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Episode#366: The Crashed Wedding




Episode#366: The Crashed Wedding

-At the hospital, Celeste continues to randomly say to stop the wedding before its too late, and how everything is not all that it seems and how Greta Von Amberg is behind this...Dr.Stansville tries to ask her what she's talking about as a nurse says they STILL can't get ahold of anyone, and Dr.Stansville tries to get Celeste to explain what she means....

-Brandon tells Sami, Carrie, Nicole, and Travis that they are coming upon Salem...they'll be there within the hour or two! Sami eagerly says that this is it!

-Everyone in the Church stands up in shock when JAN BURSTS IN to the Church, screaming for the wedding to be stopped....Lucas looks at Jan in PURE and TOTAL shock...after six months of not seeing her, suddenly she's here....he is FROZEN, as Eugenia drops her flowers....Jan runs up to Lucas as everyone else looks on in shock, and Jan, with baby Josh still in her arms, says:

Jan:Lucas, PLEASE tell me I got here in time...this wedding has to be STOPPED...I didn't leave you like you have thought for ALL this time...nothing has been like you think! I've been locked up in a Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion by that crazy Greta Von Amberg...you CAN'T marry Eugenia!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Maggie stands up and asks what the HELL is going on...how can this be....how and why would Jan decide to come back TODAY of all days! Jan snaps that if she could have she would have come back MONTHS ago...Lucas continues just staring at Jan....as he says no, this is impossible.....this has to be a nightmare, and Jan tells him its a dream come true...Eugenia looks around and then slowly says:

Eugenia:So.....you're....J-J-Jan Spears....Lucas's ex-fiancee who ran off....but now....you just crashed my wedding.

Jan:DAMN right, you bitch!

-Dr.Stansville slowly tells Celeste that she doesn't know what she's talking about, and she needs to explain if she can...she tries to bring Celese back into reality as she asks what happened to make her like this, if she remembers ANYTHING before now....and Celeste then says:

Celeste:G-Greta Von Amberg...attacked me, and injected me with....a syringe full of drugs....

Dr.Stansville:Greta Von Amberg? Are you SURE you have your story straight?

Celeste:Yes, darling, YES! Now stop that wedding...the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens must be stopped!

Dr.Stansville turns to the nurse and says that she doesn't know what Celeste is talking about when it comes to a wedding, though she did hear of a wedding today...but she seems to remember what happened to her, and tells the nurse to try to find this Greta Von Amberg!

-As the car continues to go along the road on its journey back to Salem, Nicole says that when she gets back....she can also expose that crazy bitch Greta for all she's done, and get Jan, though they were never best friends, out of that room beneath the Spears Mansion...Carrie tells Nicole she still doesn't quite understand that....and Nicole says that Greta is a rabies-infected psycho now days...and back in the Fall, kidnapped her and Jan and threw them in the Secret Room...until she shot Nicole when they tried to escape...and thats when she ended up with Travis, even though she's glad she did....Sami growls as she says that when she first looked for Nicole, she was under her nose the WHOLE damn time....Carrie comments that Greta must have really gone insane if she is locking people in rooms....

-Kate rushes up to Lucas, Jan, and Eugenia and tells Jan that SHE is the one who ran off for months, leaving Lucas and her own SON hanging.....yet now, today of all days, she shows up to ruin this wedding...Kate tells her she won't have that! Jan screams that she didn't RUN OFF, Greta locked her in that damn Secret Room! Julie sarcastically says yeah right....she's sure Jan's just been stuck right underneath Lucas all these months! Jan says its TRUE...Victor walks up and says that Jan's a lying, murdering bitch...they can't trust her...Eugenia slowly says they all may have a point....Jan sounds like some pathetic lying idiot...she turns to Lucas and asks her if she really believes this bogus story!

-In the back of the Church, Suga watches the situation and thinks to herself that this is ridiculous....she needs to kill Dorian! She continues to watch Dorian, who is watching the unravelling chaos along with everyone else!

-Eugenia says that she knows Jan may have been his fiancee but even she thinks this is ridiculous....she says that NOTHING can ruin their wedding day....Jan screams that she is NOT lying...she can prove it....she can take them all to the Secret Room....thats where Greta IS...she says she locked both her AND Nicole Walker down there, but Greta eventually killed Nicole....Kate says thats ridiculous, as Lexie says that she never knew Greta well but she always seemed very sane....Jan says that she WAS until she got infected with rabies...Lucas flashes back to finding Greta out on the doorstep of the Spears Mansion, but her seeming fine later....however, suddenly, TONY comes to the front and says:

Tony:You will all stop speaking to my DAUGHTER like that right now!

-Cassie steps aside from all the chaos....Jeremy walks over to her and asks if she's okay...she tells him she's fine, and says this is all just too crazy....Jeremy says it really is, and this was supposed to be a happy day...now some liar ruined it....he says that he hates women like that, he kind of went through it with Alexis...Cassie remembers framing Mimi for pushing her out the window of the loft, as Alexis looks at her, thinking that this has somehow made her nervous....

-Tony tells everyone that while he may not know Jan very well...she is his daughter, and Anna laughs and snaps for him to not start the father act NOW! Tony tells her to just stay out of this, as Jan continues to tell everyone that what she's saying is TRUE...and Mike comes forward and says that while he may not be sure about Jan's story...that night that Greta was checked into the hospital, rabies was a possibility, and both Greta and Nicole also randomly vanished, without being checked out, at the same time..Eugenia says that still, Jan is probably just making this up...she says she just can't believe that she'd be HEARTLESS enough to ruin her wedding day....Lucas finally tells everyone to SHUT UP, he needs to THINK about this...Jan looks at Lucas, on the verge of tears....and asks if he at least believes her....Lucas slowly says:

Lucas:No, Jan....I'm sorry, but I just don't....I loved you, I LOVE you...but I've been through this one too many times with Sami, and your story sounds ridiculous.....I know you took off...and thats that.

Jan:Well then you know what....fine...I'll just have to show you it ALL myself!


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