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Episode#370: Sami's Innocence

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Episode#370: Sami's Innocence

-Lucas tells Jan that she was telling the truth all along....and apologizes....and Jan tells him its alright, as Eugenia watches....and she says this changes everything....she tells Lucas she'll have her bags packed and will leave Salem by tomorrow...but Lucas tells her NO, this doesn't change much of anything...much to Jan's shock! However, Sami comes forward and says:

Sami:You all can sort this out later...because now I have something to announce...or I should say, Nicole does!

-Everyone above in the Spears Mansion hears a gunshot...as Victor curses and realizes he's too late!

-Dorian falls to the ground after being shot, and blood splatters everywhere as she SCREAMS....Suga says that the deed is done and takes off running, as Crystal continues to look on in astonishment, and many of the guests run outside....Cassie screams for someone to call 911, and Jeremy pulls out his phone as Mike comes out and says this doesn't look good!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Will tells his mother he didn't even notice she was here...and she shouldn't be here...she should be in jail, and most of the people in the room agree...Nicole slowly says she doesn't think so....and reveals to them all everything about what happened at the fashion show.....and everyone in the room is once again shocked!!

-Destiny tells Mike that Dorian has to live as Victor comes out and sees a bloody Dorian...he once again curses and goes to find Suga as Mike says that Dorian doesn't have a heartbeat OR pulse.....he tells everyone he's going to have to try CPR, and begins pressing down on Dorian's chest as Jeremy tells the 911 operators whats going on...

-Carrie and Brandon tell everyone that what Nicole is saying is true....Sami is INNOCENT....and Nicole tells everyone about how she pulled off Stan's wig and it certainly was a man's head of hair....Will asks if this is true...Sami slowly says it is....as every single person in the room realizes they've been judging Sami wrongly this whole time!

-Mike luckily manages to bring Dorian back from the brink of death as the ambulance arrives, and carries her off with Mike following....before he leaves, Destiny asks if she'll make it...Mike says he doesn't know, but he has to operate on her quickly!

-Will says he can't believe this....Nicole tells everyone that she's sure that Sami didn't kill Marlena....Will walks up to his mother, very slowly....they both look deep into each other's eyes....and they embrace each other! Everyone very slowly realizes that this all is true as they apologize to Sami for thinking she killed Marlena....Sami has tears of joy pouring down her face as she says that finally....she's proved that she's innocent! Carrie and Brandon hold each other as they look on, knowing that their mission is complete....everyone embraces Sami before getting news of Dorian's shooting and slowly leaving the Spears Mansion in the aftermath of all this craziness....Sami walks outside and looks to the sky, with her family and friends at her side, as she says:

Sami:You can finally rest in peace, mom....

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