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Episode#373: Jan Visits Greta

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Episode#373: Jan Visits Greta

-Laura is at the Java Cafe...she thinks about all thats transpired within the past month...Robin accusing her of trying to kill her...Lucas's failed wedding...she is so lost in thought that she bumps into someone...and it happens to be none other than Anna DiMera!

-Will looks on at Destiny in shock and asks if she had any idea what Dorian knew about Crystal...Destiny says no, she doesn't, but Dorian really made a big deal about it....she wanted Destiny to do something for her in return but she's not sure what...but then all this happened....Will tells Destiny that they have to go down to the hospital and see if Dorian is awake...and if she is, they have to talk to her right now!

-At the Salem Inn, Nicole is back in her old room with Travis...she says that now that she's finally cleared Sami's name entirely and Greta is locked up, she can move on with her life...Travis tells her that if they are going to be staying in Salem, they do need to discuss some things, like jobs...but there is a knock on the door, and Nicole answers it to see....LUCAS! Lucas is holding Josh and tells her he needs her help!

-Greta sits inside her padded room, and thinks about how it isn't over....everyone who's hurt her, specifically Nicole and Jan, will pay....and she'll just see what happens between her and Eric once she gets out of this place....she then looks up to see Jan being let in by a nurse! Greta asks what she wants....and Jan says she just came to see a psycho finally where she belongs...but she also came for something else...Jan then asks:

Jan:I want to know why you didn't tell Lucas that you took baby Josh from Eugenia...

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Laura tells Anna she's so sorry, and Anna tells her its fine but says that she thinks she recognizes her from somewhere...Laura tells Anna that she's Laura Horton, she thinks she saw her at Marlena's funeral last year...Anna says thats right, and asks how she is...Laura says she's fine, but Anna says that she doesn't look fine!

-Destiny agrees and says that she has been planning to do that, she just has been trying to recooperate from everything...Will says he understands, he says that this place is in even more chaos than before now...his dad's crazy ex-fiancee is back, his mom DIDN'T kill his grandma and everything's back to normal with her, he has a brother, a psycho was holding two women captive underneath him for months...its all so weird...Destiny nods, and tells Will that incase Dorian DOESN'T have anything on Crystal like she said...she doesn't want to bring him into this...so she wants to go down to the hospital alone!

-Nicole slowly asks Lucas what he's doing here...and she says this is quite a surprise...Lucas tells her that as crazy as this may seem, he needs her advice....Nicole says that he wants advice from his ex-wife who was paid to marry him and turned him back into an alcoholic...Lucas says it really is crazy, but he really needs to talk to her...its about Jan and Eugenia. Nicole then groans and says:

Nicole:Oh LORD...why the hell does everything in my life have something to do with Jan Spears? But fine, come in.

-Greta looks up at Jan and bursts out laughing, saying that Jan really shouldn't be pursuing it, she's lucky Greta DIDN'T tell Lucas about Jan's budding scheme...Jan snaps that it was Greta's idea, and Greta tells her that if she really wants to know...she never thought Jan would get out of the Secret Room...but incase she did, she pulled this so she'd have a back up plan to make Jan's life miserable...Jan says that her life is getting better and better, she has a SON and soon will have Lucas back...Greta continues to smugly laugh and she then says:

Greta:Oh, for now, things are great....but you see Jan, I'm going to let you live out your little fantasy life now...with little baby Josh as your son, Eugenia thinking her son is dead, and you and Lucas can have all the happiness in the world...but just when you think your safe, just when you think that this won't creep up and haunt you, just when you think I am out of the picture....I'll come back and blow you right out of the water....I'll tell Lucas and Eugenia EVERYTHING about how I switched Bradley and Josh, and about how you are passing off Josh as your own son...

Jan is silent for a moment, and Greta just grins, telling Jan that even locked up...she holds all the cards...Jan tells Greta that she had better not ever mess with her again, or she'll regret it even more than she is now...she says that even if she DID blab about the whole baby switch, no one would believe someone in a padded room! Greta tells Jan that she has Lea, and not to mention Nicole...Jan tells her that she took care of Lea, much to Greta's surprise, and that Nicole will only say what Jan wants her to say...Jan tells Greta that she has NO power, her reign of terror is over...she tauntingly waves to Greta, wishing her a happy life in the crazy house, before leaving....

-Will tells Destiny no, Arianna is HIS daughter and he's going to do whatever it takes to get her back and get rid of Crystal AND Benard...and Destiny says that JUST incase this doesn't turn out like they hope, then she needs to do it alone...Destiny and Will argue, but finally Will obliges, as Destiny heads for the hospital...

-Lucas walks in and sits baby Josh down, and he tells Nicole that since she knows Jan better than most people...thats why he came to her...he explains that he's really caught between Jan and Eugenia...and he doesn't know what to do now that the whole thing with Greta and the Secret Room came out...he loves Jan and Eugenia both so much...and now he has this new son with Jan...he just doesn't have a clue what to do...Nicole looks at Josh and flashes back to the baby switch and Jan's real baby dying in childbirth..she looks at Lucas and says:

Nicole:Okay, Lucas, in all honesty...you need to take that baby, take Eugenia, take Will, and whoever the hell else and get as FAR away from that looney tune Jan as fast as you can!

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