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Episode#369: Greta's Downfall



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Episode#369: Greta's Downfall

-Dr.Stansville is still in Celeste's hospital room...and tell the nurses to try to call Lexie or Victor Kiriakis AGAIN!

-Suga stalks Dorian around the Spears Mansion....Destiny comes up from where the Secret Room, and asks her if they can talk now.....she needs to get away from that craziness down there...Dorian says of course and Destiny takes her outside, and Suga quickly follows....Alexis also decides to go down into the Secret Room...

-Greta mutters that Nicole's supposed to be dead.....she shot her....she was DEAD! Nicole laughs and tells Greta she would have been....if it wasn't for Travis here...he saved her and helped her recover....Greta stares at Nicole, as she says no.....she is supposed to be D-E-A-D....Greta says that she was supposed to win this time....Nicole tells Greta that she'll never win....like she said, she's just a pathetic psycho....everyone looks at Greta in shock, as Kate points out that Nicole could be lying...she and Jan WERE once accomplices...Nicole would do anything for a check! Travis tells Kate to not talk about Nicole like that...but suddenly Alexis comes down the stairs and squeezes through the crowds....she sees Greta, and her eyes go as wide as dinnerplates when she points at her and screams:


*Life in Salem Opening*

-Mike looks at Alexis, now stunned himself, as he says "THIS is the woman who stabbed you that night?" and Lucas asks what Alexis is talking about...Alexis says that some woman randomly came along and stabbed her one night back in Janurary.....Greta is still pale, thinking about how there is no way to salvage herself now....Alexis angrily asks Greta WHY she stabbed her....Greta is silent....as Lucas looks at Bo and says he thinks that he has more than enough evidence to arrest this psychotic witch!

-Suga watches Dorian and Destiny in the courtyard of the Spears Mansion....Destiny asks Dorian what she wants in exchange for that valuable information....Dorian tells her that she needs a bit of help with someone named....Victor Kiriakis. Suga hears the mention of Victor, and wonders if Dorian is planning something!

-Victor leaves the craziness in the Secret Room, thinking about how that is all too nuts for him....he decides to turn his phone back on so people can get ahold of him...

-Celeste begins to calm down....saying how she feels that the wedding may have been stopped....but that evil Greta Von Amberg must be brought down.....Dr.Stansville tells the nurses to just try calling Victor or Lexie one last time! Celeste explains to Dr.Stansville that Greta has locked Jan Spears and Nicole Walker up in the Secret Room, as the cards told her...and when she found out, Greta assaulted her and must have put her in this coma!

-Abe agrees and tells Bo if he was still on the police force, he'd arrest her right here and right now....Bo also agrees, as Greta finally screams that its all TRUE....everything Jan, Nicole, and Alexis said is true....but everything she did was well-warranted! She says that Nicole and Jan FORCED her out of town in late 2007 because of Nicole and her's feud over Eric....and then Jan threw a raccoon in her face....and after that was when she decided to get rid of them by locking them in this Secret Room and torturing them...by showing them, specifically Jan, what their friends and family, or fiancee's like Lucas were up to....and when Nicole tried to escape, she shot her! She tells Alexis she stabbed her because she SLEPT with Eric Brady...who is rightfully her's!!! Alexis gasps in shock as she recalls sleeping with Eric around the time of New Years Eve....Mike looks at Alexis, also stunned, as Greta is handcuffed....she looks at Jan and then slowly says:

Greta:Oh so I also see you showed them...your baby?

-Dorian tells Destiny that she wants to....get revenge on Victor...because he wronged her in the past...Destiny raises her eyebrows and asks what exactly she means.....Dorian says she'll just see....but if Destiny can do her part and help her in this, she'll get that valuable information on Crystal Galore...Crystal is walking around the grounds of the Spears Mansion and happens to overhear this..as Suga watches Dorian and thinks to herself that if Dorian wants to get some type of revenge on Victor...maybe she SHOULD kill her now!

-Victor gets a call from the hospital...and answers it! A nurse tells him its about Celeste Perrault, and they bring the phone to Dr.Stansville...and she tells Victor thank goodness she FINALLY got ahold of him, and tells him Celeste is awake!

-Crystal wonders what Dorian could possibly have on her as she and Destiny talk...Destiny asks if this information is REALLY worth it, and Dorian replies that oh it is...it will ruin Crystal's entire life!

-Jan slowly nods and says yes....she showed them all HER baby with Lucas....that she gave birth to, luckily, in this hell hole....Greta smirks and gives Jan a mischeivous look before she simply says "How nice...", and Jan is silently relieved that Greta didn't expose the fact that Josh is really Eugenia's baby....Nicole glances at baby Josh, and thinks about how Jan is of course opening a whole new can of worms by passing that baby off as her own...Greta looks at them all, and before she is led away, she says:

Greta:Just remember ONE thing....and this goes for every single one of you....for the past six months, I have played all of you like puppets on a stick....and it was so easy....I kept Jan and Nicole locked in this room....I tricked Lucas and Eugenia and others for so long...I stabbed Alexis....so you all just remember that you aren't as smart and powerful as you all think.....and at ANYTIME, I could be there...planning my next move.

-Victor is OVERJOYED to hear that Celeste is awake...and Dr.Stansville says that the drugs have apparently worn off and she is awake and talking...but was talking about stopping some wedding, and also has been constantly claiming that Greta Von Amberg drugged her into that coma because she figured out two people named Jan Spears and Nicole Walker were locked in a Secret Room....Victor nearly drops his cell phone as he sees Greta being taken away by Bo...this also makes him realize that Dorian DIDN'T do it like he thought she did!

-Dorian and Destiny continue to talk about Victor and the information on Crystal, as Crystal and Suga both seperately eavesdrop and watch....

-Victor runs after Greta and Bo, telling his son to stop, as he is still on the phone with Dr.Stansville...he tells her that he'll be at the hospital immediately, he just has to take care of some hings first...and also tells Dr.Stansville to tell Celeste that the wedding has been stopped and Greta has been taken care of...he hangs up, and approaches Bo and Greta...he pulls Greta aside and asks if SHE was the one who drugged Celeste and sent her into a coma....Greta grins and says it seems he's figured THAT out too...she tells him all about how Celeste somehow figured her scheme out, so she took care of her...Bo simply says thats another charge to add to her list...as he then proceeds to take Greta away, and Victor says that he has to stop Suga!

-Dorian promises Destiny that IF she helps her get revenge on Victor Kiriakis, she'll get that information...she just has to take care of Victor....Destiny says that as long as it won't do any HARM to him....Suga then decides that enough is enough, she's going to kill Dorian NOW! She takes out her gun and aims it at Dorian and....FIRES! The bullet hits Dorian RIGHT in the chest, and she falls to the ground and blood SPLATTERS everywhere, especially on Destiny...as both Destiny and Crystal look on...horrified!


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