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Episode#374: Nicole's Advice




Episode#374: Nicole's Advice

-Laura tells Anna that she really is fine...Anna snorts and tells Laura that she's been like that and has seen many others like that...something's on Laura's mind...and she says that if she doesn't mind, she'd like to know what...Laura slowly explains to Anna all about Robin...and says that she wants to take the fight to Robin, but she's not sure how!

-At the hospital, Destiny arrives and approaches Mike, and asks him how Dorian is doing...he tells her that in the past hour or two, she has finally started coming to...Suga, disguised in a nurse outfit, watches and says not for long...as Crystal also arrives at the hospital and eavesdrops!

-Jan returns to the Spears Mansion, and runs into Eugenia...she coldly asks her where her son and fiancee are, and Eugenia says that HER fiancee is out with his son...Jan says thats excellent, doing some bonding...because soon he, Josh, Bentley, and Jan will all be a family...Eugenia groans and tells Jan to just shut her mouth if she's going to talk like that, and Jan says its true, and Eugenia can soon get her bony ass out of her house and out of Salem for good...Eugenia tells Jan that Lucas loves HER too, and an argument breaks out between the two...but Will finally comes in, gets between them both, and yells:

Will:Okay, thats ENOUGH DAMNIT!

-Lucas is a bit startled at Nicole and asks if she really just said that...Nicole tells him that he heard her! Lucas says that he thought she would've acted a bit different, knowing Jan so well since Jan's rape in 2001, then getting her to "kill" Victor, and not to mention everything else and being locked up in a Secret Room with her for months...Nicole tells Lucas that Jan is...sort of a friend, sort of an enemy of hers...and while she likes her...she thinks it would be best if Lucas used his brain and scooped Eugenia up in his arms, and that baby, and just took off RUNNING! Lucas says that he loves Jan and also can't just do that to the mother of his child, he couldn't even do that to Sami, and can't do it to Jan...Nicole blurts:

Nicole:Okay, Lucas, if thats why you aren't carrying on your...thing with Eugenia, then I think you need to know that baby Josh is NOT yours!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Anna laughs and tells Laura that taking down people is easy...she's done it herself, to MANY people....she tells Laura to just try to slowly find out Robin's weaknesses and prey on them....she has to outsmart that bitch before Robin pulls another fast one on her! Laura says she just doesn't know WHAT Robin's weaknesses are...its like the ONLY thing she cares about in this world is Jeremy! Anna laughs and tells Laura that she doesn't know Robin Jacobs, but from what she just learned...Robin's weakness may be none other than Mike himself...she tells Laura to think about that before leaving...

-Mike takes Destiny into Dorian's hospital room...Dorian looks around, and Destiny asks how she's feeling...Dorian responds that she's feeling well enough....Destiny says that she knows she just got shot, but she really needs to talk to her about Crystal Galore...there isn't much time left before the custody battle...Dorian thinks to herself that she KNOWS it was Victor who tried to kill her...so now she can get rid of him...so she tells Destiny fine, she'll tell her everything right now!

-Jan tells Will to stay out of his, its none of his business! Will says that two of his almost-step mom's are fighting like hell in his own home...its damn well his business! Jan says that if he wants this to remain his home he'll BACK OFF, and Eugenia orders Jan not to talk to Will like that...he's going through enough himself! Jan says that this is *HER* home and she'll talk to anyone however she wants to...she never even wanted Will here anyway, she doesn't want Sami Brady's spawn in her house! Eugenia says:

Eugenia:I hate Sami too, for the record, but Will is your nephew and was going to be your step-son!

Jan:Sadly, he IS going to be my step-son...I AM going to have Lucas, no matter what! And as for this brat over here, well, lets just say that the minute Lucas and I get back together...him, his whore, and his own screaming devil child will be OUT of this mansion...right out on the street with you!

Will:You will NOT, and I mean NOT, speak of Destiny and Arianna like that! Arianna is my baby girl who I've been fighting for almost a year to get back, she's just a little infant...you don't see me spewing things about Bentley!

Jan:Because Bentley is a wonderful little boy from two soulmates: Shawn Brady and me!

Eugenia:So even when he's dead, you have this weird fascination with Shawn, but also claim to have this undying love for Lucas!

Jan:You can love more than one person at a time! Shawn IS my soulmate, but Lucas....I love Lucas with every inch of my heart!

Will:You all are hopeless...I'm so sick of living in this crazy mansion!

Jan and Eugenia continue to argue as Will stomps off....

-Lucas raises an eyebrow and asks Nicole what she means by THAT....Nicole suddenly realizes that she slipped up, and thinks to herself that she could reveal this all now, she has nothing to lose....but she won't. She tells Lucas that she just meant that she knows Jan...and they should both know that she's still a psycho...and for all they know, she may still have Shawn's sperm safely stowed away somewhere and impregnated herself with his baby again! Lucas laughs and tells her thats ridiculous...Jan would never go that far, especially since she has Bentley...Nicole tells him she still feels that he should just take Eugenia and run, because Eugenia is the saner out of the two women....Lucas says that he sorta feels like that....but he also just can't stop loving Jan, there's something about her....he'll just have to figure it out himself. He takes baby Josh and thanks Nicole for the advice....and he soon leaves, as Nicole sighs and says:

Nicole:I don't know what to do...I can't keep anymore crazy secrets like this...meeting Travis has made me want to be a new person....but then again, I don't even want to get involved with that Jan Spears ever again....I should just stay out of it, and I pray that Jan never gets me involved in any of her schemes again, or that she doesn't carry on this baby switch for too long....

Nicole sighs as she shuts the door....


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