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Episode#375: Air Bubble

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Episode#375: Air Bubble

-Brandon and Carrie are seen walking into a place....a place thats revealed to be....the old apartment complex that Alan Harris burned down almost three years ago! Its entirely rebuilt, and Carrie walks into the apartment where she and Lucas lived when it went up in flames....she says wow, its been so long...she looks around, and Brandon says that he heard about how that Harris guy burned it all down....Carrie nods, and says she's excited to be living here again....it just brings back memories of when she had a miscarriage, and was with Lucas!

-At the Spears Mansion, Will is outside after trying to unsuccessfully stop Jan and Eugenia's arguing, and Lucas arrives with baby Josh...Will tells him that he's so glad he's here, and tells him all about Jan and Eugenia's fight! Lucas sighs and rushes inside, where Jan and Eugenia continue to argue over Lucas...Lucas tells the screaming women that thats ENOUGH, and Jan tells Lucas that she's just trying to convince Eugenia that SHE is Lucas's soulmate, and Eugenia says she's just trying to stop Jan from slinging out all these insults and declarations! Lucas asks what part of "getting along" don't they understand, but then a voice in the doorway says:

Sami:Well, Lucas, it looks like the only thing thats changed in my time away is that you now have two crazy fiancee's instead of one!

Will, Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia turn to see Sami standing in the doorway!

-At the psychtriactic ward in the hospital, Greta continues to sit in her straitjacket, with her head down as she thinks about everything...Eric, Jan, the Secret Room, the baby switch, and...Nicole. She wonders how on Earth Nicole could have survived that gunshot...and suddenly she hears "Hello Greta." and looks up to see...NICOLE!

-Destiny thanks Dorian and says she just needs this information badly, for her friend and a little baby's sake...Crystal listens at the doorway after Mike leaves so they can talk...and Crystal thinks to herself that this old bitch better not know about her killing Peter...Dorian looks at Destiny and says:

Dorian:Your friend....Miss Crystal Galore...is a murderor.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Brandon tells Carrie he's so sorry...and she doesn't have to live here if she doesn't want to...Carrie says no, its fine, that was years ago and anywhere is great in this economy...its just she was engaged to Lucas at the time, but had feelings for Austin and a child in her womb...then she lost it after that crazy fire, and grew close to Austin again...Lucas broke up with her and she and Austin married, and left town...but then he cheated on her. Brandon then says:

Brandon:You know...you've told me about that, but have never talked really in-depth about it....are you sure you don't wanna talk about it?

Carrie:No, I'm fine, its just....Austin and I were so in love, you know? Married for about a year...having so much fun in another country...we even wanted to start a family, but then suddenly he started sleeping with that Class A skank for pretty much all of last year...

Brandon:Did you know the woman?

Carrie:Yes...little bitch.

Brandon:Would you mind telling me her name?

Carrie:I...don't think thats a good idea...she's a worthless bitch and I've tried my damndest to never even get in contact with her again...and it'd probably ruin too many lives if I told anyone her name....

-Eugenia groans and says this is just great, ANOTHER ex-fiancee of Lucas's back! Sami smiles and tells Eugenia that she can talk about Jan that way but not her...they go way back, even back to when she was with Brandon! Eugenia puts on a fake smile right back and says she remembers very clearly. Jan asks Sami what the hell she's doing here, and Sami says she's coming to visit Lucas and her son now that the charges against her have been dropped...Will and Lucas both say thats great as Will hugs her and again apologizes for not believing her for so long, as Jan sarcastically says that this day is just getting better and better...now the woman who murdered her mother is free as a bird! Eugenia says that Jan didn't even KNOW Marlena, and Jan says that Eugenia doesn't even KNOW that situation at all! Sami laughs and looks at Lucas and tells him that she can tell he's going to have a wonderful time with these two bimbo's...

-Greta asks Nicole what she's doing here, and she doesn't want porno filth like her in her room....Nicole says thats ironic, because she never wanted princess filth like HER in that hell hole she called her room for months....Nicole tells Greta that she came to see her one last time, in all her glory at her new home...Greta laughs and tells Nicole she should have died when she shot her...Nicole tells Greta that thanks to Travis, she's alive and well....Greta raises an eyebrow and says:

Greta:Well....I'm sure that your new little lover won't last long...one way or another.

-Destiny's eyes widen and asks Dorian if she's serious...but then tells her that if she means the "murder" of Marlena Evans about five years ago, she turned up alive later on....she says she wouldn't be surprised if Crystal is a murderor, but still...Dorian shakes her head and says not that...this is as recent as the beginning of the year...Destiny says that Benard and Crystal were well settled in Salem by then, and asks Dorian WHO she killed! Outside, Crystal is beginning to get anxious and breathing heavily, and whispers that she has to call Kate...she walks off as Suga approaches Dorian's room and says the time is now....while Mike's not around...she has to kill her, even if that girl is in there! Suga is still in a nurses outfit and looks at her syringe, and says that she can just inject an air bubble into Dorian's IV and be done with it. Back inside the room, Dorian says:

Dorian:Well, you see...Stefano DiMera and Ka-

Suga(walking in):Excuse me, Mrs.Lord, I need to perform some simple check ups...so the girl will have to leave.

Destiny:No! We're talking about something VERY important here!

Suga:I'm sorry, miss lady, but you'll have to leave....

Dorian:She needs to stay...this is a matter of life and death.

Suga:Oh, fine!

Dorian:Anyway, now...Stefano DiMera, I'm sure you know of the man, and Kate Roberts...the ex-wife of Victor Kiriakis....hired Crystal to kill Tony DiMera...

Destiny:WHAT?! But...Tony didn't die, right? I mean...I don't know the guy but I think Will and I saw him about a month ago...

Dorian:Oh no, he's alive...but she did kill a man, and that man is-

Suga stands by her IV, ignoring the conversation, and...injects the air bubble into her IV! As Dorian is talking, suddenly she's interrupted and her hand goes to her neck as she mutters out that she can't breathe...Dorian falls back as she gasps for breathe and both Suga and Destiny watch!!!

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