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Casting Updates!



Some general casting updates have been announced as the ins and outs continue!


Lisa Ray, who plays lawyer Lisa Raye on SONOP soap "STEAM", shall crossover to LIS for a special guest stint starting this week when the trial for little Arianna Roberts is held. "I am so glad that ML(former Co-EP/Co-HW of LIS, EP/HW of STEAM) let me bring Lisa over for some episodes....my DEEP appreciation goes out to him! And it will be fun having Lisa here for several episodes...she's definitely a lawyer who brings it to the table!" Tara Smith says


Julianne Morris(Greta Von Amberg) will last air this week! The recurring player, who's been off/on with LIS since 2006, shall end her run on Monday after one last confrontation with Nicole before she's shipped off to a sanitarium out of state. "Greta has played such a big role on LIS since her return on its spin-off....she went from a rather dull heroine to a crazy psycho, and has pulled off so many schemes....stabbing people, holding people captive in secret rooms, switching babies, drugging people into coma's....finally she's been knocked off her high horse and locked up in a nice padded room....she needs a rest. However, lets just say we haven't seen the last of Miss Von Amberg....not by a long shot!" Tara tells fans

Janet Zarish(Lea Zaslow) last aired on May 26th after Jan paid her to get out of town. "Lea was always a minor character...just intended to be a player in the Secret Room/Baby Switch...and now that the SR storyline is over, she really didn't have a point...but one thing we played on was Lea didn't really like all these schemes, and she knows about the switch....so we could see her again someday."

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Your welcome Tara and anytime. Enjoy Lisa.

You know, I used to hate Greta, everyblog and their momma had Greta on it. I was just never a fan of her. But I must say when I brought her over to the spin off "Affairs of the Heart" She got VERY interesting and her follow up story when rejoinging LIS after AOTH ended it's temp run, Greta has kept me glued. I don't wish for her to come back. I really feel she has run her course.

Just a few words from ML.......

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