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Episode#372: Lea Zaslow

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Episode#372: Lea Zaslow

-Its a brand new day in Salem!

-At the psychtriactic ward in the hospital...Greta is seen in locked up in a padded room....she sits in the room, staring at the wall, with deep anger and hatred in her eyes at both Nicole and Jan being alive and free now....and her entire scheme failing....however, she looks up when she sees...ERIC!

-Destiny sits outside the Spears Mansion as the sun rises....she looks to the courtyard, which is now a crime scene....she sighs.....and turns around as Will walks out and asks her how she is....she says she's fine, and he asks her why she was with that Dorian Lord woman yesterday when she got shot!

-Sami comes out of the police station, and Brandon stands there, and asks her how it went...she grins and says Nicole told her Uncle Bo EVERYTHING....and all the charges against her have been dropped...for her supposedly murdering Marlena and escaping from prison! Brandon instinctively scoops Sami up into his arms!

-At the Spears Mansion, Lucas is holding baby Josh....he says that he can't believe he has a new son of all things now....he never even thought that Jan would have been pregnant....but he's glad to have a new son, and tells Josh that he has a great family....two brothers, and a great mother...as Eugenia walks down the stairs and watches Lucas bond with Josh, Lucas says he just wishes he knew what to do about having two fiancee's....

-Lea is seen at a small house, her house....she sips on a cup of coffee, but hears her doorbell ring...she goes to answer it to see....JAN on her doorstep...Lea nearly faints!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Greta slowly asks Eric what he's doing here...and Eric tells her that he knows all about her crazy schemes now, its ALL over the news, and he learned that the justice system already decided she was too insane to go to prison at all, so she may be here for the rest of her life....Greta laughs and says she doubts that, she'll be back...Eric then goes on to ask if locking Nicole up in the Secret Room was because of him...and if stabbing Alexis Kefer was because of him, too!

-Destiny wonders if she should tell Will about what Dorian told her....she sighs and thinks to herself maybe she should....she looks at Will and says she has to tell him something....he asks her what....and she slowly says that before Dorian got shot....she was gonna tell her something about Crystal....something that could affect the custody trial!

-Sami and Brandon share a hug at learning that the charges have been dropped....Carrie slowly approaches, seeing the hug, and is silent for a brief moment before Sami pulls back and then hugs Carrie...telling her all about how the charges have been dropped! Carrie is overjoyed and says she knew they could get to this, and Sami says she could have never done it without her and Brandon....she tells them both now she can move on to a new chapter in her life, and put this mess behind her...

-Lucas says that its weird...he's never had a situation like this before...and he loves both Eugenia and Jan deeply...so he just doesn't know what to do....Eugenia listens, and sheds a tear as she thinks about it all...she looks at Josh, and flashes back to when that nurse told her her baby died...she whispers that Jan is lucky to have such a child....Lucas still doesn't see Eugenia there, and tells "his" son that maybe its time to go to someone for advice...he takes Josh and leaves, as Eugenia sighs...

-Lea's face goes VERY pale at seeing Jan right on her doorstep....she asks Jan how she's here...Jan laughs and asks if she hasn't heard the news yet....she escaped the Secret Room, stopped Lucas and Eugenia's wedding, and exposed that crazy Greta for the psycho bitch she is....Lea slowly says that can't be.....Jan tells her its true....and tells Lea that now, it may be time for her to go to the slammer as well!

-Greta slowly says yes....it all goes back to him...she and Nicole feuded for quite some time, but Nicole forced her out of town, and thats why she went after her and Jan...she says that as for Alexis....yes, it was because she slept with him...and NO ONE should sleep with him! Eric tells her he's confused...he thought they ended whatever they had YEARS ago! Greta says they did, but still....she wouldn't dare let any such trash sleep with such a great man like him! Eric stares at his ex....from top to bottom, seeing just how psychotic she is....and asks what happened to her....she says that she started seeing things alot more clearly...she sees that she had to take drastic measures to rid the world of Nicole Walker and Jan Spears...and she also sees that...maybe...he was the right one for her! Eric tells her that two years ago, he would've been so happy to hear that....but now.....just no....he tells Greta he's over her, and she should be over him...its ridiculous that ALL of this happened because of their relationship! A tear slowly runs down Greta's cheek and she tells them maybe there can still be a chance for them...Eric slowly approaches Greta...remembering the happy times they had together, and the sad times...when they broke up...but when they ran into each other again in 2006 and almost got back together but he also grew close to Nicole again before leaving town after he and Greta severed their links to each other once again....he slowly leans in...and he and Greta share a kiss....but he pulls back, as she asks him why he did that...and he looks at his insane ex-girlfriend once again and says:

Eric:Goodbye, Greta....I'm sorry, but goodbye.

Eric leaves.....as Greta watches one of the very few men she has ever loved walk out on her....

-Jan tells Lea that she wants her to PAY for letting her baby die...Lea tells her there was nothing she could do when it comes to that! Jan says that she could have taken proper care of her, and Lea says she DID, and she even helped Greta give her that other baby...which she assumes that Jan is passing off as her own now! Jan grins and nods....she tells Lea she hates her so much and blames her for not getting her out of that Secret Room and not saving her son...and Lea tells her that she could always tell everyone who's baby that really is! Jan shrugs and says thats why she's willing to let her off the hook....Jan then goes on to say:

Jan:I will pay you $5,000 dollars if you get out of Salem and never come back.

Lea:W-W-wait....really? Are you being serious?

Jan:Yes....I am....

Lea:I-I don't know...I still don't feel right about this whole baby switch fiasco...

Jan:Okay let me put it this way: You take the money...or else I won't hesitate to kill you in the most gruesome way possible.

Lea's eyes widen...and she closes her eyes as she reluctantly says fine...Jan says excellent as she takes out a check, and gives it to Lea...Lea says she'll be out of town by the end of the day....Jan says good....she lets out a very devilish laugh as she turns, walking away...and Lea shakes her head at all of this, and Jan knows that now no one can expose Josh as Eugenia's son....

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