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Episode#381: The Poisoned Truck




Episode#381: The Poisoned Truck

-Tony tells Jan thats nonsense.....he doesn't know what she went through with her adoptive parents, but he is here for her....Jan says that her relationship with both her parents wasn't too good...her father was away all the time and cheated on her mother alot, and then her mother was just an icy bitch....they sent her supposed twin Lilly to boarding school for years, and her mother just always slapped her around, and was even more of a bitch to her when she got pregnant back in 2002....but she got by just fine without loving parents, and Tony argues that she certainly did NOT...he tells Jan just to let him in, her mother may be dead but she at least needs to let him in....Jan asks how, she says the only problem she has right now is getting that bitch Eugenia out of her house, but other than that, everything is fine....Tony says thats good, he just....would like to keep in contact with her, he wants to be there for her when she needs him....Jan shrugs and says fine....maybe she could use a friend....or father...or whatever. Tony smiles at her, and Jan then slowly asks him if he'd like to come to that custody trial!

-Bo tells Hope that after he poured his heart out to her, it obviously touched her somewhere in there and they just....fell into each other's arms, and soon fell asleep...they may not have had sex, but they did fall asleep together....and that only proves the point he was trying to make last night...Hope snaps not to start with THAT again, and Bo says he knows this is confusing....but it only shows what he's been saying this entire time....they still love each other, and maybe this is the beginning of them repairing their marriage.

-Lucas and Will both asks Lisa what she means...and Lisa explains that the owner of the mansion is a murderor and attempted murderor...not to mention, she held a man captive in a cage, blackmailed and set up another woman for attempted murder, and stole that man's sperm...Lucas says that Jan has changed, unlike Crystal...Lisa says thats not all, though....the other woman of the household, Eugenia Willens, took part in Sami changing those paternity results years ago...and then worked with Will's grandmother to drug Sami and Brandon Walker...and then two women were held captive underneath the mansion by another psycho for months.....Lisa says that she's encountered crazier things in Pasadena, but the court may see that as a circus...Will says that if its that big of a deal, he can live with his mom...Lisa says that Sami has an EXTENSIVE criminal record, and she only recently got off charges for murdering her mother and breaking out of jail...Sami may not have killed Marlena, but the court may not see her household as the best one either...Sami says that this is ridiculous, and Lisa agrees, but says she knows the court....they just have to hope that they'll see how responsible this family is, and how unresponsible the Galore's are....

-Kate walks outside the court room, and sees Crystal walk up.....she crosses her arms and tells Crystal that she thought she wasn't coming...Crystal simply tells her that she was taking care of the two rotten bitches who know their little secret...Kate asks if they're dead, and Crystal says that they will be soon....they're locked in that truck now, the gas murdering them by the second...Crystal goes inside the courtroom and hugs Benard as Kate watches, saying that today they will get their granddaughter back, and Benard grins and says indeed they will. Kate then whispers:

Kate:Not if I have anything to say about it....

-Destiny collapses onto the floor of the truck as she coughs, and she wonders outloud whats going on....she tries to get the strength to at least stand up, and she leans against the wall of the truck and as the drugs continue to wear off, she gains a clearer vision...she goes over to Dorian, and slowly tries to wake her up, saying that something really weird is happening!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony says that he doesn't know Will and Lucas too well...but sure, he'll come...they are all friends...after all. Jan smiles and says good, as she get her sons, and both her and her father take off for the courthouse...

-Hope is silent as Bo says that this is their chance, the door is wide open now......this is the time for them to finally find their love again, and pull their family back together....him, her, Pamela, Addie, and their other children will be there in spirit...Hope looks directly at Bo and says maybe, just maybe....

-Destiny begs Dorian to wake up, saying that she doesn't know where they are....slowly, Dorian awakens!

-Kate thinks to herself that she can't let this happen....the Galore's look so perfect to everyone...but then again, she AND Crystal would go to jail for murder if she revealed it...and two innocent people may be on the brink of death...this murder spree can't continue!

-Crystal and Benard approach Will, Lisa, and his parents....Crystal taunts Will, saying that today he'll get just what his pathetic ass deserves...and they will get what they deserve: Arianna! Will growls that they act like she's some kind of prize...Sami tells the Galore's that they shouldn't bet on that...she tells Crystal to go back to making porn movies and Benard to go to some retirement home! Benard laughs and says this is exactly why the court won't let Will have their precious granddaughter...he comes from two low-class, rats of parents! Will lunges at Benard but Lucas holds him back, telling his son it won't do him any good...Benard and Crystal continue to taunt Will about how he'll never see Arianna again, and they're going to win for their dead daughter, causing Will to get angrier and angrier until Lisa finally intervenes and says she's not having them badger her client! Benard and Crystal finally go back over to their side of the room, as Lisa tells Will that he has to keep his cool, or he could risk the whole thing....Will slowly nods, but says it will be hard with those two uptight idiots here...

-Kate watches everything unravel and says that she can't let this go on....she is going to tell everyone everything right now! However, before she can get to it, suddenly she hears someone greet her...and she turns as Tony and Jan enter the court room...Tony lightly smiling at her!

-Dorian asks Destiny whats going on, as she clutches the area where she was shot...it is patched up, but still hurts...Destiny tells Dorian she doesn't know, but she's having some trouble breathing and staying awake....Dorian looks around like Destiny did, and as she comes back into reality, she says that it looks like they're in a truck somewhere....Dorian has a hard time moving as well...but she suddenly smells something...and recognizes the smell of the poison and the gas!! Dorian goes on to declare that they have to get out of here!


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