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Episode#376: Greta's Vow

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Episode#376: Greta's Vow

-Brandon shrugs and tells Carrie thats just fine...he says now the time is to just move on from EVERYTHING thats happened over the past year...Carrie agrees and says its a chance for a new start for her, him, Sami, so many others...Carrie tells Brandon she has something to ask him....she asks Brandon if he'll move in with her!

-Lucas tells Sami to not talk about them like that...he loves Jan and Eugenia. Sami bursts out laughing and says that he's insane if he does...and not to mention, he can't just have two fiancee's and live in the same household like everything's just dandy and happy! Jan promises Sami that it won't be like that for long...Eugenia and her bony ass will be out the door soon...Eugenia agrees, but says that Lucas will be coming with her! Lucas exclaims thats ENOUGH or he may just leave altogether...Sami again laughs and says she's just here to see her son, and pulls Will into the kitchen as Lucas sighs at the two women in his life...

-Nicole asks what the hell that means, and Greta just shrugs, and Nicole tells her that her track record with men may not be the best but she loves Travis! Greta tells her she loved Eric...then she loved Lucas...then she loved Victor...then she loved Brady...then she loved Austin...then she loved Eric again...and now there's this Travis guy! Nicole tells her that at least she gets more than her, causing Greta to scowl....Nicole tells Greta that she won't have to deal with her much longer...because she made sure that Greta is being transferred to another mental home outside of Salem!

-Dorian gasps for air as Suga injects an air bubble into her IV...she thinks to herself that she'll be dead soon! Destiny asks Dorian what's happening, and looks to Suga and asks what the hell's going on! Suga says that there must be a problem and Destiny goes to yell for Mike, but Suga suddenly grabs her, and Destiny asks what she's doing and she needs to find Mike! Suga SHOVES Destiny back, into the wall, and takes off running, as Destiny gets up and screams:


*Life in Salem Opening*

-Brandon is surprised at Carrie's request, and asks if she's serious.....Carrie nods, and she says that they've just gotten so close since Marlena's death and through the whole Sami ordeal....and with the recession, it'd be hard for him to find an apartment and pay for it....she just thought maybe they could just share this one. Brandon slowly nods and says he'd like that....so sure, he'll move in with her! Carrie is joyous at this and even hugs Brandon, the two happy to have a home!

-Sami and Will are in the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, and Sami tells Will that the real reason she came to this horrible place is to talk to him...she says that they need to re-establish their relationship...him running away and then her getting accused of murder didn't help things between them....Will agrees and sincerely apologizes for not believing her...he says its just weird....it was like she acted all horrible to him and then killed his grandma, then she said she didn't like usual....she was sent to jail but then escaped and went on the run...and now out of the blue, Nicole Walker comes back and proves to everyone that it really was this Stan guy...Sami understands and tells him its been a whirlwind, but now they can get through it...however first...she has something to tell him about the night he and that girl Destiny got into a car accident!

-Greta calls Nicole a liar, saying that no way in hell would a piece of trash like Nicole would be able to arrange something that big...everyone hates her....so Greta is staying right here in Salem, mental home or not! Nicole sighs and tells Greta that she doesn't want all these secrets anymore...so she found Steve and Kayla's number and called Steve...and told him everything! Greta's eyes go wide, and Nicole smirks and asks if she forgot about her dear old hidden daddy...but now he knows...he took it well enough, but was very shocked that Britta and him had a kid...they would've come back to Salem but couldn't because of some thing that happened over a month ago...so now, with Mike's permission already taken care of, they are transferring Greta to a mental institution out of state, near them....its a good place...Greta calls Nicole a little BITCH....saying that she never wanted that revealed! Nicole tells Greta that it was time...and now, she's telling Greta goodbye....and it makes her so, SO glad that she never has to see her face again....Greta snaps to Nicole that she started ALL of this...their rivalry, and Nicole says she knows, but she never did what Greta did....Greta tortured her...and the fact that she's not anywhere near Salem, near her home, will make her feel so good....she can wake up everyday with someone who loves her, and can be free to go wherever she pleases, and not take part in crazy baby switches or getting shot trying to escape...she's free now, free from her, free from Jan, free from her past....Greta snorts and says how lovely, but then goes on to say:

Greta:You may think its all behind you now, Nicole...but its not...something is out there that will catch up to you....or maybe even that baby switch will, because I know you don't plan on exposing good ole Jan's secret! You just keep your rose-colored glasses on, thinking your life with this new Travis guy will just be happy and dandy all the time. But know this, Nicole Walker: Just when you think you're safe, just when you think no one is out to get you, just when you think that you can be comfortable, just when you think you're out of the woods....I'll be there. Just when you think you don't have to turn around every two seconds, I'll be there. If you think this is the last time you'll see me, you really are stupid.....don't think you've seen the last of me, Nicole Walker, not for one second. I'll return stronger than ever....I'm Greta Von Amberg, and I. WILL. BE. BACK. So remember that when you have your fantasies of happiness.

Nicole slowly looks at her psychotic rival....a woman originally kind, but they hated each other instantly as they fought over a man, the woman she blackmailed out of town with her patenity secret, the woman that was turned into a psycho after being infected with rabies, a woman who held her and another woman in a Secret Room, switched two babies, put Celeste in a coma, and stabbed another woman....Nicole finally simply says "Goodbye, Greta." before leaving....

Nicole walks out into the hospital, shuddering at her final confrontation with Greta...Greta continues to sit locked up in her room, and looks around, saying:

Greta:Oh yes, Salem has definitely not seen the last of Greta Von Amberg...and when I'm back...heads will roll....

-Nicole continues walking through the hospital, trying to leave it entirely, as she tries to re-assure herself that she's never going to see crazy Greta again and can just leave her behind, she never even has to think about her again....but suddenly she bumps into someone....and its revealed to be.....FAYE!!! Nicole looks at her shock....seeing her mother for the first time since she was in the hospital a year ago!

-Destiny screams for someone to help her as Mike runs in with some nurses at his side, and she says that a nurse was just in here injecting something into Dorian's IV, and suddenly she couldn't breathe...and the nurse just took off running! Mike nods and says he has to get to work, and as the nurses force Destiny to step outside, she says that Dorian can't die!

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