, they should change it....she looks at Josh and grins, saying that he really is a BEAUTIUFUL baby....she asks Jan out of curiosity what day he was born....and Jan instinctively says:

    Jan:March 24th.
    Eugenia:Oh...oh my....thats the exact day Blake was born!

    -Chris stares at Alexis and tells her its time for her to leave NOW, but she seductively tells him no...she wants to stay with him...as she comes onto him! Chris begins to get nervous, and Alexis continues to seduce him...Chris finally yells FINE...he'll let her on the computer if she stops this!

    -Victor tells Dorian that even after all these years, she still has a brain...Dorian says of course, thats why he was attracted to her in the first place...he needed someone smarter than Viki! Victor snaps for her to not speak of Viki that way, and asks Victor why she even came to Salem in the first place...Dorian explains that she heard about how Viki/Nikki being here awhile back, and she knew that this was the perfect chance to come to Salem for revenge on Victor...for screwing her over in favor of Viki all those years ago!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen is in the entryway, and she hears a knock on the door...she answers it to see none other than Tony!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan realizes she slipped up, and her eyes widen....she plays dumb and asks Eugenia if thats really true...and Eugenia nods and says yes....she was called down to the hospital that night by some nurse...and she says that its still so blurry, but she somehow had these huge complications, had to be knocked out, and went into labour...and her son was stillborn....Jan slowly says thats too bad, and Eugenia tells her that she knows they're not friends...but she thinks Jan is really lucky to have such a beautiful baby like Josh. Jan just tilts her head, and says that they need to go....Jan scurries away, as Eugenia slowly touches her son's grave, wondering why he couldn't have lived....

    -Alexis says its his loss...but thanks him as she slowly sits down, and gets on the police computer...Chris looks at her in disgust, saying she's yet another crazy woman here in Salem....Alexis tells him that at least she's not a stabbing psycho, or a woman who accusses innocent people of trying to kill them....Chris asks Alexis what she wants on that computer anyway!

    -Kristen looks at Tony....the last time she spoke to him was at Peter's funeral months ago, even though she saw him at the custody trial just the other day...she slowly backs away, asking him what the hell he wants...Tony promises her that he's not here to start anything or harm her....he tells her that he's here....to mend fences between them...once and for all!

    -Victor tells Dorian that he NEVER screwed her over for Viki....Dorian gets angry and tells him he sure as hell did! Dorian tells Victor that they had something...perhaps love...but he also had love with Viki, AND Nikki Smith, and was always so back and forth...but they definitely had something...they had chemistry! Yet in the end, he ended up pledging his love for Viki and leaving her out in the cold...and it'd come back to haunt him many years later! Victor tells Dorian that he always has and always will has huge love for Viki...but that all ended thanks to Clint Buchanan. Victor says that as usual, she's blaming Viki for something that wasn't her or his fault...he says it simply was that he did love Viki...it was a deep love, and for the record, he couldn't give a damn about Nikki Smith! Dorian says that it all goes back to that, though, and thats why she's wanted revenge on him for months now....and him hiring that woman to kill her...gives her the perfect chance for revenge now...she says that she was going to make that Destiny girl help her in return for the information on Crystal...but she doesn't need that now that she has THIS!

    -Kristen shakes her head at Tony and tells him to get out....she doesn't want to see his sorry ass ever again, she thought she made that perfectly clear! Tony nods but argues that he didn't kill Peter...like she accused him of doing. Kristen asks if he wants a medal for that...being a rapist instead of a murderor. Tony again claims that he is not a rapist...it was Vince...Vince did all of that! Kristen tells Tony she has enough to deal with, he needs to go away...Tony tells her that he is....the whole reason he's here today is because...he and Anna are back together, and they're leaving Salem! He says that she won't ever have to see him again after this...but he just...would hate to leave Salem without making amends with his adopted sister...and his, or Vince's, ex-wife...despite all the craziness between them since the rape. Kristen slowly says she can't believe this...him leaving Salem....she is silent, and after a minute says its funny...six months ago...she would have literally rejoiced...and she still feels like it now...but she also doesn't know how to feel...she tells him that she really did think he killed Peter, and she hates him...but these past several months have really...changed her. She tells Tony that she's over the rape now....she says that...something happened a few months ago that caused her to move past it...and she's still grieving her brother, but she has alot more on her mind...so she says that maybe it is time to...forgive him...especially if it was actually Vince. Tony nods and thanks her, as Kristen says that...she'll try to slowly forgive him, and she wishes him the best....Tony again thanks her, and apologizes about Peter...he says that it shouldn't have happened, Peter was a good man and a great brother...he then goes on to say:

    Tony:And Kristen, in a way you've been right all along....it was because of me, partially....I was the intended victim...he was only down there because you wanted to meet him there...
    Kristen:Wait, what?
    Tony:Peter came down there shortly after I arrived, because Anna was held at gunpoint by one of Stefano's men and called ME down there...Peter said that you called him down there...he accused me of doing something to you, and thats how we started fighting before Crystal shot him.
    Kristen:I....I...never called Peter down there...I mean, if I wanted to talk to him I could've just called him or done it here...but Kate and Crystal both said that his death was an accident, and Father wouldn't dare set Peter up....
    Tony:But, if you weren't the one to lure him down there....then it seems someone may have known about what was going to happen, and they wanted him dead...
    Kristen:You're right...but you know what, I'll deal with this myself...you just...you just have a good life with Anna...and it'll take a long time for me to fully forgive you...but I will try, and I...am over the rape. Someone special has really helped me through that in more ways than one...so you can consider us on...speakable terms, at least. And I...really am sorry for the hell I've put you and even Anna through during the past year and a half.
    Tony:No, I understand...you have no need to apologize, and I am truly and deeply sorry for what Vince put you through....raping you like that...it had to be horrible. But rest assured, Vince is gone now...and I'll make sure he, nor I, ever hurt you again....and for the record, although alot of it was Vince in that era....I think....a part of me really did love you, from what little I can remember and what little I was there for, all those years ago when we fell in love and wed..
    Kristen:Thank...you, Tony.

    Kristen and Tony then say their goodbye....the former couple that has had such a rocky relationship since 1993 and especially since the rape resolving their differences, but going their seperate ways...Tony leaves the DiMera Mansion, as Kristen realizes that someone set her brother up to die as well....and she vows to find out who!
  14. daysfan
    Episode#391: Tony and Anna's Decision

    -Its another new day in Salem!

    -Outside St.Luke's, Jan is seen in the cemetary with baby Josh in a stroller....Jan stands over the grave of Blake Willens/Bradley Spears....she slowly touches it, as a few tears fall from her eyes....she tells him she's so sorry its taken mommy so long to visit...she's just been busy with daddy...and also, she's taking care of his brother Josh...she tells him she's sorry she had to practically give him to that witch Eugenia...but its for the best, and she hasn't forgotten about him...and now, she has a new baby that will help her get over his death, and help her and daddy start a family....however, Jan hears someone ask what she's doing at her son's grave, and she looks up to see EUGENIA!

    -Alexis is seen sitting at the police station....she has a hat and sunglasses on, and is reading the newspaper....she looks up, makes sure no one sees her, and slowly stands up, tossing the news paper aside...she edges towards one of the computers, and grins as she gets there and begins to sit down...but suddenly her arm is grabbed by none other than Chris, who asks her what the hell she thinks she's doing!

    -Victor is at Titan...in between doing work, he constantly tries to call Celeste, but she doesn't answer...he leaves messages on her phone, telling her how much he loves her and that they need to talk...he looks at a newspaper beside him, and sees the news story about Crystal and Kate getting arrested for Peter's murder, and his eyes widen, especially when he sees Dorian mentioned! But his reading is interrupted by Dorian herself when she walks right into his office, saying:

    Dorian:Well well well...if it isn't the man who wanted me dead.

    -Tony and Anna are in bed at the Salem Inn....both are naked and underneath the covers in Tony's bed! Anna tells him that was a great night of love making...its been far too long! Tony agrees, and says he is so pleased that they're back together...Anna says she still just can't believe what he told her about Kate, her and Stefano setting him up to be killed, and hiring that Crystal Galore woman....and then turning around and being his friend and sleeping with him! Tony nods and says that he supposes he just got tricked...but now, he's looking forward to a bright future with Anna! He then says thats why he needs to say something...he tells her he's been heavily thinking about something ever since they made love, and then he says:

    Tony:Anna, my dear, I think we should leave Salem.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan looks at Eugenia, and Eugenia again asks Jan what she's doing at her own son's grave...Jan stutters for a moment, but slowly tells Eugenia that Lucas talked about how her baby died in childbirth one night, and so she decided to just come down here and see where he was buried....Eugenia says to Jan that it seemed like Jan was doing more than just looking at the gravesite, though...Jan shrugs and says she was just telling him what a great life he would have had with Lucas around...Jan then goes on to snap that of course, Eugenia would have been out on her ass soon anyway...Eugenia tells Jan NOT to start this here, NOT in the presence of her baby boy...Jan glances at Josh real fast but quickly snaps out of it, and Jan says fine...Eugenia tells her at least she has her baby....her's died before it had a chance to live! Eugenia says to Jan that she just wishes she could stop with all the insults because while she may not be the best person in the world, she's gone through ALOT in the past year or two! Eugenia tells Jan that she doesn't know what kind of agnozing pain a mother goes through when their child dies, and Jan finally tells Eugenia firmly:

    Jan:Oh, I definitely do!

    -Alexis tells Chris to get his hands off of her, and Chris tells her he will after he knows what she's doing near government computers! Alexis tells him not to be so pushy....she just wanted to...check up on how Laura's case was doing! Chris rolls his eyes and tells her that Laura doesn't even HAVE a "case" yet, she hasn't been arrested! Chris orders Alexis to tells him what she's doing here right now...and Alexis bites her lip, but then wraps her free arm around Chris and seductively says:

    Alexis:Instead...how about...we take a break here and have a little fun time to ourselves?

    -Victor tells Dorian she's already up and around...lovely. Dorian nods, and tells him that she would have come sooner, but another bitch kidnapped her and tried to kill her...but she lived of course...she tells Victor that she's impressed...his hitwoman got to her twice...Victor asks how she knows who he hired, and she says it was a nurse who injected an air bubble into her IV...and she knew from the beginning that he was responsible for her getting shot at the Spears Mansion! Victor says to Dorian this is all a big misunderstanding, and Dorian bursts out laughing as she says:

    Dorian:Victor, its ME! You know that I would figure out what you did as soon as I woke up....so don't even try to play dumb...you hired that woman to kill me, and you almost succeeded.

    -Anna's eyes widen and she asks Tony what about their children....Jan and Carrie! Tony nods and tells her he thought about that, and its ultimately her choice...but he just wants to get away from Salem...he doesn't want to be here, at least not for awhile, after all that chaos at the courthouse yesterday...its just too much...from Andre taking over his life to searching for his supposed child with Renee, from Vince to the chaos with his hidden child with Marlena and Kristen's rape, then Peter's death and his little thing with Kate...he says that he wants to establish a bond with Jan, he even spoke to her yesterday...he says that it went well enough, and they showed signs of a mutual agreement...but after talking to her, he's not sure if he can ever have a father-daughter bond with her...she's a different, unique kind of girl....Anna says that she's never had the best bond with Carrie, either...but she does still want to speak to her now that Carrie's back in town for good....but at the same time, she does understand what he means...and its been a hectic three years! Anna is silent, and Tony asks if she'll leave Salem with him...and she finally says...YES, she'll go wherever he goes...he's her soulmate...now and forever! Tony grins and pulls her into a kiss as the screen fades to black...
  15. daysfan
    Episode#390: The Reunion

    -Justin looks at Victor, stunned and says he must not have heard that right...Victor sadly says he did! Justin wags his finger as he walks past Victor and says he thought that Victor grew PAST this years ago...he tells him he thought he was past the point of all the crime, murdering, and crazy schemes! Victor says that he HAS...its just...when he thought Dorian put Celeste in that coma, he was ENRAGED...he wanted to just murder her, because he loves Celeste so much! He explains that then he arranged Suga's release from prison...and she shot Dorian at the wedding, where he found it was Greta behind Celeste's coma...but then he couldn't FIND Suga, and by the time he did...she already had injected an air bubble into Dorian's IV...at first he thought she was dead, but found out she survived, thankfully...Justin curses and asks Victor when he's going to LEARN, and Victor says that he has now that Celeste left him because of it...suddenly, Vivian is seen in the doorway and she says:

    Vivian:Celeste left you?

    -Kate continues crying after Tony leaves...Lucas tells his mother that he can't believe this...once again, she's gone off and done something wild and crazy...Will also approaches his grandmother and begs her to be honest with him...did she REALLY not know that Crystal was the one who wanted custody of Arianna. Kate continues to swear on her life that she didn't...Stefano obviously knew since he offered to help her in the custody battle, but he kept it from her because he knew that she'd never go through with it if she knew....Lucas says that may be, but he is still shocked that she wanted a man dead and was responsible for another man's death....he doesn't think she's gone this far before! Kate says she knows, she has regretted it for months...she even tried to stop Crystal from killing Tony at the last minute, but by the time she got to the pier...Peter was already shot and bleeding to death with Tony and Billie at his side! Lucas tells her he doesn't care...a man is dead NOW because of her...and she had no problem plotting and hiring someone to kill another man...he says to his mother that he's had enough, and this whole time he's been determined to keep Arianna from freaks like the Galore's...he guesses he'll have to keep her and his entire family away from a freak like HER! Kate screams NO...please no...first Tony and now him! Chris comes forward and says to Lucas that won't be a problem...Kate's going to be behind bars! Kate gasps as Chris places her under arrest for the murder of Peter Blake!

    -Tony slowly walks towards the pier on the docks....as he walks around, he flashes back to the night months ago when Peter died....on this very pier. He remembers how one minute he and Peter were arguing over who called them down to the pier, and Kristen's rape and Vince...and the next, everything changed...and now he knows that his brother died because of him....and Crystal Galore killed him and she was hired by his father and Kate...Tony sheds a few tears and tells Peter he's so sorry, he never meant for any of this to happen...he knows their relationship was rough during the year Peter was back in Salem, but he NEVER wanted him dead...and now, he's lost everyone...Peter's gone, Kristen and his family hates him, Stefano's dead, Marlena's dead, Kate is the one who tried to set up his death, and Anna hates him. Suddenly, a voice says "Maybe she doesn't." and Tony whirls around to see Anna!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Victor asks Vivian what the hell she's doing here...Vivian says she was just dropping by to visit her ex-husband, and couldn't help overhearing that the ever so lovely Celeste left him...Victor tells her thats none of her business, and orders her to get out! Vivian laughs and says that Victor's better off without that bitch...and now, he's free to come back to her! Justin rolls his eyes as Victor says he'll call security! Vivian says fine....but she's around, if he ever needs a shoulder! Vivian leaves, as Victor realizes that not only does he have Celeste and Dorian on his hands, he has Vivian as well! Justin just sighs and tells Victor he's had one hell of a life....

    -Kate yells that Chris can't do this...and Chris tells Kate that she broke the law...she tried to kill a man and someone else ended up dead because of it, for goodness sakes! Kate looks at her family, her son, her grandson....Lucas just shakes his head and tells everyone to come on...he says that anyone who'd pull off a scheme like that...he refuses to bother with them. Kate looks at Will, who just shakes his head and says he needs to spend time with his daughter, as Kate is taken away and everyone else leaves the courtroom, all of this finally ending....

    -Tony asks Anna what she's doing here...and Anna explains that she was walking around Salem...looking for him! Tony asks why, and says that for months she hasn't wanted to speak to him...Anna nods, but says now...she does....she tells Tony that after some hard thinking and talking to some special people...while she doesn't approve of him pulling her around like that and sleeping with Kate two seconds later....she's not ready to give up on their love. Tony asks if she's serious....Anna says yes...she tells him that Carrie encouraged her to do it, and she didn't want to, but then she visited Roman...and just talking about it like that...made her realize that she doesn't want it to end...she tells Tony that IF...IF he can be serious with her, and have a serious relationship...then....maybe she wants to try something again...Tony nods and says he definitely can, after everything with Kate...he definitely can. Anna asks Tony if Kate will be a problem...and he promises her that he's done with Kate Roberts for good! Tony tells Anna that he loves her so much...and right now...he needs her more than ever! Tony rushes up to Anna and pulls her into a passionate kiss, and she kisses him back...the two lock lips as the lovers reunite at long last....
  16. daysfan
    Episode#389: Tony Cuts the Cord

    -Victor groans and tells Justin to mind his own business...there is NOTHING going on! Justin says that he knows there is, and Victor finally says fine...he's still in pain over losing Celeste, thats all! Justin slowly nods and says he understands, as Victor tells Justin that he and Celeste were in a relationship for over a year...and then to her suddenly leave him like that...it has to hurt! Justin slowly asks:

    Justin:Why DID you and Celeste break up, anyway?

    -Anna says to Roman that she still loves Tony....in her own way, and she hates it! She says that for years, she's been in total CHAOS with Tony...she says that her life was rather calm for all those years without Tony...then nearly three years ago, she came back to Salem, ran into him again and it once again....but still, she loves him! She wonders outloud to Roman what she should do....should she try to mend fences with Tony!

    -Will stands with Destiny as he holds baby Arianna, and Sami rushes up and gets a first look at her granddaughter....she says she's beautiful, and Destiny says that she's finally back in the right hands! Will is silent, just staring at his daughter in happiness....Tony, Lucas, and Kristen all approach Kate, as Kristen tells Kate that she can't believe she took part in the murder of her own brother....Kate continues to tell Kristen that Peter was NOT the intended victim...and Tony coldly says that HE was! Lucas tells his mother he can't believe she'd even work with Crystal, and Kate again swears that she had NO idea she was the one suing for custody of Arianna until she saw Crystal and Benard at his wedding...she says at the time, she wanted Tony dead so much...she was so distant from her family, aside from brief chats! Tony then says:

    Tony:I get it now, Kate....you never felt anything for me...all this time....you've just hated me, and the past couple months you've probably just been getting close to me so you can try to kill me again....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Will turns to Destiny, and sincerely thanks her so much for how much she's helped him...she's been there for him as a friend and for moral support, she helped him kidnap Arianna in the first place, and then she risked her life just to find out something on Crystal that will get him his daughter...Destiny smiles and tells him its because he's such a great friend to her, and she did it for BOTH Arianna's...she also tells him that she couldn't have done it without Dorian...Will turns to Dorian and thanks her, and Dorian lightly smiles, saying that Destiny definitely did fight for him and his daughter...Will and Destiny look at each other, both of them just smiling, happy that this is all over....however, Benard approaches the small group and tells them that if they thinks they've gotten rid of him, they have another thing coming!

    -Victor remembers how Celeste broke up with him because he and Suga tried to kill Dorian....and he simply tells Justin that the coma Greta put her in changed her a bit...Justin shakes his head and tells his uncle he knows thats a lie! Victor finally gets frusterated and blurts out that she left him because he hired that drug dealer Suga to kill Dorian Lord!

    -Kate tells Tony NO, thats not true! She tells him that she did hate him, yes, and she made that clear after Vince nearly killed her in Italy...and yes, she wanted him dead and teamed up with Stefano to do it, because Stefano was enraged at him because of Kristen's rape....but then, later on after Peter died, she grew close to him...she got to know him and realized he really is a great man...she tells Tony that she's valued their friensship so much over these past couple months! Kate begs Tony to believe her!

    -Anna sits with Roman in silence....she constantly thinks about Tony, remembering their greatest times together....she finally sighs and says that she knows what she has to do...she gets up and leaves the hospital!

    -Will tells Benard that its over...the custody battle is over, and he's lost Arianna thanks to his murdering wife! Benard tells Will that its not over until he says its over, but Sami and Destiny tell Benard to just go away! Benard looks down at Arianna, and sheds a tear...thinking that they're right...he's lost his granddaughter...Benard tells them fine...he'll leave Salem...but someday...someday he'll be back! Benard angrily turns and storms out of the courtroom...preparing to leave Salem!

    -Tony shakes his head and says to Kate that even if that IS true...she still wanted him dead, and never bothered to tell him even after they got close...he says that if it wasn't for this custody trial...she'd still be hiding her role in Peter's death....he says he's sorry but....this is it for them...they won't have any friendship, any romance....nothing at all....this has ruined whatever they had. Kate breaks down crying, begging Tony to please don't go...he has to understand, things are different now....Tony ignores Kate, walking out the door of the courtroom....leaving her behind for good....
  17. daysfan
    Episode#388: Crystal Goes to Jail

    -Victor arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion after leaving the hospital, and he storms in, yelling for Suga...saying he needs her to get her ass down here now....he wants to know what the hell she's trying to pull, kidnapping Dorian from the hospital...he thought they agreed all bets are off when it comes to Dorian! Suddenly, he turns around to see JUSTIN behind him, and Justin asks:

    Justin:Oh, Uncle Victor, what are you up to now?

    -In a room at the hospital, none other than Roman Brady(special guest Drake Hogestyn) is seen sitting catatonic, still in such a state after being shot by Stefano DiMera on an island in late 2007....slowly, a woman walks in...and that woman is revealed to be Anna! She tells Roman that she knows he can't speak and probably can't hear her...but she needs his advice!

    -Judge Fitzpatrick declares that in light of the recent developments, the custody of Arianna shall go BACK to Will....Crystal and Benard look at Judge Fitzpatrick, and Crystal screams NO...she really is a good person, she just had a lapse of judgement, and she was sick with worry and desperation at the time because of all of this! Benard argues to the judge that he is still a very good role model citizen, but Judge Fitzpatrick strongly disagrees, telling them that once Bo Brady gets here, Crystal is getting arrested, and Arianna shouldn't be anywhere near the Galore's, even if Benard hasn't done anything! Benard runs over to Ji'Min and begs his lawyer to help them, but Ji'Min says no, he's dropping the Galore's as clients! Will looks on in awe as Destiny rushes over and hugs him, and he says very slowly that he's finally getting his baby girl back! Bo, Chris, and Kristen rush in with Maggie, and she points out Crystal to Bo....Kristen runs up to Crystal before anyone else can, and screams:


    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Crystal asks Kristen who the hell she is...and Kristen tells her she's Kristen Blake...the SISTER of the man Crystal murdered! Crystal looks on in shock, saying she's Stefano's daughter, and Kristen says damn right! Kristen looks at the baby in Crystal's arms, and tells her that she's lucky she's holding that, or else she'd be beating her to a PULP for what she's done...hell have no fury like Kristen Blake DiMera! Bo approaches the two women and tries to calm Kristen down, as Crystal tells Kristen that it was an accident, she didn't mean to shoot Peter...Kate and Stefano hired her to kill Tony! Kristen angrily turns to Kate and screams that SHE was involved in this, too! Kate tells Kristen she's so sorry, and she regrets what happened every day of her life...Tony continues to stare at Kate, as Will finally comes out of his shock and tells Crystal its time to give him his daughter!

    -Victor lies and tells Justin that nothing's going on....Justin says that he heard him yelling, he knows he's up to something! Victor tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about, and asks what he's even doing here! Justin says he was here to discuss some Titan things...but now he's here to discuss whats going on with his uncle!

    -Crystal tells Will no...she says after all this, after ALL she's gone through...she's NOT losing Arianna now...she says she killed Peter for HER....she tried to kill Dorian and Destiny for HER...she says that she is TAKING her granddaughter, no matter what! Will tells Crystal that he's had about enough...he calls her a psycho, saying that she is pathetic if she'd go to the point of murdering like this! Will declares that its over...the battle's over, and he's going to take his daughter, and they are going to have a happy life away from her nutcases of grandparents! Tears pour down Crystal's face as she tries to fight back, but Will finally gets his daughter out of her arms...and he holds Arianna for the first time since Christmas...tears of JOY begin to pour down Will's cheeks!

    -Anna tells Roman about the situation with Tony, from him falling for Marlena, the Jan/Nicole craziness, and then him sleeping with Kate....she says its funny, both of her ex's have somehow fallen for both Marlena Evans and Kate Roberts at one point or another! She explains to Roman that she doesn't know what to do...she's talked about it with their daughter, Carrie, but is still unsure...she says that Tony led her around on a chain for MONTHS...and she was so ENRAGED at seeing him with Kate a couple months ago...but her feelings are still there!

    -Will cries tears of joy as he holds his precious daughter in his arms...he tells her its been far too long, but daddy's here now...as Benard and Crystal watch in disgust! Crystal screams out, ordering him to give her her granddaughter, saying that he's just some ugly, misfit pig!!! Destiny smirks at Crystal and says that Arianna is where she belongs...Crystal's eyes dart to Destiny and exclaims that SHE did this...this is all her fault! She blames Destiny for her losing Arianna, saying that if she hadn't barged in there, Arianna would still be in her arms...Crystal turns to Kate, also calling her a traitor...Kate explains that for once she had to do the right thing, and she will always protect her family...Crystal also calls Dorian a bitch, but Dorian simply laughs and says at least she's not a murderor...Kristen looks at Crystal one last time, and PUNCHES her...sending Crystal flying to the floor, saying thats for Peter! Bo walks over to Crystal, and forcefully pulls her up...telling her that she's under arrest for the murder of Peter Blake, attempted murder of Tony DiMera, and the kidnapping and attempted murder of Destiny Stokes and Dorian Lord! Crystal continues to cry as Bo handcuffs her and reads her rights...Crystal stares at Arianna in Will's arms....she looks directly at Will and tells him that she despises him so much, he took her granddaughter away from her and she did this ALL for that sweet little baby...she goes on to say that one day, she's going to make sure that she'll get her granddaughter back...but Will simply says that he highly doubts that will ever happen! Bo tells Crystal that he doubts she's ever going to see light outside of a jail cell again...Crystal is dragged away by Bo, being thrown in prison for shooting and killing Peter Blake nearly six months ago....
  18. daysfan
    Episode#387: The Confession

    -Bo and Kristen continue to talk as Bo thanks her for being there for him for all these months....Kristen says she's glad to, its just....if he and Hope get back together, she doesn't want to be a roadblock, so maybe she should just walk out of Bo's life right now...Bo tells her no, he definitely needs a friend like her around...suddenly, Chris bursts in and tells Bo that they need to get down to the courthouse....they got a call and the murderor of Peter Blake has been found!

    -Victor arrives down at the hospital to see how Dorian is doing....he goes towards her room, but doesn't see anyone in there! Victor confusedly goes to Mike and asks him where Dorian Lord is....Mike tells him that Dorian mysteriously went missing yesterday!

    -Maggie says that she's called the police station and Bo should be on his way soon! Benard yells thats this propestorous, as Crystal continues to claim that she didn't kill anyone....Judge Fitzpatrick watches the shocking situation unravel, and Kate tells Crystal to give it up, its OVER! Crystal says that Kate's just a bitter old bitch....Will grabs Crystal, who's still holding Arianna, and orders her to STOP lying and confess! Crystal finally breaksdown crying and screams:

    Crystal:Fine, its TRUE! Everything Destiny, Dorian, and Kate said is true! I was hired to kill Tony DiMera but killed Peter Blake instead!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kristen's eyes widen and Bo asks Chris if he's sure, and Chris nods and says Maggie Horton says that she's there and needs to be arrested now....Kristen says "Its a she?" and Chris again nods, and tells Bo they have to get down there now! The three then set off for the courthouse!

    -Mike tells Victor that they filed a report, but the police haven't found anything....the staff has no clue what happened! Victor looks at Mike in shock and asks him what the hell kind of hospital he's running...it seems people can always just randomly get kidnapped, and not to mention everyday people have no problem impersonating nurses and trying to kill people! Mike tells Victor that he can only do so much...he's here to save lives, and the hospital has security, but they still can only do so much! Victor rolls his eyes and thinks to himself that Suga better not be behind this!

    -Tony says he can't believe this....Will's jaw is right open, but he continues to tell Crystal to give him his daughter, she's obviously unfit! Lisa yells that she KNEW Crystal was wrong to raise that baby, she knew it! Benard looks at Crystal and says he can't believe this....he asks her why the hell she did this, why didn't she tell him! Crystal explains that Stefano promised her Arianna if she killed Tony! Lucas looks at Kate and exclaims did SHE promise Crystal she'd win the custody battle if she killed Tony...Kate swears she didn't, Stefano kept those details from her, she thought Crystal was just a hired hitman...Benard tells Crystal that she should've just left it up to HIM, and not take matters into her own hands like this....they would be in the free right now if it weren't for this! Destiny grins as justice has been served, rushing forward and telling Judge Fitzpatrick that she can't let this murderess or even her husband have Arianna...Judge Fitzpatrick finally says she's right, and informs everyone that effective immediately, she is awarding custody of Arianna Roberts to her father Will!
  19. daysfan
    Episode#386: Destiny Exposes Crystal

    -Down at the police station, Bo is in his office, doing some work...suddenly, Kristen walks in and says she hopes its okay that she stopped by, she still sorta feels like maybe she shouldn't be talking to him at all but she thought she'd see how he was anyway...and he says oh no its fine, she can talk to him whenever she wants...Kristen smiles and asks how he is, and he says he's great as he tells her that he and Hope may be on the fast track to reuniting!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Megan is visiting with her partner-in-crime, Jill.....she tells Jill she can't believe that in just a couple months...her beautiful baby with Bo will be born!

    -Cassie is seen walking into Maggie's house...and soon behind her...Jeremy is seen wheeling Robin in on a wheelchair! Robin takes a deep breathe and says that its good to be home, finally they released her from Mike's filthy hospital....Laura walks in, and her eyes go WIDE at seeing Robin!

    -Crystal's heart nearly stops at seeing Destiny and Dorian alive and in this courtroom....Benard smugly tells Destiny its too late, they have full custody of Arianna....Crystal slowly says that Benard's right, she's gotten her preccious granddaughter back....Destiny tells Crystal not to play dumb, she knows that its over....Will approaches Destiny and asks what she means, and Destiny looks at everyone and says:

    Destiny:Crystal Galore...murdered Peter Blake back in Janurary.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Everyone looks at Destiny in SHOCK, and Tony turns to Destiny and asks if she just said that Crystal killed his brother! Crystal tells everyone not to listen to her, she's just grasping at straws to try to get Arianna back to Will! Destiny explains that she also tried to kill her and Dorian Lord today, as Dorian says that what Destiny is saying is true....Destiny says that night at the pier....Crystal was the one who shot Peter, and killed him!

    -Kristen is silent for a moment, and Bo explains how they bonded just a bit last night and spent the night together...they didn't make love, but slept on the couch at Maggie's house together....Kristen bites her lip and tells him thats great...thats really great....she tells him she should just go, but Bo says no...he knows this is awkward and everything, but really, its for the best....Kristen agrees, but deep down still feels something for Bo....

    -Benard tells Destiny to stop this foolishness, like his wife said, she's grasping at straws! Destiny shakes her head and says that for well over a month now, she's been trying to find something out on Crystal through Dorian...thats why Dorian came to Lucas and Eugenia's wedding, but then she was shot...but at the hospital, Dorian told her that Crystal was hired by none other than Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts to kill TONY DiMera! Kate sighs as Tony's eyes dart towards her!

    -Jill nods, and Megan says that her sister may have slept with Bo, and Hope may be floating around, but this baby....oh it will change things forever...Bo can't leave the mother of his newborn child out in the cold! Jill slowly nods, but remembers how she is also pregnant with Bo's baby herself, and has two babies within her! Megan also says that soon...they'll find out the gender of her baby!

    -Tony says that this can't be...no, its impossible! Crystal says that Tony's right...she'd never kill anyone, or try to kill a wonderful man like Tony DiMera! Nicole laughs and yells that she tried to kill Marlena for her....Kate stares at Tony, and he stares at her....he walks over to her, ignoring everyone else for a moment, and tells her this can't be true...can it!

    -Robin snarls at Laura and asks if she's not in the looney bin yet...Laura snaps to her that it hasn't been proven that she was behind the supposed murder attempt on Robin's life...Robin promises her that soon it will be, and Jeremy begs them to not start fighting here...its his mom's first day home. Cassie agrees, and Laura says that for Jeremy, she'll try not to start anything with Robin...Robin continues to inwardly vow that she'll get rid of Laura soon enough.

    -Kate begins crying as Tony asks her if this is true.....she thinks about how she and Tony have developed a connection of some type, and even had sex....Crystal looks at Kate and says that she can tell them that this isn't true...Kate wipes the tears from her eyes and tells Crystal no, she can't! Crystal gasps and begins shaking, as Kate tells Tony she's so sorry...but everything Destiny said is true! She and Stefano DID hire Crystal Galore to kill Tony DiMera, but she killed Peter instead....she explains that at the time, she was just so angry at Tony for nearly killing her in Italy...Crystal screams NO, Kate's just lying for her grandson! Kate then explains that Dorian overheard her talking about it at the Kiriakis Mansion one day, and told Destiny...and then Crystal kidnapped the two women and left them in a truck filled with poisonous gas...and they almost died until Kate saved them! Tony and Lucas both look at Kate, stunned, as Destiny smiles...Will approaches Crystal and orders her to give him his daughter...she's NOT going to be raised by a murderor! He yells for someone to call his uncle Bo down here right now to arrest her!
  20. daysfan
    Episode#385: The Custody of Arianna Roberts

    -Judge Fitzpatrick tells the courtroom that her decision is final, as Will stands with Lucas and Lisa, and his family and friends stand behind him, and the Galore's stand with Ji'Min...Judge Fitzpatrick explains that she's heavily reviewd this case for a long time, and she again heavily reviewed it during the break...she says that both the Roberts clan and Galore clan brought up valid points, and she almost wasn't sure if Arianna belonged with any of them...but the baby has been with child protective services long enough, and she has finally decided who shall get full custody and rights to her.

    -Dorian, Destiny, and Kate all head back to Salem in Kate's car....Kate explains everything thats occurred at the trial, and Dorian says that it sounds like they need to stop it as fast as they can...Destiny agrees as both she and Dorian finally come out of their sluggishness because of all the gas, and Kate apologizes for everything that's happened...she says that she didn't even want Peter dead, and at the time she was filled with so much anger towards Tony, she didn't even know that Crystal was the one after her great-granddaughter...she explains that she only remotely kept in contact with Will and Lucas at the time, and she thinks Stefano knew, but he tricked her into going along with everything when they hired Crystal...Destiny tells her its alright, they just have to make sure that Arianna DOESN'T end up in the hands of the Galore's!

    -Judge Fitzpatrick tells the entire courtroom that once again, she's thought long and hard on this....and takes one final breathe before announcing to everyone that....custody of Arianna Roberts has been awarded to Benard and Crystal Galore!!!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Dorian asks Kate how she knew that she and Destiny were in that truck in the woods, and Kate sighs as she explains that Crystal told her about her plans from the beginning....she just wishes she could have stopped her sooner, but she was so uncertain, as she says that her own fate depends on this...but she'll sacrifice it for Arianna...Dorian laughs and tells Kate that she thinks that there's something else that kept her from saving them right away...and informs Kate that they are alot alike, she sees right through her...Kate then says fine, and explains how she grew close to Tony shortly after Peter's death...and she really does regret working with Stefano and Crystal....Destiny asks Kate if Crystal was the one who shot Dorian at the Spears Mansion and hired that nurse to inject an air bubble into her IV, but Kate shakes her head, answering:

    Kate:No, I don't know who was behind that....but I know that Crystal didn't do that, I believe I was speaking to her when the second attempt on Dorian's life took place.
    Dorian:Oh, don't worry, Destiny, I know EXACTLY who was behind that...

    -Will nearly collapses, but Lucas holds him up, as the Galore's laugh and hug each other in success...Ji'Min grins as Lisa yells to Judge Fitzpatrick that she can't do this....Sami runs up and hugs her son, and Will thinks to himself that even after all these months of waiting and preparing to fight the Galore's...he lost....he lost his daughter....Benard says that justice has indeed been served, and Eugenia screams that this isn't right...Tony declares this a travesty, and Jan just shrugs, whispering that Will was a little bastard anyway...

    -Kate asks Dorian how she knew about Crystal, Stefano, and Kate being behind Peter's murder anyway...Dorian explains that she was coming to see Victor one day when she overheard Kate saying that no one could find out that she and Stefano hired Crystal to kill Tony, but that Peter ended up getting killed instead...Kate says she knew it, but its probably for the best that she did overhear her...Destiny worries about Will at the trial and how its going, but soon Kate announces that they are coming upon the courthouse!

    -Crystal and Benard are overjoyed that Arianna is finally there's, as Crystal thanks that at last...this can all be over, and no one exposed what she did....she and Benard can leave Salem behind for good...she glares at Will one last time....before a child protective services worker comes out with Arianna in their arms! Will looks at his daughter, tears in his eyes, as his parents keep him from trying to attack the Galore's or anything...Crystal says that she's beautiful, and its been far too long, as she takes hold of her granddaughter...she approaches Will, Benard behind her, and tells him that its all over now...she won the custody battle, like she should've...and he'll be left out in the cold, and now Arianna can have a good life...Will again lunges at the Galore's, but both Lucas and Sami keep him at bay, telling him that they're not worth it. Will begs the Galore's to not do this....Crystal simply grins and tells Will to go to hell!

    -Kate parks her car at the courthouse, and the trio of women jump out, as both Kate and Destiny say that they have to hurry!

    -Benard says to Will that now, their daughter can rest in peace, knowing her own child is in the right hands....and they can forget he ever existed, as they take Arianna back to the home she rightfully deserves...he says that they may even adopt her, so she never has to KNOW that he existed! Julie finally rushes forward and says thats ENOUGH, but Tony manages to hold his friend back in time, along with the help of Maggie....tears pour down Will's face as he says that they can't take his baby girl away....he begs them to reconsider, reaching out to them one last time, but Crystal just keeps grinning and says that Arianna is THEIR daughter now...he has no daughter! Will breaks down crying as Crystal and her husband turn, about to leave the courtroom, but suddenly....Destiny, Dorian, and Kate all BARGE into the courtroom, and Destiny sees Crystal trying to leave with Arianna, and tells her that she's not going ANYWHERE with that innocent girl!
  21. daysfan
    Episode#384: Recess

    -Kate drives throughout Salem, heading for the outskirts and the woods, knowing she has to save Destiny and Dorian...she thinks to herself that maybe in a way....she loves Tony, and thats why she didn't do this sooner....but she has to put her great-granddaughter and grandson in front of herself....and she can't let anymore innocent people die!

    -Lisa and Will and the Galore's and Ji'Min all continue to fight each other in court, as Ji'Min constantly points out how irresponsible Will has proven to be...he says that he nearly got himself and Destiny Stokes killed one night last March in a car crash that killed Stefano DiMera, a former client of his! Lisa points out that that was Stefano's fault, as Will wonders where Destiny is and how she couldn't be here for him on this cruical day, and Judge Fitzpatrick finally calls a recess, saying she's heard everything she needs to hear...and now, she is going to go make a decision and will be back momentarily!

    -Dorian and Destiny refuse to give up just yet, and try to break the hatch of the door open....Destiny says that she won't die....she's doing this for Will....for Arianna the baby....for Arianna her deceased best friend....and for Dorian! She declares that she's going to fight no matter what it takes, and suddenly the hatch OPENS...both women see Kate Roberts standing outside the truck!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Benard and Crystal approach Will....Benard tells Will that was a pitiful defense he put on, and it seems not even his good friend Destiny is here to support him...he says that she must have come to her senses! Will tells Benard to shut up, and soon he'll show him that he's not just some rogue kid...the couple laughs, as Crystal tells Will that he's not just that...he's much less! She says that he's simply a street rat, who probably thinks that baby Arianna is somehow a meal ticket with him having the excuse of being an underage parent...Will lunges at Crystal but Lucas holds him back, as Lisa tells Crystal that for an old slutty bag and a geezer they have a mighty pair of big one's....Crystal tells her oh please, her black ass could only come up with Nicole Walker as a decent defense against her...Nicole then comes forward and says to Crystal:

    Nicole:Up your ass, Crystal.
    Crystal:Oh, Nicole, you still have that nice sass....what hunk are you bedding today? I heard that Brady guy left town...must be pretty sad, going through men like that....
    Nicole:Watch yourself, Crystal....your husband here may think that you two have a happy, long standing marriage...but lets not forget how you fell head over heels for John Black while in Salem last time, without Benny boy here...and I'm sure you've cheated on him with many other men.
    Benard:As if I'd believe a whore like you...you know, Lucas, it must be lovely....four ex-wives or ex-almost-wives gathered in the same court room...if only Carrie Brady were here. See, I said it before and I'll say it again, this is where Will gets his bad habits from...his father and of course his mother or step-mother's.
    Eugenia:You need to watch your mouth, mister, before we have a problem.
    Sami:Nah, let them have their fun....once Will gets Arianna back, it will all go to hell for them anyway.
    Benard:Oh please...soon, WE will have Arianna, and the three of us will be out of this crazy town in a flash....and we'll never have to see this scrawny, pathetic excuse for a man ever again.
    Will:Okay, thats ENOUGH! I've put up with you two long enough...I put up with you guys when I fell in love with Arianna, when she got pregnant, when she died, when Arianna the baby was born....and for months and months I've let you insult me and taunt me, saying how you'll get her back....you've insulted me, my family, Destiny...I've had ENOUGH! So be sure that once *I*, not YOU, get MY daughter, you two will never touch my baby girl again....and I'm also sure that wherever Arianna, the woman I fell in love with, is....she's frowning at you two...her own parents mocking the man she loves.

    Benard and Crystal just snarl at Will and go back to their own table, and Benard assures her that Arianna will be their's at the end of the day...Crystal agrees, but looks to the back of the courtroom and sees TONY there, and wonders what the hell he's doing here!

    -Destiny and Dorian both slowly look at Kate as they cough and practically fall out of the truck, into the fresh air...Kate exclaims thank goodness she got here in time and tells them that there isn't much time...Destiny asks her why she's here, and Kate explains that the custody trial is going on right now...and it doesn't look good for Will...she tells the two that she knows she was involved in Peter's death, but they have to go there and tell the court everything before its too late! Dorian and Destiny both agree, and they take off for the courthouse!

    -Maggie and Julie approach Will and assure him that everything will be alright...Will thanks them, and Lucas says that they're right...Will tells them that he just wonders where Destiny is....he hasn't seen her since early yesterday...and this is just weird, especially with how much she helped him throughout all this...Lucas admits that this isn't like Destiny, but says he's sure that she will be here eventually...Will asks his dad about if the Galore's are right, what if she did "come to her senses" and desert him...Lucas says that Destiny would NEVER do that, and urges him to not jump to conclusions, reminding him of what happened with Jan....Will says in that case, he hopes she's okay....suddenly, Judge Fitzpatrick comes out and tells everyone that she's made a decision!
  22. daysfan
    Episode#383: Kate's Choice

    -Carrie looks at her mother in shock and asks why she'd say something like that....Anna shakes her head and says she best not get into it, its just...ever since Nicole impersonated Tony and Marlena's hidden child...things have been so different between them....there's been sparks of romance, but nothing solid...Carrie shakes her head and says no...she thinks there's something else bothering Anna!

    -Rex asks Alexis WHAT she just said about Cassie....Alexis again apologizes, but says that she used to date Jeremy Horton....they've sort of had this on/off thing for about a year, but suddenly Cassie started dating him and sunk her hooks into him good....so she needs to find SOMETHING on Cassie...Rex says basically, she wants dirt...he tells Alexis that if she thinks he's gonna help her sabatoge is own sister's lovelife, she's insane!

    -As the entire courtroom watches, Lisa tells Judge Fitzpatrick that she has someone who can prove that Crystal is MUCH more of a criminal than Will Roberts ever was, or ever will be....Crystal and Kate both wonder whats going on...but suddenly Lisa introduces the court to...NICOLE WALKER!

    -Destiny and Dorian try to breathe, but the gas gets to them......Destiny tells Dorian that if this is the end for them....she's so so sorry about everything she's gotten her into....Dorian shakes her head and tells Destiny that none of what happened was her fault.....Destiny says that she's sure the Galore's are behind this, obviously someone's trying to kill them....Dorian tells Destiny that if they are, then she can't just give up....she can't let Crystal win!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Anna flashes back to seeing Tony and Kate having sex, but quickly snaps out of it, lying to her daughter by saying that no, its just...the whole thing with Nicole and Jan and Marlena pretty much ruined her and Tony....and she thinks Tony probably still loves Marlena....Carrie tells Anna that after Renee "died" in 1983, Tony loved her, but he and Anna still had deep love....she encourages her mother to give her and Tony another chance.

    -Alexis says that she doesn't want that, she just....she just wants to know about Cassie....thats all. Rex tells her he's not stupid, and he's had enough of this....he gets up and storms out, as Alexis sighs, thinking that she has to find SOMETHING out about Cassie...suddenly, a light bulb goes off in her head...and she says that she knows what to do, before leaving herself!

    -Nicole walks into the courtroom, and Lisa says to the judge and everyone else that Nicole can tell everyone about Crystal's crimes....Kate and Crystal are inwardly relieved, but Crystal is stunned to see her old friend Nicole....Lucas looks at his ex-wife, as Jan and Sami look at their friend and enemy....Lisa has Nicole take the stand, as Ji'Min objects saying this is ridiculous, but Judge Fitzpatrick overrules it....Lisa tells Nicole to tell the court EVERYTHING about Mrs. Galore!

    -Dorian tells Destiny that she can tell she has fought Crystal and her husband for the longest time...and Destiny says that she definitely has....Dorian says to Destiny that she herself is a Cramer woman...and Cramer women fight and stand up for themselves no matter what, and she says that Destiny reminds her of a Cramer woman with how adamant she's been....she tells Destiny that its not the time for them to give up....they ARE going to escape this thing!

    -Carrie leaves the Brady Pub after she and Anna finish talking....Anna sighs as she thinks about Tony, and she thinks that a part of her hates him....she's been pulled around by him for years....one minute he loves her, then its Renee, then its her again, then years later its Marlena, then its her, then its Kate....but then she thinks that a part of her does love him.....and she just can't forget about him. Anna sighs as she also leaves the Pub....

    -Nicole explains that she's known Crystal for many years.....and she's no good woman....Nicole explains how Crystal very willingly helped "kill" Marlena Evans in 2004, and was a porn star....she says that she also knows Will and his father, and knows that they are good people....Crystal scowls, staring at her former partner in crime...soon Nicole gets off the stand, as Lisa explains that there they have it...Crystal is an attempted murderor, she couldn't raise a baby! Ji'Min deflects that was a long time ago, and Benard is a model citizen....Kate in the background thinks that this isn't enough to stop the Galore's!

    -Kate looks at Tony, who smiles again at her.....she thinks that she has loved having him as a friend....maybe something more.....but she also loves her son, and her grandson....and she can't let two innocent people die. Kate tells Tony to excuse her....she gets up and leaves the courtroom, tears running down her cheeks, knowing she's about to lose Tony....but she vows to save Dorian and Destiny's lives!

    -Dorian and Destiny vow to escape the truck...both of them trying to pry the hatch open....
  23. daysfan
    Episode#382: Trying to Escape the Truck

    -Anna is seen walking into the Brady Pub...she walks over to a table, where Carrie is! Anna tells her daughter that she's so glad that finally they could meet up and have breakfast together...she says that they didn't see each other much after Marlena's death, and didn't really get much of a chance to talk at the aftermath of that failed wedding....Carrie nods and says yes, she just thought maybe it was time to meet up with her mom now that she's back in Salem for good...she goes on to ask Anna how things are between her and Tony!

    -Also at the Brady Pub, Rex is there, and he sits down at a table where none other than Alexis is sitting....she introduces herself, and he asks her why he called him here....she says that she needs to know anything and everything about his sister...Cassie!

    -Kate slowly greets Tony, as Jan goes over to see Lucas, and Tony asks how she is....she says she's fine, just a bit on edge because of everything going on today...Tony tells her he understands, and he hopes Will gets his daughter back...Kate thanks him, and asks how he is, and he says he's very good after spending just a bit of time with his long-lost daughter...as they talk, Kate realizes that if she exposes what she did...she'll lose the good friend...and maybe even romance...she has in Tony!

    -Judge Fitzpatrick comes out, and everyone stops talking and begins to sit down as she declares that the custody trial is beginning...Will sits with Lisa at one side of the room, as the Galore's sit with Ji'Min at the other side!

    -Dorian explains to Destiny that there is harmful gas in this truck.....they could die....she's heard of it before! Destiny's eyes widen, as both of them head to the hatch and try to get it open...desperately trying to escape the truck!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Anna sighs and tells her daughter that things are so back and forth with Tony....she says that right now....they aren't on the best of terms....Carrie asks why not, but Anna shakes her head, saying its best not to go into it....but she thinks that her and Tony may be over for good this time.

    -Rex asks Alexis why she needs to know anything about his sister....Alexis says she's just a bit curious....but Rex tells her there has to be some reason she's asking.....people don't usually ask about his twin for no good reason....Alexis sighs, and finally says:

    Alexis:Fine...okay, no offense here....but that little slut stole my man.

    -Kate begins to rethink telling everyone about Crystal killing Peter...because in the past couple months, while she used to LOATHE Tony, she's gotten closer to him, gotten to know him and understand him....and she knows he's a great man, but he'll hate her if she reveals everything...however, she also knows that she loves her grandson and even her great granddaughter...Kate sighs as she and Tony slowly sit down....

    -Judge Fitzpatrick explains that for the longest time, she's reviewed the case and looked it over, so that this won't have to be a long drawn out battle...everything will be decided today! She says that she has a decision in mind, but wants to hear both sides out first...she tells Ji'Min to begin!

    -Dorian and Destiny direly try to escape from the truck...but are unsuccessful! Both of them ending up collapsing again, as Destiny says that they're stuck...there's no way out of here!!!

    -Ji'Min stands up and tells the judge that the Galore's have a solid case against Mr.Roberts....he says that they are just two grandparents who want to protect their granddaughter from an underage, reckless teenager....he explains that Will already has a crime record, and Benard Galore is a respectful business man....baby Arianna will have an excellent life under them...and not to mention, Will's family history and home life is not the best either....Lisa objects, standing up and saying that she knows for a fact that Crystal Galore has done some despicible things that the court might not know about....and she has someone who can prove it ALL! Everyone looks at Lisa in shock, as Crystal's eyes widen...hoping this isn't the end for her, and Kate watches with intrigue....
  24. daysfan
    Episode#381: The Poisoned Truck

    -Tony tells Jan thats nonsense.....he doesn't know what she went through with her adoptive parents, but he is here for her....Jan says that her relationship with both her parents wasn't too good...her father was away all the time and cheated on her mother alot, and then her mother was just an icy bitch....they sent her supposed twin Lilly to boarding school for years, and her mother just always slapped her around, and was even more of a bitch to her when she got pregnant back in 2002....but she got by just fine without loving parents, and Tony argues that she certainly did NOT...he tells Jan just to let him in, her mother may be dead but she at least needs to let him in....Jan asks how, she says the only problem she has right now is getting that bitch Eugenia out of her house, but other than that, everything is fine....Tony says thats good, he just....would like to keep in contact with her, he wants to be there for her when she needs him....Jan shrugs and says fine....maybe she could use a friend....or father...or whatever. Tony smiles at her, and Jan then slowly asks him if he'd like to come to that custody trial!

    -Bo tells Hope that after he poured his heart out to her, it obviously touched her somewhere in there and they just....fell into each other's arms, and soon fell asleep...they may not have had sex, but they did fall asleep together....and that only proves the point he was trying to make last night...Hope snaps not to start with THAT again, and Bo says he knows this is confusing....but it only shows what he's been saying this entire time....they still love each other, and maybe this is the beginning of them repairing their marriage.

    -Lucas and Will both asks Lisa what she means...and Lisa explains that the owner of the mansion is a murderor and attempted murderor...not to mention, she held a man captive in a cage, blackmailed and set up another woman for attempted murder, and stole that man's sperm...Lucas says that Jan has changed, unlike Crystal...Lisa says thats not all, though....the other woman of the household, Eugenia Willens, took part in Sami changing those paternity results years ago...and then worked with Will's grandmother to drug Sami and Brandon Walker...and then two women were held captive underneath the mansion by another psycho for months.....Lisa says that she's encountered crazier things in Pasadena, but the court may see that as a circus...Will says that if its that big of a deal, he can live with his mom...Lisa says that Sami has an EXTENSIVE criminal record, and she only recently got off charges for murdering her mother and breaking out of jail...Sami may not have killed Marlena, but the court may not see her household as the best one either...Sami says that this is ridiculous, and Lisa agrees, but says she knows the court....they just have to hope that they'll see how responsible this family is, and how unresponsible the Galore's are....

    -Kate walks outside the court room, and sees Crystal walk up.....she crosses her arms and tells Crystal that she thought she wasn't coming...Crystal simply tells her that she was taking care of the two rotten bitches who know their little secret...Kate asks if they're dead, and Crystal says that they will be soon....they're locked in that truck now, the gas murdering them by the second...Crystal goes inside the courtroom and hugs Benard as Kate watches, saying that today they will get their granddaughter back, and Benard grins and says indeed they will. Kate then whispers:

    Kate:Not if I have anything to say about it....

    -Destiny collapses onto the floor of the truck as she coughs, and she wonders outloud whats going on....she tries to get the strength to at least stand up, and she leans against the wall of the truck and as the drugs continue to wear off, she gains a clearer vision...she goes over to Dorian, and slowly tries to wake her up, saying that something really weird is happening!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Tony says that he doesn't know Will and Lucas too well...but sure, he'll come...they are all friends...after all. Jan smiles and says good, as she get her sons, and both her and her father take off for the courthouse...

    -Hope is silent as Bo says that this is their chance, the door is wide open now......this is the time for them to finally find their love again, and pull their family back together....him, her, Pamela, Addie, and their other children will be there in spirit...Hope looks directly at Bo and says maybe, just maybe....

    -Destiny begs Dorian to wake up, saying that she doesn't know where they are....slowly, Dorian awakens!

    -Kate thinks to herself that she can't let this happen....the Galore's look so perfect to everyone...but then again, she AND Crystal would go to jail for murder if she revealed it...and two innocent people may be on the brink of death...this murder spree can't continue!

    -Crystal and Benard approach Will, Lisa, and his parents....Crystal taunts Will, saying that today he'll get just what his pathetic ass deserves...and they will get what they deserve: Arianna! Will growls that they act like she's some kind of prize...Sami tells the Galore's that they shouldn't bet on that...she tells Crystal to go back to making porn movies and Benard to go to some retirement home! Benard laughs and says this is exactly why the court won't let Will have their precious granddaughter...he comes from two low-class, rats of parents! Will lunges at Benard but Lucas holds him back, telling his son it won't do him any good...Benard and Crystal continue to taunt Will about how he'll never see Arianna again, and they're going to win for their dead daughter, causing Will to get angrier and angrier until Lisa finally intervenes and says she's not having them badger her client! Benard and Crystal finally go back over to their side of the room, as Lisa tells Will that he has to keep his cool, or he could risk the whole thing....Will slowly nods, but says it will be hard with those two uptight idiots here...

    -Kate watches everything unravel and says that she can't let this go on....she is going to tell everyone everything right now! However, before she can get to it, suddenly she hears someone greet her...and she turns as Tony and Jan enter the court room...Tony lightly smiling at her!

    -Dorian asks Destiny whats going on, as she clutches the area where she was shot...it is patched up, but still hurts...Destiny tells Dorian she doesn't know, but she's having some trouble breathing and staying awake....Dorian looks around like Destiny did, and as she comes back into reality, she says that it looks like they're in a truck somewhere....Dorian has a hard time moving as well...but she suddenly smells something...and recognizes the smell of the poison and the gas!! Dorian goes on to declare that they have to get out of here!
  25. daysfan
    Episode#379: Kidnapping

    -Hope looks at Bo....and she tells him that he's so ridiculous....so pathetic....Bo asks how trying to save the relationship that they have had, on/off, for over 25 years is ridiculous and pathetic...Hope says that she's doing this FOR him...she says she KNOWS he loves Kristen! She says that she's leaving the door right open for them to get together....she's not trying to cling to him and act like a psycho, like some in this town do! But then he acts like a dumbass and won't even take the opportunity! Bo says that yes, him and Kristen had passionate sex....yes, they may have a connection....but he and Hope still have a connection too...its just buried underneath whats transpired over the past two and a half years...he then pulls Hope into a kiss!

    -Victor looks at Suga with the UTMOST anger and fury in his eyes....and tells Celeste not to listen to this bitch! He says that she's amnesiac, she doesn't remember her life before Winter of 2009! Celeste looks at Suga, wondering if what Victor's saying is true, but then she looks at Victor and tells him that she knows him, they've been dating for about a year and a half now....she sees the lie in his eyes....she says that she's always known what the infamous Victor Kiriakis is capable of...but she thought he moved past this! Victor says to Celeste that he was angry and only trying to protect her from that bitch...because even though it was Greta behind Celeste falling into a coma, Dorian is still a very lethal and dangerous bitch! Celeste recalls Dorian popping into the Kiriakis Mansion a few times, and their confrontation a few months ago....she looks Victor RIGHT in the eyes and asks:

    Celeste:Dahling, I want to know something....and I want to know it now....what is your connection to Mrs.Lord?

    -Kate is walking through the hospital, and she catches up to Mike, who's leaving another patient's room...she tells him that she has a question for him, and he tells her to shoot...she explains that yesterday at her son's wedding, a woman named Dorian Lord was shot, and she knows she's alive...but she wants to know what the chances are of if she will be able to live for long or not!

    -Crystal is seen stealing some drugs that will knock people out from a room in the hospital....she says this is perfect, and takes off for Dorian's hospital room!!!

    -Destiny tells Dorian how thankful she is for the info she's given to her, she just hates that Dorian has to be on a hospital bed....not only because of being shot, but because someone tried to kill her AGAIN!! Destiny says that she hasn't known Dorian for long, but she seems like a nice woman....suddenly, Crystal slowly sneaks in....and has some of the drugs on a cloth...and then...she grabs Destiny and puts the cloth over her mouth!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Hope and Bo kiss....the kiss is one of passion, and perhaps even a spark...but Hope then pulls back, and slaps Bo...asking him what the hell he's doing! Bo says he's trying to remind her of what they have! Hope tells him that they have NOTHING...she tells Bo that he has a piece of her heart, but its over...their marriage, their love...its all gone! Bo says he's tired of her saying that, and Hope says:

    Hope:Brady, from the minute I was thrown in jail for murdering Gina last year...after coming home from Pasadena and spending time with you....it was great, but I knew that it was over...the spark, the love, the CONNECTION...it was gone....I could see it in your eyes....thats why I stayed away from you while you were in jail, and I wanted you to move on.
    Bo:No, Fancy Face, no you didn't...Hope, if that connection was gone...if you really wanted me to move on during those months that you were in the slammer...then you wouldn't have run off in tears when you saw me and Kristen in bed together...it wouldn't hurt so much if it was gone, Hope....I know it hurts, you try to act strong and like you don't care but I know you do....and yes, its true, I was hurt, mad, confused, and everything else when I found out that you killed Gina, and then you ran off, and then I had to throw my own wife into prison....we were BOTH in such a horrible state back then....but you served your time in jail, and its in the past.....I'm over that, it was such a long time ago....you need to put that behind you, too....and yes, I turned to Kristen for support...because my wife, my SOULMATE had murdered someone and was locked up...you'd do the same thing! And Kristen was getting over her rape, and her brother had just been killed...thats why we had sex!
    Hope:You're right it was a long time ago...and too much time has passed for us to just pick up and have a happy marriage again! The last time our marriage was actually stable was before Gina died....and that changed everything. That bitch is still affecting me to this day, even after being dead and gone for almost two years. But Bo, I saw the connection you and Kristen had that night, and still have, you just try to ignore it! You are doing the same thing that you THINK I'm doing!
    Bo:Fine...I won't deny it...yes, Kristen and I have some kind of...connection, maybe even a spark...I'll be truthful and say that we didn't have sex that night for nothing....and we wanted to stop, but we couldn't because there was something there....but Hope....I've had love with other women, too. I had it with Billie, way back...we were so happy, we loved each other so much...but then you came back and figured out who you were...and our own love prevailed...Billie even came back a few times after that, and it caused us problems, yes, but even my own daughter coming back from the grave couldn't stop us from winning....you know you remember our love, Hope Williams....
    Hope:Just STO-
    Bo:You remember all the great times we had...I reminded you of them a couple months ago, and I'll remind you again now...even through the tough times, we got through and stayed strong....do you remember when your dad busted in on us back in 82, and had a heart attack? We got through that, didn't we? What about when Larry and Megan tried to come back in between us, or the constant adventures we had? Or when you almost got blamed for Megan's "death", and all the times when Stefano went after us? Or when Britta showed up? Or when you got dropped in that vat of acid...I thought you were dead for four years and fell in love with Carly and Billie, but then I found you again, and we even got through your amnesia....I remember us unlocking the puzzle box, even to this day....we fought Gina the first time, when she took over your life...and then we had JT...and we fell in love with that little boy....but he got taken from us and it turned out he wasn't ours...we got through that, didn't we? And then we fought Lexie during the chaos with Zack...and we fought Larry when he kidnapped you two....we fought Maya...we fought Andre and the Salem Stalker...we fought Chelsea, my own daughter...and then Zack died...our little boy...hit by a car and was killed...I still remember your scream when he died...we had problems, but we got through it and had two beautiful daughters....Shawn was killed by Gina, and she was revealed to be Britta, but we fought her, and got through that....so BY DAMN, we can get through this....our love will survive, Hope....you're the one for me...you always were...and you always will be.

    Hope is moved to tears by this....and she begins crying and breaks down as she falls into Bo's arms, and he holds his wife....

    -Victor sighs and tells Celeste that its probably about time he is open and honest about it....he explains to her that many many years ago...he fell in love with Viki Lord...and her alter, Nikki Smith....but then....he cheated on her with Dorian Lord, Viki's arch-rival...but eventually, he left Dorian for Viki....but Viki left him...he says the reason Dorian came to Salem is because she wanted revenge on him for that....and thats why he thought she put Celeste in that coma...and Celeste says that he retaliated by nearly killing the woman...Victor says that she has to understand, thats his instinctive way to do things....that is how he's always been! Celeste shakes her head and says she really thought he was different...but he so heartlessly wanted a woman, an ex no less, dead....she tells Victor that she's grown to love him so much, and they've been so happy together, and Victor then smiles and says:

    Victor:I know, Celeste, I love you....I love you dearly....can you at least forgive me?
    Celeste:Oh, Victor, dahling....I want to....when I woke up, I just wanted to get on to my life with you...but sadly, I can't live with this....who's to say you won't kill again, dahling? You faked Steve Johnson's death....you've done so many things....and now you've done it again....I can't believe my cards didn't tell me of this, but I was away from them for a long while....but my point remains....Victor, I'm sorry, but.....we're through....I just can't put up with that type of life....I loved Stefano for too long, and took part in too many of his schemes....I know what its like....to love an evil man so dearly....and I won't go through it again....therefore, goodbye, Victor Kiriakis....

    A tear runs down Celeste's cheek, as she turns and walks away from the second devious man that she's loved so deeply...Victor looks broken as the woman leaves....he turns to Suga, and coldly says that she will regret this, before leaving himself....Suga simply shakes her head and rolls her eyes, but thinks to herself that she needs to get out of here before anyone figures out that she's the one who made both those attempts on Dorian's life, and she takes off....

    -Mike tells Kate that Dorian survived the shooting and was conscious and talking...but the next attempt on her life changed things a bit.....he says that she'll probably survive, but so much action, especially for a woman in her later years, can take its toll....he says that if anything else happens to Dorian.....she may majorly take a turn for the worse....however, both Mike and Kate are SHOCKED when they approach Dorian's room and see that....EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!!!!!!

    -Outside the hospital, Dorian is seen on an ambulance, still on her bed and hooked up to machines...Destiny is seen nearby in the ambulance...tied up! Crystal then comes out of the shadows and shuts the door as she takes a doctor's coat off, saying that whoever tried to kill Dorian had the right idea disguise-wise...she says that the custody battle is tomorrow, and by then....she'll be able to kill these two bitches...Crystal gets in the ambulance, and drives off!!!
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