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Episode#371: The Nightmare Begins




Episode#371: The Nightmare Begins

-Victor is down at the hospital, as Mike operates on Dorian...he constantly curses and says he can't believe this, and wonders where the HELL Suga is....he says that he may be cold, but he may be killing someone, even if he hates Dorian, for something they didn't do....he decides to go see Celeste...

-Suga is at the hospital as well....she is in the nurses station and slowly puts a nurse outfit on...she says that if Dorian doesn't die from that gunshot, she'll just have to finish her off here!

-At the Spears Mansion, mostly everyone is gone now....Eugenia slowly walks into the living room....she is still in her wedding dress, and tears begin running down her face....as Lucas and Jan walk in....Eugenia turns to Lucas, and says she guesses its time to pack her bags!

-Back at the hospital, Destiny is out in the waiting room in the ER and watches Mike operate on Dorian as he tries to save her life....she heavily sighs and thinks that Dorian can't die....not only because she has information on Crystal, but because no one deserves to DIE...she wonders who on Earth would shoot Dorian at the Spears Mansion of all places, even though the entire town was there because of the chaos with Jan....Crystal watches in the background, wondering what Dorian knows, and if she'll live to tell....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Victor walks into Celeste's hospital, and can't help but grin as he sees a woman that he loves awake and conscious after a month of being in a drug induced coma...Lexie is there, and Celeste tells Victor that Alexandra just finished telling her all that happened at the wedding, and she is glad to know it was stopped...the spirits told her of the danger that those people had fallen into thanks to Greta...Victor tells her that Greta is going to be in a padded room for a long long time as he leans down and kisses her, and she holds his hand...Lexie smiles and tells her mother that the drugs have pretty much worn off now, so she will be fine...and all is well now!

-Jan grins and tells her yes...she can get her ass out of her mansion! Lucas tells Jan to wait and asks Eugenia what she's talking about...he doesn't want her to leave! Eugenia and Jan both gape at Lucas, as Eugenia says that his fiancee, who he LOVED, just came back and it was revealed that ALL of this happened because of some psycho's scheme....so now, he and Jan are free to be together...Lucas tells Eugenia no...he still loves her, and no one needs to be making rash decisions...he says this day has been crazy, and he has to have time to THINK about all of this....he then goes on to say that due to that weird shooting of Dorian Lord earlier, the police have reccomended that no one leaves the Spears Mansion...so she's staying!

-Destiny paces, waiting for news on Dorian....however, she sees Chris approaching her, and he introduces himself....he tells Destiny that he needs to question her on what happened when Dorian was shot...Destiny tells him that they were just talking and this gunshot just came out of nowhere, and no shooter could ever be found...but alot of people in Salem were there because of Lucas and Eugenia's wedding...Chris nods and tells her he's going to escort her back to the Spears Mansion incase this was an attempt on her life or somehow a target at the residents of the mansion themselves....but Mike comes out, saying he has news on Dorian!

-Jan looks at Lucas and asks him what the hell he's thinking...she says that this dirty WHORE needs to get out of her house right now...and she and Lucas need to be starting their family with Bentley and Josh and getting THEIR engagement back on track! Eugenia screams for Jan to NEVER call her that as the two women get into a fight...and Lucas tells everyone to just SHUT UP....he says that for now, until they get this all straightened out, they have to live together! He looks at Jan and says that he loves Eugenia....she helped him and he helped her for months, and they fell in love....he looks at Eugenia and tells her that he loves Jan...she was the one who helped him get past the trouble with Sami/EJ/Alexis, and he helped her through her pregnancy and recovered from all the schemes she pulled, and Jan is now the mother of his child...he has to think about what HE's going to do! Jan and Eugenia both look at each other, and Jan finally says in disgust she's just going upstairs to see baby Josh and reunite with Bentley, as Eugenia tells Lucas she's going to go change out of this ridiculous wedding dress...she tells him they should be on their honeymoon right now, making love....but they're not...and they are never going to! Eugenia walks off as well, in tears, as Lucas thinks about this huge delimma....

-Destiny anxiously asks what, as both Crystal and Chris listen....Mike tells her that Dorian made it out...and if all goes well, should be awake soon...but not tonight...he advises Destiny to go home, get some rest....they'll be able to know alot more tomorrow...Chris agrees, and Destiny is just glad Dorian's alive...Suga slowly watches from a distance as well, and thinks to herself that she'll just have to kill Dorian here in the hospital then...Chris takes Destiny away as Mike shakes his head at all thats happened today....

-There is an ending montage as everyone is seen....Victor is with Celeste and Lexie in Celeste's hospital room as the two happily reunite, but Victor continuing to think about Dorian and how he may have killed her for something she didn't do, and how he needs to get to Suga....Suga is in a nurse's outfit, and peeks inside Dorian's hospital room, deciding to wait it out until she makes another attempt on her life...Crystal leaves the hospital, but vows to find out what Dorian knows....Chris takes Destiny back to the Spears Mansion as she says that for Arianna's sake, she has to speak to Dorian....at the Spears Mansion itself, Eugenia stands in a guest room, still in her wedding dress....she continues to cry and finally breaks down in tears as she stares at herself in the mirror, as she tosses her bouquet of flowers at the mirror....she slowly crawls into bed, still crying her eyes out....Jan is in the nursery with both her sons, and is overjoyed to be with her firstborn at long last....she constantly kisses him on the forehead, and she also looks at baby Josh and says that she loves him too...and he's going to be the wonderful thing that will bring Lucas back to her...Lucas is down in the living room, and thinks about Jan, Eugenia, and "his" new son....and how all of it is too insane, and wonders what the hell he is going to do now....


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