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Episode#377: Destiny Puts the Pieces Together

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Episode#377: Destiny Puts the Pieces Together

-Will confusedly asks Sami how she knew about that...and Sami sighs and says thats the thing...she was there when it happened! She explains that was the night of the prison riot, and the night she escaped...she found him and Destiny in the car, and called Lucas, and he and Eugenia came down there and helped her get them out and get them safe...but afterwards, she told them not to tell him about her being involved because at the time he thought she murdered his grandma....Will tries to take yet ANOTHER shock in, saying he can't believe this...he looks to his mother, and tells her he has a question....he asks her....if it was just pure coincidence that she, Stefano DiMera, and him and Destiny were ALL on the same road that night!

-Faye and Nicole both stare at each other for a moment, stunned to see one another again...Nicole slowly tells Faye that she would have thought she would have vanished or run off by now, she can't believe she stuck around Salem after she vanished and Brandon left...Faye shakes her head and says no, she stuck around...for one, she was worried about her daughter...after lying about who her parents were and being shot she suddenly vanished...it didn't seem right. Nicole asks Faye why she didn't ever bother to LOOK for her, and Faye says that she couldn't exactly figure out that a psycho was holding her captive underneath a mansion! Nicole says whatever, she doesn't care now, and Nicole tries to leave but Faye grabs her and says:

Faye:Oh no you don't, missy, you and I still have alot to talk about....specifically, why you didn't even seem to care that when you pretended to be Tony and Marlena's daughter, you had no problem forgetting about me.

-Kate arrives down at the hospital, and sees Crystal in the waiting room, and asks what was so important that she had to get down here NOW...she doesn't want any contact with her, especially not after seeing her at the wedding and learning that she's the one who wants custody of Arianna...she says she still can't believe she worked with a woman as vile as her! Crystal ignores Kate's comments and tells her that someone KNOWS....someone knows all about them being behind Peter's death!

-Suga runs throughout the hospital, thinking that Dorian had better die, and that girl had better not be able to identify her as the one who put an air bubble in her IV...but she had a mask on the whole time...as Suga runs, she suddenly bumps right into Victor! He exclaims that its about DAMN time he found her!

-Destiny watches as Mike and his staff try to save Dorian....she wonders what the hell's going on...why is someone constantly trying to kill Dorian...she thinks that that nurse is also the one who shot her! She continues to wonder if the Galore's could be behind it...Destiny continues to be shocked at all of this, wondering why death is ALWAYS occurring in Salem, and also she remembers how Dorian told her that Crystal tried to KILL Tony DiMera for Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts...she also remembers how Stefano is the guy that died after going off a cliff in that car accident with her and Will, and Kate is Will's GRANDMA! She tries to think back and recall if she heard ANYTHING about an attempted murder involving Tony....Destiny's eyes widen as she remembers hearing something on the news, and she says:

Destiny:Crystal killed Peter Blake!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Sami flashes back to chasing Stefano around Salem to kill him for Vivian....however she snaps out of it, and thinks to herself that she hates lying to her son, but tells Will that yes...it was all coincidence. Will slowly nods and says its just weird...but he has more important things to focus on, like his daughter...Sami tells Will that he has to tell her ALL about her very first grandchild, she still can't believe he, at 16, has one...Will explains the situation with the Galore's, and Sami promises Will that they are going to get Arianna back...Will says he hopes so as he says that the custody trial is just in a few days, and he still doesn't know if he's prepared for what they could throw at him!

-Nicole groans and tells Faye that was a long time ago....but anyway, for one, she didn't care about Tony and Marlena themselves, she only wanted the money...Faye says that that doesn't make it any better, and she still had no problem leaving her true mother behind! Nicole looks at Faye with disgust and asks if she can blame her, and tells Faye that she was an AWFUL mother...she tells Faye that she just let Brandon and her get tortured for YEARS and YEARS by Paul...and even when Paul died, Faye still thought he was a good man no matter how much he abused her....and then its revealed she and Abe Carver had an affair, and she just took off from Salem...so don't get on her pedastal and start preaching to Nicole! Nicole stomps off as tears run down Faye's cheek as she remembers all the years she and her children were tortured by Paul Mendez....

-Destiny's eyes are wide with shock as she realizes that CRYSTAL killed Peter that night on the pier, it was all over the news.....she was going to kill Tony for Stefano and Kate but shot Peter instead, probably on accident...but still, she intended to kill SOMEONE....she thinks that she can't let her get ahold of Arianna, she just can't...she says that she has to tell someone, but she can't just leave Dorian here! Mike comes out and tells Destiny that he has news on Dorian!

-Kate asks Crystal who knows and HOW, and angrily asks if she TOLD someone as she clenches her fists....Crystal whispers NO, she has no CLUE how this woman knows, but she knows....her name is Dorian Lord....Kate says that was the woman who got shot at the Spears Mansion last night, and Crystal says that somehow she knows everything! Kate thinks back...vaguely remembering letting Dorian into the Kiriakis Mansion once or twice...but suddenly, both of them are distracted when they hear Mike say he has news on Dorian!

-Suga tells Victor that the job is finally done, she shot Dorian and then injected an air bubble into her IV....Victor calls her an IDIOT, and tells her that he's been trying to find her for a day now....Suga says that she did what he asked, and he tells her that he found out Dorian didn't do what he thought she did.....she's been KILLED for nothing! Suga is stunned!

-Mike tells Destiny that Dorian is alive, an air bubble was injected into her IV but they managed to save her just in the nick of time....he says that she can see her, but Dorian's asleep right now, and she needs to be careful...the woman is probably in a fragile state after TWO attempts on her life...Crystal, in the background, is shocked that someone tried to kill Dorian again and wonder what the hell's going on! Destiny tells Mike what little she knows about the nurse that injected that air bubble...Mike nods and says they'll try to find her...before Destiny can tell Mike about what Dorian told her, he gets an emergency call and walks off....Destiny goes inside Dorian's hospital room again....

-Crystal looks at Kate and tells her that Dorian is still alive and Destiny probably knows what they did now....she says that this is putting her ENTIRE life and that custody battle on the line....Kate says that maybe thats for the best, not that she wants to be exposed, but she would NEVER EVER have associated herself with Crystal if she had known what she was trying to do to HER family...Crystal tells Kate that they BOTH could go to death row! Kate says that if it means her grandson gets his daughter back, so be it...but then she realizes that it would put her budding friendship, or whatever she has with Tony on the line as well...but because of Anna, that might be best....Crystal says to Kate that there's only one option left: Kill Dorian AND Destiny!

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