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Episode#380: The Battle Begins

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Episode#380: The Battle Begins

-Its a brand new day in Salem!

-At the park, Jan is sitting with baby Josh and Bentley in this nice sunny Salem morning....she tells them both how much she loves them, and how soon all three of them and Lucas will be one big happy family, it may just take a little time....she tells Josh that he's her ace though, her key to keeping Daddy...she says she loves Lucas anyway, but he....helps...thats the whole reason why she even went along with the switch, aside from the fact that she's fallen in love with his beautiful face....she hears someone greet her, and looks up to see none other than her father: Tony!

-Laura walks into the living room of Maggie's house....and is stunned to see...Bo and Hope asleep on the couch together! Laura lightly smiles, and slowly wakes them up, asking if they have finally worked out their problems....Bo and Hope are both stunned as they realize they spent the night together!

-On the outskirts of Salem, near the woods....there is a huge truck there...Destiny and Dorian are still knocked out, and Dorian is off her bed and machines but stable, as Crystal puts them both in a huge moving truck....she thinks to herself that this may seem odd, but its one of the few things she can do to make SURE that they die, she may have killed Peter but even when Marlena appeared to have died the good ole fashion way it didn't work, and two classic attempts on Dorian's life didn't kill her, so she has a new style....she makes sure there are NO vents in the truck whatsoever...and finally, grabs a HUGE tank of poisonous gas!

-At the courthouse, Lucas, Sami, Will, Benard, Ji'Min, Will's lawyer Lisa Ray(special guest star Lisa Raye), Maggie, Julie, Kate, and Eugenia are all down at the courthouse...Lucas and Sami are with their son and Lisa at his table, as he stares at Benard...Sami promises Will that they'll wipe the floor with Benard and Crystal, and Lucas says that his mother's right...Will slowly and nervously nods, as Benard gives him smug looks, and Lisa assures Will that his father didn't pay for her to come all the way from Pasadena for nothing...she won't lie, the odds are tipped a bit against him, but the Galore's aren't perfect either, so they are going to fight like none of them have ever fought before...Will thanks her, and says that this is the day that will decide everything in one fell swoop....who his precious little baby, that he hasn't seen in MONTHS, will go to...he wonders where Destiny is, saying that he hasn't seen her since yesterday...and she was supposed to have something critical on Crystal...Maggie tells him that she's sure Destiny is fine, just a bit late...Kate watches the situation, as she thinks that Destiny and Dorian are probably being put to death as they speak....she thinks that she has to stop this...she can't let her grandson lose his daughter, and can't let her great-granddaughter go into the hands of those vultures!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Benard is with Ji'Min, as Ji'Min tells Benard that he's glad they hired him as their lawyer...he says that Will is an underage teenager and has a few crimes on his record, and has already briefly been in jail, and its all recent...despite Crystal's mistakes years ago, it will be easy as pie to get Arianna into their hands! Benard says excellent, he knew that fool wouldn't be able to take his granddaughter from him...but he wonders where Crystal is....she told him she'd be late but he didn't think she'd be this late!

-Jan slowly greets Tony....saying she's shocked to see him here...Tony says at times he just likes to walk through Salem, especially the park...its a very peaceful and serene place...Jan agrees, and says thats why she and the boys are here...Tony says that his grandchildren are beautiful....Jan thanks him, and Tony tells her that he's sorry that things have been so rough for her...and that he hasn't been able to be there...Jan tells him its alright, all she needs is Lucas....Tony shakes his head, and says that she needs a parent at least....Jan says that she never needed parents when she had two evil ones, and she doesn't need a father now.

-Bo and Hope are stunned as they realize that they both slept on the couch together, over night...Laura says that Julie and Maggie both were hoping that you two would work everything out....Hope is in disarray as she asks Laura if she'll please excuse them, and Laura obliges..after she leaves, Hope closes all the doors and asks Bo what the HELL happened last night!

-Crystal says that she is really sorry that it has to end this way....she didn't even know Dorian and she could be a nice woman, but she knows too much about her...she says that she never liked Destiny that much, but she was her daughter's best friend....but now, its her time to die, too.....she sighs and says that you gotta do what you gotta do as she RELASES the gas! The poisonous air fills the back of the huge truck as Crystal closes and secures the back hatch, and takes a drink of a swig of alcohol as she declares that she will get Arianna back today, before heading for the courthouse....

-Will and his parents discuss their strategy with Lisa, as Kate and Maggie both stand by and watch....Lisa tells Will that one big advantage they have over the Galore's is Crystal's porn star past, her time in prison, and her nearly killing Marlena...all of those things are very big, and will be useful....she says that Benard doesn't seem to have as much of a sketchy past, but Crystal's makes up for that...she warns Will that she thinks that Ji'Min will use the fact that he is underage, kidnapped Arianna and got thrown in jail for a few days against him....Lucas says that they can easily deflect that, as Kate continues to think about how if the judge knew Crystal killed Peter this trial would be so simple, and Lisa says that there is another problem....Will asks what, and says that she listed all his crimes, and Lisa then goes on to say:

Lisa:Yes, I did, but Will....the Spears Mansion household may be one thing that will hurt our case.

-Destiny and Dorian are both in the truck filled with poisonous gas....slowly, the original drugs wear off of Destiny and she wakes up and begins to cough....she wonders whats going on as she looks around and see Dorian.....Destiny continues to cough and as soon as standing up, she collapses!

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