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Episode#379: Kidnapping




Episode#379: Kidnapping

-Hope looks at Bo....and she tells him that he's so ridiculous....so pathetic....Bo asks how trying to save the relationship that they have had, on/off, for over 25 years is ridiculous and pathetic...Hope says that she's doing this FOR him...she says she KNOWS he loves Kristen! She says that she's leaving the door right open for them to get together....she's not trying to cling to him and act like a psycho, like some in this town do! But then he acts like a dumbass and won't even take the opportunity! Bo says that yes, him and Kristen had passionate sex....yes, they may have a connection....but he and Hope still have a connection too...its just buried underneath whats transpired over the past two and a half years...he then pulls Hope into a kiss!

-Victor looks at Suga with the UTMOST anger and fury in his eyes....and tells Celeste not to listen to this bitch! He says that she's amnesiac, she doesn't remember her life before Winter of 2009! Celeste looks at Suga, wondering if what Victor's saying is true, but then she looks at Victor and tells him that she knows him, they've been dating for about a year and a half now....she sees the lie in his eyes....she says that she's always known what the infamous Victor Kiriakis is capable of...but she thought he moved past this! Victor says to Celeste that he was angry and only trying to protect her from that bitch...because even though it was Greta behind Celeste falling into a coma, Dorian is still a very lethal and dangerous bitch! Celeste recalls Dorian popping into the Kiriakis Mansion a few times, and their confrontation a few months ago....she looks Victor RIGHT in the eyes and asks:

Celeste:Dahling, I want to know something....and I want to know it now....what is your connection to Mrs.Lord?

-Kate is walking through the hospital, and she catches up to Mike, who's leaving another patient's room...she tells him that she has a question for him, and he tells her to shoot...she explains that yesterday at her son's wedding, a woman named Dorian Lord was shot, and she knows she's alive...but she wants to know what the chances are of if she will be able to live for long or not!

-Crystal is seen stealing some drugs that will knock people out from a room in the hospital....she says this is perfect, and takes off for Dorian's hospital room!!!

-Destiny tells Dorian how thankful she is for the info she's given to her, she just hates that Dorian has to be on a hospital bed....not only because of being shot, but because someone tried to kill her AGAIN!! Destiny says that she hasn't known Dorian for long, but she seems like a nice woman....suddenly, Crystal slowly sneaks in....and has some of the drugs on a cloth...and then...she grabs Destiny and puts the cloth over her mouth!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Hope and Bo kiss....the kiss is one of passion, and perhaps even a spark...but Hope then pulls back, and slaps Bo...asking him what the hell he's doing! Bo says he's trying to remind her of what they have! Hope tells him that they have NOTHING...she tells Bo that he has a piece of her heart, but its over...their marriage, their love...its all gone! Bo says he's tired of her saying that, and Hope says:

Hope:Brady, from the minute I was thrown in jail for murdering Gina last year...after coming home from Pasadena and spending time with you....it was great, but I knew that it was over...the spark, the love, the CONNECTION...it was gone....I could see it in your eyes....thats why I stayed away from you while you were in jail, and I wanted you to move on.

Bo:No, Fancy Face, no you didn't...Hope, if that connection was gone...if you really wanted me to move on during those months that you were in the slammer...then you wouldn't have run off in tears when you saw me and Kristen in bed together...it wouldn't hurt so much if it was gone, Hope....I know it hurts, you try to act strong and like you don't care but I know you do....and yes, its true, I was hurt, mad, confused, and everything else when I found out that you killed Gina, and then you ran off, and then I had to throw my own wife into prison....we were BOTH in such a horrible state back then....but you served your time in jail, and its in the past.....I'm over that, it was such a long time ago....you need to put that behind you, too....and yes, I turned to Kristen for support...because my wife, my SOULMATE had murdered someone and was locked up...you'd do the same thing! And Kristen was getting over her rape, and her brother had just been killed...thats why we had sex!

Hope:You're right it was a long time ago...and too much time has passed for us to just pick up and have a happy marriage again! The last time our marriage was actually stable was before Gina died....and that changed everything. That bitch is still affecting me to this day, even after being dead and gone for almost two years. But Bo, I saw the connection you and Kristen had that night, and still have, you just try to ignore it! You are doing the same thing that you THINK I'm doing!

Bo:Fine...I won't deny it...yes, Kristen and I have some kind of...connection, maybe even a spark...I'll be truthful and say that we didn't have sex that night for nothing....and we wanted to stop, but we couldn't because there was something there....but Hope....I've had love with other women, too. I had it with Billie, way back...we were so happy, we loved each other so much...but then you came back and figured out who you were...and our own love prevailed...Billie even came back a few times after that, and it caused us problems, yes, but even my own daughter coming back from the grave couldn't stop us from winning....you know you remember our love, Hope Williams....

Hope:Just STO-

Bo:You remember all the great times we had...I reminded you of them a couple months ago, and I'll remind you again now...even through the tough times, we got through and stayed strong....do you remember when your dad busted in on us back in 82, and had a heart attack? We got through that, didn't we? What about when Larry and Megan tried to come back in between us, or the constant adventures we had? Or when you almost got blamed for Megan's "death", and all the times when Stefano went after us? Or when Britta showed up? Or when you got dropped in that vat of acid...I thought you were dead for four years and fell in love with Carly and Billie, but then I found you again, and we even got through your amnesia....I remember us unlocking the puzzle box, even to this day....we fought Gina the first time, when she took over your life...and then we had JT...and we fell in love with that little boy....but he got taken from us and it turned out he wasn't ours...we got through that, didn't we? And then we fought Lexie during the chaos with Zack...and we fought Larry when he kidnapped you two....we fought Maya...we fought Andre and the Salem Stalker...we fought Chelsea, my own daughter...and then Zack died...our little boy...hit by a car and was killed...I still remember your scream when he died...we had problems, but we got through it and had two beautiful daughters....Shawn was killed by Gina, and she was revealed to be Britta, but we fought her, and got through that....so BY DAMN, we can get through this....our love will survive, Hope....you're the one for me...you always were...and you always will be.

Hope is moved to tears by this....and she begins crying and breaks down as she falls into Bo's arms, and he holds his wife....

-Victor sighs and tells Celeste that its probably about time he is open and honest about it....he explains to her that many many years ago...he fell in love with Viki Lord...and her alter, Nikki Smith....but then....he cheated on her with Dorian Lord, Viki's arch-rival...but eventually, he left Dorian for Viki....but Viki left him...he says the reason Dorian came to Salem is because she wanted revenge on him for that....and thats why he thought she put Celeste in that coma...and Celeste says that he retaliated by nearly killing the woman...Victor says that she has to understand, thats his instinctive way to do things....that is how he's always been! Celeste shakes her head and says she really thought he was different...but he so heartlessly wanted a woman, an ex no less, dead....she tells Victor that she's grown to love him so much, and they've been so happy together, and Victor then smiles and says:

Victor:I know, Celeste, I love you....I love you dearly....can you at least forgive me?

Celeste:Oh, Victor, dahling....I want to....when I woke up, I just wanted to get on to my life with you...but sadly, I can't live with this....who's to say you won't kill again, dahling? You faked Steve Johnson's death....you've done so many things....and now you've done it again....I can't believe my cards didn't tell me of this, but I was away from them for a long while....but my point remains....Victor, I'm sorry, but.....we're through....I just can't put up with that type of life....I loved Stefano for too long, and took part in too many of his schemes....I know what its like....to love an evil man so dearly....and I won't go through it again....therefore, goodbye, Victor Kiriakis....

A tear runs down Celeste's cheek, as she turns and walks away from the second devious man that she's loved so deeply...Victor looks broken as the woman leaves....he turns to Suga, and coldly says that she will regret this, before leaving himself....Suga simply shakes her head and rolls her eyes, but thinks to herself that she needs to get out of here before anyone figures out that she's the one who made both those attempts on Dorian's life, and she takes off....

-Mike tells Kate that Dorian survived the shooting and was conscious and talking...but the next attempt on her life changed things a bit.....he says that she'll probably survive, but so much action, especially for a woman in her later years, can take its toll....he says that if anything else happens to Dorian.....she may majorly take a turn for the worse....however, both Mike and Kate are SHOCKED when they approach Dorian's room and see that....EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!!!!!!

-Outside the hospital, Dorian is seen on an ambulance, still on her bed and hooked up to machines...Destiny is seen nearby in the ambulance...tied up! Crystal then comes out of the shadows and shuts the door as she takes a doctor's coat off, saying that whoever tried to kill Dorian had the right idea disguise-wise...she says that the custody battle is tomorrow, and by then....she'll be able to kill these two bitches...Crystal gets in the ambulance, and drives off!!!

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WOW, A LOT HAS HAPPEND SINCE I HAVE BEEN AWAY. SO much is going on. But I love how the stories interwine and propel the other and or the next one.

Eugenia and Lucas? Please. I was hoping you wasn't going there but you did. It seems so weired and even weireder is that baby switch. The firs thing I was going to say are you kidding me, Eugenia is dark skinn and jan is white Then you said Euggie's baby was white, so I am really keeping my close eye on this. But I AM SO MAD AFTER WATCHING THE PLOT MOVE SO SLOW BUT TO HAVE THAT BEATIFUL PAYOFF that I missed it. SO GRAND. SO OLD SCHOOL. I LOVE IT!!! Man Give me the episode number for that. That is a great story.I love how celeste was brought into it, but I think it would have been even more interesting if celeste was locked up in the room too. You and your coma's lol.

I love the idea of Tony/Kate/Anna this is a good triangle, set up well esp How kate set him up. That's a good story and I hope to see it played out although Tony and Anna aren't my favs, maybe this story can redeem them for me. THIS STORY HAS THE POTETNIAL TOO. It's almost a gold mine.

Again I love how Jan broke out finally. I love it.

Bo and all his babies. I don't know if I am liking that element to the story. The road blocks are certainely up for Bo and Hope. I love how Hope walked in on him Kristen. What episode number is that as well.

I also love Suga's invovlement in Voctor's story.

In salem, shottings, stabbing,s and coma.s are the standard here it seems.

How could Nicole leave Jan and that baby in the secret room like that? And to leave Salem with a man, and not get revenge right away for what Greta did to her. That's not the nicole I know.

I do like the Laura vs Robin and Alexis vs. Cassie. Like to see where that goes. Where is Miek in all of this?

I would have love to see where stefano confronted Viv over Peters' death. So I am all caught up now and LIS is on fire. So many twist. A lot of strong stories. I've been gone too long.

Good job Tara.

Sami keeps doing stupid things. Now she'll have to add escpe from jail charges from her.

And Will and Destiny are dating? It was only a matter of time. I hope I am in time for that long awaited custody battle.

Again I love Greta now. Great job with her. Her rabies really did a number on her. she was 4 sheets to the wind

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