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Episode#378: Crystal's New Plan




Episode#378: Crystal's New Plan

-At Maggie's House, Julie hears a knock on the door....she goes to open it, and sees none other than Bo there! Bo tells her that he's sorry if this seems unexpected, and she may not want him here, but....he needs to speak to Hope. Julie smiles and gently tells Bo to come on in....Bo enters and tells Julie he's surprised she'll even speak to him...Julie assures Bo that she believes in Bo and Hope's love, and understands how they both feel...she tells Bo that Hope is in the living room with Pamela and Addie, and Bo heads to the living room as Maggie comes down the stairs, and Julie explains that Bo's here, and says that with this huge mess everywhere else in the family, maybe ONE Horton in Salem can have happiness!

-Sami promises Will that they'll fight the Galore's until the end, especially with her back....she is still shocked she even has a granddaughter, but she's not going to let her get away from them...Will says that she's been with child protective services for MONTHS...he wonders if she even remembers him! Sami tells him that she's just an infant, he still has plenty of time ahead with her....Will thanks his mother for her support as she leaves the Spears Mansion, and she is very glad to be re-building her relationship with her son....as she walks around Salem, she bumps into none other than Vivian!

-Victor blasts Suga for not BOTHERING to even CONTACT him in the past day...even if Dorian WAS responsible for Celeste's coma, Suga should have called him! Suga tells Victor that she didn't want to disturb his royal heiness, and she just wanted to get the job done....she did exactly what he said, none of this is her damn fault! Victor ignores this and continues to call Suga an idiot, as Suga says that he's the moron for jumping to conclusions....and if Dorian is dead, HE'S the one responsible for her death! Someone exclaims "WHAT?!" and both look to see Celeste!!!

-Destiny walks in to see Dorian, who is resting...she sits at her bedside and sighs, thanking her for giving her this information....she just hopes its not because of her that she got shot AND an air bubble injected into her IV....she says that she'll be forever grateful to Dorian, though, because once she gives this to Will and the authorities...he'll get Arianna back for sure, and Crystal will get tossed in jail....

-Kate asks if Crystal is OUT OF HER MIND, and she can't kill two more people...especially not in a hospital...hell, she could be accused of trying to kill Dorian those two other times, if she didn't! Crystal shakes her head and says she doesn't know who was behind that, but they had the right idea...Kate says that Destiny is Will's friend, and not to mention she doesn't like the whole idea of this now that she knows Crystal and her husband are the ones trying to take Arianna....Crystal snorts and says that Will is just some dirty teenager, he took advantage of her own daughter...and she tells Kate that she doesn't care if she helps her or not, but she IS killing Dorian and Destiny before that trial!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Bo walks into the living room, where Hope is with their toddler daughters....Pamela and Addie both run to greet Bo as he grins and hugs them, and Hope frowns when she sees him....she asks what he's doing here, and he says he's come to talk about their relationship....Hope says that there's NOTHING to talk about....and Bo tells her that he's NOT giving up, he still wants to salvage their marriage, and he's NOT signing those divorce papers!

-Vivian simply smirks at Sami and says that its good to see her running around town again....Sami tells her yes, despite what she and everyone else said, she finally proved that she DIDN'T kill Marlena! Vivian says that she knows now, and congratulates her....she says its just too bad that she is a murderor anyway...Sami snaps to Vivian that she didn't kill Stefano, and VIVIAN was behind that anyway! Vivian tells Sami to calm down, and remember who made it possible for her to find the whore that proved her innocent! Sami sighs and says yes, she knows...she just didn't like what she had to do to get there...Vivian says that it was months ago, now, and Stefano is dead....so they should just leave the past in the past, and move on. Sami agrees as she and Vivian both shake hands...however, unknown to them both, Valentine is watching!

-Victor asks Celeste what she's doing out of her room, and Celeste says that now that the drugs are fully out of her system and she has been checked up on by Alexandra, she is free to leave...but she did not like what she just heard! Victor tries to tell her its a misunderstanding...but Suga tells her no, its not! Suga tells Celeste that Victor hired her to kill Dorian Lord after he thought Dorian drugged Celeste into that coma....Celeste is stunned, as she looks at Victor, and says:

Celeste:Dahling.....I...can't believe this...how could you?

-Will thinks to himself that he hopes Destiny found something good on Crystal from that Dorian Lord woman....

- Kate asks Crystal how she's going to do this....and Crystal says that it may seem crazy, but she has a plan....she's going to drug both Destiny and Dorian, take them out in a large truck to the outskirts of Salem...and put poisonous gas in that truck until they die! Kate looks at Crystal, stunned at how she suddenly concocted this crazy plan, and calls her a lunatic! Crystal just groans and says the time is now as she runs off....Kate wonders what to do as she's crossed between exposing herself for murdering someone, or saving two people's lives and helping her family....


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