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Episode#367: Baby Josh

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Episode#367: Baby Josh

-The car that Sami and co. are in gets even closer to Salem.....

-At St.Luke's, Eugenia tells Jan NO....it is time for her and Lucas, who love each other DEEPLY, to get married! Kate agrees, and Lucas says they're right...he can't play this game....Jan tells him NO, she has to show him...he has to believe her...and she won't take no for an answer!

-At the hospital, the nurse tells Dr.Stansville they can't find much on Greta Von Amberg....not anything recent, anyway....Dr.Stansville curses, and says they have to find SOMETHING.

-Lucas tells Jan that he CAN'T do this...and tells her to just go....Jan says NO, she is taking back everything....her fiancee, her mansion, her LIFE....Julie tells Jan to just give it up....Jan says that she WON'T....Lucas continues looking at Jan....and sees baby Josh in her arms...and slowly asks:

Lucas:Wait...wait...who's baby is that?

Jan:It....its....yours....I was pregnant while I was locked up....and I had the baby early....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Everyone in the Church is STUNNED when Jan announces that baby Josh is Lucas's....she tells Lucas that she got pregnant with his baby shortly before she was kidnapped, but didn't figure out she was pregnant until later, and Greta got the pregnancy test a little later than she should have last Winter....Alexis flashes back to meeting a woman getting a pregnancy test last Winter shortly before getting stabbed, but tells herself no...thats impossible. Lucas says that so in the Secret Room....she gave birth to HIS son...Jan smiles and says yes, his name is Josh...Josh Spears...Eugenia is stunned, saying this is all too much....and Kate says that Jan STILL could be lying...she could have just bought that baby, it probably isn't hers at all!

-Brandon asks Sami where exactly she wanst them to GO when they get to Salem....Sami says she's not entirely sure but first off she wants to see her son and prove to HIM that she's innocent....so...the Spears Mansion....Nicole says that then she can get Jan out of the Secret Room, and that should be a joy to explain....

-Jan asks Kate if she could stop being such a BITCH and stay out of this....Lucas tells Jan that he still doesn't believe her, but maybe...they should go to the Spears Mansion and see this so called Secret Room, because Abby did tell him about it recently...Eugenia tells him no, this is their WEDDING...they don't have time for this! Lucas says that if anything it'll only prove Jan wrong...Jan tells them all to come on, then, as Eugenia shouts that this can't be happening, but she'll go along, JUST to get rid of Jan....and then the entire Church heads out and to the Spears Mansion.....

-As everyone is leaving, Suga approaches Victor and asks what she should do if their all going to that mansion...Victor sighs and says he doesn't want to do this, but just play along...Destiny walks over to Dorian and tells her to follow them to the Spears Mansion, they can speak after this is straightened out...Dorian agrees, and Suga continues to follow Dorian....

-Brandon tells everyone in the car that they are getting even closer to Salem!

-Not long after everyone leaves the Church, they all arrive at the Spears Mansion....everyone who was attending the wedding has now followed Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia to the Spears Mansion....Will tells Destiny he can't believe Jan decided to ruin his dad's big day like this...Destiny assures him that good news may be coming soon, as Maggie also vents to Hope about how this happened, and others simply watch....everyone walks inside the Spears Mansion, and Eugenia tells Jan that here they are...and tells her to show them this Secret Room and Greta!

-Dr.Stansville continues to desperately try to get ahold of Victor or Lexie but still can't, as Celeste continues to talk about stopping the wedding....

-Jan tells everyone to just follow her...she leads them all into the kitchen, where they are stunned to see the open wall....however, Eugenia points out that this doesn't mean anything....Abby told them about the Secret Room awhile back, they'll just have to see if Greta is really INSIDE....Belle wonders outloud if she was onto something and there is some truth to Jan's story, and Kate says there's not....Jan tells them all that they'll all be proven wrong as she leads them to the door, and down into the room leading to the actual Secret Room....

-Some people are still back above inside the various rooms of the Spears Mansion...Suga watches Dorian, and whispers to herself that maybe she should just kill her now...its the perfect chance!

-Jan takes them right to the door inside the Secret Room, still holding Josh, as she tells them to be ready....she then unlocks the door with the keys, and a deranged Greta then RUNS out....but is HORRIFIED to see the entire community of Salem standing before her! Lucas, Eugenia, and EVERYONE else down there are SHOCKED....Lucas wonders if Jan's telling the truth after all...and Greta tries to think up something fast, so she then says:

Greta:Thank the LORD you all came!

Jan:Uh, WHAT do you mean? We're here to throw your insane ass where it belongs!

Greta:DON'T listen to her...she's insane....she locked me down here!!!!! I've been stuck in this room for so long now!

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