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Episode#395: Kristen Seeks Bo




Episode#395: Kristen Seeks Bo

-Lucas tells Jan that for the final time, she has to understand what he's going through...he had to help his son get his granddaughter back, and now he has a teenager and ANOTHER infant to take care of, and he loves both her and Eugenia deeply...he still needs time to process EVERYTHING thats happening in his family....his mother is in jail for goodness sakes! Jan tells Lucas that she knows, she heard this all before, and she's given him time! She says that HE has to understand how annoying it is living under one roof with the OTHER fiancee of the man she loves...she says that she knows he loves Eugenia and all that, but he ONLY loves her because she helped him while she was locked up...and she only loves him because he took care of her while she was pregnant...and now she's back and Eugenia's baby is dead, so there's no reason for them to stay together...Lucas and Eugenia were nothing but comforters for each other!

-Faye tells Abe thats so sweet of him...and Abe says its true...and asks how Brandon is. Faye says that she talked to him just a little while ago...he's doing well and is living with Carrie Brady of all people! Abe says thats great....and asks if there could be anything between the two, and Faye smiles and says from how it sounded, she thinks it could be possible...Abe says thats excellent, and he knows what he did for Sami and thought it was so noble of him....Abe also expresses how much he wishes he could have relationships with his sons...and Faye asks about Theo...and Abe sadly admits that he hasn't seen his son since Lexie took him from Abe last year!

-Suga tells Victor that he can't be serious, and Victor says he is...he says that it was wrong of him to get the court to drop ALL those charges....therefore, he's going to get them to put them back up, and Suga can go back to jail where she belongs! Suga says that he CAN'T do that to her! Victor says he can and he will...he says that he should have never hired her, and she's too much trouble for his own good...and again he just doesn't need her anymore! Suga looks at Victor, astounded, and reminds him that he did want Dorian dead and was behind TWO out of three attempts on her life...she tells him that if he sends her to jail, she's taking him with her!

-Kristen walks into Bo's office at the police station...Bo looks up at her and happily greets her, and asks what she needs...Kristen tells Bo that she needs his help! Bo asks with what, and Kristen says that they need to figure out who set her brother up to die!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas tells Jan that he's sorry, but thats just not true...he says that yes, he and Eugenia comforted each other over various things that had happened...but through that, they did fall in love...Jan screams in frusteration, and asks Lucas what happened...what happened to the love that THEY shared! She asks what happened to the days where it was just them...where he only loved her...where they were happy and there was NO ONE else to interfere...the days of passion! She says that she expected to come back to that...not this CIRCUS! Lucas tells her that he misses those days too...but...there's Eugenia now and not to mention....Jan's been...different ever since she returned from the Secret Room! Jan asks him what the hell he's talking about, and Lucas explains:

Lucas:I don't know what it is, but ever since you crashed the wedding, there's been something off about you...something different! I don't know how to put my finger on it...but I feel like something's wrong!

Jan;Well Lucas, I was kept out of society with only three women and a baby around, in a room underneath a mansion...do you think I'd come back all jolly and like I was?! But, still, I don't know what you're talking about...I'm the same person I always have been, and the affects of the Secret Room have worn off...I'm just sick of Eugenia Willens!!!

Lucas:No, Jan, believe me...there's something else. There's something else going on here.

-Faye says thats terrible and tells him she never knew Lexie to be someone like...that, but Abe slowly says that things have really changed between him and Lexie while Faye was out of Salem...they broke up after he found her with Tek Kramer thanks to Larry Welch, and then Lexie ended up killing Tek...Stefano returned and they framed him for it, until Sami came along with the tape that proved him innocent...Lexie got locked up but Megan, her sister via Stefano, broke her out...then she got locked up again but got off for the murder, and thats when she took Theo from him....Faye tells him thats terrible, and comforts Abe over the loss of his son as Abe continues to talk about how much he misses Theo...Faye eventually leaves once Abe has physical therapy to go to, and as she walks away from Maggie's house she says maybe its time that Abe gets his son back!

-Victor tells Suga that no one would believe her...and Suga says please...Dorian probably figured everything out by now and could easily back her story up to the police....Victor says to Suga to not make this difficult...and Suga yells that he is trying to throw her back in the slammer for no good reason...she says that he isn't even doing this because of some change of heart...he probably just is doing it to try to make his ex-girlfriend Celeste THINK that he's had a change of heart!

-Bo asks Kristen what she's talking about...they know that Crystal shot Peter on accident...and Kristen says thats true...but she found out something that led her to thinking that someone else wanted Peter down there that night! Bo is intrigued, and Kristen explains what Tony told her at the DiMera Mansion and how she confronted Kate on it but it doesn't seem like she or Stefano wanted Peter down there...so someone else may have known about their plan, and intentionally sent Peter down there! Bo is shocked...and Kristen tells him that she HAS to find out who did this...and she needs his help! Bo and Kristen discuss this, but suddenly, Bo sees HOPE in the doorway, and she says:

Hope:Well well well, whats going on here?

-Victor snaps thats not true, and Suga says they both know it is! Suga tells him that he probably just wants her gone so Celeste will think all is well and they can have happiness...and Victor tells her to just focusing on getting locked up again! Suga and Victor continue to argue, ending with Victor walking away, and Suga vowing that he will NOT put her back in that prison for crimes she doesn't even REMEMBER doing!

-Kristen sighs as Hope enters, and tells her to not worry...nothing's going on...she's just meeting with Bo about some business. Hope tells her she's sure of that...Kristen snaps that its true, and Bo says that Kristen's right...Hope calls herself a fool for actually believing what Bo told her a few days ago...he and Kristen are still hooked on each other! Kristen, after all of this craziness, finally YELLS:

Kristen:Okay, listen, Miss Paranoid, I've had about enough of this....NO, Bo and I aren't discussing this love you THINK we have for each other...for the final damn time, you can have Bo! You can have him...I don't care...I have something more important on my mind! Like who set up my brother to die...thats why I'm here, Hope! Not to steal your husband...but to try to figure out who made sure that Peter was down at the pier the night he got shot by Crystal Galore...and for that, I need Bo's help! If you can't deal with THAT, then you can just walk out that door right now!

Hope is silent for a moment, as is Bo...Kristen turns to him and asks him if he will...will he help her find out who wanted Peter dead! Hope looks at Bo, and Bo looks at Hope, but then he looks at Kristen and tells her...yes, he will!


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First off Tara I have to commend you for writing so many episodes so fast. I'm jealous. It really does show talent and dedication.

This episode was fun. Suga is an okay fit for LIS because she may be as crazy as some of Salem's villains/vixens. She's of course being herself, maybe a bit tame, but at least she's blackmailing a powerhouse.

In speaking of tame vixens, Jan is for sure calming down and as a writer I understand why. You need to give her all shades and depth. That's exactly what you're doing by making her understanding to Lucas.

The topping was for sure the ending. I love Kristen so any plot involoving her has me hook, line, and sinker. It was so cleverly written that she's trying to team up with Bo and of course Hope is paranoid. It reminded me of classic DAYS if they were to write a story as good as this.

Nice episode!

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Thank you so much Matt...and yes it can be hard to write all these episodes but I try as hard as I can to keep up and air as much as I can!

And Suga is a bit tame...however, she's still been typical Suga(hired to kill people), but remember she also has amnesia on LIS...Natalia bashing her head in to a wall on STEAM after Mark Jr.'s shooting gave her amnesia(giving new possibilities on LIS and freeing Natalia, for the moment, on STEAM), so thats why she's kinda tame...but believe me, she does something BIG later this week...HUGE!!!!

And Jan is still a psycho, but she has herself calmed down...Jan used to be more of a raging psycho on LIS, but I want to keep her as a viable character, so I have had her be just a bit calmer but keeping those evil crazy roots intact...she is keeping up a baby switch scheme, after all! But much like Suga, this week she'll kinda lose it ever so slightly.

And aww thanks about Kristen/Bo/Hope!!!!! I really am trying my hardest to make this a unique triangle(for LIS as a whole and Bo/Hope)...Hope and Bo are growing closer again and Kristen and Bo are just friends right now(despite the whole passionate love making which came to a quick stop once Hope returned) but the triangle is far from over...everything kind of intertwines quite nicely and I hope you continue to tune in to see where it goes!

Again thank you so much...I love both you and ML so much for commenting when you guys can!

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