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Episode#368: Greta's Lie

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Episode#368: Greta's Lie

-At long last, the car that Sami and everyone else is in....pulls into Salem! Sami looks around at her home, as Nicole also does for the first time in months, and Sami tells Brandon to go STRAIGHT to the Spears Mansion, as everyone knows that Sami may finally be proved innocent....

-Suga watches Dorian in the living room of the Spears Mansion, as Alexis, Jeremy, Cassie, the Galore's, Valentine, and some others walk around....she wonders if now may be the perfect time to kill Dorian!

-Jan asks WHAT the HELL she's talking about...Greta tells everyone that Jan locked her down here, as everyone in the room gets even more confused....Lucas tells Greta he saw her several months back, in December...and Greta says that it wasn't TOO long ago but feels like such a long time ago....she explains that Jan came back in town about a month ago, and when Greta saw her watching Lucas and Eugenia once....she kidnapped her and locked her down here and tormented her...Lucas's eyes widen as Jan screams that THATS a lie!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Greta tells them all that Jan's an obsessive psycho...she's now obsessed with Lucas JUST like she was obsessed with Shawn Brady....and she held Shawn captive once...now she was holding Greta captive! Eugenia looks around, stunned and not sure what to think....as Jan tells Lucas and everyone else that they CAN'T believe her...she's a liar...Lucas looks from Greta to Jan....as Kate slowly says that sadly....Greta has a better track record than Jan!

-Suga continues contemplates killing Dorian...but decides that it may be best just to wait a little while longer...

-Eugenia says that Kate makes a good point, but she's still just STUNNED that all of this could even happen, and it explodes on her wedding day! Jan tells Eugenia and Kate to just be QUIET...and she tells Lucas that he KNOWS her, he has to believe her....Lucas says that at this point, after years of going through hell with Sami and then now all this chaos....he doesn't know what to believe....

-The car goes rushing towards the Spears Mansion!

-Greta tells everyone that her story is true.....Mike asks Greta why she randomly vanished from the hospital, and what happened to the rabies threat....Greta slowly says that she simply felt better and she probably didn't have rabies after all...Lexie points out that Greta looks worn and almost like she may HAVE rabies...Greta yells thats what happens when you are locked up in a Secret Room! She then apologizes, saying this just has all frusterated her....Jan however continues to say that this is all a LIE....and asks Lucas if he really would believe Greta! Lucas then says:

Lucas:Jan....I...I just don't know...on one hand...I know you.....but then this happened and I feel like I may not...and Greta has a better track record...but then again....I do know you, I know you well....

Eugenia:And you also know ME, Lucas, and I think Jan Spears is lying through her teeth!

-Brandon tells everyone that the car is about to pull into the Spears Mansion...but everyone is stunned when they see many cars ALREADY there, as Nicole wonders what the hell is going on...as they get out, Sami says this is probably for the better....more people she can tell that she's innocent!

-Lucas tells Eugenia that he just doesn't KNOW, he can't just up and accuse a woman he loved into locking people in Secret Room's...while he may not believe Jan's story about being locked in a Secret Room...this is just too crazy...Greta tells him that its true, and Jan begs Lucas to believe her....but Greta continues to claim that Jan tortured her for so long!

-Sami, Nicole, Brandon, Carrie, and Travis all rush into the Spears Mansion, and just brush past the people who are already inside....they soon see the open wall in the kitchen, as Nicole realizes that leads them to the Secret Room, and tells them to follow her!

-Lucas tells them all he's just so confused....but the evidence does add up against Jan...however he also knows that things aren't always like they seem....but he just doesn't know....Jan tells Lucas that crazy things have happened in Salem SO many times before, and Kate asks someone to just shut Jan up...Greta looks at Bo and tells him to arrest Jan right here and right now, but suddenly they all hear:

Nicole:Oh don't get on your high horse, Greta.

Greta is TERRIFIED to see Nicole alive....and her face goes pale.....as Nicole says she heard alot as she came down here....and she can tell them all that Jan's story is TRUE.....Greta locked her and Jan up in the Secret Room for months....she shot Nicole and left her for dead....its all...true. Lucas, Eugenia, and everyone else looks on in SHOCK as Jan inwardly rejoices...

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